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Is the Use of Empirically Designed Custom Soft Contact Lenses a Good Option for Challenging Patients?  [PDF]
Frank Spors, Donald J. Egan, Lance E. McNaughton, Jie Shen, Matthew J. Lampa
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2013.33014

Purpose: Reasons for the lack of success for contact lens patients range from poor fit, to discomfort or to a less than optimum wearing schedule. This project was a preliminary investigation of customized soft toric contact lenses as an alternative for unsuccessful contact lens patients or potential drop-outs. Methods: Fifteen healthy non-compromised, previously unsuccessful contact lens wearing patients (13 women, 2 men) with ages from 21 to 33 years (25.1 ± 2.7 years) were the subjects for this study. They were empirically fitted with 15 astigmatic and 5 spherical customized SpecialEyes soft contact lenses. Visual acuities, comfort, lens movement, and rotation were evaluated. Results: Patients fitted with customized SpecialEyes soft contact lenses had statistically significant better visual acuities than with Phoropter Manifest Refraction. The lenses used in this study centered well and moved no more than 1 mm upon each blink. Lens rotation was less than 10 degrees for all toric lenses. Patients gave very positive vision and comfort ratings. Conclusion: This preliminary study supports the application of a software program

Surface-bound immune complexes containing antibodies to collagen type II induce production of TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-8 from monocytes via FcγRII
M Mullazehi, L Mathsson, J Lampa, J R?nnelid
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2004, DOI: 10.1186/ar1044
Abstract: ELISA plates were coated with native human CII and blocked with human serum albumin, after which sera with varying concentrations of anti-CII were added. Serum-free mononuclear cell cultures from healthy blood donors were then added, and after 20 hours cytokine levels in supernatants were measured using ELISA. Parallel wells without cell cultures were developed as anti-CII ELISAs. Sixty-five RA patients and 10 control individuals were investigated cross-sectionally, and 17 patients with anti-CII followed longitudinally for 1–5 years. Fcγ RII and Fcγ RIII were blocked with specific antibodies. Cell depletion/enrichment studies were performed to define responder cells. High sensitivity CRP measurement was performed with nephelometry.Surface-bound IC containing CII induce TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-8 from mononuclear cells via Fcγ RII. Cytokine production correlated highly with anti-CII levels in the cross-sectional investigation. Five out of the six longitudinally followed patients with highest anti-CII levels also showed parallel changes in anti-CII OD, cytokine induction and CRP. Depletion/enrichment studies showed monocytes to be the responding cells.Surface-bound anti-CII IC can form in inflamed joints. Such IC can induce proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-8 from monocytes via Fcγ RII. Most serially followed patients with high anti-CII levels showed parallel changes in anti-CII, induced cytokines and CRP. This may imply mechanisms of pathophysiological importance in the subpopulation of RA patients with high levels of anti-CII.
Immune complexes from RA patients induce FcγRII-dependent and RF-correlated TNF-α and IL-8 production from healthy PBMC
L Mathsson, J Lampa, M Mullazehi, J R?nnelid
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2004, DOI: 10.1186/ar1052
Abstract: In one study we compared sera and SF from 15 RA patients and 15 healthy control sera. In a second study we used paired sera and SF from 32 RA patients, 66% of which were rheumatoid factor (RF) positive. The precipitates where diluted to the original volume in PBS before 10% were added to serum-free PBMC cultures from two healthy blood donors. After 20 hours TNF-α and IL-8 levels were measured using ELISA. In separate cell culture experiments FcγRII and FcγRIII were blocked. RF in serum was determined by nephelometry and IgG levels in precipitates were measured using ELISA.We found a correlation between TNF-α induced by PEG precipitates from RA SF and RF levels in sera. Using the normal ELISA, PEG precipitates were shown to contain some TNF-α but no IL-8, using both whole and F(ab')2 anti-TNF-α antibody ELISA systems. TNF-α levels induced by SF precipitates, but not by serum precipitates, correlated with number of swollen and tender joints at the time of sampling. Blockade of FcγRII partly inhibited the TNF-α production in cultures stimulated with precipitated IC, whereas blockade of FcγRIII did not show any inhibitory effects.We showed a link between RF, PEG precipitated IgG levels, and the induction of TNF-α and IL-8 from RA PEG precipitates. The stimulation is partly mediated via FcγRII. As precipitate-induced cytokine levels correlate with the number of affected joints, these findings supports the hypothesis that IC and the correlated RF production have a direct link to cytokine dependent inflammation in RA.
Economic Freedom, Migration and Income Change among U.S. Metropolitan Areas  [PDF]
J. Matthew Shumway
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2018.61001
Even though metropolitan area governments have no control over state level monetary, labor, or fiscal policies, they are able to enact policies designed to enhance local living conditions—however determined. Such policies include local taxes, labor and wage policies, and regulations that can differ substantially from other metropolitan areas even within the same state. Collectively such policies create differing levels of economic freedom, as measured by standardized indices. We examine differences in levels of economic freedom across United States metropolitan areas and explore how these differences affect migration patterns and local aggregate and per capita income changes. We find that those metropolitan areas with higher levels of economic freedom tend to experience net in-migration and positive changes in aggregate and per capita income, although the balance between in-state and out-of-state migration confounds these patterns.
Iron Overdose during Pregnancy: Case and Treatment Review  [PDF]
Matthew J. Geraci, Haesuk Heagney
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.37A126

A 22-year-old pregnant female was transferred to the emergency department having ingested a bottle of iron-containing prenatal vitamins, ondansetron (Zofran?) tablets and alcohol. The patient was hemodynamically stable but suffered from intense bouts of brown, sandy emesis for the first few hours. Investigation revealed the patient ingested 13.57 mg/kg of elemental iron. Due to the initial iron level, history and presentation time whole bowel irrigation was initiated with polyethylene glycol solution. Acute iron toxicity in pregnancy is a medical emergency that can result in multisystem organ failure leading to maternal death and potential fetal demise. High maternal serum iron loads do not affect the developing fetus and are not associated with fetal malformations; however advanced poisoning can lead to maternal death, spontaneous abortions or preterm emergency deliveries. Initial treatment strategies may include whole bowel irrigation using polyethylene glycol electrolyte lavage solution and deferoxamine treatment along with necessary supportive care management. Despite concerns of teratogenicity deferoxamine does not cross the placenta and is regarded as safe for use during pregnancy. Maternal resuscitation must always be the primary objective in acute iron overdoses and, therefore such concern should not delay clinically indicated maternal treatment.

Have the Algae-Grazing Fish in the Back Reefs of Jamaica and Grand Cayman Changed in Size? A View across 36 Years  [PDF]
Matthew J. Draud, M. Itzkowitz
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2018.82016
The island of Jamaica is often cited as an example of how overfishing has dramatically reduced the sizes of coral reef fishes. To examine the change in fish sizes over a 36-year period, we analyzed data from systematic surveys conducted in 1977 and 2013/14 of the sizes and relative abundances of four common algae-grazing fishes in the shallow backreef habitats of Jamaica and Grand Cayman. The four species are: striped parrotfish (Scarus iseri), stoplight parrotfish (Sparisoma viride), ocean surgeon (Acanthurus tractus) and the blue tang (Acanthurus coeruleus). We predicted that all four species would be larger in Grand Cayman than in Jamaica in 1977 as well as in 2013/14, because Grand Cayman has been cited as having less fishing pressure than Jamaica. For the same reason, we expected all four species would have declined in size over the 36 years in Jamaica but not in Grand Cayman. Furthermore, we predicted that the compressed body shape of the ocean surgeon and the blue tang would have made them especially vulnerable to net and trap fishing compared to the two parrotfishes, and that accordingly the effects of overfishing would be greater in these two species. We rejected this hypothesis. The size distributions of the laterally compressed species changed significantly on both islands over the 36-year time span, although not as predicted. At both islands, the blue tangs shifted toward smaller sizes and the ocean surgeons shifted toward larger sizes. There were no size distribution changes detected in the two fusiform species. There was also no support for the prediction that the sizes of these four species were larger in Grand Cayman than in Jamaica during either time period.
Cardiac tamponade due to group a streptococcal pericarditis in a 10-month-old boy and a review of the literature  [PDF]
Matthew C. Schwartz, Matthew J. Gillespie, Paul Stephens, Brian Fisher
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2011.14020
Abstract: Group A streptococcus (GAS) is a rare cause of purulent pericarditis in pediatric patients as only 7 cases have been reported. We present a 10-month-old boy who developed cardiac tamponade from GAS and was successfully treated with subxiphoid tube drainage and 4 weeks of antibiotics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
From Pappus Theorem to moduli of some extremal line point configurations and applications
Magdalena Lampa-Baczynska,Justyna Szpond
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In the present work we study moduli spaces of two line point configurations introduced by B\"or\"oczky. These configurations are extremal from the point of view of Dirac-Motzkin Conjecture settled recently by Green and Tao. They have appeared also recently in commutative algebra in connection with the containment problem for symbolic and ordinary powers of homogeneous ideals and in algebraic geometry in considerations revolving around the Bounded Negativity Conjecture. Our main results are Theorem A and Theorem B. We show that the moduli space of what we call $B12$ configurations is a three dimensional rational variety. As a consequence we derive the existence of a three dimensional family of rational $B12$ configurations. On the other hand the moduli space of $B15$ configurations is shown to be an elliptic curve with only finitely many rational points, all corresponding to degenerate configurations. Thus, somewhat surprisingly, we conclude that there are no rational $B15$ configurations.
On the containment hierarchy for simplicial ideals
Magdalena Lampa-Baczyńska,Grzegorz Malara
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: The purpose of this note is to study containment relations and asymptotic invariants for ideals of fixed codimension skeletons (simplicial ideals) determined by arrangements of $n + 1$ general hyperplanes in the $n-$dimensional projective space over an arbitrary field.
Myeloperoxidase- a link between inflammation and cardiovascular disease
Myeloperoxidase – a link between inflammation and cardiovascular disease

Matthew J Sorrentino,

老年心脏病学杂志(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: The majority of acute myocardial infarctions occur because of the sudden development of a thrombus in a coronary artery. The thrombus is frequently associated with a ruptured plaque releasing tissue factor into the circulation which is highly thrombotic. Plaques that are prone to rupture tend to have large lipid pools, a large number of inflammatory cells, and a thin fibrous cap. The inflammatory cells are thought to contribute to the vulnerability of the plaque by inhibiting cells that synthesis collagen and by releasing proteinases that degrade collagen in the fibrous cap. The measurement of inflammatory makers such as C-reactive protein has been proposed as a potential way to identify patients that have inflamed and vulnerable plaques. Therapies, such as high doses of statins, can be initiated to reduce cardiovascular events in part by reducing inflammation and stabilizing vulnerable plaques.
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