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O jogo de esconde-esconde: trabalho perigoso e a??o social defensiva entre motoboys de Salvador
Paes-Machado, Eduardo;Riccio-Oliveira, Maria Angélica;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092009000200006
Abstract: based on semi-structured interviews and direct observation, this paper discusses the stress-filled pursuit of safety by motorcycle couriers (motoboys) in salvador, brazil. a lack of capable guardianship forces these workers to take multi-faceted defensive social action against predatory crime to protect their vehicles, consignments, and personal belongings. the ecological (dis)advantages of urban spaces structure are, in turn, structured by this defensive action. restrictive socio-spatial tactics based on individual guardianship capabilities are compared and contrasted with expansive socio-spatial tactics involving the negotiation of guardianship resources with others. the conclusion is that, although restrictive and expansive tactics are complementary, the former are more effective means of reducing the ecological disadvantages affecting motoboys than the latter.
Uso do laser arseneto de gálio (904nm) após excis?o artroplástica da cabe?a do fêmur em c?es
Matera, Julia Maria;Tatarunas, Angélica Cecília;Oliveira, Sandra Maria;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502003000200006
Abstract: purpose: evaluate the action of the gallium arsenide semiconductor laser in the post-operative evolution in dogs after the femoral head and neck artroplastic excision. methods: thirteen dogs bearing legg-calvé-perthes disease were divided into two groups: (i) 7 non-radiated dogs - control group; (ii) 6 dogs irradiated once a day for 5 consecutive days with the galium arsenide laser (904nm), energy density 4j/cm2 and exposition time automatically adjusted by the device. in order to evaluate the post-operative evolution it was needed to fill a report stating the degree of the pain as well as the weight bearing of the affected limb. a u non-parametric statistics test of mann-whitney was used to perform the results analysis. results: group i started the weight-bearing limb by means of an average of 12 post-operative days; group ii started it by 4 post-operative days. the u non-parametric statistics test of mann-whitney was statistically significant between groups (p=0.0012). conclusion: the approach suggests that the irradiation of the periarticular tissues using the low power galium arsenide laser provides a faster weight-bearing limb recovery in dogs after the femoral head and neck artroplastic excision.
Análise bioquímica dos líquidos fetais e citologia do fluido amniótico da fêmea de Mocó (Kerodon rupestris)
Zogno, Maria Amélia;Miglino, Maria Angélica;Oliveira, Moacir Franco;
Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95962004000400002
Abstract: the aim of the present work was to study certain biochemical characteristics of fetal fluids of the female mocó (kerodon rupestris), by assesment of the following parameters present in the amniotic and allantoic fetal fluids: osmolarity, ph, calcium, phosphorous, total protein, urea, creatinina and glycose. ten genital systems of mocós were sampled (gestation = 30-45 and 65-70 days). the amniotic and allantoic sacs were punctured and the fetal fluid obtained for posterior analysis. it was observed the following concentrations (mg/ml) in the amniotic fluid: glycose= 45,87 ± 22,38; calcium = 6,31 ± 1,24; phosphorus = 1,64 ± 0,72; creatinine = 0,45 ± 0,12; urea = 34,03 ± 5,96; total protein = 31,24 ± 16,67. in the allantoic fluid the concentrations were: : glycose = 59,17 ± 10,85; calcium = 5,58 ± 0,59; phosphorous = 1,27 ± 0,73; creatine = 0,38 ± 0,38; urea = 31,49 ± 2,28; total protein = 30,70 ± 18,39. results obtained from the analisys of the composition of fetal fluids showed small oscillations between the amniotic and the allantoic fluids. their concentrations, probably, are determined by the materno-fetal metabolic activity. amniotic fluid cytology showed four cells types.
A veia ázigos direita na cutia (Dasyprocta aguti, rodentia)
OLIVEIRA, Paola Franssinetti Nunes Machado;CARVALHO, Maria Acelina Martins;SOUZA, Wilson Machado;MIGLINO, Maria Angélica;
Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95961999000400002
Abstract: the behaviour of the azygos vein, its formation and topography were studied in 10 cutias (dasyprocta aguti, rodentia) adults (6 males and 4 females) captured in the state of piauí, brazil. this research intends to be a base for other investigations, particularly those with reference to zootechnical exploration of this species. the azygos venous system was injected with latex (neoprene 671), then the animals were put in watery solution of formol 10%, and dissected. in all specimens it was observed that the azygos vein always arrives in the cranial vena cava on a level with fourth intercostal space. the azygos vein receives more frequently (50%), the intercostal veins on the right side and 5 (50%) on the left one. the tributaries of the azygos vein are the phrenic veins (l00%), and the broncoesophagea vein (30%). the hemiazygos vein is in all cases on the left side and in 60% of the cases on the right side. the azygos vein communicates with the left hemiazygos vein (90%), with the right one (100%), and with the vena cava caudal and intervertebral veins, with equal frequency (30%).
Uso do laser arseneto de gálio (904nm) após excis o artroplástica da cabe a do fêmur em c es
Matera Julia Maria,Tatarunas Angélica Cecília,Oliveira Sandra Maria
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2003,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar a a o do laser diodo Arseneto de Gálio na evolu o pós-operatória de c es submetidos à excis o artroplástica da cabe a e colo do fêmur. MéTODOS: Treze c es portadores de Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease ou Necrose Asséptica da Cabe a do Fêmur (NACF) foram divididos em dois grupos: (I) sete c es que n o foram irradiados - grupo controle; (II) seis c es irradiados uma vez ao dia durante cinco dias consecutivos com o laser Arseneto de Gálio (904nm), densidade de energia 4J/cm2 e tempo de exposi o automaticamente ajustado pelo aparelho. Para a avalia o da evolu o pós-operatória preencheu-se protocolo com gradua o da dor de apoio do membro operado. Utilizou-se teste estatístico n o paramétrico U de Mann-Whitney para análise dos resultados. RESULTADOS: O grupo I iniciou o apoio do membro com uma média de 12 dias de pós-operatório e o grupo II com uma média de quatro dias de pós-operatório, sendo estatisticamente significante (p=0.0012). CONCLUS O: A irradia o com o laser de baixa potência Arseneto de Gálio (904nm) na dose 4J/cm2, periarticular, promoveu rápido retorno da fun o do membro em c es após a excis o artroplástica da cabe a do fêmur, otimizando a recupera o pós-operatória.
Comparative description and discussion of spermiogenesis and spermatozoal ultrastructure in some species of Heptapteridae and Pseudopimelodidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes)
Quagio-Grassiotto, Irani;Spadella, Maria Angélica;Carvalho, Márcio de;Oliveira, Claudio;
Neotropical Ichthyology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-62252005000300008
Abstract: the data obtained in the present study on spermiogenesis and spermatozoal ultrastructure of pseudopimelodidae and heptapteridae show that they share some characteristics, but greatly differ from each other. the main differences are the occurrence of type i spermiogenesis in pseudopimelodidae and type iii in heptapteridae, the presence of nuclear fossa in pseudopimelodidae and its absence in heptapteridae, the presence of long midpiece in pseudopimelodidae and short midpiece in heptapteridae, the presence of cytoplasmic canal in pseudopimelodidae and its absence in heptapteridae, the presence of many large vesicles in the midpiece of pseudopimelodidae and the presence of very long vesicles placed in the peripheral distal region in heptapteridae, and mitochondria distributed all over the midpiece in pseudopimelodidae, and very close to the nucleus in heptapteridae. heptapteridae and pimelodidae share several characteristics, such as type iii spermiogenesis, a similar chromatin condensation pattern, and the absence of nuclear fossa and flagellar lateral fins. the spermatozoa of pseudopimelodidae is more similar to those of siluridae. however, the absence of additional data on spermiogenesis and spermatozoa in siluriforms still limits a broader discussion in the order.
Diatomáceas perifíticas dos arroios Sampaio e Sampainho, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Oliveira, Maria Angélica;Torgan, Lezilda Carvalho;Rodrigues, Silvana Corrêa;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062002000200003
Abstract: taxonomic study of periphitic diatoms on an artificial substrate (polyamide threads) was undertaken in the sampaio and sampainho streams, that are located in the depress?o central region of rio grande do sul state. the investigation was based on monthly sampling taken from july 1994 to june 1995. twenty one infrageneric taxa distributed in thirteen genera and eleven families were identified, described and illustrated. achnanthes rupestoides hohn, diadesmis brekkaensis (petersen) d. g. mann, navicula tenelloides hustedt and placoneis elginensis (gregory) e. j. cox are registered for the first time in lotic environments in this state.
Valoriza??o do magistério ou darwinismo profissional?
Minhoto, Maria Angélica Pedra;Penna, Marieta Gouvêa de Oliveira;
Ensaio: Avalia??o e Políticas Públicas em Educa??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40362011000100009
Abstract: the dissatisfaction about the results of basic education performance in brazil is high, and the national assessment of education still indicates a persistent gap in the area. in response to this fact, the department of education of s?o paulo state has proposed measures to encourage its teachers financially. in addition to the performance bonuses, already in force, a system based on the promotion by merit within the teaching career was sent to the legislative assembly as a supplementary bill (plc). this article dicusses the limits of the principles and the efficiency of plc, based on the positive correlation between increase in compensation and performance improvement. it also analyzes the limits of the concept of quality education coupled with the logic of market. we present the precepts and inconsistencies of the plc, the results of international studies related to the effectiveness of policies for merit pay, and finally we make some considerations about the plc, in view of the international experience.
A intera??o sincronia/diacronia no estudo da sintaxe
FURTADO DA CUNHA, Maria Angélica;OLIVEIRA, Mariangela Rios de;VOTRE, Sebasti?o;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44501999000100004
Abstract: in the more recent functionalist researches one can notice a strong tendency toward the historical investigation of linguistic facts, together with synchronic descriptions. the interaction and interdependence synchrony/ diachrony is central to the understanding of the process of grammaticalization since, besides the synchronic analysis of grammatical forms as a discourse-pragmatic phenomenon, primarily syntactic, one should also investigate the origin of these forms in discourse and the paths of change along which they proceed. studies on the trajectory and current configuration of items such as `onde' and `ir', of processes such as syntactic integration by embedding or of processes such as repetition and negation, give evidence of this interaction, which results in the panchronic approach.
Uso de plasma autólogo em dermolipectomia abdominal: nota prévia
Schettino, Angélica Maria;Oliveira, Diogo Franco Vieira de;Franco, Talita Romero;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912011000300012
Abstract: autologous plasma began to be studied in the 90's, mainly because its adhesive and angiogenic properties and the presence of growth factors of platelet origin. in fact, plasma can be isolated from autologous manner, from the patient's own blood and obtained in its two parts: a high concentration of platelets (platelet-rich plasma - prp) and one with low concentration of platelets (platelet-poor plasma - ppp). the present study is in development at the clementino fraga filho university hospital, federal university of rio de janeiro (ufrj-hucff) and marcilio dias naval hospital (hnmd), both in rio de janeiro. the objective is to evaluate the properties of platelet-poor plasma, particularly its adhesive action, in patients referred for restorative abdominal dermolipectomy, to reduce postoperative collections, such as hematoma and seroma, two major complications in this type of surgery.
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