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Prevalência dos sintomas otológicos na desordem temperomandibular: estudo de 126 casos
Pascoal Maria I. N.,Rapoport Abr?o,Chagas José F. S.,Pascoal Maria B.N.
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2001,
Abstract: Introdu o: A presen a de sintomas otológicos associados à desordem temporomandibular (DTM) é discutida há seis décadas; entretanto, sua etiologia ainda permanece obscura. Forma de estudo: Prospectivo clínico randomizado. Objetivo: Neste estudo foram avaliadas a prevalência de sintomas otológicos na DTM, sua correla o com a dor muscular e a ausência de dentes posteriores. Material e Método: Foram avaliados 126 pacientes portadores de DTM, através de questionário subjetivo dos sintomas, palpa o dos músculos de mastiga o, temporal, masséter, pterigóideo lateral, pterigóideo medial, digástrico, tend o do músculo temporal e dos músculos esternocleidomastóideo e trapézio. Foram feitas radiografias panoramica e transcraniana e modelos de gesso das arcadas superior e inferior dos pacientes. Os dados obtidos foram analisados através do Teste Exato de Fisher, com percentil de significancia menor que 0,05. Resultados: Houve presen a de sintomas otológicos em 80% dos pacientes, sendo que 50% apresentavam dor referida em ouvido; 52%, plenitude auricular; 50%, tinitus; 34%, tontura; 9%, sensa o de vertigem; e 10% relataram hipoacusia. O músculo pterigóideo lateral foi o músculo mais sensível em 94% dos pacientes, seguido do músculo temporal em 69%, masséter em 62%, digástrico em 60%, pterigóideo medial em 50%, tend o do músculo temporal e esternocleidomastóideo em 49% e trapézio em 42% dos pacientes. Houve significancia para dor muscular, e a presen a de sintomas otológicos, nos músculos masséter e esternocleidomastóideo. Os sintomas tinitus, plenitude auricular e dor referida em ouvido apresentaram alta correla o de significancia entre si. N o houve significancia para a ausência de denti o e sintomas otológicos. Conclus o: 1) Dor referida em ouvido, tínitus, plenitude auricular e tontura foram prevalentes; 2) os sintomas otológicos presentes na DTM podem estar relacionados com a dor muscular em masséter e esternocleidomastóideo; 3) n o houve correla o entre os sintomas otológicos e a ausência de dentes posteriores.
Prevalência dos sintomas otológicos na desordem temperomandibular: estudo de 126 casos
Pascoal, Maria I. N.;Rapoport, Abr?o;Chagas, José F. S.;Pascoal, Maria B.N.;Costa, Claudiney C.;Magna, Luis Antonio;
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72992001000500005
Abstract: introduction: a presence of otologic symptoms associated to the temporomandibular disorders (tmd) is discussed since six decades ago, however its etiology still stays obscure. study design: prospective clinical randomized. aim: in that study it was appraised the prevalence of otologic symptoms in tmd, the correlation with the muscular pain and the absence of posterior teeth. material and methods: 126 patients, presented tmd, were appraised through questionnaire about their symptoms, palpation of the masticatory muscles, temporal, masseter, lateral pterygoid medial, pterigoyd, digastric, temporal muscle tendon, esternocleidomastoid and trapezius and panoramic and transcranian x-rays and plaster′s models of the superior and inferior arcades. the data obtained were analyzed through exact test of fisher, with p value < 0,05. results: the otologic symptoms were presented in 80% of the patients (50% presented hear pain 52% aural fullness, 50% tinitus, 34% dizziness, 9% sensation of vertigo and 10% told hypoacusis). the palpation revelated lateral pterigoyd as the most sensitive 94%, followed by the temporal muscle ( 69%), masseter (62%), digastric (60%), medial pterigoyd (50%), temporal muscle tendon and sternocleidomastoid (49%) and trapezius (42%). the muscular pain and otologic symptoms were statistically significant in the masseter and esternocleidomastoid muscles. tinitus, aural fullness and otologic pain presented high significant correlation to each other. there was not significance between the absence of teeth and otologic symptoms. conclusion: 1) otalgia, tinitus, aural fullness and dizziness were prevalentes 2) the otologic symptoms present in tmd can be relation with the muscular pain in masseter and esternocleidomastoid 3) there was not correlation between the otologic symptoms and the absence of posterior teeth.
Shiftwork as one of risk factors of arterial hypertension and metabolic disorders
I.S. Dzherieva,N.I. Volkova,S.I. Rapoport
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2012,
Abstract: Background. Shiftwork is considered as one of risk factors of arterial hypertension (HT) and metabolic disorders.Aim. To study effects of different types of shift plan on HT and the metabolic disorders development.Material and methods. 1091 men were included in the study. Patients were split into subgroups according to age (20–29, 30–39, 40–49, 50–59 years old) and shift plan (steady or shiftable work schedule). HT (blood pressure >130/85 mm Hg), abdominal obesity (waist circumference >94 cm), disorders of glucose metabolism were revealed.Results. HT prevalence in patients with shiftwork was significantly higher than that in employees with steady work schedule (34.4 vs 27.4%, respectively; р<0.01). In patients with shift and steady work schedule significant differences in abdominal obesity (69.2 vs. 19.3%, respectively; p<0.001) and glucose metabolism disorders rates (19.0 vs. 10.6%, respectively; p<0.001) were also found. Differences between groups in prevalence of hypercholesterolemia and metabolic disorders cluster were not significant. HT associated with metabolic disorders dominated among steady work patients aged 40-49 years (56.7%) in comparison with shiftable work patients (20.0%), p<0.01.Conclusion. Shiftwork may be considered as a risk factor of HT and metabolic disorders in males.
Anhydrobiosis in yeast: activation effect
Rapoport A.I.,Khroustalyova G.M.,Kuklina E.N.
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 1997,
Abstract: Intracellular substances released into the medium during rehydration of dry yeast cells can significantly improve the quality of a synthetic medium. Acceleration of yeast growth in this medium and increased yield of biomass are observed simultaneously. The change in the molecular arrangement of intracellular membranes as a result of the strong dehydration of live organisms is a negative phenomenon that reduces the level of cell viability. However, this phenomenon also represents an adaptive mechanism which facilitates the maintenance of population viability as a whole under extreme environmental conditions
Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners
Benjamin I. Rapoport
PLOS Computational Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000960
Abstract: Each year in the past three decades has seen hundreds of thousands of runners register to run a major marathon. Of those who attempt to race over the marathon distance of 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 kilometers), more than two-fifths experience severe and performance-limiting depletion of physiologic carbohydrate reserves (a phenomenon known as ‘hitting the wall’), and thousands drop out before reaching the finish lines (approximately 1–2% of those who start). Analyses of endurance physiology have often either used coarse approximations to suggest that human glycogen reserves are insufficient to fuel a marathon (making ‘hitting the wall’ seem inevitable), or implied that maximal glycogen loading is required in order to complete a marathon without ‘hitting the wall.’ The present computational study demonstrates that the energetic constraints on endurance runners are more subtle, and depend on several physiologic variables including the muscle mass distribution, liver and muscle glycogen densities, and running speed (exercise intensity as a fraction of aerobic capacity) of individual runners, in personalized but nevertheless quantifiable and predictable ways. The analytic approach presented here is used to estimate the distance at which runners will exhaust their glycogen stores as a function of running intensity. In so doing it also provides a basis for guidelines ensuring the safety and optimizing the performance of endurance runners, both by setting personally appropriate paces and by prescribing midrace fueling requirements for avoiding ‘the wall.’ The present analysis also sheds physiologically principled light on important standards in marathon running that until now have remained empirically defined: The qualifying times for the Boston Marathon.
Os Estados Unidos diante do Brasil e da Argentina: os golpes militares da década de 1960
Rapoport, Mario;Laufer, Rubén;
Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-73292000000100004
Abstract: using a comparative perspective, the article analyses the military coups which expelled jo?o goulart and arturo illia from presidency in brazil (1964) and argentina (1966), focusing on the american influence on these historical facts. this analysis highlights a series of nuances about contexts, internal interests and priorities of united states' foreign policy, showing that, beyond specific qualities, circumstances, motivations and internal struggles, the military movements in brazil and argentina were included in a sole strategy, used at the time throughout latin america.
An instability criterion for a finite amplitude localized disturbance in a shear flow of electrically conducting fluids
V. Levinski,I. Rapoport,J. Cohen
Physics , 1997, DOI: 10.1063/1.869303
Abstract: The stability of shear flows of electrically conducting fluids, with respect to finite amplitude three-dimensional localized disturbances is considered. The time evolution of the fluid impulse integral, characterizing such disturbances, for the case of low magnetic Reynolds number is obtained by integrating analytically the vorticity equation. Analysis of the resulted equation reveals a new instability criterion.
Interaction of Molecules of Phosphorus-Containing Inorganic Additives with Iron Surface: Quantum-Chemical Analysis and Tribotechnical Testing  [PDF]
Yuri F. Migal, Vladimir I. Kolesnikov, Maria A. Savenkova, Daria N. Solodovnikova
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2013.36038
Abstract: Сondensed phosphates of metaphosphatic structure with the equal relation of metal oxide and phosphorus pentoxide are promising inorganic oleophilic antifrictional, antiwear and anti-seize, heat-resistant and eco-friendly additives to greases. We study in detail one group of these compounds, phosphorowolframates of alkaline metals MIPWO6 (MI = Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs), by using the ADF software package based on the DFT approach. Three stages of interaction of molecules of these substances with an iron surface are investigated: change of the shape of molecules near a surface, formation of the adsorptive complex and its disintegration. It is shown that a strong covalent binding between molecules of phosphorowolframates and a surface appears in the course of adsorption. High strength of this binding and also low inner strength of the chain and its flexibility provide effective protection of iron surface against wear. It is also found that at adsorption of phosphorowolframates on an iron surface, there is a change of local structure of the surface.
A Connectivity-Based Legalization Scheme for Standard Cell Placement  [PDF]
Antonios N. Dadaliaris, Panagiotis Oikonomou, Maria G. Koziri, Evangelia Nerantzaki, Thanasis Loukopoulos, Georgios I. Stamoulis
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2017.88013
Abstract: Standard cell placement algorithms have been at the forefront of academic research concerning the physical design stages of VLSI design flows. The penultimate step of a standard cell placement procedure is legalization. In this step the manufacturability of the design is directly settled, and the quality of the solution, in terms of wirelength, congestion, timing and power consumption is indirectly defined. Since the heavy lifting regarding processing is performed by global placers, fast legalization solutions are protruded in state-of-the-art design flows. In this paper we propose and evaluate a legalization scheme that surpasses in execution speed two of the most widely used legalizers, without not only corrupting the quality of the final solution in terms of interconnection wirelength but improving it in the process.
Programa de formación de cuidadores domiciliarios para personas mayores
Maria ángeles Iá?ez,Benjamín Iánez
Pensamiento Psicológico , 2005,
Abstract: El presente artículo se centra en el dise o de un programa para la formación de auxiliares de ayuda a domicilio para personas mayores. Para tal fin se hace un planteamiento inicial donde se evalúa la necesidad de formación que tienen estos profesionales para llevar a cabo su trabajo de forma adecuada. Se planifica la metodología a seguir, los objetivos tanto generales como específicos que se pretenden alcanzar, asi como el contenido del programa. Finalmente se plantea cómo se realizaría el proceso de evaluación de resultados.
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