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Saúde mental e trabalho: uma reflex?o sobre o nexo com o trabalho e o diagnóstico, com base na prática
Glina, Débora Miriam Raab;Rocha, Lys Esther;Batista, Maria Lucia;Mendona, Maria Goretti Vieira;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2001000300015
Abstract: seven cases of workers selected among 150 who had undergone psychiatric treatment at the workers' health reference centers in santo amaro and andré gabois from 1994 to 1997 were presented for a detailed analysis characterizing work situations and discussing definition of the diagnosis and causal connections with work. the qualitative case study provides a thematic analysis of the patient history and files. work situations are characterized by: unhealthy working conditions, problems related to work organization, inadequate human resources management, and urban violence. symptoms included: fear, anxiety, depression, nervousness, tension, fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, and psychosomatic disorders (gastritis, hypertension); in addition, workers were unable to forget about work while off the job. diagnosis varied. three cases involved post-traumatic syndrome. two cases involved organic psychosis linked to accidents or exposure to neurotoxic chemical products. cases also included neurotic syndromes of fatigue, depression, and paranoia, as well as adaptation and reaction to acute stress. in all of the cases it was possible to relate the clinical picture to the work situation.
A geometria no ensino fundamental: reflex?es sobre uma experiência de forma??o envolvendo professores e alunos
Almouloud, Saddo Ag;Manrique, Ana Lucia;Silva, Maria José Ferreira da;Campos, Tania Maria Mendona;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782004000300007
Abstract: in this text we present the main results of a research project whose aim was to investigate teaching and learning problems in geometry, faced by public school teachers and their pupils from 5th to 8 th grade. we intend to concentrate our discussion on methodological procedures, theoretical concepts and main results, focusing our analysis on three aspects: first, the origin of problems related to the teaching and learning of geometry; second, the courses of action adopted to confront some of these problems; and third, changes in teachers' concepts and practices.
A geometria no ensino fundamental: reflex es sobre uma experiência de forma o envolvendo professores e alunos
Saddo Ag Almouloud,Ana Lucia Manrique,Maria José Silva Ferreira da,Tania Maria Campos Mendona
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2004,
Saúde mental e trabalho: uma reflex o sobre o nexo com o trabalho e o diagnóstico, com base na prática
Glina Débora Miriam Raab,Rocha Lys Esther,Batista Maria Lucia,Mendona Maria Goretti Vieira
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2001,
Abstract: S o apresentados sete casos de saúde mental, dentre os 150 atendidos nos Centros de Referência em Saúde do Trabalhador de Santo Amaro e André Gabois, no período de 1994 a 1997. Com base na análise das anamneses e prontuários, buscou-se caracterizar as situa es de trabalho, discutir o estabelecimento do diagnóstico e do nexo causal com o trabalho. As situa es de trabalho caracterizaram-se por: condi es de trabalho nocivas, problemas relacionados à organiza o do trabalho, gest o inadequada de pessoal e violência. Os quadros clínicos mostraram a existência de medo, ansiedade, depress o, nervosismo, tens o, fadiga, mal-estar, perda de apetite, distúrbios de sono, distúrbios psicossomáticos (gastrite, crises hipertensivas), além disso, ocorreu contamina o involuntária do tempo de lazer, ou seja, os trabalhadores sonhavam com o trabalho, n o conseguiam "desligar-se". Os diagnósticos foram variados. Em três casos tivemos síndromes pós-traumáticas ligadas a assaltos. Dois casos referem-se a quadros psicóticos organicos ligados a acidentes ou exposi o a produtos químicos. Apareceram ainda síndromes neuróticas de fadiga, depressivas, paranóides, de adapta o e de rea o ao estresse grave. Em todos os casos foi possível relacionar o quadro clínico com a situa o de trabalho.
Enterovírus-70 na regi?o metropolitana de S?o Paulo, Brasil, de 1984 a 1987: aspectos da infec??o em períodos epidêmico e endêmico
Waldman, Eliseu Alves;Takimoto, Sueko;Ishida, Maria Akiko;Kitamura, Cecília;Mendona, Lucia I. Z.;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 1990, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46651990000300013
Abstract: results of investigation about enterovirus-70 (ev-70) as an etiologic agent of epidemic of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis (ahc) and neurological disease in the metropolitan area of s?o paulo city are presented. during the first three months of 1984, in an epidemic period of ahc, 3 groups with a total of 291 persons were studied. the group a included 90 individuals affected by ahc; the 99 persons belonging to group b did not acquire the ahc but refered familiar contact with the ill individuals; the group c included 102 persons who denied the ahc or any contact with the illness. neutralization test in bhk-21 cell culture was used for measurement of antibodies in sera. for the detection of the presence of igm, indirect immunofluorescence assay was utilized. the presence of igm antibodies was observed in 56.7%, 33.3% and 20.6% of persons belonging to groups a, b and c, respectively. the 10-29 age group was the most affected in the group a. from april 1984, after the end of epidemic period of ahc, until december 1987, three sporadic cases of ahc and 10 cases with acute neurological disease associated with recent infection by ev-70 were observed. nine of 10 persons with acute neurological symptoms had paralysis of cranial nerves, all of them recovering without sequelae. the circulation of ev-70 in the population during the endemic period was maintained by either asymptomatic, sporadic cases of ahc or neurological diseases.
Influence of ultrasound on sorbitol release by Zymomonas mobilis grown on high sucrose concentration
Barros, Márcio de;Celligoi, Maria Antonia P. Colabone;Vignoli, Josiane Alessandra;Vargas, Lucia Helena Mendona;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132006000400003
Abstract: this work investigated the effect of applying low intensity ultrasound on sorbitol release by z.mobilis cultures grown on 200 g/l sucrose medium up to 48 h. the best sorbitol production was 36.09 g/l in 36 h culture. ultrasound irradiation did not alter the sorbitol values detected after disrupting the cells with 20 minutes treatment.
Redu??o da densidade mineral óssea em mulheres na menacme com prolactinoma
Bussade, Isabela;Naliato, Erika C.O.;Mendona, Laura Maria C.;Violante, Alice H.D.;Farias, Maria Lucia F.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302007000900016
Abstract: tumoral hyperprolactinemia and consequent hypogonadism have been associated with osteoporosis. bone mineral density (bmd) was measured by dual-energy rx absorptiometry in 24 patients with prolactinoma (15 macro and 9 micro adenomas; age range = 18 to 49 years). student unpaired t or mann-whitney tests were used to compare groups, and spearman test studied correlations. lumbar spine (ls) was the most affected, as ls z-score was < -2 sd in 20.83% of the patients. no difference was found in densitometric parameters for the comparison between macro and microprolactinoma, or those with normal prolactin versus hyperprolactinemia. ls bmd and ls z-score were higher in the patients with > 8 menstrual cycles in the preceding year then in those with oligoamenorrhea (p = 0.030). the number of cycles was correlated to ls bmd (r = 0.515, p = 0.017) and body mass index to femoral neck bmd (r = 0.563, p = 0.006) and total femur bmd (r = 0.529, p = 0.011). conclusions: decreased bone mineral density was detected in 20.83% of our young patients with prolactinoma. the great involvement of trabecular bone skeletal regions, such as vertebrae, suggests the participation of hypogonadism in the pathogenesis of bone disease. irrespective of prolactin levels, return to normal menses seems the best index of good control.
Magnitude da desnutri??o infantil no Estado do Amazonas/AM - Brasil
Alencar, Fernando Helio;Yuyama, Lucia Kiyoko Ozaki;Rodrigues, Eliana Figueiredo;Esteves, Arinete Veras Fontes;Mendona, Margareth Maria de Barros;Silva, Wládia de Albuquerque;
Acta Amazonica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672008000400013
Abstract: in this review the occurrence of the infantile malnutrition was quantified by the pre-scholars children of the different ecosystems of amazonas state in the last decade. they were just included the data of scientific papers that adopted as diagnosis parameter oms criteria (1986) and nchs pattern (1977). the population was represented by 4,030 pre-school children, whom 1.751 native of the metropolitan area of manaus (amazonas) and 2.279 of the rural area. it was evidenced as main manifestation of the malnutrition the growth deficit, reaching 17% and 23% of the children of the urban and rural areas, respectively. there was emphasis for negro river ecosystem as the one of larger nutritional precariousness, which 35% of these children presented h/i (height/age) inappropriate index, followed by the children of the calhas of amazonas and purus (21%) and madeira (16%) rivers. this means to say that these children were submitted to needs process of long-lived. it was verified in all the cities of the rural area, a relative protection of the children to suffer from malnutrition in the first year of their lives. by the results it becomes evident that the children of the rural area of amazonas presented the largest nutritional precariousness specially, of those residents in negro river ecosystem. these results also evidence the heterogeneity of the amazonian, what should be meditated when of the carrying out of programs of alimentary safety and/or implantation of politics of sustainable development.
Influence of obesity on bone density in postmenopausal women
Silva, Henyse G. Valente da;Mendona, Laura M.C.;Concei??o, Flávia L.;Zahar, Silvia E.V.;Farias, Maria Lucia F.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302007000600008
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the influence of obesity, age, and years since menopause on bone density. methods: a retrospective analysis of bone mineral density (bmd) obtained from 588 women, 41 to 60 years, previously menopaused (1-10 years before). results: positive influence of obesity was confirmed by the significant differences in bmd at lumbar spine, femoral neck (fn), and trochanter (tr) between the groups (p < 0.01). age and years since menopause (ysm) were negatively correlated with bmd at all sites (p = 0.000). comparing patients within 1 to < 6 ysm versus 6 to 10 ysm, bmd was higher in the former at ls and fn (p < 0.005), despite the higher bmi in the older group (p = 0.01). obese patients had a lower prevalence of osteoporosis at ls and fn (p = 0.009). regression analysis identified bmi as the strongest determinant of fn and tr bmd, while ysm was the strongest determinant of ls bmd. conclusion: the protective effect of obesity is overtaken by age and estradiol deficiency. we recommend that even obese postmenopausal women should be screened for osteoporosis.
Distrofia miot?nica: estudo da correla??o clínico-genética em um par familiar (pai-filho)
Reed, Umbertina C.;Passos-Bueno, Maria Rita;Nagahashi-Marie, Suely K.;Cerqueira, Antonia;Mendona, Lucia I.Z.;Levy, José Antonio;Diament, Aron;Zatz, Mayana;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1994000400015
Abstract: we report the case of a child with myotonic dystrophy (dm) with symptoms begining at the age of seven, whose genetic study showed an additional dna fragment, greater than of his father, an asymptomatic carrier. the clinical and molecular analysis of this parent-child pair are probably the first described in brazil, since the recent discovery of genetic abnormality in dm by american and european researchers, that explained the long-debated phenomenon of "anticipation" in this disease. the main advances in molecular genetics in dm and its correlation with increasing severity and earlier onset of the symptoms in sucessive generations of a family are commented briefly.
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