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Cultivation of Microalgae Monoraphidium sp., in the Plant Pilot the Grand Valle Bio Energy, for Biodiesel Production  [PDF]
Gisel Chenard Díaz, Yordanka Reyes Cruz, René González Carliz, Rosa C. Vitorino de Paula, Donato A. Gomes Aranda, Marcellus A. G. Dario, Gustavo Saraiva Marass, Nelson C. Furtado
Natural Science (NS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2015.77040
Abstract: At present, Brazil imports approximately 11 billion liters/year of diesel. With the interruption of the works in the new Petrobras refineries, the projection is that by 2025 this volume will increase to 24.2 billion liters of diesel/year. In this sense, the biodiesel factory Grand Valle Bio Energy Ltda., located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in conjunction with the FAPERJ makes some investments in technology development for the cultivation and use of microalgae as an alternative raw material in the production of biodiesel. Based on arguments previously said, this work presents the results of the microalgae cultivation Monoraphidium sp. in photobioreactors the pilot plant of the company. The installation with an area of 120 m2 is included with 2 open photobioreactors of type falling film (20 m × 1 m), with a cascade of 18mm and capacity of 4000 L. The lineage cultivated is selected from previous ecophysiological studies that are identified as promising for biodiesel production by having a high potential for the production of lipids. This lineage is maintained at collection of the stock of cultures Laboratory of Green Technologies of the School of Chemistry/ UFRJ. The cultivation was performed in means ASM-1 (Gorham et al., 1964), initial pH 8.0, with aeration and circulation average of 8 hours a day during 19 days. The culture was started with an inoculum of 1 × 107 cel/ml. The lipid production was determined in two phases of growth: on day 4 (exponential phase) and 15 day (stationary phase). For the determination and quantification of lipid content, two different methods were assessed for a sample of biomass, submitted to the same processes the separation and drying. The results showed the methodology of Bligh & Dyer with modifications as the most efficient in extracting lipids. The total lipid content of the biomass Monoraphidium sp. was 30.58%. The growth rate varied between 0.74 ± 0.01 and 0.68 ± 0.02.
Evolu o da ocorrência (1980-1999) da doen a de Crohn e da retocolite ulcerativa idiopática e análise das suas características clínicas em um hospital universitário do sudeste do Brasil
SOUZA Marcellus Henrique L. P.,TRONCON Luiz Ernesto de A.,RODRIGUES Carla Maria,VIANA Cyntia F. G.
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2002,
Abstract: Racional - A doen a de Crohn e a retocolite ulcerativa idiopática s o consideradas pouco freqüentes nos países em desenvolvimento, sendo escassos os estudos sobre a sua ocorrência no Brasil. Objetivos - Estudar a freqüência de admiss o de casos da doen a de Crohn e da retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica em um hospital universitário ao longo de 20 anos (1980-99) e descrever características demográficas e clínicas desses casos. Métodos - Calculou-se a freqüência de admiss o de casos da doen a de Crohn e da retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica de janeiro de 1980 a dezembro de 1999 e analisaram-se todos os casos destas doen as admitidos nos últimos 10 anos desse período. Resultados - No período estudado, registraram-se 257 casos novos, sendo 126 da doen a de Crohn e 131 da retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica. A freqüência de admiss o de casos de ambas as doen as aumentou de 40 para 61 casos/10.000 atendimentos, do primeiro para o segundo qüinqüênio, com menor crescimento subseqüente, sendo que a doen a de Crohn tornou-se, gradualmente, mais freqüente que a retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica. Em ambas as doen as, houve predomínio de casos do gênero feminino, na faixa etária entre 20 e 50 anos, da cor branca, do estado civil casado e de n o-tabagistas. Ambas as doen as apresentaram-se com os sintomas digestivos próprios e n o houve diferen as entre elas quanto às freqüências de manifesta es sistêmicas e extra-intestinais (29,5% vs 23,3%), incluindo as tromboembólicas (5,9% vs 5,5%). Na doen a de Crohn, 59,2% dos casos apresentaram complica es (obstru o e/ou perfura o), enquanto que 53,7% dos casos de retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica foram de formas mais graves. Nos casos de doen a de Crohn com obstru o, o tabagismo foi significativamente mais freqüente que nas formas n o-complicadas. Na retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica, as manifesta es sistêmicas e as extra-intestinais, bem como o acometimento de todo o cólon, foram significativamente mais freqüentes nas formas mais graves. Conclus es - Houve aumento da freqüência das doen as inflamatórias intestinais, com a doen a de Crohn tornando-se mais comum que a retocolite ulcerativa inespecífica. Tanto uma como outra das afec es, apresentaram-se com as características habituais, destacando-se o predomínio das formas mais graves.
Methotrexate-induced intestinal mucositis delays gastric emptying and gastrointestinal transit of liquids in awake rats
Soares, Pedro M. G.;Lopes, Lorena O.;Mota, José Maurício S. C.;Belarmino-Filho, José Nelson;Ribeiro, Ronaldo A.;Souza, Marcellus Henrique L. P. de;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032011000100016
Abstract: context: methotrexate and other anticancer agents can induce intestinal mucositis, which is one of the most common limiting factor that prevent further dose escalation of the methotrexate. objectives: to evaluate the gastric emptying and gastrointestinal transit of liquids in methotrexate-induced intestinal mucositis. methods: wistar rats received methotrexate (2.5 mg/kg/day for 3 days, subcutaneously) or saline. after 1, 3 and 7 days, sections of duodenum, jejunum and ileum were removed for assessment of epithelial damage and myeloperoxidase activity (biochemical marker of granulocyte infiltration). others rats were pre-treated with methotrexate or saline, gavage-fed after 3 or 7 days with a standard test liquid meal, and sacrificed 10, 20 or 30-min later. gastric and small intestine dye recoveries were measured by spectrophotometry. results: after 3 days of methotrexate, there was an epithelial intestinal damage in all segments, with myeloperoxidase activity increase in both in duodenum and ileum. seven days after methotrexate, we observed a complete reversion of this intestinal damage. there was an increase in gastric dye recoveries after 10, 20, and 30-min post-prandial intervals after 3 days, but not after 7 days, of methotrexate. intestine dye recoveries were decreased in the first and second segments at 10 min, in the third at 20 min, and in the second and third at 30 min, only after 3 days of methotrexate treatment. conclusion: methotrexate-induced intestinal mucositis delays gastric emptying and gastrointestinal transit of liquids in awake rats.
Ocorrência de gr?os gessados em três cultivares de arroz
Marchezan, E.;Dario, G.J.A.;Torres, S.;
Scientia Agricola , 1992, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90161992000400012
Abstract: the objetive of the research was to evaluate grain chalkness in three rice cultivars, under different conditions of climate and different sowing times. the experiment was carried out during the growing season of 1988/89, at the experimental field of the departament of agriculture of the escola superior de agricultura luiz de queiroz, esalq/usp. the three paddy rice cultivars used were: iac-4440, pesagro-104 and cna-3771, sowed four times during the recommended sowing time for the s?o paulo region, i.e. from 10/04 to 12/09/1988. the white center and the white belly of rice grams were estimated in 100 grams samples, harvested at 20% moisture content. it was conclued that there are differences in grain chalkness among the genotipes. cna-3771 presented a higher index of white center grains than the established index by selection programs.
Variable Extended Objects in SA 57
Matthew A. Bershady,Dario Trevese,Richard G. Kron
Physics , 1997, DOI: 10.1086/305371
Abstract: We have isolated a sample of 14 candidate variable objects with extended image structure to Bj = 22.5 in 0.284 deg^2 of Selected Area 57. The majority of candidates are blue (U-B<0) and relatively compact. At fainter magnitudes, there is a steep rise in the number of variable objects. These objects are also compact and blue, and some of them are likely to be truly stellar. Twelve of the Bj <= 22.5 candidates have been observed spectroscopically over limited ranges of wavelength and a variety of resulting signal-to-noise. Five candidates display spectra consistent with Seyfert-like activity. In most cases where we have not been able to confirm a Seyfert spectroscopic type, the spectra are of insufficient quality or coverage to rule out such a classification. The majority of candidates have luminosities less than 10% of the nominal demarkation between QSOs and AGN (M(B) = -23). The surface density of confirmed M(B) > -23 AGN to Bj = 22, including stellar sources, is ~40/deg^2, in good agreement with other surveys at this depth. The confirmed AGN in extended sources make up 36% of this population. Thus, the application of a variability criterion to images with extended structure enhances the completeness of the census of active nuclei. If the majority of our candidates are bona fide AGN, the surface density could be as high as 82/deg^2 for M(B) > -23, and 162/deg^2 for all luminosities to Bj = 22, with extended sources contributing up to 33% of the total. (abridged)
Characterization of Laser Propagation Through Turbulent Media by Quantifiers Based on the Wavelet Transform
Luciano Zunino,Dario G. Perez,Osvaldo A. Rosso,Mario Garavaglia
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1142/S0218348X04002471
Abstract: The propagation of a laser beam through turbulent media is modeled as a fractional Brownian motion (fBm). Time series corresponding to the center position of the laser spot (coordinates x and y) after traveling across air in turbulent motion, with different strength, are analyzed by the wavelet theory. Two quantifiers are calculated, the Hurst exponent and the mean Normalized Total Wavelet Entropy. It is verified that both quantifiers gives complementary information about the turbulence state.
Characterization of laser propagation through turbulent media by quantifiers based on the wavelet transform: dynamic study
Luciano Zunino,Dario G. Perez,Mario Garavaglia,Osvaldo A. Rosso
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2005.09.054
Abstract: We analyze, within the wavelet theory framework, the wandering over a screen of the centroid of a laser beam after it has propagated through a time-changing laboratory-generated turbulence. Following a previous work (Fractals 12 (2004) 223) two quantifiers are used, the Hurst parameter, $H$, and the Normalized Total Wavelet Entropy, $\text{NTWS}$. The temporal evolution of both quantifiers, obtained from the laser spot data stream is studied and compared. This allows us to extract information of the stochastic process associated to the turbulence dynamics.
Wavelet entropy and fractional Brownian motion time series
Dario G. Perez,Luciano Zunino,Mario Garavaglia,Osvaldo A. Rosso
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2005.09.060
Abstract: We study the functional link between the Hurst parameter and the Normalized Total Wavelet Entropy when analyzing fractional Brownian motion (fBm) time series--these series are synthetically generated. Both quantifiers are mainly used to identify fractional Brownian motion processes (Fractals 12 (2004) 223). The aim of this work is understand the differences in the information obtained from them, if any.
Evolu??o da ocorrência (1980-1999) da doen?a de Crohn e da retocolite ulcerativa idiopática e análise das suas características clínicas em um hospital universitário do sudeste do Brasil
SOUZA, Marcellus Henrique L. P.;TRONCON, Luiz Ernesto de A.;RODRIGUES, Carla Maria;VIANA, Cyntia F. G.;ONOFRE, Pedro H. C.;MONTEIRO, Rosane A.;PASSOS, Afonso D. C.;MARTINELLI, Ana L. C.;MENEGHELLI, Ulysses G.;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032002000200006
Abstract: background - crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are regarded as uncommon in developing countries, but studies on their occurrence in brazil are scarce. aims - to determine the occurrence of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in a brazilian university hospital throughout a 20-year period, and analyze the demographical, clinical and evolutive features of these cases. methods - the frequencies of new cases of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis admitted from january 1980 up to december 1999 were calculated and a descriptive analysis of the features of all cases seen from january 1990 up to december 1999 was performed. results - a total of 257 new cases (126 with crohn's disease and 131 with ulcerative colitis) was recorded. the frequencies of admissions for both crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis have increased progressively from 40 up to 61 cases/10.000 new admissions and crohn's disease gradually became more common than ulcerative colitis. for both diseases, there was predominance of women, age at admission in the range of 30-40 years, caucasian origin, married state and non-smokers. digestive symptoms presented were similar to those already described for both diseases and there were no differences between crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis regarding the frequencies of general complaints and extra-intestinal manifestations (29.5% vs 23.3%), including thromboembolism (5.9% vs 5.4%). obstruction and/or perforation were seen in up to 59.2% of crohn's disease cases, whereas 53.7% of all ulcerative colitis cases presented as severe forms. in crohn's disease cases with obstruction, smoking was significantly more common than in non-complicated cases. in ulcerative colitis cases of increased severity, general complaints, extra-intestinal manifestations and pancolitis were significantly more frequent than in less severe forms. conclusions - for the last 20 years, there have been an increased frequency of admission of inflammatory bowel diseases, and crohn's
Pérez G,Clara Eugenia; Mendivil A,Carlos Olimpo; Sierra A,Iván Dario;
Revista Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia , 2007,
Abstract: introduction. the postprandial lipemia is characterized by some prolonged increase in circulation of triglycerides rich lipoproteins that can produce atherosclerosis, which is an important cause of death in our population. objective. to evaluate the effect of lipidic and clinical variables on the values of postprandial lipemia in subjects with and without hipertriglyceridemia. materials and methods. forty-eight subjects of both sexes were studied, half of them, with basal triglycerides above 200mg/dl, who ingested a standardized lipidic load (breakfast with 30g of fat) and then they were followed during seven hours gathering total blood every hour to determine the level of postprandial triglycerides and the postprandial lipemia values. the later data was correlated with clinical variables as age, body mass index, waist circumference, among other; and with lipidic variable as total cholesterol, hdl, ldl and basal triglycerides. results. there was alteration in the clearence of postprandial triglycerides in those subjects with a basal concentration of triglycerides above 186 mg/dl. the clinical variables most related tothe magnitude of postprandial lipemia were age (p=0.009) and waist perimeter, while the lipidic variables that were strongly related with the postprandial lipemia were the basal triglycerides concentration (p=<0.001), the vldl cholesterol (p=<0.001) and the hdl cholesterol(p=0.041). conclusion. the variables that could predict the behavior of postprandial triglycerides in the individuals of this study are age, waist perimeter, vldl cholesterol, hdl cholesterol and the basal triglycerides concentration.
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