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Vascular Relaxation Induced by C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Involves the Ca2+/NO-Synthase/NO Pathway
Fernanda A. Andrade, Carolina B. A. Restini, Marcella D. Grando, Leandra N. Z. Ramalho, Lusiane M. Bendhack
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0095446
Abstract: Aims C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) and nitric oxide (NO) are endothelium-derived factors that play important roles in the regulation of vascular tone and arterial blood pressure. We hypothesized that NO produced by the endothelial NO-synthase (NOS-3) contributes to the relaxation induced by CNP in isolated rat aorta via activation of endothelial NPR-C receptor. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the putative contribution of NO through NPR-C activation in the CNP induced relaxation in isolated conductance artery. Main Methods Concentration-effect curves for CNP were constructed in aortic rings isolated from rats. Confocal microscopy was used to analyze the cytosolic calcium mobilization induced by CNP. The phosphorylation of the residue Ser1177 of NOS was analyzed by Western blot and the expression and localization of NPR-C receptors was analyzed by immunohistochemistry. Key Findings CNP was less potent in inducing relaxation in denuded endothelium aortic rings than in intact ones. L-NAME attenuated the potency of CNP and similar results were obtained in the presence of hydroxocobalamin, an intracellular NO0 scavenger. CNP did not change the phosphorylation of Ser1177, the activation site of NOS-3, when compared with control. The addition of CNP produced an increase in [Ca2+]c in endothelial cells and a decrease in [Ca2+]c in vascular smooth muscle cells. The NPR-C-receptors are expressed in endothelial and adventitial rat aortas. Significance These results suggest that CNP-induced relaxation in intact aorta isolated from rats involves NO production due to [Ca2+]c increase in endothelial cells possibly through NPR-C activation expressed in these cells. The present study provides a breakthrough in the understanding of the close relationship between the vascular actions of nitric oxide and CNP.
Gene Expression: A Review on Methods for the Study of Defense-Related Gene Differential Expression in Plants  [PDF]
Alice Casassola, Sandra Patussi Brammer, Márcia Soares Chaves, José Ant?nio Martinelli, Magali Ferrari Grando, Norimar D’ávila Denardin
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.412A3008

The plant genes involved in cellular signaling and metabolism have not been fully identified, while the function(s) of many of those which have are as yet incompletely characterized. Gene expression analysis allows the identification of genes and the study of their relationship with cellular processes. There are several options available for studying gene expression, including the use of cDNA and microarray libraries and techniques such as suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH), differential display (DD), RNA fingerprinting by arbitrary primed PCR (RAP), expressed sequence tags (EST), serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE), representational difference analysis (RDA), cDNA-amplified fragment length polymorphism (cDNA-AFLP) and RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq). Focusing on defense-related processes in plants, we present a brief review and examples of each of these methodologies and their advantages and limitations regarding the study of plant gene expression.

Knowledge and job opportunities in a gender perspective: Insights from Italy
Cipollone Angela,Corsi Marcella,D’Ippoliti Carlo
Panoeconomicus , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/pan1105735c
Abstract: The paper proposes an enlargement of the traditional notion of human capital, by conceptualising knowledge in a comprehensive and multidimensional way. In our empirical approach, knowledge encompasses several formal and informal skills, to complement the mainstream view narrowly concerned with education and on-the-job training. Our results for Italy point out that despite much rhetoric about the reduction (or even the reversal) of gender gaps in education, women often lack the main skills and competencies that can profitably be deployed in the labour market. Unsurprisingly, in Italy women’s accumulation of labour market experience is mostly hindered by unpaid housework burdens. However, when adopting an extensive definition of knowledge these activities may be regarded as a source of relevant knowledge. Yet, they do not seem to be positively valued by the market, either in terms of employability or in terms of wages, thus calling for a serious rethinking of the role of knowledge in shaping men’s and women’s economic opportunities.
Estudo comparativo entre a síndrome antifosfolípide primária e a secundária: características clínico-laboratoriais em 149 pacientes
Quaio, Caio Robledo D'Angioli Costa;Grando, Paulo Eduardo Daruge;Carvalho, Jozélio Freire de;
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042008000600005
Abstract: objectives: the aim of this study was to analyze the prevalence and characteristics of the main clinical, immunologic and laboratorial features of antiphospholipid syndrome (aps), and to perform a comparison between primary and secondary forms of aps. patients and methods: a data base of 149 patients from hcfmusp who met the preliminary criteria for the classification of aps was analyzed. results: the pattern consisted of 140 (94%) female and 9 (6%) male patients with a mean age of 39.7 ± 11.6years. primary aps was present in 50 (33.8%) of the patients. arterial thrombosis were more found in primary aps compared to secondary aps (56% vs. 35.7%, p = 0.02), more specifically the presence of sneddon's syndrome (56% vs. 35,7%, p = 0.02) and limbs ischaemia (18% vs. 5%, p = 0.017) were more prevalent in the first group. except cataract that was more frequently observed in secondary aps group (10% vs. 0, p = 0.017), no other significant difference was found regarding comorbidities. in relation to autoantibodies, the secondary aps patients had a more significant prevalence of ana (99% vs. 60%, p < 0.0001), anti-ena (45.9% vs. 22%, p = 0.007) e anti-ro/ss-a (43% vs. 8%, p < 0.0001). antiphospholipid antibodies (igm anticardiolipin and lupus anticoagulant) did not differ between the groups, except igg anticardiolipin that was more found in secondary aps group (84.7% vs. 60%, p = 0.0018), conclusions: the present study showed that primary aps had more arterial thrombotic events, more specifically sneddon's syndrome and limbs ischemia, than secondary aps. it was also reinforced the role of autoantibodies to identify patients with aps associated to sle.
Corpo e cultura: a educa o do corpo em rela es de fronteiras étnicas e culturais e a constitui o da identidade Bororo em Meruri-MT Body and culture: the body education in relations of ethnic and cultural frontiers the constitution of the identity bororo in Meruri - MT Cuerpo y cultura: la educación del cuerpo en relaciones de fronteras étnicas y culturales y la constitución de la indentidad bororo en Meruri - MT
Beleni Saléte Grando
Pensar a Prática , 2006, DOI: 19806183/rpp.v8i2.112
Abstract: Este texto resulta de uma pesquisa sobre a “Educa o do Corpo” em contextos interculturais. A pesquisa parte da forma o de professores indígenas em Mato Grosso, sustenta-se nos referenciais da Antropologia, da História e da Educa o e, numa perspectiva etnográfica, enfoca as práticas corporais cotidianas. Nestas práticas, explicita os múltiplos sentidos e significa es da “fabrica o da pessoa” no ritual de nomina o, na dan a e no futebol. A dan a é apresentada aqui, como processo polissêmico, no qual as identidades se confrontam num “jogo” que se estabelece nas fronteiras do “nós” e do “eles”, criando novas possibilidades de intera o e de educa o. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: corporalidade – educa o – dan a – bororo – intercultura This text of a research on the Body Education in intercultural contexts. Part of the preparation of the Indian teachers in Mato Grosso – is supported on the referential of Anthropology, History and Education and on the ethnographic perspective of body practices. Explicit sensible multiples and signification of the “manufacture of the person”, in practical the identified in as the Ritual one of Nomination, Dance and Football. The Dance is presented here, this polissemic process the indentities face each other in a “game” that is established in the “frontiers” of “us” and of “them” creating new possibilities of interaction and of education. KEY-WORDS: corporalidade – education – dance – bororo –intercultura El presente texto es el resultado de una investigación sobre el Cuerpo en los contextos interculturales. Parte de la formación indígena en Mato Grosso (Brasil)- tuvo como referencias la Antropología, la Historia y la Educación, optando por un abordaje etnográfico centralizado en las prácticas corporales cotidianas. Explicita en estas los múltiplos sentidos y significaciones de la “fabricación de la persona”, en el Ritual de la Nominación, en las Danzas y en el Football. Danza es presentada aquí como en un proceso polisemico en que las identidades se confrontan en un “juego” que se establece en las fronteras de “nosotros” y de “ellos”, criando nuevas posibilidades de interacción y de educación. PALABRAS-CLAVE: corporalidade – educación – danza – bororo – intercultura
Redes sociais, capital social e governan?a ambiental no Território Portal da Amaz?nia
Mertens, Frédéric;Távora, Renata;Fonseca, Igor Ferraz da;Grando, Raquel;Castro, Mauro;Demeda, Kátia;
Acta Amazonica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672011000400006
Abstract: the article presents an empirical study where social network analysis is used to map social capital among actors involved in environmental governance processes in the brazilian amazon. using interviews, we carried out the mapping of the dialogue network regarding socio-environmental issues among 505 actors from the amazonian gateway territory. the analysis identified 3384 dialogue relationships. each actor has an average of 6,7 dialogue partners. the analysis of the structural characteristics of the dialogue network was used to build indicators of social capital of the bonding type, based on the mapping of the organization among actors from the same municipalities, and bridging type, based on the identification of relationships among actors from different municipalities. at the municipal level, the distribution of the two types of social capital allowed the characterization of groups of actors according to their differing participation in the environmental governance of the territory. at the territorial level, the connectivity pattern among the 16 municipalities exhibits a balance between the two types of social capital and reveals the potential of communication and organization among actors, as demonstrated through the example of the local agenda 21 projects. these results demonstrate how social network analysis can contribute to the definition (or re-definition) of the territories frontiers in order to include a set of municipalities whose cohesion is based on effective social relationships. we also propose governance actions for the amazonian gateway aiming at strengthening dialogue processes, reducing conflicts and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources in the amazon.
Pólos múltiplos geradores de viagens (PMGV)
Lenise Grando Goldner,Diego Westphal,Ilce Marília D. Pinto de Freitas,Denise Vaz de Carvalho Santos
Transportes , 2010,
Abstract: Resumo: Denominam-se Pólos Múltiplos Geradores de Viagens (PMGVs) os conjuntos de estabelecimentos comerciais ou de servi os próximos entre si que formam "clusters" de atividades. O objetivo deste artigo é analisar as características das viagens por automóvel para PMGVs por meio de resultados encontrados em estudos de caso realizados nas cidades de Porto Alegre e Salvador. Utilizando a técnica de coleta de dados por questionários, foram levantadas informa es sobre o perfil socioecon mico dos clientes e as principais características das viagens de acesso, visando a verificar se os usuários realizam viagens internas a esses "clusters" de atividades, bem como se utilizam mais de um estacionamento quando fazem a viagem por automóvel. Os resultados do estudo buscam iniciar as discuss es sobre o comportamento das viagens em PMGVs brasileiros e apresentar os primeiros parametros para os fatores de atenua o das viagens que possam ser utilizados em estudos de avalia o de impactos no sistema viário do entorno desses empreendimentos. Abstract: Trip Generator Multi-pole (TGMP) is a set of shops and services establishments close to each other, forming a "cluster" of activities. This paper analyzes the attraction characteristics of trips made to/from/within this type of poles made by car. This research studies cases in two Brazilian cities: Porto Alegre and Salvador. Using the technique of data collection through questionnaires, information has been obtained about the socio-economic profile of customers, the main characteristics of access trips in order to establish whether the respondent performs internal travel to these clusters of activities as well as whether they use more than one parking area, when they travel by car. The results of these studies seek to initiate discussions about the behavior of Brazilian TGMP travels and to present the initial parameters for the mitigating factors of trips that can be used in a study of impact assessment in the road system surrounding these developments.
Critical analysis of the indications for blood transfusions in surgery Análise crítica das indica es de transfus es sangüíneas em cirurgias
Jo?o Paulo Souto Grando,élbens M. Minoreli de Azevedo,Vanessa Oliveira de Souza,José D’Oliveira Couto
Semina : Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde , 2005,
Abstract: The several factors which precipitate blood transfusion in hospitals are called “transfusion trigger”. The goal of perioperative blood replacement is to maintain satisfactory levels of haemoglobin and blood volume in order to have a better tissue oxygenation. The coagulation factors are used in the coagulations dysfunctions. The ideal is to avoid or to carry out a better blood transfusion in small quantities at a lower risk. Recent reports question the standards previously considered acceptable for blood transfusion. Blood substitute products for the treatment of haemorrhagic shock, blood bioproducts, and the indications for transfusions based on laboratory and clinical parameters, are analysed and discussed in this review. Os vários fatores que precipitam uma transfus o sanguínea nos hospitais s o chamados de “gatilho da transfus o”. O objetivo da reposi o de sangue no perioperatório é manter níveis satisfatórios de hemoglobina e de volume sanguíneo para uma adequada oxigena o tecidual. Os fatores de coagula o s o importantes nas disfun es de coagula o. O ideal é evitar-se ou promover-se uma melhor transfus o em pequenas quantidades e com menor risco. Trabalhos recentes questionam os padr es previamente considerados aceitáveis para a transfus o sanguínea. Produtos substitutivos para o tratamento do choque hemorrágico, bioprodutos do sangue e as indica es baseadas em parametros laboratoriais e clínicos s o analisadas e discutidas nesta revis o.
Il grande brigantaggio nel cinema: dalla Prima alla seconda Repubblica / The Great Brigandage in Italian Films: from First to Second Republic
Marmo, Marcella
Storicamente , 2011,
Lope de Vega y el poder monárquico: una puesta al día
Marcella Trambaioli
Impossibilia : Revista Internacional de Estudios Literarios , 2012,
Abstract: The essay tries to outline the ‘state-of-the-art’ about the relationship between Lope deVega and the contemporary monarchic power. After some early studies merely concerning the politicaltheory present inside the texts, the scholars have started to analyze his historical theater in relation withhis construction of the Spanish Empire mythology, even if only recently some of them have realized thatthis glorification of both the Austrias and the Spanish nobles gets on with Lope’s self-promotionstrategies, in order to obtain an official post at court. On the contrary, some scholars, mainlyAnglosaxon, have tried to interpret his works in a critical and satyrical perspective, without consideringthe necessary contextualization of his theater. The reception theory may help studying this controversialmatter, only if it tries to match in the right way both the historical and cultural context of the authorand the cultural background of the contemporary audience.
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