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Selection of filamentous fungi of the Beauveria genus able to metabolize quercetin like mammalian cells
Costa, Eula Maria de M. B.;Pimenta, Fabiana Cristina;Luz, Wolf Christian;Oliveira, Valéria de;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822008000200036
Abstract: microbial biotransformations constitute an important alternative as models for drug metabolism study in mammalians and have been used for the industrial synthesis of chemicals with pharmaceutical purposes. several microorganisms with unique biotransformation ability have been found by intensive screening and put in commercial applications. ten isolates of beauveria sp genus filamentous fungi, isolated from soil in the central brazil, and beauveria bassiana atcc 7159 were evaluated for their capability of quercetin biotransformation. biotransformation processes were carried out for 24 up to 96 hours and monitored by mass spectrometry analyses of the culture broth. all strains were able to metabolize quercetin, forming mammalian metabolites. the results were different from those presented by other microorganisms previously utilized, attrackting attention because of the great diversity of reactions. methylated, sulphated, monoglucuronidated, and glucuronidated conjugated metabolites were simultaneously detected.
Efeito da aplica o foliar de ácidos graxos na "Via das Lipoxigenases" de plantas de soja
Batista Rosa Bárbara,Oliveira Maria Goreti de Almeida,Pires Christiano Vieira,Lanna Anna Cristina
Química Nova , 2002,
Abstract: The involvement of lipoxygenase isozymes in several physiological processes of plants has been described but their role is not well understood and more biochemical studies are needed to elucidate the role of the "Lipoxygenase Pathway" in plant physiology. Thus, the biochemical and kinetic characterization of a lipoxygenases "pool" from soybean leaves was carried out. Two genotypes were used: IAC-100 (a normal variety having lipoxygenases in the seeds) and IAC-100 TN (genetically modified genotype, which is devoid of lipoxygenases in the seeds). The plants were submitted to the application of fatty acids (lipoxygenase substrates) on leaves. The results of the biochemical and kinetic studies of lipoxygenase isozymes from leaves of the two genotypes analysed showed that genetic removal of lipoxygenase from seeds did not affect the response of the plant to the treatment, since both genotypes showed similar results.
Malocclusion and deleterious oral habits among adolescents in a developing area in northeastern Brazil
Erika Bárbara Abreu Fonseca Thomaz,Maria Cristina Teixeira Cangussu,Ana Marlúcia Oliveira Assis
Brazilian Oral Research , 2013,
Abstract: Although malocclusions represent a serious public health issue, there is insufficient information about this problem in adolescents in Brazil, especially in poorer areas. The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to estimate the prevalence of facial alterations, dental malocclusions, and deleterious oral habits (DOH) among adolescents in a developing area in northeastern Brazil and to test the hypothesis that the occurrence of DOH in infancy is associated with DOH during adolescence. The study included a probabilistic population-based sample of 2,060 Brazilian students aged 12-15 years. Facial characteristics (type of facial profile, facial symmetry, and passive lip sealing) and malocclusions (Angle and Dental Aesthetic Index, DAI) were evaluated. DOH in infancy and adolescence were evaluated by interviews with the parents and adolescents. Most adolescents presented with normal facial characteristics. The malocclusion prevalence (Angle) was 83%. The DAI ranged from 13 to 69 (mean ± SD: 25.9 ± 7.7). Orthodontic treatment was necessary in 45.1% of the sample. The most prevalent DOH in adolescents were nail biting, object biting, cheek/lip biting, and bruxism, which were associated with finger sucking during infancy (P < 0.05). We conclude that malocclusions and DOH are common among Brazilian adolescents and that finger sucking during infancy may be a good predictor of DOH occurrence during adolescence.
Características do apoio social oferecido a idosos de área rural assistida pelo PSF
Pinto,José Leonel Gon?alves; Garcia,Adriana Carla de Oliveira; Bocchi,Silvia Cristina Mangini; Carvalhaes,Maria Antonieta B. L.;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232006000300023
Abstract: the present study is an epidemiological work of the transversal type, with the objective of describing characteristics of social support and identifying associations between sociodemographic variables and categories of social support, in the rural population of bairro dos aleixos, in the municipality of taquarituba - s?o paulo state - brazil. to measure social support, the medical outcomes study (mos) scale was utilized, translated to portuguese and validated in our environment. the population was characterized predominantly by white women between 60 and 69 years of age, married and/or living as concubines, of low incomes and residing in multigenerational domiciles. elevated mean support scores were identified, indicating a favorable situation among the elderly persons studied. in average terms, the category of support with the worst score was "positive social interaction". bivariate analysis demonstrated a positive association between the affective support score and emotional support with the number of persons in the domicile and greater frequency of high social-interaction scores (3rd tercile) in elderly men and those with a greater degree of formal education. the study also showed that lower social-support scores were more frequent in women, illiterates, widowers or single men, and elderly persons with income between one and two times the minimum salary.
De la representación a la práctica sexual. Un estudio exploratorio de representaciones sociales sobre enfermedades sexualmente transmisibles, sexo y uso de preservativo en jóvenes universitarias y sexoservidoras
Maria Cristina Triguero Veloz Teixeira,Amanda Bérgamo de Oliveira,Cristiane Rodrigues Garcia,Gisele Borges da Silva
Revista Intercontinental de Psicología y Educación , 2006,
Abstract: Este trabajo tuvo como objetivo explorar las representaciones sociales que sobre los asuntos "enfermedades sexualmente transmisibles", "sexo" y "preservativo" tienen estudiantes universitarias y profesionales del sexo. Los métodos de colecta de datos fueron: técnica de grupo focal y técnica de asociación libre de palabras. Los resultados indicaron que todas las jóvenes participantes son vulnerables a enfermedades sexualmente transmisibles debido a la falta de uso de preservativo. El sexo fue representado sobre la base del placer y del tesón. Los contenidos de las hipótesis de núcleos centrales del asunto enfermedades sexualmente transmisibles fueron representados en una dimensión funcional a partir de términos como irresponsabilidad y descuido. Parece existir una estrecha relación entre los sistemas de representación social y la determinación de la práctica sexual.
Características do apoio social oferecido a idosos de área rural assistida pelo PSF
Pinto José Leonel Gon?alves,Garcia Adriana Carla de Oliveira,Bocchi Silvia Cristina Mangini,Carvalhaes Maria Antonieta B. L.
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2006,
Abstract: Trata-se de um trabalho epidemiológico do tipo transversal, com o objetivo de descrever as características do apoio social e identificar associa es entre as variáveis sociodemográficas e categorias de suporte social, em popula o rural do Bairro dos Aleixos, no município de Taquarituba - SP. Para medir o apoio social, utilizou-se da escala Medical Outcomes Study (MOS), traduzida para o português e validada em nosso meio. A popula o caracterizou-se por mulheres, predominantemente da ra a branca, entre 60 a 69 anos, casadas e/ou vivendo em concubinatos, de baixa renda e residindo em domicílios multigeracionais. Escores de apoio médios elevados foram identificados, indicando situa o favorável entre os idosos estudados. Em termos médios, a categoria de apoio com pior escore foi "intera o social positiva". A análise bivariada demonstrou uma diferen a significativa entre escore de apoio afetivo e de apoio emocional com número de pessoas no domicílio e maior freqüência de escores altos de intera o social (3o tercil) em idosos do sexo masculino e naqueles com maior grau de escolaridade. O estudo apontou ainda que escores de apoio social menores foram mais freqüentes em mulheres, analfabetos, viúvos ou solteiros, idosos com renda entre um e dois salários mínimos.
Beauveria bassiana: quercetinase production and genetic diversity
Costa, Eula Maria de M. B;Pimenta, Fabiana Cristina;Luz, Christian;Oliveira, Valéria de;Oliveira, Marília;Bueno, Elda;Petrofeza, Silvana;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822011000100002
Abstract: beauveria bassiana genetic diversity and ability to synthesize quercetin 2,3-dioxygenase (quercetinase) were analyzed. b. bassiana isolates, obtained from brazilian soil samples, produced quercetinase after induction using 0.5 g/l quercetin. b. bassiana atcc 7159 (29.6 nmol/ml/min) and isolate ip 11 (27.5 nmol/ml/min) showed the best performances and ip 3a (9.5 nmol/ml/min) presented the lowest level of quercetinase activity in the culture supernatant. a high level of polymorphism was detected by random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) analysis. the use of internal-transcribed-spacer ribosomal region restriction fragment length polymorphism (its-rflp) did not reveal characteristic markers to differentiate isolates. however, the its1-5.8s-its2 region sequence analysis provided more information on polymorphism among the isolates, allowing them to be clustered by relative similarity into three large groups. correlation was tested according to the person's correlation. data of our studies showed, that lower associations among groups, level of quercetinase production, or geographical origin could be observed. this study presents the production of a novel biocatalyst by b. bassiana and suggests the possible industrial application of this fungal species in large-scale biotechnological manufacture of quercetinase.
Ciprofloxacin susceptibility reduction of Salmonella strains isolated from outbreaks
Souza, Roberta B.;Ferrari, Rafaela G.;Magnani, Marciane;Kottwitz, Luciana B. M.;Alcocer, Iliana;Tognim, Maria Cristina B.;Oliveira, Tereza C. R. M.;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822010000200033
Abstract: the antimicrobial susceptibility of 212 salmonella strains isolated from patients and foods was evaluated and 45% were found to be resistant to nalidixic acid. nalidixic acid resistant strains showed a higher minimal inhibitory concentration for ciprofloxacin than sensitive strains. during the study an increase of strains with reduced susceptibility to ciprofloxacin was also observed.
Antiproliferative and apoptotic potencies of glucocorticoids: nonconcordance with their antiinflammatory and immunossuppressive properties
Longui, Carlos A.;Santos, Maria C.;Formiga, Cristina B.;Oliveira, Daniela V.A.;Rocha, Mylene N.;Faria, Claudia D.C.;Kochi, Cristiane;Monte, Osmar;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302005000300008
Abstract: relative antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive potencies of glucocorticoids (gc) were previously well defined. nonetheless, gc also regulate cell proliferation and programmed death (apoptosis). the aim of this study was to determine the relative potency of different gc on the modulation of cell survival. the gc-sensitive lymphoblast cell line cem-c7/14 was submitted to 48h-exposure to gc (dose-response curve from 10-8 to 10-5m). cell survival was analyzed employing the dimethyltiazol-tetrazolium (mtt) test. for each gc at least 4 experiments were performed in quadruplicate. responses to different gc at the same molarity were analyzed by anova on ranks. cell responses to the same gc in different concentrations were tested by repeated measures anova. the ec50 for each gc was calculated with the graphpad prism 3.0 software. the use of low concentrations (10-8 and 10-7m) of hydrocortisone and methylprednisolone determined a similar effects on cell survival, which was less prominent than that observed with betamethasone, budesonide or momethasone. momethasone was the most potent gc, inducing the most intense dexamethasone reduction on cell survival at the lowest concentration (10-8m). momethasone and methylprednisolone were the two gc with the strongest impact on cell survival. our findings suggest that antiproliferative and apoptotic potencies of gc are different from those previously reported antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive actions.
Estudo da mucosa nasal de contatos de hanseníase, com positividade para o antígeno glicolipídio fenólico 1
Martins, Ana Cristina da Costa;Miranda, Alice;Oliveira, Maria Leide Wan-del-Rey de;Bührer-Sékula, Samira;Martinez, Alejandra;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942010000500008
Abstract: leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by mycobacterium leprae. the disease more frequently affects the nasal mucosa and can occur independently of its clinical form or even before lesions on the skin or on other parts of the body. it is necessary to employ epidemiological surveillance of household contacts with new leprosy cases for early disease diagnosis. aim: identify specific and early leprosy lesions through endoscopic, baciloscopy, histopathology exams, and real time polymerase chain reaction of the nasal cavity mucosa on household and peridomiciliary contacts with positive serology for the phenolic glycolipid 1 antigen. methodology: between 2003 at 2006 there was a prospective cross-sectional clinical study with 31 contacts with patients with leprosy with positive serology against pgl-1, 05 negative controls and 01 positive control. results: between seropositive contacts, real-time pcr was positive for m. leprae dna in 06 (19.35%) of them and the higher number of genome copies were found in contacts who became sick. conclusion: nasal mucosa tests alone did not enable the early diagnosis of leprosy. however, through the combination of various methods, tests on the contacts can help identify subclinical infection and monitor the contacts that could be responsible for spreading the disease.
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