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Laser Doppler Imaging para quantifica??o do fluxo sanguíneo de polpa digital em condi??es basais e após estímulo frio em pacientes com esclerose sistêmica
Corrêa, Marcelo José Uchoa;Perazzio, Sandro F;Andrade, Luís Eduardo Coelho;Kayser, Cristiane;
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042010000200003
Abstract: objectives: the objective of this study was to investigate the dynamic behavior of the blood flow of the microvascular circulation of the fingertips before and after two cold stimuli (cs), using laser doppler imaging with different intensities in patients with systemic sclerosis (ssc) and in healthy individuals. patients and methods: fourteen ssc patients (51.2 ± 5.5 years) with raynaud's phenomenon and 12 healthy controls (44.8 ± 9.0 years) were included in this study. two cs protocols (submersion of the hands in water at 10 oc or 15 oc for 1 minute) were performed on the same day. mean fingertip blood flow (fbf) of four digits of the left hand was measured using ldi (moor ldi-vr, moor instruments) at baseline and at 1, 4, 10, 25, and 40 minutes after cs. results: baseline blood flow was significantly lower in both cs protocols in ssc patients when compared to controls (312.9 ± 102.7 vs 465.4 ± 135.4 pu, p = 0.006 at 15 oc; 305.2 ± 121.0 vs 437.9 ± 119.8 pu; p = 0.01 at 10 oc). in the control group, a significant decrease in fbf after cs, when compared to baseline, was observed 1 minute (p = 0.001) after cs at 15 oc and at 1 (p = 0.005) and 25 minutes (p = 0.001) after cs at 10 oc. in ssc patients, a significant decrease in fbf was observed in both cs protocols at 1, 4, and 10 minutes (p < 0.000; p = 0.002; p = 0.014, after cs at 15 oc; p < 0.000; p = 0.004; p = 0.001, after cs at 10 oc). conclusions: laser doppler imaging showed lower baseline fingertip perfusion and further reduction after cs in ssc patients compared to controls. quantification of fingertip blood flow by ldi may be useful in the longitudinal monitoring of the disease status and therapeutic interventions in ssc.
José Mauricio Brasil Gon?alves,Eduardo Uchoa Barboza
Relatórios de Pesquisa em Engenharia de Produ??o , 2010,
Abstract: Muitos dos problemas de escalonamento situam-se na classe de complexidade NP - dificil, sendo o caso do problema deste estudo. Este trabalho tem por objetivo propor formulacoes de programacao inteira com variaveis contendo indice de tempo t para o problema de escalonamento deterministico Flow shop com duas maquinas onde existem penalidades por atraso nas tarefas, na notacao de tres campos tem-se: F2 | | ......... Sao apresentadas formulacoes com variaveis binarias ........ (que assumem valor unitario se a tarefa j finaliza seu processamento na maquina i no tempo t) e variaveis binarias ...... (que assumem valor unitario se a tarefa j tem seu processamento finalizado na segunda maquina no tempo t). Em testes elaborados com instancias de ate cinquenta tarefas, observou-se que a primeira formulacao obteve limites duais iniciais mais proximos do valor otimo da funcao objetivo, enquanto a segunda formulacao, mais compacta, obteve melhores tempos de resolucao.
Characterization of the in vivo cardiac electrophysiologic effects of high-dose cocaine in closed-chest, anesthetized dogs with normal hearts
Fenelon Guilherme,Uchoa Júlio,Otobone José Roberto,Reis Marcos
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2003,
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To characterize the cardiac electrophysiologic effects of cocaine. METHODS: In 8 dogs (9-13 kg), electrophysiologic parameters and programmed stimulation were undertaken using transvenous catheters at baseline, and after cocaine intravenous infusion (12 mg/kg bolus followed by 0.22 mg/kg/min for 25 minutes). RESULTS: Cocaine plasma levels (n=5) rose to 6.73± 0.56 mg/mL. Cocaine did not affect sinus cycle length and arterial pressure. Cocaine prolonged P wave duration (54±6 vs 73±4 ms, P<0.001), PR interval (115±17 vs 164±15 ms, P<0.001), QRS duration (62±10 vs 88±14 ms, P<0.001), and QTc interval (344±28 vs 403±62 ms, P=0.03) but not JT interval (193±35 vs 226±53 ms, NS). Cocaine prolonged PA (9±6 vs 23±8 ms, P<0.001), AH (73±16 vs 92±15 ms; P=0.03), and HV (35±5 vs 45±3ms; P<0.001) intervals and Wenckebach point (247±26 vs 280±28 ms, P=0.04). An increase occurred in atrial (138±8 vs 184± 20 ms; P<0.001) and ventricular (160±15 vs 187±25 ms; P=0.03) refractoriness at a cycle length of 300 ms. Atrial arrhythmias were not induced in any dog. Ventricular fibrillation (VF) was induced in 2/8 dogs at baseline and 4/8 dogs after cocaine. CONCLUSION: High doses of cocaine exert significant class I effects and seem to enhance inducibility of VF but not of atrial arrhythmias.
Religious Practice and Attitudes towards Offenders  [PDF]
Lucas Marcelo Rodriguez, José Eduardo Moreno
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.48089

This ex post facto study aims to investigate the influence of religious practice on the types of reaction to situations of offence. A multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was used to evaluate the relationship between religious practice and the attitudes towards offenders. The study was carried out with adolescents and young people of both sexes. The sample comprised 673 male and female, with an average age of 18.28 and standard desviation of 1.21. As regards the religion that they practiced: 555 were catholic (82.5%) 39 were evangelical (5.8%) and others 79 (11.7%). To assess the level of religious practice, a grid with items containing the frequency of religious practice was prepared, taking into account the person’s self perception. The second instrument used was the Attitudes Towards Offenders Questionnaire (ATOQ). This instrument consists of seven scales, grouped into three factors: passive, aggressive and prosocial behavior, corresponding to the different responses to situations of offence: submission, denial, vengeance, resentment, hostility, claim for an explanation and forgiveness. The result of MANOVA of the tree factors of ATOQ, according to religious practice (practitioner, occasional practitioner and not practitioner), stated a significant difference. When analyzing the contrasts we can see that practitioners are less aggressive with respect to occasional practitioners and non practitioners. As regards the prosocial factor, the only significant contrast is shown in practitioners, who have a higher average of prosocial attitudes compared to non-practitioners.

Análise comparativa das altera es nos fluxos de tens o do joelho nas próteses totais e unicompartimentais cimentadas: estudo experimental em dez cadáveres humanos
Pécora José Ricardo,Rezende Márcia Uchoa de,Hernandez Arnaldo José,Amatuzzi Marco Martins
Acta Ortopédica Brasileira , 2003,
Abstract: Análise comparativa das altera es nos fluxos de tens o do joelho nas próteses totais e unicompartimentais cimentadas. Estudo experimental em dez cadáveres humanos. Os autores comparam as altera es nos fluxos de tens o do fêmur distal e da tíbia proximal provocadas pelas próteses total e unicompartimental cimentadas do joelho, por meio de extensometria elétrica em 10 cadáveres humanos. Utilizam um dispositivo mecanico para adapta o das pe as anat micas à máquina de ensaios mecanicos Kratos 5002. Concluem: 1) A prótese total do joelho mantém o padr o de distribui o das cargas no ter o distal do fêmur; 2) A prótese unicompartimental aumenta as tens es de compress o na cortical medial e as tens es de tra o na cortical lateral do ter o distal do fêmur; 3) Os componentes tibiais (parcial medial e total) aumentam, da mesma forma, as tens es de compress o na cortical póstero-medial da tíbia.
Itinerários da loucura em territórios Dogon
Uchoa Elizabeth
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2005,
Performance visual após implante de LIO tórica em pacientes com astigmatismo corneano
Correia, Renato José Bett;Moreira, Hamilton;Netto, Sólon Uchoa Lago;Pantale?o, Gleisson Rezende;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492009000500007
Abstract: purpose: to analyze visual acuity without correction and rotational stability outcomes following toric iol implantation. methods: prospective study of 20 eyes of 13 patients that underwent phacoemulsification surgery indicated for cataract associated with regular keratomeric astigmatism, symmetrical, ranging from 1 to 4 diopters. best corrected visual acuity, refraction, keratometry and computed topography were performed preoperatively. the calculation of cylindrical lens power and its placement were determined by the manufacturer. all lenses were implanted in the capsular bag by the same surgeon. the patients were examined by a second independent observer, at 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, and 60th postoperative day. results: visual acuity without correction ranged between 20/15 and 20/40. one eye achieved 20/15 (5%), 4 eyes 20/20 (20%), 6 eyes 20/25 (30%), 7 eyes 20/30 (35%) and 2 eyes 20/40 (10%). best corrected visual acuity ranged between 20/15 and 20/40; two eyes with 20/15 (10%), 9 eyes 20/20 (45%), 7 eyes 20/25 (35%), 1 eye 20/30 (5%) and 1 eye 20/40 (5%). it is important to remember that the average spherical refraction was -0.05 sd (ranging from -0.50 to +0.75 sd). the mean cylindrical refraction was -0.63 cd ranging from -0.50 to -1.25 cd. the iol rotation in this study had an average of 3.2o to 30o, ranging from 0o of rotation to a maximum of 13o; 7 lenses (35%) suffered no rotation, 9 lenses (45%) suffered rotation between 1o to 5o, 3 lenses (15%) had rotation between 6o to 10o, and ultimately 1 lens (5%) had rotation between 11o to 15o. there was no significant rotation after the 30th postoperative day. discussion: the average of rotation of the iol was 3.2o, where 95% of iols presented rotation less than or equal to 10o what means a very good rotational stability. in daily practice, a good visual acuity is directly related to iol rotational stability and refractive predictability.
The Bambuí Health and Aging Study (BHAS): factors associated with hospitalization of the elderly
Guerra, Henrique L.;Firmo, Josélia O. A.;Uchoa, Elizabeth;Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda F.;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2001000600018
Abstract: this study aimed to identify factors associated with hospital admissions of the elderly. all residents of bambuí, minas gerais state 3 60 years (n = 1,742) were selected. some 1,606 of these (92.2%) participated in the study. the dependent variable was the number of hospital admissions (none, one, and two or more) during the previous 12 months. independent variables were grouped as enabling, predisposing, and need-related factors. the strongest associations with multiple hospital admissions were: living alone; financial constraints to purchase of medication; and various indicators of need (worse self-perceived health, more visits to physician, greater use of prescription medications, and history of coronary heart disease). such variables could help identify older adults at greatest risk and thus prevent hospitalization.
Percep??o de risco: maneiras de pensar e agir no manejo de agrotóxicos
Fonseca,Maria das Gra?as Uchoa; Peres,Frederico; Firmo,Josélia Oliveira Araújo; Uch?a,Elizabeth;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232007000100009
Abstract: the object of this study was to identify context elements that have an influence on pesticide use, related perceptions, and actions in flower production. the study was carried out in barbacena, minas gerais state. the method used was based on an anthropological fast diagnosis approach inspired on the signs, meanings and actions model and on the analysis of semi-structured interviews with 20 workers from four different flower-growing fields. the field data analysis indicates that these workers face two realities: the need for pesticides and suffering generated by pesticide management. furthermore, there is clearly no direct relation between risk awareness and the effective hazards associated with pesticides. this gap is filled by beliefs which are at the basis of their actions. these beliefs reinterpret information and risk, influence behavior, and make it possible for these workers to move between these two paradoxical realities and pesticide. attributing new meanings to pesticide management risks, however, may imply in positively valuing potentially harmful behaviors.
Socioeconomic position and health in a population of Brazilian elderly: the Bambuí Health and Aging Study (BHAS)
Lima-Costa,Maria Fernanda; Barreto,Sandhi M.; Firmo,Josélia O.A.; Uchoa,Elizabeth;
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1020-49892003000500007
Abstract: objective: despite the vast scientific literature on the social determinants of health, there is still a debate on the extent to which this relationship remains in old age. the objective of this study was to examine the association between socioeconomic circumstances and health among older adults in a small town in brazil. methods: the study was carried out in bambuí, a town of around 15 000 inhabitants that is located in the state of minas gerais, which is in southeastern brazil. from 1 177 residents aged 65 years or older, 1 074 of them (91.2%) were interviewed and 997 (84.7%) were examined (physical measurements and blood tests). those in the lowest third of the distribution of total household monthly income, with an income of less than us$ 240 per month, were compared with those who had an income above that level. results: lower family income was independently associated with: (1) some lifestyle risk factors (less consumption of fresh fruits or vegetables and less frequent exercise during leisure time in the preceding 30 days), (2) several indicators of worse health status (general health questionnaire score, self-rated health, self-rated visual acuity, level of difficulty in walking 300 meters, inability to perform routine activities because of a health problem in the preceding 2 weeks, and seropositivity for trypanosoma cruzi), (3) a higher number of nonprescribed medications used in the preceding 3 months, and (4) a higher number of hospitalizations in the preceding 12 months. obesity was more frequent in the higher-income group. conclusions: the results of this study do not confirm observations in some developed countries of a lack of association between socioeconomic status and health among the aged. our results showed that a small difference in monthly family income was sufficiently sensitive to identify elderly persons in worse health, even within a community that appears to be uniformly poor.
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