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Spatial distribution of enteroparasites among school children from Guarapuava, State of Paraná, Brazil
Buschini, Maria Luisa Tunes;Pittner, Elaine;Czervinski, Tiago;Moraes, Ivonete de Fátima;Moreira, M?nica Monteiro;Sanches, Hermes Francisco;Monteiro, Marta Chagas;
Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2007000400015
Abstract: the most common infections in human beings are caused by intestinal parasites. they can lead to a number of harmful effects, which could include, among others, intestinal obstruction, malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, diarrhea, and poor absorption. in brazil, enteroparasites are one of the main public health issues. the present study aims at analyzing the distribution and frequency of enteroparasite occurrence in 635 children from seven community schools in the city of guarapuava, paraná (pr). in addition, we used similarity and diversity indices to analyze the parasite community. we found 475 samples with at least one parasite showing that 75.27% of children had enteroparasites. a smaller fraction (26.73%) of children harbored several parasites (multiparasitism), especially giardia duodenalis (56%), and ascaris lumbricoides (18%). statistical analysis showed that three (out of seven) children communities had higher similarity in frequency and amount of parasites. our results suggest that the children studied were highly infected by enteroparasites. these levels of infestation could be related to several factors, such as climate, social and economic conditions and characteristics of the parasites.
Spatial distribution of nests of Cornitermes cumulans (Isoptera: Termitidae) in a pasture in the municipality of Rio Claro (SP), Brazil / Distribui o espacial dos ninhos de Cornitermes cumulans (Isoptera: Termitidae) em uma área de pastagem no município de Rio Claro (SP), Brasil
Maria Luisa Tunes Buschini
Ambiência , 2006,
Abstract: The nests of Cornitermes cumulans were detected as randomly distributed in a pasture in the municipality of Rio Claro, S o Paulo, Brazil. The mean distance between each nest and its closest neighboring nest influenced their mean volume at the level (mean volume = 27.002 + 4.508 nearest neighbor distance; r= 0.155**, n = 61). Although the distribution pattern of the nests of Cornitermes cumulans was random, competition may be one of the limiting factors for the growth of the colonies which could support the hypothesis that this pattern is tending toward an aggregation, or is, at a larger scale, an aggregating pattern.
Enteroparasitas presentes no Arroio do Engenho no município de Guarapuava, Paraná / Enteroparasites detected at Arroio do Engenho in the city of Guarapuava, Parana
Fábio Cesar Kaliberda,Maria Luisa Tunes Buschini
Ambiência , 2008,
Abstract: O presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a contamina o porenteroparasitos do Arroio do Engenho – mais especi camente, no Parquedo Lago e no Arroio do Engenho na Vila Concórdia – e, a partir desse levantamento, caracterizar a qualidade de vida da popula o residente naregi o. Em três diferentes períodos foram colhidas 67 amostras de água no local denominado Parque do Lago e no Arroio do Engenho na Vila Concórdia, Guarapuava, Paraná. O levantamento dos enteroparasitosfoi realizado através do método de sedimenta o de Hoffman nosmeses de fevereiro a julho de 2006. Os dados mostraram que os ovos de ancilostomídeos foram as formas parasitárias mais freqüentemente encontradas (51,9%), seguidas de larvas rabditóide (25,9%) e larióide (12,0%), respectivamente, sendo que as coletas realizadas no Parque do Lago, apresentaram maior número de parasitas quando comparadas às do Arroio do Engenho na Vila Concórdia. Os resultados demonstraram que o ambiente estudado era adequado para o embrionamento,desenvolvimento e sobrevivência das larvas, o que indica a existência de condi es favoráveis à infec o humana e a precariedade dos servi os de saneamento básico comprometendo, assim, a salubridade do meio.
Abordagem Fuzzy na Taxa de Sobrevivência de Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) lactitarse (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) / Fuzzy Approach in the Survival Rate of Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) lactitarse (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae)
Lilian Berton,Maria José de Paula Castanho,Maria Luisa Tunes Buschini
Ambiência , 2009,
Abstract: ResumoEste trabalho apresenta um sistema baseado em regras fuzzy (SBRF) abordando a intera o entre fertilidade, tamanho do ninho e sobrevivência de machos e fêmeas de Trypoxylon lactitarse Saussure. A partir de informa es sobre fertilidade e tamanho do ninho, o sistema retorna a taxa de sobrevivência de machos e fêmeas permitindo abordar as implica es de uma raz o sexual enviesada a favor de machos, uma raz o sexual enviesada a favor de fêmeas, ou uma raz o sexual de 1:1.AbstractThis paper presents a fuzzy rule-based system (FRBS) addressing the interaction among fertility, size of the nest and survival of Trypoxylon lactitarse Saussure males and females. From information on fertility and nest size, the system returns the survival rate of male and female allowing us to address the implications of a skewed sex ratio in favor of males, a skewed sex ratio in favor of females, or a sex ratio of 1:1.
Bericht & Report
Pittner H
Journal für Ern?hrungsmedizin , 2007,
The Relationship of Positive Affect with Resilience and Self-Efficacy in Life Skills in Italian Adolescents  [PDF]
Elisabetta Sagone, Maria Luisa Indiana
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.813142
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to analyze the relationships of positive affect with dimensions of resilience and perceived self-efficacy in life skills in a sample of 147 Italian healthy adolescents. We used the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS), the Resiliency Attitudes and Skills Profile (RASP), and the Perceived Self-Efficacy Scales in Life Skills. Statistical analyses indicated that adolescents with high positive affect reported higher levels of perceived self-efficacy in life skills than those with low positive affect; in addition, adolescents with high positive affect reached higher levels of resilience (that is, adaptability and engagement) than those with low positive affect. Given the relationship of positive affect both with dimensions of resilience and perceived self-efficacy in life skills, future investigations could better understand the functioning of protective factors actively engaged in facing up to the transition from childhood to adolescence, in line with the flourishing approach in supporting the promotion of psychological well-being and the increasing of individual’s bio-psycho-social skills.
Microbial Carbon, Mineral-N and Soil Nutrients in Indigenous Agroforestry Systems and Other Land Use in the upper Solim?es Region, Western Amazonas State, Brazil  [PDF]
Fernanda Tunes Villani, Gyovanni Augusto Aguiar Ribeiro, Ecila Mercês de Albuquerque Villani, Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira, Fatima Maria de Souza Moreira, Robert Miller, Sonia Sena Alfaia
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/as.2017.87050
Abstract: Slash and burn cultivation systems carried out by many farmers in the Amazon region lead to changes in biogeochemical cycles of nutrients. To assess the extent of the impact of shifting cultivation on the soil in a floodplain portion of this region, samples of an Inceptisol surface layer (0 - 5 cm) under primary forest (FP), secondary forest at an advanced stage of recovery (FS), secondary forest at an initial stage of recovery (CAP), agroforestry (SAF), plantations (R?) in indigenous communities and small farmers, and pasture (PAS) in the Upper Solim?es region, Amazonas, were subjected to analysis of chemical composition during the wet (May) and dry (October) seasons, 2007. Soils were fertile with levels of P, K, Ca and Mg above those generally found in Amazon soils. Microbial content did not vary significantly in the systems studied in the wet season, but there was a reduction of around 60% with the change of season, except for soils with SAF. Ammonium nitrogen was predominant in all systems and seasons studied. Nitrate content was higher in R? soil, in two seasons, and lower in PAS. The type of management adopted by farmers in the region’s indigenous agroforestry systems resulted in small changes in P, K, Mg, MBC and mineral-N levels, independent of soil moisture.
Quantum computing applied to calculations of molecular energies: CH2 benchmark
Libor Veis,Ji?í Pittner
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3503767
Abstract: Quantum computers are appealing for their ability to solve some tasks much faster than their classical counterparts. It was shown in [Aspuru-Guzik et al., Science 309, 1704 (2005)] that they, if available, would be able to perform the full configuration interaction (FCI) energy calculations with a polynomial scaling. This is in contrast to conventional computers where FCI scales exponentially. We have developed a code for simulation of quantum computers and implemented our version of the quantum full configuration interaction algorithm. We provide a detailed description of this algorithm and the results of the assessment of its performance on the four lowest lying electronic states of CH2 molecule. This molecule was chosen as a benchmark, since its two lowest lying 1A1 states exhibit a multireference character at the equilibrium geometry. It has been shown that with a suitably chosen initial state of the quantum register, one is able to achieve the probability amplification regime of the iterative phase estimation algorithm even in this case.
O professor e o ato de ensinar
Tunes, Elizabeth;Tacca, Maria Carmen V. R.;Bartholo Júnior, Roberto dos Santos;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15742005000300008
Abstract: the classroom is the privileged space for negotiation and production of new senses and meanings, especially concerning the different school concepts. this takes place within a complex interactive network where, besides formal knowledge itself, teachers' and students' life history and experiences become present and are updated. the teacher is expected to guide his/her group of students, aiming at understanding and negotiating the different meaning-making processes involved in the learning situations he/she has planned. the teacher has usually been identified with this mediator role, and this idea has been assigned to the historical and cultural approach. the objective of this text is to discuss the identification between teacher action and mediation, in order to characterize what the work developed by the teacher corresponds to according to our point of view, focusing on the zone of proximal development concept. the considerations suggest that learning contents will only be at the service of student development if they are operated taking into account the conjuncture of their meaning-making processes, and observing that the utmost role of education is to promote relational possibilities.
Enteroparasitoses e déficit nutricional em crian as hospitalizadas, Guarapuava, Estado do Paraná, Brasil = Enteroparasites and malnutrition in hospitalized children, Guarapuava, State of Paraná, Brazil
Helder Ferreira,Eliane Raquel Peres Lala,Paula Giselle Czaikoski,Maria Luiza Tunes Buschini
Acta Scientiarum : Health Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: A alta prevalência de infec o por Ascaris lumbricoides na popula o infantil leva a estudos em vários países, os quais associam os aspectos nutricionais às infec es intestinais parasitárias. Entretanto, poucos trabalhos descrevem o número de crian as hospitalizadas com enteroparasitoses em diferentes locais. Assim, investigamos a prevalência de interna es infantis por enteroparasitoses em três hospitais da cidade de Guarapuava, Estadodo Paraná, associando a este aspecto a gravidade da doen a, idade, sexo e condi es nutricionais. O estado nutricional foi avaliado através de parametros antropométricos adotadas pela Organiza o Mundial da Saúde, usando à curva adotada pelo National Center ofHealth Statistic. As enteroparasitoses representaram 32,14% das hospitaliza es de crian as, a maioria entre 0 a 3 anos. As crian as com déficit nutricional foram as mais hospitalizadas com enteroparasitoses e as que apresentaram graves quadros de infec es por Ascaris lumbricoides quando comparadas com crian as em condi es nutricionais normais. Os resultados sugerem que a desnutri o é um fator agravante para a suscetibilidade a infec es por enteroparasitas. High prevalence of Ascaris infection in young children led to intensive studies in many countries focusing on its effect on nutritional status. However, few works described the number of hospitalized children with intestinal parasitic infection in different places. These data prompted us to investigate the prevalenceof hospitalized children with enteroparasite in three hospitals at Guarapuava city, State of Paraná, associating degree of infection, age, sex and nutritional conditions. The nutritional state of the children was evaluated by anthropometric measurements adopted by the World Health Organization, using as standard reference the curve adopted by the National Center of Health Statistic. The intestinal parasitic infection represented 32.14% of hospitalized children, and the majority was between 0 and 3 years of age. Moreover, the malnourished children were more hospitalized with enteroparasites and Ascaris-infection aggravate compared with nourished children. In conclusion, the results suggest that the malnutrition is an aggravating factor to the susceptibility to enteroparasite infections.
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