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Air, water, land: mexican-origin adolescents’ perceptions of health and the environment
Carolyn M. Garcia,Marcelo Medeiros
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2007,
Abstract: Latino adolescents are the fastest growing population sub-group in the United States (U.S.). Health disparities exist between Latino teens and the majority population of adolescents in the U.S. as evidenced by rates of health problems including asthma and depression; environmental factors contribute to these concerning trends. The objective is to describe how environmental influences are perceived by Mexican-origin immigrant adolescents. A focused ethnography guided by an ecological framework and symbolic interactionism was conducted using 1-to-1 interviewing, participant observations, and visual narratives created using disposable cameras. Fourteen participants took “pictures of life as an immigrant Latino adolescent, with a focus on health.” Interview and photograph data were organized and analyzed using Atlas.ti software. Four themes were identified: “Garbage is everywhere,” “Work hurts me,” “Air we breathe,” and “Relaxation in nature.” Findings demonstrate comprehensive appreciation for risk and protective environmental influences on health. Nurses can utilize findings to reinforce the need to holistically assess Latino adolescent health, examining risk and protective environmental factors in the context of social determinants of health and health disparities. Findings support use of photovoice in research and that nursing theory can advance the ecological model and understanding of environmental health influences on disparities and well-being.
História do tratamento do cancer gástrico: os pioneiros, os equívocos iniciais e os marcos de referência atuais = History of gastric cancer treatment: the pioneers, early misconceptions and the current guidelines
Toneto, Marcelo Garcia et al.
Scientia Medica , 2012,
Abstract: Objetivos: O adenocarcinoma gástrico permanece como uma das principais causas de morte por cancer, com taxas de sobrevida em cinco anos de apenas 20-25%. A ressec o cirúrgica é a única op o terapêutica que pode possibilitar a cura nos pacientes afetados por essa neoplasia. O objetivo deste estudo é revisar os principais aspectos históricos da progress o do conhecimento sobre o tratamento desta enfermidade. Fonte de dados: Revis o bibliográfica através do PubMed. Foram analisados artigos selecionados sobre a história, evolu o e tratamentos do cancer de est mago. Síntese dos dados: A gastrectomia é um procedimento cirúrgico desafiador que requer um elevado nível de perícia cirúrgica. Este procedimento evoluiu constantemente ao longo dos anos através dos esfor os meticulosos de um grande número de cirurgi es antes de chegar a seu estado atual. Esta revis o analisa algumas das limita es iniciais e equívocos cometidos, destacando os marcos iniciais que lan aram as bases desse procedimento. Conclus es: A ressec o completa do tumor permanece o tratamento padr o sempre que possível. Dependendo da localiza o e estágio do tumor, pode ser indicada a gastrectomia parcial ou total. O benefício em longo prazo da linfadenectomia sistemática já está comprovado em estudos prospectivos randomizados. Estratégias de tratamento multimodal, incluindo quimioterapia e/ou radioterapia, podem melhorar ainda mais o controle local e regional do tumor e diminuir as taxas de metástases sistêmicas. Aims: Gastric adenocarcinoma remains among the leading causes of death from cancer, with a 5-year survival rate of only 20% to 25%. Surgical resection is the only therapeutic option that may allow healing in patients affected by this malignancy. The objective of this study is to review the main aspects of the historical progression of knowledge about treatment of this disease. Source of data: A search was carried out at PubMed. Selected papers about the history, evolution and treatment of gastric cancer were reviewed. Summary of findings: Gastrectomy is a challenging surgical procedure which requires a high level of surgical expertise. This procedure has constantly evolved over the years through the meticulous efforts of a number of surgeons before reaching its current state. This review navigates through some of the early limitations and misconceptions and highlights the initial milestones which laid the foundation of this procedure. Conclusions: Complete resection of the tumor remains the standard treatment whenever possible. Depending on the location and stage of the tumor, either
Fobia alimentar associada a magreza: um diagnóstico diferencial com anorexia nervosa
Silva, Vera Garcia da;Papelbaum, Marcelo;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852009000300011
Abstract: food phobia (fp) or phagophobia is a disorder characterized by an excessive conditioned fear of eating and swallowing, many times precipitated by vomiting or choking. there are few reports of fp on scientific literature, so it's difficult to know its prevalence. despite of that, it presents clinical relevance because of the risk of clinical complications and misdiagnosis possibility by confusion with other conditions that carries food restraint, like anorexia nervosa. the objective of this article is to present a fp clinical case and to discuss the psychopathology, diagnostic difficulties and recommended therapeutics, based on clinical evolution of the case and recent scientific evidences.
Los profesores como dise adores: nuevas tareas para los docentes universitarios
Carlos Marcelo Garcia,Carmen Yot Domínguez
Educa??o : Revista do Centro de Educa??o UFSM , 2011,
Abstract: El artículo proviene de investigación basada en el modelo “design-basedresearch”. La planificación del aprendizaje de los alumnos es abordada como una característica importante de las decisiones y de la actividad docente. El modelo elegido permite estudiar el aprendizaje en contexto, considerando la planificación sistemática, las estrategias y herramientas instructivas desarrolladas en ambientes innovadores. Siendo una investigación en, dentro y sobre el designinstructivo, envuelve la inserción de los procesos por los cuales los docentes piensan la ense anza que pretenden desarrollar. Participaron de la muestra intencional docentes de diferentes universidades, de Espa a y Chile, priorizándose aquellos con trayectoria docente consolidada y capacidad innovadora constatada. Fueron investigadas secuencias de aprendizaje habitualmente planificadas e implementadas por los docentes, trayendo al debate un proceso generalmente privado: el contexto de las actividades (objetivos, resultados esperados, requisitos previos, contenido, ambiente, tiempo y dificultad); las actividades realizadas por los alumnos (tipo, técnica, interacción, papeles, recursos y evaluación); el modo como los docentes comprenden como se ense a y aprende. La matriz resultante presenta secuencias de aprendizaje que pueden constituirse en recursos didácticos y formativos para el profesorado con experiencia o principiante, auxiliándolos a encontrar estímulos para desarrollar la imaginación docente. Palabras-chave: docência universitária, aprendizagem em contexto e organiza o pedagógica.
The Role of Emotions in Contributors Activity: A Case Study on the GENTOO Community
David Garcia,Marcelo Serrano Zanetti,Frank Schweitzer
Computer Science , 2013, DOI: 10.1109/CGC.2013.71
Abstract: We analyse the relation between the emotions and the activity of contributors in the Open Source Software project Gentoo. Our case study builds on extensive data sets from the project's bug tracking platform Bugzilla, to quantify the activity of contributors, and its mail archives, to quantify the emotions of contributors by means of sentiment analysis. The Gentoo project is known for a period of centralization within its bug triaging community. This was followed by considerable changes in community organization and performance after the sudden retirement of the central contributor. We analyse how this event correlates with the negative emotions, both in bilateral email discussions with the central contributor, and at the level of the whole community of contributors. We then extend our study to consider the activity patterns on Gentoo contributors in general. We find that contributors are more likely to become inactive when they express strong positive or negative emotions in the bug tracker, or when they deviate from the expected value of emotions in the mailing list. We use these insights to develop a Bayesian classifier that detects the risk of contributors leaving the project. Our analysis opens new perspectives for measuring online contributor motivation by means of sentiment analysis and for real-time predictions of contributor turnover in Open Source Software projects.
Efficient Exact Maximum a Posteriori Computation for Bayesian SNP Genotyping in Polyploids
Oliver Serang, Marcelo Mollinari, Antonio Augusto Franco Garcia
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0030906
Abstract: The problem of genotyping polyploids is extremely important for the creation of genetic maps and assembly of complex plant genomes. Despite its significance, polyploid genotyping still remains largely unsolved and suffers from a lack of statistical formality. In this paper a graphical Bayesian model for SNP genotyping data is introduced. This model can infer genotypes even when the ploidy of the population is unknown. We also introduce an algorithm for finding the exact maximum a posteriori genotype configuration with this model. This algorithm is implemented in a freely available web-based software package SuperMASSA. We demonstrate the utility, efficiency, and flexibility of the model and algorithm by applying them to two different platforms, each of which is applied to a polyploid data set: Illumina GoldenGate data from potato and Sequenom MassARRAY data from sugarcane. Our method achieves state-of-the-art performance on both data sets and can be trivially adapted to use models that utilize prior information about any platform or species.
Brazilian law for scientific use of animals
Marques, Ruy Garcia;Morales, Marcelo Marcos;Petroianu, Andy;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502009000100015
Abstract: the brazilian scientific community claimed for a definitive systematization and for comprehensive and realistic national rules, to provide guidance and regulation, instead of sanctions, so that the question of scientific research involving animals could be better contemplated. this is beginning to occur now with law n.o 11.794, sanctioned by the president of the republic on november 8, 2008. purpose: to describe the evolution of brazilian regimentation for scientific use of animals and to analyze law n.o 11.794. methods: the legislation about the use of animals in teaching and in scientific research in brazil and in rio de janeiro state was identified and discussed. results: until now, there was no updated general and systematizing rule regarding animal vivisection and experimentation for didactic or scientific purposes. the only specific law dates back to1979 and was not regimented. more recent laws equated the practice of scientific experiments to acts of abuse and mistreatment of animals, when alternative technology was available. municipal laws that restricted the scientific practice of vivisection and experimentation with animals were created in the cities of rio de janeiro and florianopolis. conclusion: with the claim and collaboration of the scientific community, the sanction of law n.o 11.794 regarding to the scientific use of animals represented an invaluable advance in spite of the presence of some points that eventually may require another type of treatment. the new law states that it will be regimented within 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days, when some of these points could be better elucidated.
Métodos físicos utilizados para oclus?o de varizes dos membros inferiores
Araújo, Marcelo;Velasco, Fermin de C. Garcia;
Jornal Vascular Brasileiro , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-54492006000200010
Abstract: the therapy of varicose veins of the lower limbs has classically been carried out with surgery and sclerotherapy, depending on vessel diameter. however, the association of techniques is frequently necessary to assure a good result. the use of physical procedures to promote occlusion of varicose veins was firstly attempted in the 1950s. there are different physical principles and effects based on different technological levels. electrocoagulation, laser, intense pulsed light, endovascular cryosclerosis, ultrasound and microwave are physical sources potentially useful for this condition. unfortunately, these technologies are not wide available outside research centers, with a few exceptions, and their role in clinical practice still needs to be defined. this paper aims to describe the physical procedures currently used or potentially useful for the therapy of varicose veins.
Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of occlusal splints fabricated in centric relation or maximum intercuspation in temporomandibular disorders patients
Hamata, Marcelo Matida;Zuim, Paulo Renato Junqueira;Garcia, Alicio Rosalino;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572009000100007
Abstract: fabrication of occlusal splints in centric relation for temporomandibular disorders (tmd) patients is arguable, since this position has been defined for asymptomatic stomatognathic system. thus, maximum intercuspation might be employed in patients with occlusal stability, eliminating the need for interocclusal records. this study compared occlusal splints fabricated in centric relation and maximum intercuspation in muscle pain reduction of tmd patients. twenty patients with tmd of myogenous origin and bruxism were divided into 2 groups treated with splints in maximum intercuspation (i) or centric relation (ii). clinical, electrognathographic and electromyographic examinations were performed before and 3 months after therapy. data were analyzed by the student's t test. differences at 5% level of probability were considered statistically significant. there was a remarkable reduction in pain symptomatology, without statistically significant differences (p>0.05) between the groups. there was mandibular repositioning during therapy, as demonstrated by the change in occlusal contacts on the splints. electrognathographic examination demonstrated a significant increase in maximum left lateral movement for group i and right lateral movement for group ii (p<0.05). there were no significant differences (p>0.05) in the electromyographic activities at rest after utilization of both splints. in conclusion, both occlusal splints were effective for pain control and presented similar action. the results suggest that maximum intercuspation may be used for fabrication of occlusal splints in patients with occlusal stability without large discrepancies between centric relation and maximum intercuspation. moreover, this technique is simpler and less expensive.
Molecular fluorescence in silica particles doped with quercetin-Al3+ complexes
Frederice, Rafael;Ferreira, Ana Paula Garcia;Gehlen, Marcelo Henrique;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532010000700008
Abstract: silica particles doped with quercetin-al3+ complex were prepared by hydrolysis and condensation of tetraethylorthosilicate (teos) using acid and basic catalysis. the acid catalysis resulted in particles with diameter about 200 nm. basic catalysis with teos was performed over a quercetin doped alumina-sol used as a core precursor, and fluorescent finger-shaped sio2 particles were obtained. the quercetin-alumina-sio2 fluorescence decays are biexponential, and this character is ascribed to two types of quercetin-al3+ complexes entrapped in the core of the system.
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