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Efeitos da rela??o metionina + cistina: lisina sobre os desempenhos produtivo e econ?mico e a qualidade interna e externa dos ovos antes e após 28 dias de armazenamento
Jord?o Filho, José;Silva, José Humberto Vilar da;Silva, Edson Lindolfo da;Araujo, Daniel de Magalh?es;Ribeiro, Marcelo Luís Gomes;Lima, Matheus Ramalho de;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982006000600022
Abstract: the effect of different methionine + cystine (met+cis):total lysine (lis) ratios on performance and egg quality for semi-heavily laying hens was evaluated. one hundred and twenty lohmann brown hens with 44 weeks old were allotted to a completely randomized design with with five replicates and four treatments, as follows: t1= 0.76 met+cys:total lys ratio or 0.70% of met+cys and 0.92% of total lys; t2 = 0.83 met+cys: total lis ratio or 0.71% of met+cys and 0.85% of total lys; t3 = 0.85 met+cys: total lys ratio or 0.64% of met+cys and 0.75% of total lys; t4 = 0.86 met+cys: total lys ratio or 0.70% of met+cys and 0.81% of total lys. the performance variables and economical analysis were evaluated from 44 to 56 weeks old. at the end of trial, ten eggs per treatment were collected ad stored during 28 days for evaluation of internal/external egg quality before and after storage. with the exception of egg mass, no treatment effect on feed intake, egg production, egg weight and egg:mass ratio and egg:dozen ratio and egg shell specific quality was observed. the met+cys:lys ratio of 0.76 or the estimate of 0.70% of total met+cys and 0.92% of total lys can be recommended for the feeding of semiheavily laying hens. it was concluded that the storage affect internal egg quality.
Manifesta??es reumáticas da síndrome de imunodeficiência adquirida (AIDS)
Siqueira-Batista, Rodrigo;Gomes, Andréia Patrícia;Nacif, Marcelo Souto;Guerra, Juliana Elvira Herdy;Monte-Alto, Cristiano Ramos;Lima, Olímpia Alves Teixeira;Amorim, Daniela Silva de;Moreira, Nelson Luís de Maria;
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042004000500005
Abstract: different rheumatic syndromes and auto-immune phenomena have already been associated with the infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), either by the higher frequency of the disease or by the greater severity. furthermore, in many cases, symptoms and signs of rheumatic disease are present at the beginning of the infection condition by hiv (as in the serum conversion) or the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids). recognition of these possibilities is of fundamental importance to the rheumatologist practice and is necessary to have familiarity with these concepts. revisiting the rheumatologic intersections of the infection by hiv - emphasizing situations such as seronegative spondyloarthropathies, arthralgia, infectitious arthritis, fibromyalgia, myopathy, vasculitis, difuse infiltranting lymphocytic syndrome systemic lupus erythematous and auto-immune phenomena - is then, the aim of the present article.
Understanding the managerial state: a few theoretical tools
Iana Gomes de Lima,Luís Armando Gandin
Práxis Educativa , 2012,
Abstract: This article offers theoretical tools to the analysis of the state and contemporary public policies, with special attention to educational policies. Utilizing mainly the contribution of John Clarke and Janet Newman and adding the concepts used by Michael Apple and Stephen Ball, this article offer theoretical lenses to theexamination of the managerial nature of the contemporary state. Through the dispersal of power, the blurring of the borders between public and private and assessment policies that control the action of public institutions, the managerial state fi ghts the Welfare State and creates the conditions to public policies that reshape the relationship between civil society and the state. The article ends with some implications to the study of educational policies, emphasizing the fact that the managerial logic does not transfer, unmediated, to all state actions.
Célula de carga de impacto na caracteriza??o de materiais para a cominui??o. Parte 1: calibra??o
Tavares, Luís Marcelo M.;Lima, Alfredo da Silva;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672006000100009
Abstract: in recent decades there has been a major growth in the application of fundamental particle fracture data to modeling and simulation of industrial comminution processes. among the devices used in assessing the mechanical response of particles is the impact load cell. it is a hybrid between the drop weight apparatus and the split hopkinson pressure bar, which allows measurement of the force-deformation response from the impact of single particles and particle beds. impact load cells with different diameters have been designed and installed at coppe/ufrj, so that it is now possible to measure fracture characteristics of particles within a wide range of sizes and input energies. this first part of the paper describes the operation and calibration of the device, carried out from principles of the longitudinal wave propagation theory and the hertz theory of contacts.
Célula de carga de impacto na caracteriza??o de materiais para a cominui??o. Parte 2: fratura de partículas
Tavares, Luís Marcelo M.;Lima, Alfredo da Silva;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672006000200005
Abstract: impact load cells are used in calculating important parameters that characterize deformation and fracture behavior of individual particles, which include particle strength, particle fracture energy and particle stiffness. in this second part of the paper the influences of impact velocity and moisture content are analyzed. it is demonstrated that the impact load cells available at ltm/coppe make it possible to obtain consistent particle fracture data over a wide range of sizes of interest in comminution.
Taxa de mortalidade em ratos submetidos à isquemia e reperfus?o hepática, tratados ou n?o com alopurinol
Rhoden, Ernani Luís;Mauri, Marcelo;Rhoden, Cláudia Ramos;Leal, Márcio Luís Migliavacca;Sabedotti, Marcelo;Lucas, Márcio Luís;Pereira-Lima, Luiz;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86501999000400003
Abstract: the transitory hepatic ischemia has been frequently used. however, this procedure, benefic some times, is contrabalanced by the adverse effects from the hepatic ischemia and esplenic congestion, as well as of the reperfusion consequences. the objective of the authors is to determine the effects of the selective ischemia in pretreated and not pretreated rats with allopurinol, inhibitor of the xantine oxidase enzyme, in the mortality of the rats. thirthy wistar rats were used and divided into three groups: group i (n=10): pretreated with allopurinol and submitted to laparotomy and exposition of the hepatic vessels for 45 min. group ii (n=10): pretreated with allopurinol and submitted to selective hepatic ischemia for 45 minutes. group iii (n=10): submitted only to selective hepatic ischemia for 45 min. the postoperative mortality was evaluated each 24 hours, by one period of 10 days. among the animals of the group 1, it wasn't observed deaths, however, in those of the groups ii and iii, the global rates of mortality were, respectively, 20 and 46.67%. statistically significative difference , was bettwen the observed mortality in groups i and iii (p<0.05). the postoperative mortality in the group of animals submitted to ischemia without pretreatment with allopurinol was 46.67%, while in those animals pretreated with allopurinol, there was an important decrease to 20%. even without an statistically significative distinction, it reflects a tendency of a protector effect of the allopurinol in the hepatic ischemia and reperfusion.
The etiology of extensive pleural effusions with troublesome clinical course among children
Cirino, Luís Marcelo Inaco;Gomes, Filumena Maria da Silva;Batista, Bernardo Nogueira;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802004000600008
Abstract: context: in s?o paulo, pneumonia is the main infectious cause of death among children. parapneumonic pleural effusion is a possible complication and has to be treated surgically when the patient does not respond to antibiotics. objective: assessment of the etiology of complicated parapneumonic pleural effusions that needed surgical intervention. type of study: retrospective study. setting: university hospital of the university of s?o paulo. method: analysis of 4,000 files on children hospitalized with pneumonia from november 1986 to november 1996 had shown that 115 of these children presented a total of 117 cases of pleural empyema that required surgical procedures. the children's clinical condition was assessed in relation to radiological findings and to their nutrition and immunization status. previous antimicrobial therapy and pleural effusion bacterioscopy were also evaluated. results: streptococcus pneumoniae was the agent found most commonly, as frequently in blood cultures as in pleural effusions. discussion: data on vaccination coverage, birth weight and nutritional status are analyzed and compared to other publications. we observed that pleural effusion has a high potential for discomfort, and in most cases it is not a complication of the first pulmonary disease episode. previous use of antibiotics interfered with culture positivity. the agent most frequently found was streptococcus pneumoniae, which is in accordance with the findings from other authors. nonetheless, the antibiotics used to treat the patients after the procedure were the same used in non-complicated pneumonias, which has led us to conclude that the worse outcome in this cases was not due to drug resistance. conclusion: the bacteriological profile in our series of complicated pneumonia cases was similar to what has been described for non-complicated pneumonia cases. future studies will be necessary to determine why these children presented a worse outcome.
Texture analysis of deformation induced martensite in an AISI 301L stainless steel: microtexture and macrotexture aspects
Abreu, Hamilton Ferreira Gomes de;Silva, Marcelo José Gomes da;Herculano, Luís Flávio Gaspar;Bhadeshia, Harry;
Materials Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392009000300008
Abstract: experiments have been conducted to study the strain induced transformation from austenite to martensite in a metastable aisi 301ln austenitic stainless steel, deformed by uniaxial tension applied along rolling direction. samples deformed 10 and 20% have shown the presence of α′ martensite phase. measured pole figures of martensite phase were compared to calculated ones, assuming no variant selection and selection of variants where interaction between stress and the plate of martensite adds to the driving force transformation variants. ebsd (electron back scatter diffraction) microtexture experiments and macrotexture x-ray diffraction were performed. the orientation distribution functions (odfs) from measured pole figure data were calculated. the measured results were compared with calculated results in both polycrystalline and single crystal samples of austenite. the results showed that the calculated textures based in a process of variant selection consistent with patel and cohen's theory, which emphasizes a mechanical component of free energy, were in good agreement with measured texture.
A ciência como profiss?o: entrevista com Carlos Chagas Filho
Azevedo, Nara;Lima, Ana Luce Gir?o Soares de;Souza, Luís Octavio Gomes de;
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702012000200019
Abstract: the editing of this interview focuses on aspects of the extensive professional career of carlos chagas filho, who was the founder of the instituto de biofísica of the universidade do brasil, currently the universidade federal do rio de janeiro. it highlights the scientific and political role he played in brazilian science and on the international scene. his memoirs include his experience at the instituto oswaldo cruz, where he began his scientific training; the efforts to create the laboratório de física biológica, succeeded by the instituto de biofísica; his work on the conselho nacional de pesquisas and the academia brasileira de ciências; the part he played at the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization; his time as president of the pontifical academy of sciences of the vatican, which led him to ponder questions about the relationship between science and religion.
Tratamento cirúrgico da comunica o interventricular e rotura da parede livre do ventrículo esquerdo após infarto agudo do miocárdio e da disjun o atrioventricular após troca da valva mitral, empregando o dispositivo de isolamento ventricular (DIV):: estudo experimental
BERNARDES Rodrigo de Castro,LIMA Luís Cláudio Moreira,GOMES Maurício C,RABELO Walter
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 1997,
Abstract: A rotura de parede livre do ventrículo esquerdo (VE) e a comunica o interventricular (CIV) por rotura de septo s o dois eventos catastróficos que podem complicar a evolu o do infarto agudo do miocárdio (IAM). A oportunidade do tratamento cirúrgico, o acesso à CIV e a técnica cirúrgica ideal para o tratamento desta complica o s o muito discutidos na literatura (1-5). Os resultados, porém, s o quase unanimes: alta taxa de mortalidade. A rotura da parede posterior do ventrículo esquerdo pós troca da valva mitral (disjun o atrioventricular) n o é uma complica o rara, sendo quase sempre fatal (6, 7). O objetivo de nosso trabalho é discutir a alternativa de tratamento cirúrgico destas graves les es, sem o manuseio direto do músculo cardíaco friável, necrozado. Desenvolvemos e testamos em animais (carneiros) o dispositivo de isolamento ventricular (DIV). No período de 12/7/95 a 10/1/96, operamos 12 carneiros adultos para o implante do DIV. No primeiro período de aprendizado da técnica de implante e de desenvolvimento da prótese, operamos 7 animais, sem sucesso. No segundo período operamos 5 animais, já com o DIV completamente desenvolvido e com a técnica cirúrgica já padronizada; obtivemos sucesso com todos os animais, sobrevivendo com bom débito cardíaco, constatado ao ecocardiograma e à ventriculografia. Após 20 dias de sobrevida, os animais foram submetidos a ventriculografia e ecocardiografia. Observamos o completo isolamento da cavidade ventricular com o emprego do DIV, obtendo o tratamento provisório destas graves les es.
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