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Prevalence of nursing diagnosis of decreased cardiac output and the predictive value of defining characteristics in patients under evaluation for heart transplant
Matos, Lígia Neres;Guimar?es, Tereza Cristina Felippe;Brand?o, Marcos Antnio Gomes;Santoro, Deyse Concei??o;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692012000200013
Abstract: the purposes of the study were to identify the prevalence of defining characteristics (dc) of decreased cardiac output (dco) in patients with cardiac insufficiency under evaluation for heart transplantation, and to ascertain the likelihood of defining characteristics being predictive factors for the existence of reduction in cardiac output. data was obtained by retrospective documental analysis of the clinical records of right-sided heart catheterizations in 38 patients between 2004 and 2009. the results showed that 71.1% of the patients had decreased cardiac output (measured by cardiac index). the majority of the nanda-international defining characteristics for dco were more frequent in individuals with reduced cardiac index levels. the study emphasizes the odds ratio (or) for increased systemic vascular resistance of or=4.533, of the third heart sound with or=3.429 and the reduced ejection fraction with or=2.850. by obtaining the predictive values for the defining characteristics the study identifies them as diagnostic indicators of decreased cardiac output.
Ato médico: considera es gerais para a disciplina de enfermagem Acto médico: consideraciones generales para la disciplina de la enfermería Medical act: general considerations for the discipline of nursing
Marcos Antnio Gomes Brand?o
Escola Anna Nery , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/s1414-81452010000200001
Do todo para a parte: a busca do singular na produ o de enfermagem De lo general a lo particular: la búsqueda de lo singular en la producción de la enfermería General to particular: in search of singularity in the production of nursing
Marcos Antnio Gomes Brand?o
Escola Anna Nery , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/s1414-81452009000100001
Ocultamento e silenciamento familiares no cuidado à crian?a em terapia antiretroviral
Gomes, Antnio Marcos Tosoli;Cabral, Ivone Evangelista;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672010000500005
Abstract: the aims of this paper were unveiling the caregiver's everyday life of caring for children under antiretroviral therapy (arvt), and analyzing the dimensions of care them. qualitative research was conducted with a creative-sensitive method including seven family members and data were treated through discourse analysis. these family members' everyday life in the medication implementation was marked by concealing and silencing. the first one was represented by linguistic regularities, as expressions and acronyms do not appear in their enunciation, and also in the way their lives are organized facing stigma and bias related to the arvt. the last one occurred in the relationship with children, as when family members were questioned about the medication, they answered in an evasive way. concealing and silencing related to child hiv/aids are themes which need to be approached by nurses in their caring and health education interventions.
A representa??o social da autonomia profissional do enfermeiro na Saúde Pública
Gomes, Antnio Marcos Tosoli;Oliveira, Denize Cristina de;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672005000400003
Abstract: the object of this study was the nurse's professional autonomy and had the following specific objectives: describe and analyze the social representations of the nurses' professional role and analyze the professional autonomy-dependence binomial. as theoretical methodological reference it was chose the social representations theory. it was proceeded in-depth interviews with 30 nurses of the basic health system from a county in rio de janeiro state. to the data analysis it was used the alceste 4.5 software. the software generated five classes, two express the professional formation/absorption and three the professional. practice. the analytical categories were constituted from the dimensions in which the social representations express themselves: the conceptions, the positions and the professional practices autonomy.
Antnio Henrique Garcia,Marcos Gomes da Cunha
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2007, DOI: 10.5216/pat.v24i1.2676
Abstract: The present work analyses the population behavior of Compsocerus violaceus (White, 1853) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), related to the fauna of cerambicideos, collected in conserved and rio tangerine, baianinha and natal orange, tangor sabará and cravo lemon. The collections were carried out fortnightly, using a plastic bait trap with 20% molasses. The baits were replaced every two weeks. The collection period ranged from August/1983 to JuIy/1985. The ecological parameters studied included the relative abundance, constancy, frequency and dominance. The influence of some meteorological factors over the species population was also investigated. In the abandoned yard 405 adults were collected, comprising 180 males and 225 females, and in the conserved yard, 253 adults were collected, comprising 96 males and 163 females. From the total insects collected, 39% were from the conserved yard, while 61% came from the abandoned yard. The period showing the highest occurrence was the one comprising the months of November and December, in both yards. No correlation between meteorological factors and species fluctuation could be detected. Among the ecological parameters analyzed, C. violaceus was classified as “common and very abundant”, “accidental and constant”. C. violaceus showed a frequency of 10,31% among the collected species, and was considered “dominant” in both yards, obtaining the classification of Dorcacerus barbatus, Macropophora accentifer, Acathoderes jaspidea, Chlorida festiva and Trachyderes spp., all recognized as dangerous species with a remarkable economic importance for the Brazilian fruit-bearing plants. KEY-WORDS: Insecta; pest; Citrus. No presente trabalho foi estudado o comportamento da popula o de Compsocerus violaceus (White, 1853) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) em rela o à fauna de cerambicídeos coletados em pomar de citros misto conservado e abandonado, formado pelas tangerinas cravo e rio, laranjas baianinha e natal, tangor sabará e lim o cravo. As coletas foram quinzenais e realizadas através de armadilhas plásticas iscadas com mela o de cana a 20%. Quinzenalmente também se procedia à troca da isca. O período de coleta foi de agosto de 1983 a julho de 1985. Foram estudados os parametros ecológicos de abundancia relativa, constancia, freqüência e dominancia. Verificou-se também a influência de alguns fatores climáticos sobre a popula o da espécie. Foram coletados 405 adultos sendo, 180 machos e 225 fêmeas no pomar abandonado e no conservado 253 adultos, sendo 96 machos e 163 fêmeas. Desse total, 39% ocorreram no pomar conservado e 61%, no aba
Débora Gomes Machado,Marcos Antnio de Souza
Revista Universo Contábil , 2007,
Abstract: This article was developed in the context of the acknowledged limitation of the companies to impose a sales price to the market, which is a consequence of the growing influence of the buying market on establishing the price which it is willing to pay for the acquisition of goods and services. This article has as its central objetive tried to to identify which management accountinggeneral practices are being adopted by the companies in order to make it possible for them, under a systemic focus, to achieve the efficient management of the sales price and of the costs incurred in their operations. The study was carried out by doing a field research in which executives of nine from the eleven industrial companies of small and medium size, belonging to the fruit canning segment, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, were interviewed. The companies were selected from the listings of Industries Federation of the Rio Grande do Sul State, FIERGS. - FIERGS It was ascertained that the companies belonging to such segment used a source of information their traditional accounting systems, with [special] emphasis placed on establishing prices by absorption and the system of predetermination of a standard cost, while more contemporary management practices were not being used, except for a small presence of the usage of target cost. Keywords: Management accounting. Cost management. Sales price management. Este artigo tem como objetivo central identificar quais práticas de contabilidade gerencial est o sendo adotadas pelas empresas. Há uma vasta literatura enfatizando a utilidade de modernas práticas de forma a possibilitar, sob um enfoque sistêmico, a eficaz gest o do pre o de venda e dos custos demandados pelas opera es. O estudo foi desenvolvido no contexto da reconhecida limita o das empresas em impor um pre o de venda ao mercado, uma decorrência da crescente influência do mercado comprador em estabelecer o pre o que está disposto a pagar pela aquisi o de bens e servi os. Os dados da pesquisa, caracterizada como exploratória e descritiva, foram obtidos por meio de entrevistas presenciais realizadas com executivos de nove das onze empresas industriais conserveiras de médio e grande porte, localizadas no RS, selecionadas a partir do cadastro da Federa o das Indústrias do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Constatou-se que as indústrias desse segmento utilizam, como fonte de informa es, a contabilidade tradicional, destacando-se o uso do método de custeio por absor o e o sistema de pré-determina o de custo-padr o, enquanto que as práticas gerenciais mais contempora
Caracteriza??o tecnológica de rejeito de minério de ferro
Gomes, Marcos Antnio;Pereira, Carlos Alberto;Peres, Antnio Eduardo Clark;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672011000200016
Abstract: this paper addresses the characterization of fines stocked in a pond as tailings from an iron ore concentrator. the characterization consisted of size analyses by wet screening, chemical analyses by icp, and mineralogical analyses by x-ray diffraction. the next stage consisted of technological tests. two concentration routes were evaluated at bench scale: the first (route i) consisting of classification (0.15mm), magnetic separation (-1.0+0.15mm), desliming and flotation (-0.15mm); and the second (route ii) consisting of magnetic separation (-1.0mm global), aiming at achieving a concentrate adequate for use in the metallurgical industry. the size distribution of the iron ore fines indicated 8.21% above 0.150mm and 58.81% passing 0.045mm. the calculated average chemical composition of the sample is 48.08% fe, 20.58% sio2, and 3.16% al2o3. the iron minerals identified by x-ray diffraction were: hematite, martite, magnetite, and goethite; and the detected gangue minerals were: quartz, gibbsite, and kaolinite. the best performance came from route ii, magnetic separation only: weight recovery 68.00%, metallurgical recovery 90.81%, 67.54% fe, 1.50% sio2, 0.49% al2o3.
Produtividade biológica em sistemas consorciados de cenoura e alface avaliada através de indicadores agroecon?micos e métodos multicritério
Bezerra Neto, Francisco;Gomes, Eliane G.;Oliveira, Antnio Marcos de;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362007000200013
Abstract: the experiment was carried out from may to september 2002, at the federal university of the semi-arid tropic in mossoró-rn, to evaluate the performance of carrot-lettuce intercropping systems by means of agronomic criteria, economic (profit margin) indicators, and yield efficiency (assessed through data envelopment analysis models - dea). we also used the ordinal multicriteria methods of borda, condorcet, and copeland to aggregate information to all criteria and to identify the best treatments. the experimental design was randomized complete blocks, in a 3 (sole crop, three carrot rows alternate with three lettuce rows 3f, and four carrot rows alternate with four lettuce rows 4f) x 4 (crisp head lettuce cultivars: lucy brown, tainá, laurel, and mesa 659) factorial scheme, with four replications. in each block, carrot was grown as sole crop. agroeconomic indicators, such as land equivalent ratio - ler - and profit margin, yield efficiency of intercropping systems by dea models, were assessed. a univariate analysis of variance in a 2 x 4 + 1 factorial scheme (treatments from two intercropping systems versus four crisp head lettuce cultivars, plus carrot in sole crop) was used to assess all indicators. ler of intercropping systems were significantly higher as compared to that of sole crop, with the efficiency of intercropping systems varying from 90 (carrot + tainá 4f) to 133% (carrot + mesa 659 4f). there was no significant difference in the profit margin between sole crop and intercropping systems. a significant interaction was observed between cropping systems and lettuce cultivars for yield efficiency by dea. according to the ranks of ordinal multicriteria methods, the best intercropping systems were carrot + mesa 659 (4f), carrot + laurel (3r) and carrot + mesa 659 (4r). the yield efficiency by dea and the ordering of ranks based on ordinal multicriteria methods were more efficient than the agroeconomic indicators for discriminating the intercropping systems perfo
Produtividade do feijoeiro irrigado devido a reguladores de crescimento e culturas antecessoras de cobertura
Bernardes, Tatiely Gomes;Silveira, Pedro Marques Da;Mesquita, Marcos Antnio Machado;
Bragantia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052010000200015
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of growth regulator applied in the seed and to foliate and cover crops in the productivity of the irrigated common bean plant. the experimental design was a randomized block on split-plot, with four replications. the plots of the two experiments consisted of crops used as soil cover, as the leguminous: cajanus cajan, stylosanthes guianensis, crotalaria spectabilis, and the grasses: pennisetum glaucum, sorghum bicolor, panicum maximum, brachiaria brizantha, and b. brizantha associated with zea mays. the subplots consisted of the following treatments: control; 500 ml of growth regulator (rc) in 100 kg of seeds; 250 ml of rc per hectare in the v4 development stage, foliar treatment; and, 500 ml rc in 100 kg of seeds and 250 ml of rc per hectare via foliar, in the v4 development stage. to the 84 days after the cut of the cover crops common bean cultivar brs valente was sown. they were evaluated the grain yield, and its components. the common bean grain yield did not significantly influenced the treatments with growth regulator applied via seeds and foliar. the common bean grain yield was positively influenced by predecessor cover crops.
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