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Changing trend of caries from 1989 to 2004 among 12-year old Sardinian children
Guglielmo Campus, Gianluca Sacco, MariaGrazia Cagetti, Silvio Abati
BMC Public Health , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-7-28
Abstract: In all cohorts, dental caries (DMFT and SiC Index according to WHO indications), was measured. For each variable measured (DMFT and sub-indices, SiC Index), differences in proportions among the five cohorts during the fifteen years were tested using χ2-square test.The mean DMFT index decreased from 4.3 ± 3.1 in 1989 to 0.8 ± 1.5 in 2004. The prevalence of untreated caries (DT) had a notable decrease between 1992 and 1995, increased slightly between 1995 and 1998 and had the greatest decrease in 2004. The number of filled teeth remains low. The percentage of caries-free children increased from 10% to 64%, whereas the percentage of untreated caries changed from 44% in 1989 to 62% in 2004. SiC Index decreased from 7.8 in 1989 to 3.9 in 2004.On the basis of the results of DMFT and SiC Index, caries experience has been reduced. The vigilance and the promotion of a higher standard of personal oral hygiene and dental check-ups are necessary to obtain an improvement of oral status in the future adult population and to reach the new WHO global goals.Dental caries remains the single most common disease of childhood that is not self-limiting or tractable with antibiotics. During a relatively short period of time (about twenty-five years), dental caries has undergone to a striking reduction in most industrialized countries [1,2]. Many factors played a role in this decrease. Most authors agree that the widespread use of fluoride in the toothpaste is the main reason for this decrease [3,4]. Preventive programs and changes in the restorative dental treatment approach are reported as important factors, too [5-7]. However, the real contribution of health services in the improvement of oral health, remains unclear. A possible contribution of the dental services to the caries decrease is the change in the diagnostic and treatment criteria [8]. The improvement in oral hygiene and the natural cyclical variation may also explain the decrease. The mass media and the advertisement bring ne
Le nuove schiave del XXI secolo
Mariagrazia Rossilli
Storia delle Donne , 2010,
Abstract: Trafficking in persons is a slavery-like practice of our time which is linked with many different forms of exploitation. The most common form of trafficking is for the purpose of sexual exploitation of women, in particular of illegal migrants in European countries. The essay illustrates the characteristics of this specific slavery-like practice in Italy and the transformation of sexual trafficking during the last few decades. It illustrates the consequences for the victims and the weaknesses of the legal measures to protect their rights that have been implemented in the EU and in Italy. It suggests that changes are needed in this respect, but also in respect to EU immigration policies and legislation against violence against women. Keywords: tratta di esseri umani, prostituzione, normativa internazionale, Italia; trafficking in human beings, prostitution, international legislation, Italy.
The ethics of professionality in educational care: competence, knowledge and passion Etica della professionalità educante: competenze, saperi e passioni
Mariagrazia Contini
Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica , 2009,
Abstract: The article presents a critical reflection on current cultural contexts paying particular attention to the “sad passions” they connote and the heavy price paid by young people and adolescents reducing their capacity for planning. In order to resist this tendency and open up to the possibility of “joyful passions” we refer to the commitment of educational professionality, to the ethical substratum of its deontology, and to the various competences and meta-competences which characterise it. In particular emphasises the importance of an “emotional knowledge”, which gives value to, and enriches the intersection between knowledge and feeling and favours empowerment on the subjective and social level, promoting passion and growth and to involve oneself in pacific, rich relationships with the Other. L’articolo presenta una riflessione critica sugli attuali contesti culturali, soffermandosi in particolare sulle “passioni tristi” che li connotano e che ricadono pesantemente sui giovani e gli adolescenti, spegnendo la loro capacità progettuale. Per “resistere” a questa tendenza e aprire alla possibilità di “passioni gioiose”, si fa riferimento all’impegno della professionalità educativa, al substrato etico della sua deontologia, alle plurali competenze e metacompetenze che devono caratterizzarla. In particolare si sottolinea l’importanza di una “sapienza emozionale” che valorizzi e arricchisca l’intreccio fra il conoscere e il sentire e favorisca l’empowerment sul piano soggettivo e sociale promuovendo la passione a crescere e a impegnarsi in relazioni, pacifiche e ricche di senso, con l’altro da sé.
Management of Painful Bone Metastases: The Interaction between Radiation Therapy and Zoledronate  [PDF]
Rossella Di Franco, Mariagrazia Calvanese, Mariagrazia Cuomo, Roberto Manzo, Paola Murino, Salvatore Cappabianca, Vincenzo Ravo
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2011.25094
Abstract: Background: Advanced cancers frequently metastasize to bone, and the presence of bone metastases is the most common cause of cancer-related pain. Pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach that involves the use of analgesics, bisphosphonates, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery. The aim of our study was to evaluate the enhancement of radiotherapy on painful bone metastases in patients treated also with bisphosphonates. Materials and Methods: We analyzed the differences in benefit on pain and on quality of life comparing two groups of treatment. The first group comprised 104 patients treated with Radiotherapy (RT), the second one included 50 patients treated with radiotherapy associated to zoledronic acid (RT + Z). All patients completed before, during and after treatment, a questionnaire that rated the grade of pain, the pharmacological type of analgesic therapy and patient’s performance status. For each patient a total score was calculated, from a minimum value of 0% to a maximum of 20%, then expressed as a percentage. Patients were classified as responder if at the follow-up reported a reduction of over 20% of the initial score, no-change if there was a reduction of between 0% and 20%, progression if there was an increasing of the score. Results: In the group RT + Z we found fewer patients that started radiation therapy with severe pain (16% vs 32%), no patient had pain of grade 10, and a higher proportion of asymptomatic patients (12% vs 4%) was observed. In the RT alone group a higher percentage of patients started treatment assuming strong opioid more than once a day (26% vs 24%) and a reduction in number of these patients was about 14% compared with the reduction of 23.6% observed in the group RT + Z. Furthermore an increased total score was calculated only in the 6% of patient belonged to group RT alone. Finally, in the group RT + Z responder patients are 52%, compared to 36% of the RT group, non-responder were 36% versus 60% in the RT. The risk of adverse events (Pz) in the RT + Z was Pz = 0.36, with an odds (Oz) equal to 0.56, while the risk of adverse events (Pc) in the RT group was Pc = 0.60 with an odds (OC) of 1.5. The odds ratio was OR = 0.37, showing a value in favor of treatment RT + Z. Conclusions: In our retrospective observational study it is relevant a clear potentiation of benefit effects related to palliative radiation therapy in patients receiving also bisphosphonate therapy, so obtaining a better control over pain, a decreased need for pain relief and consequently an improved quality of life.
Genetics pathogenesis in the ovarian insufficiency  [PDF]
Lilliana Ciotta, Isabella Pagano, Vito Leanza, Mariagrazia Stracquadanio, Carlo Pafumi
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2012.23050
Abstract: Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) is a heterogeneous syndrome characterized by Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism that affects about 1% of women younger than 40 years old, while an incidence of 1/1000 is reported in women younger than 30 years old. [1] This hormonal disorder is caused by the loss of the ovarian response towards the pituitary gonadrotropins synthesis (FSH and LH) that are secreted according to the inhibitory feedback between hypothalamus, pituitary gland and gonads.
Further Results for General Financial Equilibrium Problems via Variational Inequalities  [PDF]
Annamaria Barbagallo, Patrizia Daniele, Mariagrazia Lorino, Antonino Maugeri, Cristina Mirabella
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2013.31003
Abstract: This paper is the sequel of the previous papers [1] and [2]. More precisely, we study the regularity of the solutions of the evolutionary variational inequality governing the general financial evolutionary problem. Specifically we obtain that such a solution is continuous and Lipschitz continuous with respect to time and we illustrate the achieved result through numerical examples. Moreover the numerical examples enables us to understand the behaviour of the financial equilibrium and the impact of the components of the model on the financial equilibrium.
Chromosome aberrations, valued as frequency of spontaneous micronuclei, in subjects with suspected presclerodermic Raynaud’s phenomenon
G. Porciello,R. Scarpato,F. Storino,F. Cagetti
Reumatismo , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/reumatismo.2003.28
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of spontaneous chromosome damage in cultured peripheral lymphocytes of subjects with suspected presclerodermic Raynaud’s phenomenon (RP), by means of molecular cytogenetic analysis. Methods: We studied 20 suspected presclerodermic RP, 20 idiopathic RP and 25 healthy subjects. As marker of chromosome alteration we used the micronucleus assay. All subjects were also classified as ANA-, ACA+ or Scl70+. To identify the mechanism of MN formation, a MN fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) analysis using a pancentromeric DNA probe was also performed. Results: Suspected presclerodermic RP subjects, showed significantly higher MN frequencies than idiopathic RP and controls (39±15.2 vs 10±2.1 and 9.8±3.5 respectively p<0.0001). Interestingly, subjects with idiopathic RP displayed MN frequency comparable to that of controls. Furthermore, ACA+ subjects showed the highest MN frequencies (44±8.1) as compared to subjects with different antibody pattern (26±7.1). Conclusions: Our results show the presence of higher levels of chromosomal damage in circulating lymphocytes of suspected presclerodermic RP. They also would suggest a key role of anti-centromere antibody in determining the observed cytogenetic anomalies. FISH analysis indicated that both aneuploidogenic and clastogenic events contribute to the formation of MN observed in suspected presclerodermic RP.
The high frequency of spontaneous micronuclei observed in lymphocytes of systemic sclerosis patients: preliminary results
G. Porciello,R. Scarpato,F. Storino,F. Cagetti
Reumatismo , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/reumatismo.2002.36
Abstract: Objective: aim of the study is to assess the presence of spontaneous chromosome damage in patients affected by limited (lSSc) or diffuse (dSSc) Systemic Slerosis, using the micronucleus (MN) assay. Methods: we evaluated MN frequency in cultured peripheral lymphocytes of 18 SSc and in a group of 20 healthy controls. Patients were also classified as ACA+, Scl70+, FAN+ according to the presence of the specific anti-nuclear antibodies. We also explored the hypothesis that the extent of cytogenetic alteration might be related to the severity of the pathological condition and/or to the immunological profile. Results: compared to controls, the patient group as a whole showed significantly higher MN frequencies (10.8±4.5 vs. 27.8±13.7, p<0.001). No correlation was found between spontaneous chromosome damage and severity of the disease, being MN frequency 33.1±17.0 and 19.8±2.7 in lSSc and dSSc, respectively. Interestingly, ACA+ subjects displayed the highest MN frequency (36.9±15.0), as compared to patients with different antibody pattern (Scl70+, FAN+; 19.7±8.2). Conclusions: our results confirm the presence of chromosomal damage in circulating lymphocytes of SSc patients and would suggest a key role of antibodies to the centromere in determining the observed cytogenetic anomalies.
Temporal Preparation Driven by Rhythms is Resistant to Working Memory Interference
Daniel Sanabria,Mariagrazia Capizzi,Angel Correa
Frontiers in Psychology , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00308
Abstract: It has been recently shown that temporal orienting demands controlled attention (Capizzi et al., 2012). However, there is current debate on whether temporal preparation guided by regular rhythms also requires the generation of endogenous temporal expectancies or rather involves a mechanism independent of executive control processes. We investigated this issue by using a dual-task paradigm in two different experiments. In Experiment 1, the single-task condition measured reaction time to respond to the onset of an auditory stimulus preceded by either a regular or an irregular auditory rhythm. The dual-task condition additionally included a working memory task, which demanded mental counting and updating. In Experiment 2, the simultaneously WM task was a variant of the Sternberg Task. We hypothesized that, if temporal preparation induced by rhythms did not involve executive processing, it would not be interfered by the simultaneous working memory task. The results showed that participants could anticipate the moment of target onset on the basis of the regular rhythm and, more important, this ability resisted the interference from the double task condition in both experiments. This finding supports that temporal preparation induced by rhythms, in contrast to temporal orienting, does not require resources of executive control.
An Innovative Approach to Treat Incisors Hypomineralization (MIH): A Combined Use of Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate and Hydrogen Peroxide—A Case Report
Stefano Mastroberardino,Guglielmo Campus,Laura Strohmenger,Alessandro Villa,Maria Grazia Cagetti
Case Reports in Dentistry , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/379593
Abstract: Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) is characterized by a developmentally derived deficiency in mineral enamel. Affected teeth present demarcated enamel opacities, ranging from white to brown; also hypoplasia can be associated. Patient frequently claims aesthetic discomfort if anterior teeth are involved. This problem leads patients to request a bleaching treatment to improve aestheticconditions.Nevertheless, hydrogen peroxide can produce serious side-effects, resulting from further mineral loss. Microabrasion and/or a composite restoration are the treatments of choice in teeth with mild/moderate MIH, but they also need enamel loss. Recently, a new remineralizing agent based on Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP) has been proposed to be effective in hypomineralized enamel, improving also aesthetic conditions. The present paper presents a case report of a young man with white opacities on incisors treated with a combined use of CPP-ACP mousse and hydrogen peroxide gel to correct the aesthetic defect. The patient was instructed to use CPP-ACP for two hours per day for three months in order to obtain enamel remineralization followed by a combined use of CPP-ACP and bleaching agent for further two months. At the end of this five-month treatment, a noticeable aesthetic improvement of the opacities was observed.
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