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Application of the dual-luciferase reporter assay to the analysis of promoter activity in Zebrafish embryos
Francisca Alcaraz-Pérez, Victoriano Mulero, María L Cayuela
BMC Biotechnology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6750-8-81
Abstract: Here, we present a rapid and sensitive assay based on the classical dual-luciferase reporter technique which can be used as a new tool to characterize the minimum promoter region of a gene as well as the in vivo response of inducible promoters to different stimuli. We illustrate the usefulness of this system for studying both constitutive (telomerase) and inducible (NF-κB-dependent) promoters. The flexibility of this assay is demonstrated by induction of the NF-κB-dependent promoters using simultaneous microinjection of different pathogen-associated molecular patterns as well as with the use of morpholino-gene mediated knockdown.This assay has several advantages compared with the classical in vitro (cell lines) and in vivo (transgenic mice) approaches. Among others, the assay allows a rapid and quantitative measurement of the effects of particular genes or drugs in a given promoter in the context of a whole organism and it can also be used in high throughput screening experiments.The zebrafish has been established as an excellent model for studying any biological process. This organism possesses many advantages including ease of experimentation, optical clarity, drug administration, amenability to in vivo manipulation and feasibility of reverse and forward genetic approaches. The fish reach sexual maturity in only 3 to 4 months, and adult females are capable of producing 100 to 200 eggs weekly. Many thousands of animals can be kept in a fish facility requiring much less space than mice or other mammals, and hence the zebrafish is regarded as a cost-effective experimental vertebrate model for large-scale genetic screening [1]. Furthermore, the high degree of homology between the zebrafish genome and that of humans makes such discoveries especially pertinent to human disease and development [2,3].Morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (MO) have been widely used to inhibit gene function in zebrafish embryos [4-7] and are usually used as sequence-specific translation-blo
Behaviour of Telomere and Telomerase during Aging and Regeneration in Zebrafish
Monique Anchelin,Laura Murcia,Francisca Alcaraz-Pérez,Esther M. García-Navarro,María L. Cayuela
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016955
Abstract: Telomere length and telomerase activity are important factors in the pathobiology of human diseases. Age-related diseases and premature aging syndromes are characterized by short telomeres, which can compromise cell viability, whereas tumour cells can prevent telomere loss by aberrantly upregulating telomerase. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) offers multiple experimental manipulation advantages over other vertebrate models and, therefore, it has been recently considered as a potential model for aging, cancer, and regeneration studies. However, it has only partially been exploited to shed light on these fundamental biological processes. The aim of this study was, therefore, to investigate telomere length and telomerase expression and activity in different strains of zebrafish obtained from different stock centres to determine whether they undergo any changes during aging and regeneration. We found that although both telomerase expression and telomere length increased from embryo to adulthood stages, they drastically declined in aged fish despite telomerase activity was detected in different tissues of old fish. In addition, we observed a weaker upregulation of telomerase expression in regenerating fins of old fish, which well correlates with their impaired regeneration capacity. Strikingly, telomeres were elongated or maintained during the fin regeneration process at all ages and after repeated amputations, likely to support high cell proliferation rates. We conclude that the expression of telomerase and telomere length are closely related during the entire life cycle of the fish and that these two parameters can be used as biomarkers of aging in zebrafish. Our results also reveal a direct relationship between the expression of telomerase, telomere length and the efficiency of tissue regeneration.
Tnfa Signaling Through Tnfr2 Protects Skin Against Oxidative Stress–Induced Inflammation
Sergio Candel equal contributor,Sofía de Oliveira equal contributor,Azucena López-Mu?oz,Diana García-Moreno,Raquel Espín-Palazón,Sylwia D. Tyrkalska,María L. Cayuela,Stephen A. Renshaw,Raúl Corbalán-Vélez,Inmaculada Vidal-Abarca,Huai-Jen Tsai,José Meseguer,María P. Sepulcre,Victoriano Mulero
PLOS Biology , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001855
Abstract: TNFα overexpression has been associated with several chronic inflammatory diseases, including psoriasis, lichen planus, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Paradoxically, numerous studies have reported new-onset psoriasis and lichen planus following TNFα antagonist therapy. Here, we show that genetic inhibition of Tnfa and Tnfr2 in zebrafish results in the mobilization of neutrophils to the skin. Using combinations of fluorescent reporter transgenes, fluorescence microscopy, and flow cytometry, we identified the local production of dual oxidase 1 (Duox1)-derived H2O2 by Tnfa- and Tnfr2-deficient keratinocytes as a trigger for the activation of the master inflammation transcription factor NF-κB, which then promotes the induction of genes encoding pro-inflammatory molecules. In addition, pharmacological inhibition of Duox1 completely abrogated skin inflammation, placing Duox1-derived H2O2 upstream of this positive feedback inflammatory loop. Strikingly, DUOX1 was drastically induced in the skin lesions of psoriasis and lichen planus patients. These results reveal a crucial role for TNFα/TNFR2 axis in the protection of the skin against DUOX1-mediated oxidative stress and could establish new therapeutic targets for skin inflammatory disorders.
Respuesta de plantas de arroz (Oryza sativa L.) de la variedad LP-7 a la aplicación de diferentes niveles de NaCl. II. Iones inorgánicos y orgánicos
Morales,D; Bolarín,María del C; Cayuela,Encarna;
Cultivos Tropicales , 2008,
Abstract: the present study was conducted under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and light, with the aim of determining n+, k+ and total soluble sugar contents in rice (oryza sativa l.) plants from lp-7 variety exposed to different nacl levels. plants developed in a hydroponic growth chamber. evaluations were recorded at the beginning of the experiment, seven and 14 days after applying treatments and seven days after its recovery in a nutrient solution without nacl. evaluations consisted of determining na+, k+ and total soluble sugar contents. the analysis of those variables showed differences concerning ion accumulation in all plant organs, and the tested variety behaved as a na+ including one in its root system, which makes it sensitive to high nacl concentrations.
NIR prediction of fruit moisture, free acidity and oil content in intact olives
Cayuela, José Antonio,García, José María,García, José María,Caliani, Nuria
Grasas y Aceites , 2009,
Abstract: In this work, the prediction of olive fruit and virgin olive oil quality parameters through the direct measuring of the fruit using near infrared spectrometry (NIRS) has been investigated and the effectiveness of a portable spectrometer has been assessed. Models and calibration tests were developed using both the hexane-isopropanol extraction of individual olive fruits, and the Soxhlet extraction of olive paste. The parameters analyzed were the free acidity in olive oil, oil yield from physical extraction, oil content referring to fresh weight, oil content referring to dry matter and fruit moisture. The results indicate a good predictive potential with both methodologies and serve to encourage improvement in the obtained models through the enlargement of the calibrations. Fruit moisture prediction models showed high accuracy. En este trabajo se ha investigado la predicción de parámetros de calidad de aceitunas y de aceite de oliva virgen mediante medidas directas en el fruto de espectrometría de infrarrojo cercano (NIRS), evaluándose la utilidad de un espectrómetro portátil. Se han desarrollado respectivamente modelos predictivos y calibraciones utilizando como análisis de referencia tanto la extracción de aceitunas individualmente con hexano-isopropanol, como la extracción de pasta de aceituna mediante Soxhlet. Los parámetros analizados fueron: acidez libre del aceite, rendimiento de la extracción física de aceite, contenido de aceite referido a peso fresco, contenido de aceite referido a materia seca y humedad del fruto. Los resultados indican un buen potencial de predicción mediante ambos métodos y alientan al perfeccionamiento de los modelos obtenidos mediante la ampliación de las calibraciones. Los modelos predictivos de la humedad del fruto mostraron una alta precisión.
Deforestación y fragmentación de bosques tropicales montanos en los Altos de Chiapas, México. Efectos sobre la diversidad de árboles
L. Cayuela
Ecosistemas , 2006,
Selección de áreas relevantes para la conservación de la biodiversidad
I. Razola,J.M. Rey,E. de la Monta?a,L. Cayuela
Ecosistemas , 2006,
Abstract: La alarmante pérdida de biodiversidad a la que asistimos desde hace algunas décadas exige el desarrollo de estrategias de conservación eficaces. Como la conservación es generalmente costosa y los recursos existentes limitados, resulta fundamental el establecimiento de prioridades para optimizar la relación entre beneficios y costes. La identificación de áreas relevantes de biodiversidad a distintas escalas del territorio puede ser uno de los criterios utilizados, aunque no el único, para la priorización de áreas para la conservación. El fin último puede ser el de completar la red de áreas protegidas, identificar los impactos potenciales de obras civiles y proponer acciones para mitigarlos o priorizar actuaciones de restauración ecológica. En este artículo explicamos los resultados de cuatro casos de estudio. Tres de ellos se refieren a especies de vertebrados de la Península Ibérica y Baleares y de Castilla‐La Mancha, y utilizan un índice combinado de diversidad que sintetiza las características de riqueza, rareza y vulnerabilidad de las especies. El cuarto se refiere a la diversidad de árboles en un paisaje tropical montano en Los Altos de Chiapas (México), y utiliza una combinación de modelos predictivos de la diversidad α y la complementariedad de las comunidades de bosque (diversidad β) para establecer áreas prioritarias para la conservación
Biochar increases soil N2O emissions produced by nitrification-mediated pathways
María Sánchez-García,Asunción Roig,Miguel A. Sanchez-Monedero,Maria Luz Cayuela
Frontiers in Environmental Science , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fenvs.2014.00025
Abstract: In spite of the numerous studies reporting a decrease in soil nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions after biochar amendment, there is still a lack of understanding of the processes involved. Hence the subject remains controversial, with a number of studies showing no changes or even an increase in N2O emissions after biochar soil application. Unraveling the exact causes of these changes, and in which circumstances biochar decreases or increases emissions, is vital to developing and applying successful mitigation strategies. With this objective, we studied two soils (Haplic Phaeozem (HP) and Haplic Calcisol (HC)), which showed opposed responses to biochar amendment. Under the same experimental conditions, the addition of biochar to soil HP decreased N2O emissions by 76%; whereas it increased emissions by 54% in soil HC. We combined microcosm experiments adding different nitrogen fertilizers, stable isotope techniques and the use of a nitrification inhibitor (dicyciandiamide) with the aim of improving our understanding of the mechanisms involved in the formation of N2O in these two soils. Evidence suggests that denitrification is the main pathway leading to N2O emissions in soil HP, and ammonia oxidation and nitrifier-denitrification being the major processes generating N2O in soil HC. Biochar systematically stimulated nitrification in soil HC, which was probably the cause of the increased N2O emissions. Here we demonstrate that the effectiveness of using biochar for reducing N2O emissions from a particular soil is linked to its dominant N2O formation pathway.
Modelo predictivo de cáncer de próstata en pacientes con indicación de biopsia
Medina López,R.A.; Barrero Candau,R.; Morales López,A.; Sánchez Gómez,E.; Cayuela,A.; Pascual del Pobil Moreno,J.L.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2003, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062003000500005
Abstract: objetive: attemp to determine the probability of developing prostate carcinoma taking ento acc age, digital rectal examination and psa once a transrectal biopsy has been indicated, so that both doctors and patients have mor information to face such pathology. material and methods: retrospective study of 633 biopsies, takin ento acc the patient`s age, digital rectal examination, psa level and histology. the data were included in a database created with access and were put a logistic regression by meens the softwere programe spss. results: once the biopsy is indicated, digital rectal examination is the parameter offesing a higher discriminatory valuer with an odd ratio of 5.9 (ci 95%, 3.9-8.9). the mathematical model obtenned shows a sensitivity level of 57% and a level of specificity of 84%. pre-test probability is 36%, the probability post-test incresang up to 70%, and a negative predictive value of 77% and a positive predictive value of 67%. conclusions: the mathematical model obtained individually determines the probability of suffeng from prostatic carcinoma. moreover, using this model the probabilities obtained re more precise than those derived from the fact of fulfilling the criteria for a prostatic biopsy. once a biopsy is indicated, the rectal examination becomes the parameter with a higher predictive value of pc, irrespective of psa and age. the ppv of the model is higher than of the psa or the digital recta examination used separately.
Análisis de las neoplasias renales en adultos menores de 40 a?os
Argüelles Salido,E.; Medina López,R.A.; Congregado Ruiz,C.B.; Cayuela Domínguez,A.; Pascual del Pobil Moreno,J.L.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2004, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062004000500001
Abstract: objectives: to analyze within our sample population the number of patients under 40 receiving surgery as a result of renal neoplasm; to describe the characteristics of these patients and compare them with those of adult patients over 40. patients and methods: we have revised the clinical history of the 379 patients with renal neoplasm who have undergone surgery in our service from january 1986 through june 2003. patients were divided into two groups. group i, formed by 36 subjects (9.5%) ≤ 40. group ii includes 343 patients (90.5%) over 40. data were included in a database created using the software programme access and were subsequently analysed using the statistical package spss. a descriptive analysis was performed and life expectancy was calculated for both groups using the kaplan-meier survival curve. results: 7.3% of the total number of renal cell carcinomas included in our series occurs in patients of or under 40. no significant differences have been observed as regards the distribution per sexes, laterality, size, incidental occurrence, clinical symptoms, anatomopathology, staging or surgical technique employed. however, we have observed differences as regards cancer-specific survival rate after 5 years, being 94.74% in the case of group i and 68.64% in group ii (log-rank 0.0338). conclusions: the number of patients ≤ 40 undergoing surgery as a result of renal cell carcinoma in the sample under study matches other series already published. no statistically significant difference has been observed as regards staging among patients under and over 40. differences do exist as regards cancer-specific survival rate. in the case of our patients, irrespective of the age group to which they were ascribed, it is more common to diagnose a renal neoplasm incidentally than through the clinical manifestations.
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