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Importance of the dentist in early diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris
Thiago de Santana Santos,Marta Rabello Piva,Paulo Nand Kumar,Paulo Ricardo Saquete Martins Filho
RGO : Revista Gaúcha de Odontologia , 2009,
Abstract: The vulgar pemphigus is a chronic, rare, vesicle-bubble disease of autoimmune origin and with a possibility of following a dangerous clinical course when it is not diagnosed and treated in its initial stage. It usually affects people from 40 to 60 years old, being rare in children. In the majority of cases, oral manifestations are the first signs of the disease, so that dentists play an important rol in its early diagnosis. The authors present a case report of vulgar pemphigus in a 17 year-old patient, attended by the Bucco-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Service of the “Funda o de Beneficência Hospital de Cirurgia” in Aracaju-SE, Brazil. The patient was admitted with a complaint of the presence of numerous scattered painful ulcers in the mouth that had developed in approximately two months, and reported that at first, blisters that broke quickly appeared, leading to extremely painful ulcerations. Incisional biopsies were performed in the jugal mucosa and retromolar regions, and also a complete hemogram to discard the hypothesis of leukemia. In view of the clinical and histopathological findings, the final diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris was made. Before receiving specialized treatment, the patient presented marked worsening of the clinical condition, with exacerbation of intraoral signs and symptoms and development of skin lesions around the body surface. The patient was hospitalized in the “Hospital Universitário da Universidade Federal de Sergipe” and treated with prednisone, cimetidine and nystatin, showing significant improvement of symptoms in approximately two weeks. At present, the patient is under the care of an interdisciplinary team that includes dermatologists and dentists.
Caso familiar de nevo branco esponjoso oral: uma rara condi??o hereditária
Martins Filho, Paulo Ricardo Saquete;Brasileiro, Bernardo Ferreira;Piva, Marta Rabello;Trento, Cléverson Luciano;Santos, Thiago de Santana;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962011000700009
Abstract: white sponge nevus (wsn) is an autosomal dominant skin disorder characterized by white, corrugated and diffuse plaques mainly affecting the oral mucosa. the condition has a high penetrance and variable expressivity, but familial reports are uncommon. this report presents a familial case of wsn in which two sisters are affected by the disorder
Aggressive Pregnancy Tumor (Pyogenic Granuloma) with Extensive Alveolar Bone Loss Mimicking a Malignant Tumor: Case Report and Review of Literature
Martins-Filho,Paulo Ricardo Saquete; Piva,Marta Rabello; da Silva,Luiz Carlos Ferreira; Reinheimer,Daniele Machado; Santos,Thiago de Santana;
International Journal of Morphology , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022011000100028
Abstract: oral pyogenic granuloma is a hyperplastic inflammatory lesion commonly associated to local irritation or trauma. females are more affected than men probably due to the vascular effects of hormones that occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. in the pregnancy, the lesions are known as "pregnancy tumor" and tend to occur more frequently during the second and third trimester. in the oral cavity, histopathological examination is required for diagnosis, since the lesion is clinically indistinguishable from other reactive lesions and, usually, there is no evidence of bone involvement. the authors report a rare case of pyogenic granuloma with destruction of alveolar bone mimicking a malignant tumor in a 20-year-old woman in the 19th week of pregnancy.
Papiloma invertido (Papiloma Schneideriano) com envolvimento da cavidade oral: relato de caso incomum
Piva, Marta Rabello;Santos, Thiago de Santana;Martins Filho, Paulo Ricardo Saquete;Kumar, Paulo Nand;Souza, Liane Maciel Almeida;Silva, Luiz Carlos Ferreira da;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962011000400025
Abstract: inverted schneiderian papilloma (isp) is a neoplasm of epithelial lining origin which arises in the respiratory mucosa that lines the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. the inverted schneiderian papilloma frequently appears as a unilateral lesion in the nasal septum and extends secondarily to the nasal and paranasal sinuses. this paper reports an unusual case of this pathology with involvement of the oral cavity in a 61-year-old white man. clinical evaluation revealed a vegetating mass in the alveolar ridge of the right maxilla that had been present for approximately 4 months. after radiographic evaluation, involvement of the maxillary sinus was detected. microscopic evaluation, in situ hybridization and immunohistochemical analysis of the specimen led to a diagnosis of isp moderate dysplasia associated with hpv infection
Eficácia da laserterapia nas disfun??es têmporo-mandibulares: estudo controle
Santos, Thiago de Santana;Piva, Marta Rabello;Ribeiro, Maria Helena;Antunes, Antonio Azoubel;Melo, Auremir Rocha;Silva, Emanuel Dias de Oliveira e;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942010000300004
Abstract: temporomandibular dysfunction is characterized by the presence of painful joint/muscular symptoms muscle in the face. the main justification for the use of lasers in laser therapy dysfunction is its analgesic effect, which was observed in most studies in the literature. aim: we evaluated the effectiveness of laser therapy in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. methods: 50 volunteers with temporomandibular disorders were divided into two groups (control and experimental) had amplitudes of movements of mouth opening, right and left laterality recorded before and after laser application. was also recorded, the score the individual gave to pain by visual analog scale and, through physical examination, the pain points. we used the asgaal laser with a 40mw power, with 80j/cm2 for 16 seconds at four selected points for just one session with reassessment after a week. study design: clinical. results: it was noted that laser therapy increased the mean amplitude of mandibular movements (p = 0.0317) and decreased significantly (43.6%) the pain intensity measured by the visual analog scale. conclusions: the laser decreases the painful symptoms of the patient after application through its analgesic and/or a placebo effect.
Análise psicológica do trabalho: dos conceitos aos métodos
Marta Santos
Laboreal , 2006,
Abstract: With this article, we intend to present the theoretical and methodological framework of the work developed by Yves Clot.We will start by briefly situating the anchor points of his research and intervention proposals, as well as the goals he aims to reach.We can, then, state that the author, affiliated with the Russian school of psychology, has developed a group of studies with the purpose of identifying the relations established between subjectivity and work activity. His research studies start with real work situation analysis aimed at its transformation, which, assuming a historical and cultural perspective, implies understanding the developmental history of workers′ activities. In this intervention, the author tries to articulate the real and done, the individual and the collective, mobilizing methodologies that privilege the language mediation and of the others in order to (re)construct the professional rules valorised by its professionals. It is in the (re)construction of this professional genre that the workers encounter the difficulties that they must manage and respect, but it also becomes a resource for action itself.In Yves Clot′s perspective, this is the only way to guarantee the psychological function of work.
Immunohistochemical Analysis of Human Homologue of Drosophila Patched (PTCH) in Dental Follicles of Impacted Third Molars
Oliveira,David Moraes de; Silveira,Márcia Maria Ferreira da; Andrade,Emanuel Sávio de Souza; Sobral,Ana Paula Veras; Martins-Filho,Paulo Ricardo Saquete; Santos,Thiago de Santana; Oliveira,Patrícia Leimig Amorim de; Peixoto,Aline Carvalho; Santos,Jadson Alípio Santana de Souza; Piva,Marta Rabello;
International Journal of Morphology , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022012000100018
Abstract: this study investigated the immunodetection of ptch in epithelial components of dental follicles associated with impacted third molars without radiographic signs of pathosis. one hundred and five specimens of dental follicles associated with impacted third molars with incomplete rhizogenesis (between nolla's stage 6 and 9) were surgically removed from 56 patients. epithelial cell proliferation was determined by using immunohistochemical labeling. statistical analysis was performed using fisher exact test and a level of significance of 5%. of the 105 dental follicles collected, 3 were ptch-positive. the specimens with squamous metaplasia and epithelial hyperplasia had higher rates of positivity for ptch, as well as those with active remnants of odontogenic epithelium. this study suggests that the odontogenic cells of the dental follicle might be proliferating during the rhizogenesis, while the squamous metaplasia and hyperplasia of the epithelial lining and proliferative odontogenic epithelial rests show the differentiation potential of dental follicles.
Effects of low fat and babassu fat diets on nutritional status in obstructive cholestasis in young rats
Santos, Analícia Rocha;Coelho, Kunie Labuki Rabello;Coelho, Cláudio Antonio Rabello;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502008000100002
Abstract: purpose: to test the effects of a low fat diet compared with a babassu fat diet on nutritional status in obstructive cholestasis in young rats. methods: we submitted 40 rats in 4 groups of 10 animals each from p21 (21st postnatal day) to p49 to two of the following treatments: bile duct ligation or sham operation and low fat diet (corn oil supplying 4.5% of the total amount of energy) or babassu fat diet (this fat supplying 32.7% and corn oil supplying 1.7% of the total amount of energy). weight gain from p25 to p49 every 4 days was measured. the verhulst's growth function was fitted to these values of weight gain. growth velocity and acceleration at each moment were estimated using the same equation. total food and energy intake from p21 to p49, energy utilization rate (eur) from p25 to p49 and fat absorption rate (far) and nitrogen balance (nb) from p42 to p49 were measured. two way anova and the s.n.k. test for multiple paired comparisons were employed to study the effects of cholestasis and those of the diets and their interaction (p<0.05) on those variables. results: in cholestatic animals, a higher growth velocity at p45, a higher growth acceleration at p41 and p45, a greater eur, a greater far and a greater nb, were found with the low fat diet as compared with the babassu fat diet. conclusion: a low fat diet lessens the growth restriction brought about by cholestasis and allows for an improved dietary energy utilization and a better protein balance than the babassu fat diet.
An acqueous extract of Bidens pilosa L. protects liver from cholestatic disease: experimental study in young rats
Suzigan, Marta Izabel;Battochio, Ana Paula Ronquesel;Coelho, Kunie Labuki Rabello;Coelho, Cláudio Ant?nio Rabello;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502009000500003
Abstract: purpose: to test the hepatoprotective effect of water extract from bidens pilosa l. (bpe) in cholestatic liver disease induced by ligature and resection of the common bile ducts (lrbd) in young rats. methods: we studied four groups of ten 21 days old (p21) wistar rats, group sw: sham operation and water; group sd: sham operation and bpe (160 mg of fresh leaves/100 g of body weight/day); group lw: lrbd and water and group ld: lrbd and bpe daily. pentobarbital sleeping time (pst) and serum activities of aspartate aminotransferase (ast) and of alanine aminotransferase (alt) were determined after the sacrifice (p70). a ruwart's score for hepatic fibrosis (rs) was given to each animal. were employed two way anova and the test of tukey or a non-parametric test for multiple comparisons. results: there were statistically significant differences between lw and ld in the measurements of the pst ((means lw=390; ld=173), ast (means lw=8, ld=5), alt (medians lw=2; ld=1) e rs (medians lw=2; ld=1). conclusion: bpe could be used in the phytotherapy of the hepatic damage induced by chronic obstructive cholestasis, because protects liver function, decreases the rate of necrosis and liver fibrosis in cholestatic liver disease.
Gênero e políticas públicas
Farah, Marta Ferreira Santos;
Revista Estudos Feministas , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-026X2004000100004
Abstract: the paper consists on an analysis of the incorporation of the gender perspective by public policies at the subnational level of government in brazil. the article begins with a reconstitution of the gender agenda and its relations with the state reform agenda and the public policies reform agenda, since the 80s. taking as reference the proposals that came from the women movement and from feminist entities, the article analyses programs from three sectors health, violence against women and employment and income generation. the analysis focuses on the adherence of these programs to the gender agenda.
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