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Quem tem saudade da Escola Normal?
Marília Claret Geraes Duran,Jane Soares de Almeida
Eccos Revista Científica , 2010,
Abstract: Based on previous studies on teachers training for the early years of compulsory education, we emphasize in the article, some of the guiding principles and proposals which were articulated with the surroundings of the "Normal Course". The theme is developed considering three stages: the first affects set of the time, its uncertain path, the precarious ness of the first "normal schools" for graduating teachers in Brazilian territory. The second puts emphasis on issues of feminization of teaching and, thirdly, brand integration and equivalence of the "ordinary course" in all courses of the "school" with right of access to higher education, characterizing itself as vocational courses for primary teaching.
Avalia??o na educa??o básica nos 90 segundo os periódicos acadêmicos
Barretto, Elba Siqueira de Sá;Pinto, Regina Pahim;Martins, Angela Maria;Duran, Marília Claret Geraes;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15742001000300003
Abstract: this article summarizes and discusses the main findings of a state of art regarding evaluation on brazilian basic school. it uses as sources articles published in ten of the main journals on education, examining the presuppositions and models for evaluation, empirical and documental studies about evaluation in the school and of the school as well as policies and programs evaluation on the field. it also analyses questions related to the introduction of assessment indicators in the country.
Vinte anos da política do ciclo básico na rede estadual paulista
Duran, Marília Claret Geraes;Alves, Maria Leila;Palma Filho, Jo?o Cardoso;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15742005000100006
Abstract: from a historical-critical perspective, this article deals with the trajectory of the basic cycle in s?o paulo state school system from the moment of its creation till the 1990s. it also discusses the actions and reactions brought about by the proposal and by the curricular reorganization of the middle school resulting from this initiative. the documental study starts from the motivations that guided the education policy at a moment of political opening, when the first elected government took office in the state of s?o paulo, after the long period of military regime. the varied reactions from education professionals and from civil society, most of which were against the measures set forth, are then analyzed. what are the reasons that have systematically led to the failure of proposals committed to ensure regular education for people on the lowest incomes? the discussion highlights the strong presence of a conservative thought that permeates pedagogical culture in brazil, that is against proposals that, similar to the one of basic cycle, are committed to the democratization of education.
Fecal Contamination of Groundwater in a Small Rural Dryland Watershed in Central Chile Contaminación Fecal en Agua Subterránea en una Peque a Cuenca de Secano Rural en Chile Central
Mariela Valenzuela,Bernardo Lagos,Marcelino Claret,María A Mondaca
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research , 2009,
Abstract: Research on microbiological groundwater quality was conducted in Chile in a rural watershed that has almost no other water source. Forty-two wells were randomly selected and levels of indicator bacteria - total coliforms (TC), fecal coliforms (FC), and fecal streptococci (FS) - were repeatedly measured during the four seasons of 2005. The aim of this study was to characterize microbiological groundwater quality, relate indicator levels to certain watershed features and management characteristics which are likely to affect water quality. The dynamics of seasonal temporal contamination was determined with statistical analyses of indicator organism concentrations. Nonparametric tests were used to analyze relationships between bacterial indicators in well water and other variables. TC, FC, and FS were found in all samples indicating the wells had been contaminated with human and animal fecal material. The frequency distribution of microorganisms fitted a logistic distribution. The concentrations appeared to be temporal and levels varied between seasons with higher concentrations in winter. The cause of contamination could be linked to the easy access of domestic animals to the wells and to the permeable well casing material. Local precipitation runoff directly influenced the bacterial concentrations found in the wells. Se realizó una investigación de la calidad microbiológica de las aguas subterráneas en una cuenca rural chilena. En esta cuenca prácticamente no había otra fuente de agua disponible. En 42 pozos seleccionados al azar, se midieron niveles de bacterias indicadoras en cuatro temporadas distintas durante el a o 2005. Las bacterias incluyeron coliformes totales (TC), coliformes fecales (FC) y Estreptococos fecales (FS). El objetivo fue caracterizar la calidad microbiológica del agua subterránea y relacionar los indicadores con ciertas propiedades y el manejo de la cuenca que pueden afectar la calidad del agua. La dinámica temporal de la contaminación fue determinada mediante análisis estadístico de la concentración de organismos indicadores. Las relaciones entre indicadores bacteriales presentes en el agua de los pozos y otras variables fueron analizadas con pruebas no paramétricas. En todas las muestras se detectaron TC, FC y FS, indicando que los pozos han estado contaminados con material fecal de humanos y animales. La distribución de frecuencia de los microorganismos se ajustó a una distribución logística. Las concentraciones muestran una base temporal con niveles variables entre temporadas, con una mayor concentración en invierno. La causa de
Estabiliza??o segmentar da coluna lombar nas lombalgias: uma revis?o bibliográfica e um programa de exercícios
Fran?a, Fábio Jorge Renovato;Burke, Thomaz Nogueira;Claret, Daniel Cristiano;Marques, Amélia Pasqual;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502008000200015
Abstract: when treating low-back pain, traditional exercises for strengthening abdomen and trunk erector muscles have been criticised for their submitting spinal structures to high loads, thereby increasing the risk of new injury. recent studies have pointed to the effectiveness of segmental stabilisation in treating low-back pain, less damaging since it is done in neutral position. current research suggests that, unless the trunk deep stabilizers are correctly activated, recurrence of pain is more often noticed. this is a review of 47 articles and books published between 1984 and 2006, resulting from a search in pubmed database by means of key words lumbar stabilization, lumbar multifidus and transversus abdominis muscles. literature has established a link between low-back pain and poor control of deep trunk muscles, particularly the lumbar multifidus and transversus abdominis muscles; some studies also point out the quadratus lumborum and diaphragm muscles as lumbar stabilizers. by drawing on the reviewed material, we suggest exercises of subtle and specific synchronized isometric contractions for these lumbar stabilisers, which act directly upon pain relief by increasing lumbar spine stability.
Aspectos da biologia de Trichogramma demoraesi Nagaraja, 1983 e contribui??es ao manejo de cria??es massais deste parasitóide em ovos de Anagasta kuehniella (Zeller, 1879)
Santa-Cecília, Lenira Viana Costa;Matioli, José Claret;Sousa, Brígida de;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761987000200034
Abstract: results of laboratory trials showed a negative effect of the age of adults of trichogramma demoraesi on the parasitism of eggs of anagasta kuehniella and on the lenght of the immature stage of the parasitoid. these parameters were constant for insects 2 to 6-day-old and decreased significantly after the sixth day. the highest parasitism rates and immature stage lenght, for insects fed or not with a 50% honey solution, were obtained with 4 to 6-day-old adults and the parasitism did not occur with 10-day-old adults. males of a. kuehniella kept together with females in the cages increased the fecundity of the moths by 938.75% when they were kept without food and by 393-95% when they were fed with honey diet. the females longevity did not vary in function of the diet and it was slightly less in the females than in the males. when eggs of a. kuehniella containning the parasitoid in the pupal stage were stored at 5°c, there was no effect on the emergence of the parasitoid until 7 days of storing, with a small though continuous reduction on the emergence after this period of storing.
Tecnologia da informa??o, cultura e poder na Polícia Militar: uma análise interpretativa
Pereira, Maria Cecília;Santos, Ant?nio Claret dos;Brito, Mozar José de;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512006000100010
Abstract: in the competitive environment, information technology (it) emerges as an essential element to organizationalsuccess. it involves more complex elements, as values, culture and power relations in the organizations. considering information technology as an element of technological innovation, this paper aims to analyze the relationship between information technology implementation, culture and power relations in a military organization.initially, some considerations regarding it and the process of culture formation and power establishing in the organizations are presented. the analyses have contributed for understanding the impact of it on culture and power relations through shared and expressed meanings, mainly, in terms of symbols, rituals and myths. power relations were changed towards sharing responsibilities, communicative interactions and hierarchy (informal). concerning culture, it aims at shared values in terms of innovation and flexibility.
Qualidade da educa??o universitária: isomorfismo, diversidade e eqüidade
Morosini, Marília Costa;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832001000200006
Abstract: the international trends that emerged in the age of knowledge, intensified as a result of internationalization and the development of new communication technologies, have markedly disseminated amongst us (a country historically characterized by state control of higher education) the era of quality. this paper examines different concepts and strategies of quality in higher education, which resulted from international experiences. among the main concepts that of quality stands out, synonymous with isomorphism, reflecting itself in the form of standardized institutional evaluation and employability; quality, synonymous with respect for specificities; and quality, synonymous with fairness. because of the lack of bibliography approaching the theme from a holistic point of view, this paper, rather than presenting propositions, raises issues as regards the relation of educational innovation and quality, and the unity of the concept of quality and brazilian reality.
Linguagem e memória como forma de poder e resistência
Amorim, Marília;
Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S2176-45732012000200003
Abstract: we examine different discourse situations in which we identify marks of historical transformations of our society: in the incongruity between intonation and meaning, in the absence of link and sequence in the dialogue and in the indifferentiation between enunciative positions. such transformations point to a new form of power designated as totalitarian non-authoritarian, which operates through the erasure of the singularity of the subject and the promotion of an indifferent memory. the approach built for the examination and interpretation of those situations is based on dialogic discourse analysis and on the enunciative theory, supplemented by concepts of contemporary philosophy.
Estado do conhecimento sobre internacionaliza??o da educa??o superior: conceitos e práticas
Morosini, Marília Costa;
Educar em Revista , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40602006000200008
Abstract: the internationalization of higher education assumes a leading role in the world scenario after the 1990s. this tendency is fortified with the classification of higher education as service, subject to the general agreement of trade in services (gats) of the world trade organization (wto), and the prevailing notion of transnationalization over sovereignty of the nation-state. this paper intends to identify the state of knowledge about university internationalization, concepts and practices (dale, 2000), in this century, from the analysis of data bases of european and north-american education periodicals. the methodology is guided by the principles of content analysis. the growth of scholarly writings on the topic has been identified, along with a tendency of altering the thematic focus: from conceptual to practical. the internationalization of higher education in the light of the expansion of the system and complexity urges for studies and public policies that reduce the market approach and contribute to the social-academic quality.
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