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Perfil dos idosos internados no Hospital Geral em Belém (Pará)
Santos, Maria Izabel Penha de Oliveira;
Escola Anna Nery , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452007000100003
Abstract: the study has as objective to identify the profile of the elderly internee in a general hospital of health public service, in belém (pará). it was a quantitative, retrospective and descriptive study. it was analyzed social-demographics variables, causes of hospitalization, time of stay, complications and dependence of nursing care in 160 record, 2001. the statistics analysis was made by an electronic program epi-info 6.04. the results point: the age group was between 64-74 years old (43,1%), and (53,1%) was elderly of the male sex, the respiratory diseases were more prevalence (53,7 %), symptoms evidents were dyspnea, hyperthermia and hypertension, the time stay was 16 days. the hospitalization time look as a factor risk for disability, because the limitation of the bed, wound and other iatrogenics, it was a dependency of nursing care, and necessity of interdisciplinary interview.
Aids em idosos: vivências dos doentes
Andrade, Helana Augusta dos Santos;Silva, Susan Kelly da;Santos, Maria Izabel Penha de Oliveira;
Escola Anna Nery , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452010000400009
Abstract: the objective of this study was to understand the life experience of elderly people with the human immunodeficiency syndrome acquired, enrolled on a unit known for reference in the system of health at metropolitan region of belém/pa. the approach was qualitative, applying the content analysis technique in 13 elderly. the ages were from 60 to 92 years; six of them were widowed, two married and five singles; it took 02 months to 15 years to discover the disease. the analysis categories are the affective relations, the social isolation, suppor t program, work environment and retirement. the study showed the complexity for the elderly dealing with an incurable disease, feelings were revealed in addition to disorders of loneliness and self-image, resulting in the need to reveal it to the family. this vulnerability also brings important implications for the collective health and nursing, when searching for information strategies and protection to the elderly.
Estratégias de intera o no ensino do texto dissertativo
Maria Izabel de Oliveira Massoni
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: Este trabalho apresenta um encaminhamento para o ensino da produ o de textos dissertativos a alunos que encontram dificuldades relativas às estratégias de intera o requeridas por essa tipologia. A análise de alguns problemas detectados no percurso entre a pretens o de dizer e o dito levou-nos a pensar numa prática que diminuísse tais problemas, a partir de um enfoque das habilidades de raciocínio, para o estabelecimento de premissas e das habilidades discursivas, para o engajamento a elas, por meio do trabalho com esquemas marcadores de quadros de intera o social diferentes.
Tendências comportamentais frente à saúde de imigrantes brasileiros em Portugal
Coutinho, Maria da Penha de Lima;Oliveira, Marcelo Xavier de;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822010000300015
Abstract: this study aimed to understand the main conditions and setting of the brazilian immigrants formations in the portuguese context. specifically, the aim was to clarify which factors contribute to determine the searching for health services in the host country. the sample was consisted by 75 brazilians who live in portugal, from which 35 were men and 40 were women. the data were collected by a socio-demographic questionnaire and analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics. the results showed an increasing of a brazilian immigrants' profile in portugal, and the insertion of such into a group of social risk, reflected in their psychological and social conditions, and more specifically in the health field.
Educational Video Increases Maternal Self-Efficacy for Prevention of Diarrhoea in Young Children: A Randomised Clinical Trial  [PDF]
Emanuella Silva Joventino, ádria Marcela Vieira Ferreira, Maria de Fátima Pereira de Sousa, Jardeliny Corrêa da Penha, M?nica Oliveira Batista Oriá, Paulo César de Almeida, Lorena Barbosa Ximenes
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.621325
Abstract: The aim of this study was to compare the scores of maternal self-efficacy for child diarrhoea prevention, between intervention and control groups, according to sanitary, social and demographic characteristics. A randomised clinical trial was carried out on 163 mothers of children under 5 years old. Data collection was conducted during two months, at two different moments (M0 and M1); at the moment M0 only the intervention group watched the educational video to promote self-efficacy for child diarrhoea prevention; at M1 (two months later) the scale was applied to both groups. In the intervention group, greater mean self-efficacy scores were obtained compared with the control group. The following variables showed statistically significant associations (p < 0.05) with maternal self-efficacy: age 35 or over; high school education; working outside the home; residence with 4 to 5 people; house not of brick or mortar; public refuse collection; piped water supply; consumption of mineral water; and public sewerage network. After use of the video “Diarrhoea: you can prevent it”, the maternal self-efficacy increased, proving that this strategy is able to assist the nursing staff in educational practices.
Análise da express?o do colágeno VI na distrofia muscular congênita
Freitas, Regina Toni Loureiro de;Zanoteli, Edmar;Morita, Maria da Penha Ananias;Oliveira, Acary Souza Bulle;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2005000300027
Abstract: congenital muscular dystrophy (cmd) composes a group of disorders characterized by hypotonia and muscular weakness noticed in the first year of life. the ullrich's form is characterized by proximal joint contractures and distal hiperextensibility. about 40% of these patients present mutations in one of the genes that codify the sub-units of the collagen vi protein (col6), producing total or partial deficiency of the protein expression. we analyzed, through immunohistochemistry, the expression of col6 in muscle fragments of 50 patients with cmd; 20 of them presented merosin expression deficiency. we identified 4 cases with total col6 deficiency (8% of the total), representing 13% of the cases with normal merosin expression. the histological findings of patients with deficiency of col6 were indistinguishable from other forms of cmd, but milder than that abnormalities observed in merosin deficient patients. in three col6 deficient patients were observed hypotonia and weakness in the neonatal period, delayed of motor milestones, muscular retractions of knees and elbows, distal joint hiperextensibility and congenital hip dislocation (two patients). one patient lost the ability to walk; and one died due to respiratory problems. the analysis of col6 expression, as well as merosin expression, in the muscle tissue from cmd patients, can be important for identification and phenotypic characterization of different cmd subtypes.
Action of different enzymes on germination of lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.) - Asteraceae
Marcos Antonio Pimentel,Maria Cristina Vasconcellos,Rafaela de Oliveira Penha,Edson Perez Guerra
Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity , 2012,
Abstract: Seed germination involves the use of different enzymes for metabolism. The aim of this study was to evaluate theeffect of different commercial enzymes on germination of lettuce seeds. Lettuce seeds were immersed in a solution of300 mL distilled water and 5.0 mL enzyme solution during one hour. The treatments consisted of the commercialenzyme solutions: (1) Alcalase and Celluclean (purpose catalyze hydrolysis of peptide bonds and bonds of beta1,3 and 1,4 glucan present in the cellulose, respectively), (2) Pectinex (purpose dilutes pectin, releasing sugars),(3) Alcalase (purpose to catalyze peptide bonds), (4) Pectinex and Alcalase (purpose to catalyze peptide bondsand to release sugars), (5) Alcalase and Ban (purpose to catalyze peptide bonds and hydrolysis of bonds alpha1,4 - glucosidic forming dextrin preferably as product), (6) Spirizyme (glucoamylase enzyme: glucan 1,4 alphaglucosidase)and (7) control (distilled water free of enzymes). After treatment with the enzyme solutions seeds weresown in Petri dishes containing filter paper or soil as a substrate, both saturated with distilled water. The seeds ofall treatments germinated in four days after seeding. The percentage of seed germination on filter paper showed nosignificant differences between the treatments, but the germination percentage showed statistical differences whengerminated in the soil. The highest percentages of germination in the soil were in the control treatment (96.6%) andin the treatment with Pectinex and Alcalase (81.6%). Industrial enzymes application in lettuce seeds does notincrease the speed and percentage of seed germination.
Ambulatório de apoio ao tabagista no Ceará: perfil dos pacientes e fatores associados ao sucesso terapêutico
Sales, Maria Penha Uchoa;Figueiredo, Mara Rúbia Fernandes de;Oliveira, Maria Irenilza de;Castro, Helano Neiva de;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132006000500007
Abstract: objective: to evaluate patient profiles and factors associated with successful treatment. methods: a retrospective study of patients enrolled in the smoking cessation program at the hospital de messejana, located in the state of ceará, brazil, from october of 2002 to april of 2005. the treatment was evaluated based on patient profile, type of medication prescribed and time on that medication. results: of the 320 patients enrolled, 65.5% were women. the mean age at the outset of treatment was 48 years, and the mean duration of the smoking habit was 33 years. more than 90% of the patients had started smoking before the age of 20. of the 258 individuals who had enrolled in the program at least one year prior, 50.8% had achieved treatment success; 17.8% had relapsed, and 31.4% had not quit smoking. on average, partial success was achieved in the fifth week of the treatment, and relapse occurred predominantly in the fourth month. approximately 60% of the patients were treated with medication. conclusion: quitting smoking was significantly associated with the use of medication, regardless of the profile of the smoker evaluated. in the second year of the program, quitting smoking was more strongly associated with the use of bupropion and nicotine replacement, resulting in a higher success rate and a trend toward a reduction in the relapse rate.
Knowledge of Female Prisoners in a City of Ceará, Brazil, about Sexually Transmitted Diseases  [PDF]
Cinthia Gondim Pereira Calou, Camila Fonseca Wasidi, Maria de Fátima Esmeraldo Ramos de Figueiredo, Ana Izabel Oliveira Nicolau, Ana Karina Bezerra Pinheiro, Régia Christina Moura Barbosa Castro, Priscila de Souza Aquino
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2014.49066

Exploratory study was conducted in the Crato Public Prison, State of Ceará, Brazil, aiming to understand the knowledge and experiences related to the preventive aspects of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in the prison context. The target population of the study consisted of 14 female inmates, 10 of whom agreed to participate. Data collection occurred in June 2012 through recorded semi-structured individual interviews. We investigated quantitative, socio-demographic and sexual variables. In qualitative data analysis, we applied the Meaning Interpretation Method. The female vulnerability was aggravated by the early onset of sexual activity, lack of knowledge about STDs, non-adoption of preventive measures and history of prostitution. The following categories emerged from the qualitative assessment: Knowledge about STD/AIDS versus Personal Experience; Use of contraception as STD/AIDS prevention within the Public Jail; Habits of inmates: alcohol and tobacco; and Characterization of the conjugal visit area.

Effects of EDTA and Sodium Citrate on hormone measurements by fluorometric (FIA) and immunofluorometric (IFMA) methods
Maria Kohek, Cassia Leme, Izabel T Nakamura, Suzimara A de Oliveira, Valeria Lando, Berenice B Mendonca
BMC Clinical Pathology , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6890-2-2
Abstract: Blood samples were obtained from 30 outpatients and were drawn in EDTA, sodium citrate, and serum separation Vacutainer?Blood Collection Tubes. Samples were analyzed in automatized equipment AutoDelfia? (Perkin Elmer Brazil, Wallac, Finland) for the following hormones: Luteinizing hormone (LH), Follicle stimulating homone (FSH), prolactin (PRL), growth hormone (GH), Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), insulin, C peptide, total T3, total T4, free T4, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol. Statistical analysis was carried out by Kruskal-Wallis method and Dunn's test.No significant differences were seen between samples for LH, FSH, PRL and free T4. Results from GH, TSH, insulin, C peptide, SHBG, total T3, total T4, estradiol, testosterone, cortisol, and progesterone were significant different between serum and EDTA-treated samples groups. Differences were also identified between serum and sodium citrate-treated samples in the analysis for TSH, insulin, total T3, estradiol, testosterone and progesterone.We conclude that the hormonal analysis carried through by FIA or IFMA are susceptible to the effects of anticoagulants in the biological material collected that vary depending on the type of assay.Measurements of hormone concentrations in physiological fluids are used as biochemical indicators of endocrinological status and as therapy monitors [1]. Hormones are measured by immunoassays using different types of tracers, such as radioactive, enzymatic, chemiluminescent or fluorescent substances. The latter method has many advantages: it provides good resolution, is very accurate, has long-lasting reagents, can be automated and is easy to perform [2]. However, it uses a fluorescent tracer substance (Eu3+) coupled to the antigen or antibody as a chelat [3], being susceptible to the action of chemical agents that may cause alterations in its original structure.Currently, serum is the matrix of choice for hormone analysis throu
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