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Farelo de trigo e complexo enzimático na alimenta??o de frangas de reposi??o
Araujo, Daniel de Magalh?es;Silva, José Humberto Vilar da;Araujo, José Anchieta de;Ribeiro, Marcelo Luiz Gomes;Pascoal, Leonardo Augusto Fonseca;Costa, Fernando Guilherme Perazzo;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542008000600040
Abstract: this study was carried out with the aim of evaluating the effects of the inclusion of the wheat bran (wb) and the addition of an enzymatic complex (ec), amylase, protease and celullase contained, on the performance of semi-heavily pullets from 14 weeks of age and its residual effect on egg-production phase. 288 pullets were used, distributed in a completely randomized design in a factorial arrangment 4x2, being the following levels of wb in the ration: 0 (control), 10, 20 and 30% x 0 or 50g of a ec/100 kg of diet, resulting in eight treatments, with six replicates of six birds. the ec contained the enzymes amylase, protease and celullase. in the growth phase, fi, wg, fc and lw showed better for the birds that received the diets without ft. the addition of the ec decreased the consumption in the diets with 0 and 30% of wb. during the production phase, the use ec in the level 0% of wb increased lw of the birds, but it reduced in the level 30% of wb. the production of eggs fell in the level of 20% of wb when the diet was supllementing with ec. the feed conversion in the level of 10% of wb was similar to the control. quadratic effect of the level of wb was observed on the feed egg-mass conversion, that was better with 8,01%. therefore, it is recommended up to 8.01% of inclusion of the wheat bran in the ration of semi-heavily pullets from 14 to 19 weeks of age.
árvore de decis?o aplicada em dados de incuba??o de matrizes de postura Hy-Line W36
Lima, Marcelo Gomes Ferreira;Rodrigues, Luiz Henrique Antunes;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542010000600028
Abstract: hatchery is a very important sector in egg production. as computers become cheaper, there is an increase in data storage for the production management process. data mining has appeared as a technique to identify new and useful knowledge in databases. the objective of this work was to explore the decision tree technique in hatchery databases to identify the best standards of the incubation process. the data set used in this research was supplied by hy-line do brasil ltda., corresponding to the incubation period of 2002-2006, from the strain hy-line w-36. two experiments were carried out. in the first experiment, values higher than the company's standards for saleable females were identified as relevant to generate the rules. in the second experiment, values below those established by the company were identified as relevant for the generation of rules. entropy c 4.5 algorithm and the software sas-enterprise miner were used for data analysis. the conclusion is that, with the technique studied, the data used for production management are sufficient to identify new, useful and applicable knowledge in order to increase productivity of hatcheries, catering for the demand with less waste.
A constru??o discursiva sobre a dengue na mídia
Ferraz, Luiz Marcelo Robalinho;Gomes, Isaltina Maria de Azevedo Mello;
Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2012000100006
Abstract: the aim of this paper was to understand how the media in the state of pernambuco portrays dengue fever, a disease that is affecting more and more brazilians. taking the explosive epidemic of 2002 as the starting point, we tried to understand the effects of meaning produced by the press in a comparative discourse strategy analysis used in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008. we selected 291 articles and notes published in the jornal do commercio (recife-brazil), on the situation of this viral disease in the state of pernambuco in the four years. we also analysed dengue fever surveillance reports published by the health department of pernambuco. to complement discourse analysis, we proposed the construction of a medialogy diagram, a graphic representation that tries to establish a relationship between newspaper texts and number cases of dengue reported. results indicate that media coverage generally followed the development of dengue fever cases, with more news published during the epidemic periods and showing the appeal of the illness as a mass media phenomenon despite its risk to the brazilian people.
Amea?a e controle da gripe A(H1N1): uma análise discursiva de Veja, Istoé e época
Gomes, Isaltina Maria de Azevedo Mello;Ferraz, Luiz Marcelo Robalinho;
Saúde e Sociedade , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-12902012000200005
Abstract: in 2009, the emergence of cases of influenza a(h1n1) - the popular flu - in 207 countries indicated the registration of the first pandemic of the xxi century, as predicted in reports from health authorities some years ago. in brazil, 27,850 cases of swine were confirmed, of which 1,632 died, representing 18,6% of deaths worldwide and 27,7% in the americas, according to the health ministry of brazil (2009). the media have linked the emergence of flu as a differentiated 'new edition' of flu, due to the identification of a new subtype of influenza virus that could be as lethal as the old one. a similar fear to what had been experienced also with avian influenza in 1997, prompting officials to remain on alert. this article aims to evaluate the production of news on influenza a(h1n1) in the three main national magazines in brazil. we chose to analyze the eigth covers of magazines veja, istoé and época published during the first months of the pandemic, in the beginning of 2009. based on concepts of discourse analysis and journalism theory, the analysis indicates that the news can be divided into two phases, focusing initially on the alarm over the fear of new virus and deaths recorded and afterwards on the control due to the finding that the disease presented less risk than previously thought and to the actions taken to fight it.

Ivana Carneiro Almeida,Luiz Marcelo Antonialli,Amiralva Ferraz Gomes
Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia , 2011, DOI: 10.5585/riae.v10i1.1706
Abstract: The objective of the present study is to assess the strategic behavior of female entrepreneurs. The study was based on Miles and Snow’s (1978) taxonomy of strategic types to identify these strategic forms. The methodology was a quantitative research, with a questionnaire structured in 75 small businesses owned and managed by women. Choosing women as the object of this study is mainly due to the fact that the insertion of women in the productive system constitutes a privileged factor for analyzing the transformations happening in the feminine world during these modern days. From comparisons of statistical variables reflecting competitive strategy, we conclude that the four strategic types proposed by Miles and Snow exist: prospector, analyzer, defender and reactor. Among which, the most common strategic profile was the analyzer. O objetivo desse trabalho é conhecer o comportamento estratégico de mulheres empresárias. Para tanto, baseou-se na taxonomia de tipos estratégicos de Miles e Snow (1978) para identificar essas formas estratégicas. A metodologia de estudo foi procedimento quantitativo, com aplica o de questionário estruturado em setenta e cinco pequenas empresas de propriedade e gest o feminina. A escolha de uma amostra feminina deve-se, essencialmente, ao fato de que a inser o da mulher no sistema produtivo constitui um fator privilegiado de análise das transforma es que vêm ocorrendo com o feminino na modernidade. A partir de compara es estatísticas entre variáveis que traduzem a estratégia competitiva, conclui-se que há ocorrência dos quatro tipos estratégicos propostos por Miles e Snow, isto é, as estratégias, defensiva, analítica, prospectora e reativa. A estratégia mais frequente foi a analítica.
Interface Recombination & Emission Applied to Explain Photosynthetic Mechanisms for (e–, h+) Charges’ Separation  [PDF]
Marco Sacilotti, Denis Chaumont, Claudia Brainer Mota, Thiago Vasconcelos, Frederico Dias Nunes, Marcelo Francisco Pompelli, Sergio Luiz Morelhao, Anderson S. L. Gomes
World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (WJNSE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2012.22010
Abstract: To copy natural photosynthesis process we need to understand and explain the physics underneath its first step mechanism, which is “how to separate electrical charges under attraction”. But this Nature’s nanotechnological creation is not yet available to the scientific community. We present a new interpretation for the artificial and natural photosynthetic mechanism, concerning the electrical charges separation and the spent energy to promote the process. Interface (e–, h+) recombination and emission is applied to explain the photosynthetic mechanisms. This interpretation is based on energy bands relative position, the staggered one, which under illumination promotes (e–, h+) charges separation through the action of an interface electric field and energy consumption at the interface of both A/B generic materials. Energy band bending is responsible by the interface electric field (and the driving force) for the charges separation. This electric field can be as high or above that for p-n semiconductor junctions (104 - 105 V/cm). This physical effect is not considered by most of the researches. Without an electric field and without spending energy to separate electrical charges, any other existing model violates physical laws. The staggered energy band type is the only energetic configuration that permits charges separation under illumination and energy loss to perform the process. Application to natural photosynthesis and artificial photovoltaic material and their energetic configurations are discussed. Examples for A/B being III-V/III-V, TiO2/materials and II-VI/II-VI staggered energy band gap pairs are presented. In the proposed quantum mechanism, plants are able to eliminate most of the 79% of the absorbed visible light, according to the published reflection and transmission data. Moreover, the proposed mechanism can be applied to explain green fluorescent protein - GFP, charge transfer states - CTS and Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer - FRET. As recent literature experimental results propose photosynthesis as a quantum controlled mechanism, our proposition goes forward this direction.
Mudan?as na refra??o após cirurgia de corre??o de esotropia
Vadas, Marcelo F. Gaal;Monteiro, Mário Luiz Ribeiro;Gomes, José álvaro Pereira;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492001000400008
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate changes in refraction and corneal curvature following surgery for correction of acquired esotropia. methods: 42 eyes of 21 patients with acquired moderate angle esotropia without any other form of strabismus were prospectively enrolled and submitted to a complete ophthalmological examination followed by recess/resect procedure in a single eye. data from the fellow eye were selected as control. ophthalmological assessment was carried out preoperatively, 1 month after surgery and 6 months after surgery, where astigmatism was compared using vector analysis and the polar value concept. results: the eyes submitted to surgery revealed a significant (p<0.05) decrease in spherical equivalent, from 3.28 ± 1.98 diopters to 3.05 ± 1.95 diopters. refraction data disclosed a significant increase in the 90° component of net astigmatism, from 0.458 ± 0.594 diopters to 1.002 ± 0.718 diopters, which was also observed in keratometric readings:1.083 ± 0.560 diopters to 1.690 ± 0.591 diopters. surgically induced astigmatism, assessed using refraction data was 0.63 ± 0.27 diopters at an average axis of 92.30 ± 14.91 degrees, and 0.71 ± 0.27 diopters at an average axis of 94.45 ± 15.69 degrees as obtained by keratometric readings. this is visually demonstrated by the corneal topography difference map. conclusions: there is a statistically significant and clinically relevant increase in with-the-rule astigmatism in esotropic patients submitted to monocular recess/resect surgery. this change is stable at a 6 month follow-up and is associated with a decrease in mean spherical equivalent.
Estamos preparados para diagnosticar e conduzir um episódio de hipertermia maligna?
Sim?es, Claudia Marquez;Koishi, Giovanna Negrisoli;Rozatti, Marcelo;Amaral, José Luiz Gomes do;
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-70942003000200012
Abstract: background and objectives: malignant hyperthermia (mh) is an uncommon but potentially lethal disease associated to halogenate agents and/or succinylcholine exposure. resulting mortality and morbidity may be decreased by early diagnosis and specific treatment, including sodium dantrolene. brazil has approximately 160 million inhabitants assisted by more than 6000 anesthesiologists. in the last decade, special attention was given to this disease, resulting in better informed anesthesiologists and more prepared hospitals to treat malignant hyperthermia (mh). this study aimed at measuring the level of information of brazilian anesthesiologists regarding mh, in order to develop new approaches to control this disease. methods: a questionnaire with 20 questions on malignant hyperthermia diagnosis, prevention and treatment was mailed to the 6,164 members of the brazilian society of anesthesiology. results: questionnaires were returned by 646 anesthesiologists (10.4%). more than 90% of correct answers about clinical diagnosis and treatment were obtained. on the other hand, nearly 50% of anesthesiologists gave incorrect answers about muscle biopsy indication and clinical pharmacology of dantrolene. conclusions: results have indicated adequate knowledge about this topic, but has shown that some relevant issues need additional attention. the number of answers was significant to evaluate mh understanding of brazilian anesthesiologists, but has also shown poor motivation. from these results it is possible to conclude that it is essential to intensify continuing education programs, contemplating all issues of this major anesthetic subject.
Consubstancia o da imagem da Embrapa no campo científico Embrapa image substantiation in the scientific field
Uajará Pessoa Araújo,Luiz Marcelo Antonialli,Mozar José de Brito,Almiralva Ferraz Gomes
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-76122011000300010
Abstract: O campo científico da agropecuária é objeto do estudo que tem como objetivo investigar a constru o da posi o dominante ocupada pela Embrapa entre as entidades que se voltam para esse domínio do saber e trazer algumas inferências. Na consecu o desses propósitos, optou-se por empregar métodos bibliométricos e sociométricos para uma leitura inscrita no paradigma positivista, considerando-o mais próximo aos cientistas que comp em o campo em evidência, convidando-os à reflex o e facilitando-a ao utilizar métodos de mesma natureza de suas pesquisas. As evidências coletadas parecem indicar que a proje o da Embrapa n o restou explicada por mérito científico, o que implicou a necessidade de esquadrinhar explica es alternativas, quando se buscou em Bourdieu ferramental para a tarefa. Conclui-se que a Embrapa é central no campo estudado ao cuidar em projetar uma imagem, t o real quanto de fato, à medida que n o é contestada além de reclamos n o sistematizados e que dispensam dados objetivos - situa o que por si mesma provoca outro questionamento, também encaminhado na pesquisa. The agricultural scientific field is the object of this study, which aims to investigate the construction of the dominant position occupied by Embrapa between those who turn to this field of knowledge and to formulate some inferences. In achieving these purposes, we chose to use bibliometric and sociometric methods for a reading in a positivist paradigm approach, considering it as more friendly to the scientists in the agricultural field, asking them to reflect, facilitating it by using methods of the same nature as their research. The evidence collected suggests that the projection of Embrapa is not explained by scientific merit, which meant the need to probe alternative explanations, when we employed the concepts of Bourdieu for the task. We conclude that Embrapa is central in the scrutinized field in caring for the projection of an image, as real as it is, as long as it is not contested beyond non-systematized claims and those which dispense with objective data - which in itself cause further questioning, also referred to in this research.
Trajetórias e estratégias de mulheres: um estudo conquistense Trayectorias y estrategias de mujeres: un estudio conquistense Business women, strategies and progress: a study in vitória da conquista
Almiralva Ferraz Gomes,Weslei Gusm?o Piau Santana,Luiz Marcelo Antonialli,Elizabeth Lílian Flores Correia
Rege : Revista de Gest?o , 2009,
Abstract: Diante de um contexto que exige posturas proativas dos gestores, esta pesquisa intentou conhecer as estratégias adotadas por mulheres empreendedoras na cidade de Vitória da Conquista, regi o sudoeste da Bahia. Ao longo do estudo buscou-se conhecer o seu comportamento estratégico, pois se entende que a sobrevivência dos empreendimentos, principalmente dos pequenos negócios, está relacionada à vis o estratégica de seus empreendedores. A escolha de uma amostra feminina deve-se, essencialmente, ao fato de que a inser o da mulher no sistema produtivo constitui um fator privilegiado de análise das transforma es que vêm ocorrendo com o feminino na modernidade. Além disso, o tema empreendedorismo feminino emerge como um assunto muito pouco estudado e carente de pesquisas n o só teóricas como também empíricas. A análise dos dados coletados permitiu verificar que o comportamento estratégico predominante entre as empreendedoras, de acordo com a tipologia de Miles e Snow (1978), é o prospector. Frente a un contexto que exige posturas proactivas de los gestores, esta investigación intentó conocer las estrategias adoptadas por mujeres emprendedoras en la ciudad de Vitoria da Conquista, Región Suroeste de Bahía. A lo largo del estudio buscamos conocer su comportamiento estratégico, pues se entiende que la sobrevivencia, principalmente de los peque os negocios, está relacionada a la visión estratégica de sus emprendedores. La elección de una muestra femenina se debe, esencialmente, al hecho de que la inclusión de la mujer en el sistema productivo constituye un factor privilegiado de análisis de las transformaciones que han ocurrido con lo femenino en la modernidad. Además de eso, el tema espíritu empresarial femenino surge como un tema muy poco estudiado y necesita investigaciones, no solo teóricas como también empíricas. El análisis de los datos colectados ha permitido verificar que el comportamiento estratégico predominante entre las emprendedoras, de acuerdo con la tipología de Miles y Snow (1978), es el prospector. In a context that demands proactive attitudes of managers, this survey sought to describe strategies adopted by women entrepreneurs in Vitória da Conquista, a city in Southwest Bahia, Brazil. Their strategic behavior was investigated with an understanding that survival, especially for the small businesses, is related to the strategic vision of the entrepreneurs. Women were chosen, essentially, because of their growing participation in the productive system which is a modern trend where their entrepreneurship has attracted little study and research, the
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