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Epidemiology and Culture; James A. Trostle - DOI: 10.3395/reciis.v2i1.164en
Marina D. Cardoso
RECIIS : Electronic Journal of Communication, Information & Innovation in Health , 2008,
Role of the vitamin C in diethylnitrosamine-induced esophageal cancer in Wistar rats
Ramos, Almino Cardoso;Araujo, Marina Rachel;Lopes, Luiz Roberto;Andreollo, Nelson Adami;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502009000300004
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the inhibitory effect of vitamin c on the experimental esophageal carcinogenesis induced by diethylnitrosamine (ndea). methods: sixty wistar male rats aged three months, with mean weight of 210 g were employed in the study and were divided into four different groups according to the drinking drugs: group i - controls: only water, seven days a week; group ii - only vitamin c, seven days a week; group iii - ndea, three days a week and water during the other four days; group iv - ndea, three days a week and vitamin c during the other four days; group v - ndea together with vitamin c three days a week, and only water during the other four days and group vi - ndea together with vitamin c three days a week and vitamin c during the other four days. the dosages of ndea were: - 10 mg. / kg / day and vitamin c - 200 mg / animal / day, dissolved in drinking water. the animals were observed during 180 days and after that each one was sacrificed and its esophagus and the stomach were removed together and macro and microscopically analyzed to identify any tumors. results: the largest number of tumors was observed in the group iii: 48 macroscopic lesions (4.8 lesions per animal) and 23 microscopic lesions (2.3 lesions per animal). the groups that received vitamin c (groups iv, v and vi) showed smaller number of tumors: group v - 0.5 macroscopic lesions and 0.3 microscopic lesions per animal and group vi - 0.1 macroscopic lesions and 0.1 microscopic lesions per animal. the incidence of tumors in the groups v and vi showed statistical significance (p<0.05), when compared to the other groups. conclusion: the vitamin c administered together with diethylnitrosamine showed an inhibitory effect on the experimental esophageal carcinogenesis in wistar rats.
O relacionamento interpessoal e a ades?o na fisioterapia
Subtil, Marina Medici Loureiro;Goes, Dominiqui Costa;Gomes, Tiago Cardoso;Souza, Mariane Lima de;
Fisioterapia em Movimento , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-51502011000400020
Abstract: introduction: the study of the relations between therapists and patients contributes to the understanding of the issues involved in adherence phenomenon to physiotherapy. objectives: to investigate the relation between the phenomenon of adherence in physiotherapy and the characteristics of the established relationship between therapists and patients. methodology: of qualitative and exploratory nature, based on the semiotic-phenomenological criteria of analysis. took part in this study 11 patients, from 25 to 73 years old with varied clinical diagnoses, in addition to four physiotherapists active in a team that treated these patients. the participants answered a semi-structured interview containing topics about the adhesion process in physiotherapy and the role of therapist-patient relationship. results and discussion: data analysis followed the three steps of semiotic phenomenology: description, reduction and interpretation. the patient reports have suggested an organized structure of the phenomenon in two areas: a) the physiotherapy and the good professional and b) treatment adherence and non-adherence. the physiotherapists' description indicated a structure organized in three thematic areas: a) skills and abilities of the good therapist, b) adherence to physiotherapy, c) the physiotherapist and patient relationship. the phenomenological reduction suggests that the phenomenon of adherence to treatment in physiotherapy is structured around three aspects: comprehensive care, communication, and the contingencies of socio economic conditions of each patient. conclusion: the adhesion process in physical therapy was characterized as multifactorial, and the interpersonal relationship between therapist and patient perceived as essential to successful rehabilitation and subsequent adherence to the physiotherapy.
Prevalência de transtornos mentais comuns e fatores associados em uma popula??o assistida por equipes do Programa Saúde da Família
Moreira, Juliana Kelly Pinto;Bandeira, Marina;Cardoso, Clareci Silva;Scalon, Jo?o Domingos;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852011000300012
Abstract: objective: investigate the prevalence of suspected cases of common mental disorders in a population assisted by one professional team of the brazilian family health program as well as to evaluate its associated factors. methods: a cross-sectional survey study was carried out using a randomized systematic sampling procedure for selecting 277 subjects from the target population. for data collection, two instruments were administered to the sample, the self report questionnaire (srq-20) as well as a sociodemographic questionnaire. results: the global prevalence of cases suspected of presenting common mental disorders in the target population was of 43.70%. females had a significantly higher prevalence rate (48.37%), when compared to males (34.41%). the variable "family income" had an inverse relation to the common mental disorders prevalence. the logistic regression analysis indicated that only two variables - "use of medication" and "family income" - were significantly associated to common mental disorders. conclusions: the results indicated a higher prevalence of common mental disorders in this target-population, compared to data from other similar studies, indicating the need for a special attention to be rendered by the primary health care system to detect and treat those cases in families attended by the brazilian family health program, specially those characterized by the associated factors detected.
Escalas de satisfa??o com o atendimento às doen?as cardiovasculares: CARDIOSATIS usuário e equipe
Cardoso,Clareci Silva; Bandeira,Marina; Ribeiro,Antonio Luiz Pinho; Oliveira,Graziella Lage; Caiaffa,Waleska Teixeira;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000700075
Abstract: satisfaction is an important measure of quality care, of adherence to the treatment and adequate use of health services. the objective here is to build two scales which evaluates team' and patients' satisfaction with cardiovascular disease treatment provided through a distance telecardiology project. the procedure followed international standards for development of measure instruments, including operational definition of satisfaction contents and its area for evaluation; item definition; pre-test and pilot study. the literature review, focal groups and discussion with specialists had delimited the domains to be included in the scales and the elaboration of its items. the cardiosatis-team included 15 items and the cardiosatis-patient included 11. satisfaction was measured through a five-point likert scale. the scales' items comprised satisfaction with physical structure, human resources, capacity of resolution, attention and care offered by the service and the satisfaction with the received/given care. the scales also included open questions. cardiosatis scales have showed to be an easy and accessible instrument very well accepted by medical team and patients. preliminary results presented good characteristics of validity and reliability.
Avalia??o de contaminantes inorganicos e organicos em álcool combustível utilizando eletroforese capilar
Pereira, Elisabete A.;Tavares, Marina F. M.;Stevanato, Alessandra;Cardoso, Arnaldo A.;
Química Nova , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422006000100014
Abstract: this work reports the analysis of inorganic and organic contaminants in alcohol fuel samples using capillary electrophoresis. chloride and sulfate were analyzed in nitrate/ monochloroacetic acid at 10 mmol l-1 concentration each under indirect uv detection (210 nm). the analysis of aldehydes is based on the 216 nm detection of 3-methyl-2-benzothiazoline hydrazone adducts. the running buffer consisted of 20 mmol l-1 tetraborate , 40 mmol l-1 sodium dodecyl sufate and 12 mmol l-1 b-ciclodextrin. both methodologies were applied to real samples indicating inorganic ion concentrations from 0.15 to 6.64 mg kg-1 and aldehydes from 32.0 to 91.3 mg l-1.
Eficacia del retenedor a barra I con placa proximal en clase I de Kennedy
álvarez Llanes,Marina; Cardoso Navarro,Ignacio; Gómez Mari?o,Mercedes; Cabrera Villalobos,Yanelys;
Revista Archivo M??dico de Camag??ey , 2010,
Abstract: background: in the stomatological prosthesis, the partially toothless patient constitutes the biggest demand; reason for which is necessary to offer him/her a rehabilitation whose design conserves the health of the stomatognathic system, comfort and acceptable esthetics. objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of the bar i retainer with proximal plate in front of roach in y, according to biomechanics’ aspects, as well as its effects relating to the periodontal health of the abutment teeth. method: an observational explanatory study in the teaching odontology clinic "la vigía" of camagüey, from november 2004 to september 2006, with thirty total superior toothless patients and inferior partials pure kennedy’s class i. results: best results regarding to heap of foods, functional comfort and esthetics were registered in patients where the bar i retainer with proximal plate was placed. it was more effective the bar i retainer with proximal plate than the one of roach in y, according to retention and prosthesis stability. conclusions: the biggest quantity in clinical alterations of the periodontium appeared in patients with roach in y, as well as the negative changes in the periodontium of the insertion, observed to the twelve months of the prosthetic post-installation.
Características biométricas testiculares para avalia??o de touros zebuínos da ra?a Nelore
Unanian, Maria Marina;Silva, Antonio Emidio Dias Feliciano;McManus, Concepta;Cardoso, Eduardo Penteado;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982000000100019
Abstract: abstract - the objective of this study was to analyze the testicular volume and shape in young males of nellore zebu breed and their importance for the evaluation and selection of sires. four hundred and forty two males, from 12 to 18 month of age, were examined for scrotal circumference (ce), length (comp), width (larg) and testicular volume (vol). the animals were divided in two groups (g1 and g2) according to their date of birth. the vol was calculated by the formula: vol = 2[(r2) x p x h], where r, h and p are larg/2, length and 3.14, respectively. the mean values of ce, comp, larg and vol at 12 month of age were 184.89±15.79 mm, 65.96±6.48 mm, 2.58±4.63 mm and 113.80±42.03 cm3, and at 18 months of age were 236.81±mm, 79.31±11.16 mm, 42.92±5.83 mm and 239.26±90.56 cm3, respectively. the parameters at 12 and 18 months of age were influenced by contemporary groups, being highly correlated. the testicular shape was considered as a length to width ratio, being recorded five forms: long (ratio £ .5), long moderate (.51 to .626 ratio), long/ovoid (.626 to .750 ratio), ovoid/spheroid (.751 to .875 ratio) and spheroid (> .875 ratio). 87% of the animals presented the long shape and, in 74%, the testicular shape changed with the age. all the parameters were influenced by testicular shape, and the testis grew in width. the results suggest that the selection of young bulls should consider the testicular volume besides the possible change in the testicular shape.
Características biométricas testiculares para avalia o de touros zebuínos da ra a Nelore
Unanian Maria Marina,Silva Antonio Emidio Dias Feliciano,McManus Concepta,Cardoso Eduardo Penteado
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2000,
Abstract: RESUMO - O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar as características de volume e forma testicular em zebuínos jovens da ra a Nelore para caracterizar a sua importancia na avalia o e sele o de reprodutores. Foram examinados a circunferência escrotal (CE), o comprimento (COMP), a largura (LARG) e o volume testicular (VOL) em 442 machos aos 12 e 18 meses de idade, divididos em dois grupos contemporaneos (G1 e G2), em fun o da data do nascimento. O VOL foi calculado pela fórmula: VOL = 2[(r2) x pi x h] em que r = LARG/2, h = COMP, e pi = 3,14. Os valores médios de CE, COMP, LARG e VOL, aos 12 meses de idade, foram 184,89±15,79 mm, 65,96±6,48 mm, 32,58±4,63 mm e 113,80±42,03 cm3, e aos 18 meses, 236,81±mm, 79,31±11,16 mm, 42,92±5,83 mm e 239,26±90,56 cm3, respectivamente. Os parametros, aos 12 e 18 meses de idade, variaram em fun o dos grupos contemporaneos, sendo altamente correlacionados. A forma dos testículos foi avaliada pela raz o LARG/COMP, resultando em cinco formas: longa (raz o <= 0,5), longa moderada (raz o de 0,51 a 0,625), longa/oval (raz o de 0,626 a 0,750), oval/esférica (raz o de 0,751 a 0,875) e esférica (raz o > 0,875). Em 87% dos animais, os testículos apresentaram forma longa e, em 74%, houve mudan a da forma testicular com a idade. Os parametros estudados variaram em fun o da forma testicular, e o crescimento dos testículos ocorreu em largura. Os resultados sugerem que, ao selecionar reprodutores, principalmente jovens, deve-se considerar o volume testicular, além de possíveis mudan as da forma testicular.
Avalia o de contaminantes inorganicos e organicos em álcool combustível utilizando eletroforese capilar
Pereira Elisabete A.,Tavares Marina F. M.,Stevanato Alessandra,Cardoso Arnaldo A.
Química Nova , 2006,
Abstract: This work reports the analysis of inorganic and organic contaminants in alcohol fuel samples using capillary electrophoresis. Chloride and sulfate were analyzed in nitrate/ monochloroacetic acid at 10 mmol L-1 concentration each under indirect UV detection (210 nm). The analysis of aldehydes is based on the 216 nm detection of 3-methyl-2-benzothiazoline hydrazone adducts. The running buffer consisted of 20 mmol L-1 tetraborate , 40 mmol L-1 sodium dodecyl sufate and 12 mmol L-1 beta-ciclodextrin. Both methodologies were applied to real samples indicating inorganic ion concentrations from 0.15 to 6.64 mg kg-1 and aldehydes from 32.0 to 91.3 mg L-1.
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