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Changes in Gene Expression in Needles and Stems of Pinus radiata Rootstock Plants of Different Ontogenic Age  [PDF]
Carolina Alvarez, Luis Valledor, Patricia Sáez, Rodrigo Hasbún, Manuel Sánchez-Olate, María Jesús Caal, Darcy Ríos
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2016.78116
Abstract: A major problem in forest clonal productivity is the loss of morphogenetic capability with the increasing age of plants. However, despite of the importance of loss of morphogenetic competence, very little research has been done about the underlying mechanisms involved in this process. For this reason, a gene expression analysis using dot blot technique was performed in needles and stems of 1- and 3-year old Pinus radiata rootstock plants with a proved decrease in morphogenetic competence. Needles of one year old rootstock plants showed a higher number of up-regulated in genes mainly corresponding to photosynthesis and protein synthesis, degradation and modification, reflecting a higher number of active pathways in younger hedges, contrary to the older ones. Gene expression profiles found in stems are in agreement with those found in needles, indicating more active pathways in younger rootstock plants than in older ones. Several transcripts regulating transcription and translation were up-regulated in young competent tissues. Three-year-old stems presented an increase in the expression of an ethylene response factor, involved in plant organ senescence, indicating that pathways involved in senescence and ageing might inhibit the adventitious root formation, as in the older cuttings.
Calidad y visibilidad de las revistas científicas: el caso de PNA
Molina, Marta,Gómez, Pedro,Ca?adas, María C.,Gallardo, Jesús
Revista Espa?ola de Documentación Científica , 2011,
Abstract: The international dissemination of quality research constitutes one of the main challenges for editorial boards of scientific publications. Among these is PNA, a Spanish journal on mathematics education research. In this paper we present insights on this issue from our experience as members of the PNA editorial board. By describing the process followed for giving international visibility to the journal and for guaranteeing its scientific quality, we aim to provide some operative points of reference to be used in new projects intending to disseminate quality research production. La difusión internacional de la investigación de calidad constituye uno de los principales retos al que se enfrentan los consejos editoriales de las publicaciones científicas. Entre ellas se encuentra PNA, una revista espa ola especializada en investigación en Educación Matemática. En este trabajo presentamos una refl exión sobre esta problemática desde nuestra experiencia como integrantes del consejo editorial de PNA. Con la descripción del proceso seguido para dar visibilidad internacional a la revista y garantizar su calidad científica, aspiramos aportar algunos referentes operativos de utilidad para aquellas iniciativas recientes que buscan difundir la producción investigadora de calidad.
Improving the Advantages of Single Port in Right Hemicolectomy: Analysis of the Results of Pure Transumbilical Approach with Intracorporeal Anastomosis
Salvador Morales-Conde,Antonio Barranco,María Socas,Cristina Méndez,Isaias Alarcón,Jesús Ca?ete,Francisco J. Padillo
Minimally Invasive Surgery , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/874172
Abstract: Background. Single-port laparoscopic surgery has recently emerged as a method to improve patient recovery and cosmetic benefits of laparoscopic surgery. The evolution of our technique has led us to move from a periumbilical incision to a transumbilical one, avoiding the use of drain and maintaining a pure single-port approach with intracorporeal anastomosis in order to maintain the incision as smaller as possible. Method. We report a prospective clinical analysis of our first 38 patients. Oncological surgical steps were followed as during the standard laparoscopic approach, performing the anastomosis intracorporeally in all cases. Results. Mean age of 68,39 years old and an average BMI of 27,88%. (range 19,81–41,5). Most lesions were adenocarcinoma (65,8%), while the remaining were polyps (31,5%) and one a mucocele of the appendix. We moved from a periumbilical incision, initial 14 cases, into a transumbilical one, (medium size of the incision 3,25?cm). Average surgical time was 117,42 minutes. Drains was only used in our first 3 cases. Mean hospital stay was 5,2 days, (86,5% stayed less than 5 days). Total morbidity was 13%. Histological exams of the specimens showed that the oncological criteria were preserved. Conclusions. Single-port right hemicolectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis is feasible and safe. The advantages of a total intracorporeal anastomosis include that there is no need to enlarge the umbilical incision and avoid traction of the pedicle of the mesenterium of the transverse colon during the extracorporeal anastomosis. A transumbilical incision offers better cosmetic results, and the use of drains can be avoided, which increase, patient’s satisfaction. 1. Introduction Laparoscopic surgery for carcinoma of the colon is a feasible technique as short- and long-term results show. This technique is as safe and effective as the open approach [1, 2]. The development of minimally invasive surgical techniques tries to search for new methods and approaches to improve cosmetic results, reduce postoperative pain, and minimize possible complications associated to laparoscopic approach, trying at the same time to preserve the oncological results so far obtained with the standard laparoscopic procedures. New approaches, such as NOTES and single-port access surgery, are being developed in the field of minimally invasive surgery. In fact, single-port access surgery is becoming accepted in some laparoscopic procedures such as cholecystectomy [3, 4], nephrectomy [5], appendectomies [6], adrenalectomies [7], splenectomies [8], bariatric procedures [9],
Gallbladder leiomyoma in absence of immune system disorders: an unusual diagnosis Leiomioma de vesícula biliar en ausencia de patología del sistema inmune: un diagnóstico inusual
Juan José Segura-Sampedro,José María álamo-Martínez,Jesús Ca?ete-Gómez,Gonzalo Suárez-Artacho
Revista Espa?ola de Enfermedades Digestivas , 2012,
Abstract: Mesenchymal neoplasms of the gallbladder are rare and in particular leiomyomas of the gallbladder have been rarely reported, all of them in patients with immune system disorders. This is the first report in Spanish of a 23-year-old female patient with a gallbladder leiomyoma without associated immunodeficiency. The patient lacks a previous history of uterine leiomyoma or any other form of neoplasm. She refers several episodes of epygastralgia. A hydatic cyst led to an initial diagnosis and the gallbladder was removed by means of simple cholecystectomy. The abnormal macroscopic aspect of the sample prompted intraoperative biopsy which revealed a benign gallbladder angiomyoma. Subsequent immunohistochemical analysis of the resected sample yielded the diagnosis of intramural endocavitary leiomyoma negative for EBV and C-kit / CD-117. The patient has good general condition and remains asymptomatic 15 months after surgery. Las neoplasias mesenquimales de vesícula biliar son una patología muy poco frecuente, concretamente, son muy pocos los casos descritos de leiomioma de vesícula biliar y todos ellos diagnosticados en pacientes con enfermedades del sistema inmunitario. Se describe por primera vez en la literatura en lengua espa ola el caso de un leiomioma vesicular en una mujer de 23 a os sin compromiso inmunitario alguno. La paciente carece de historia de leiomioma uterino o cualquier otra neoplasia. Presenta una historia de epigastralgias de evolución. Se formuló un primer diagnóstico guiado por imagen de quiste hidatídico. La vesícula fue extirpada mediante colecistectomía simple. El aspecto macroscópico anormal motivó una biopsia intraoperatoria que fue informada como angiomioma vesicular benigno. El posterior estudio inmunohistoquímico de la pieza arrojó el diagnóstico de leiomioma intramural y endocavitario negativo para VEB y C-Kit / CD-117. La paciente presenta buen estado general y permanece asintomática 15 meses después de la cirugía.
Progastrin Represses the Alternative Activation of Human Macrophages and Modulates Their Influence on Colon Cancer Epithelial Cells
Carlos Hernández, María Dolores Barrachina, Jesús Cosín-Roger, Dolores Ortiz-Masiá, ángeles álvarez, Liria Terrádez, María Jesús Nicolau, Rafael Alós, Juan Vicente Esplugues, Sara Calatayud
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098458
Abstract: Macrophage infiltration is a negative prognostic factor for most cancers but gastrointestinal tumors seem to be an exception. The effect of macrophages on cancer progression depends on their phenotype, which may vary between M1 (pro-inflammatory, defensive) to M2 (tolerogenic, pro-tumoral). Gastrointestinal cancers often become an ectopic source of gastrins and macrophages present receptors for these peptides. The aim of the present study is to analyze whether gastrins can affect the pattern of macrophage infiltration in colorectal tumors. We have evaluated the relationship between gastrin expression and the pattern of macrophage infiltration in samples from colorectal cancer and the influence of these peptides on the phenotype of macrophages differentiated from human peripheral monocytes in vitro. The total number of macrophages (CD68+ cells) was similar in tumoral and normal surrounding tissue, but the number of M2 macrophages (CD206+ cells) was significantly higher in the tumor. However, the number of these tumor-associated M2 macrophages correlated negatively with the immunoreactivity for gastrin peptides in tumor epithelial cells. Macrophages differentiated from human peripheral monocytes in the presence of progastrin showed lower levels of M2-markers (CD206, IL10) with normal amounts of M1-markers (CD86, IL12). Progastrin induced similar effects in mature macrophages treated with IL4 to obtain a M2-phenotype or with LPS plus IFNγ to generate M1-macrophages. Macrophages differentiated in the presence of progastrin presented a reduced expression of Wnt ligands and decreased the number and increased cell death of co-cultured colorectal cancer epithelial cells. Our results suggest that progastrin inhibits the acquisition of a M2-phenotype in human macrophages. This effect exerted on tumor associated macrophages may modulate cancer progression and should be taken into account when analyzing the therapeutic value of gastrin immunoneutralization.
Identification of a GCC transcription factor responding to fruit colour change events in citrus through the transcriptomic analyses of two mutants
Gabino Ríos, Miguel A Naranjo, María-Jesús Rodrigo, Enriqueta Alós, Lorenzo Zacarías, Manuel Cercós, Manuel Talón
BMC Plant Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-10-276
Abstract: Pigment analyses revealed different profiles of carotenoid and chlorophyll modification in 39B3 and 39E7 mutants. Flavedo from 39B3 fruits showed an overall delay in carotenoid accumulation and chlorophyll degradation, while the flavedo of 39E7 was devoid of the apocarotenoid β-citraurin among other carotenoid alterations. A Citrus microarray containing about 20,000 cDNA fragments was used to identify genes that were differentially expressed during colour change in the flavedo of 39B3 and 39E7 mutants respect to the parental variety. The results highlighted 73 and 90 genes that were respectively up- and down-regulated in both mutants. CcGCC1 gene, coding for a GCC type transcriptional factor, was found to be down-regulated. CcGCC1 expression was strongly induced at the onset of colour change in the flavedo of parental clementine fruit. Moreover, treatment of fruits with gibberellins, a retardant of external ripening, delayed both colour break and CcGCC1 overexpression.In this work, the citrus fruit ripening mutants 39B3 and 39E7 have been characterized at the phenotypic, biochemical and transcriptomic level. A defective synthesis of the apocarotenoid β-citraurin has been proposed to cause the yellowish colour of fully ripe 39E7 flavedo. The analyses of the mutant transcriptomes revealed that colour change during peel ripening was strongly associated with a major mobilization of mineral elements and with other previously known metabolic and photosynthetic changes. The expression of CcGCC1 was associated with peel ripening since CcGCC1 down-regulation correlated with a delay in colour break induced by genetic, developmental and hormonal causes.Citrus trees produce non-climacteric hesperidium fruits with outstanding agricultural and economic relevance. At the morphological level, citrus fruits consist of an inner edible flesh (endocarp), an intermediate spongy layer (albedo or mesocarp) and an external coloured peel containing pigments and essential oils (flavedo or ep
Martínez-H,Neis José; Ca?as-M,Lidis María; Rangel-A,Jorge Luis; Blanco-R,Orlando; Mendoza-P,Jesús David; Cohen-B,Sandra;
Boletín Científico. Centro de Museos. Museo de Historia Natural , 2010,
Abstract: the richness and abundance of coprophagous beetles (scarabaeinae) in las delicias natural reserve (dnr), snsm, colombia was determined in this study. two sampling locations with different intervention degrees were selected. this first is located at latitude between 400 and 500 m.a.s.l. and the second at 200 m. four samplings were carried out between april and july, 2008. a transect with ten 40m separate pitfall traps baited with human excrement was installed in each location during 24 hours. 4,929 individuals were captured distributed in five tribes and 18 species, being dichotomius belus the predominant one with 1,284 individuals (26% out of the total.) the greatest richness (16), diversity (n1 = 7,683 y n2 = 6,515) and pielou equitability (j' = 0.8206) were present in june, and the greatest abundance (1,036) in the second location in july. the anosim test showed significant differences between the sampling periods (r = 1; p = 0.036.) the number of species observed correspond between 98% and 100% to the species expected by the ice and chao 2. the results of this study show that rainfall and the availability of resources are important factors to explain the changes in the richness and abundance of the scarabaeinae fauna in the bs-t in the dnr.
The NMR Structure of Human Obestatin in Membrane-Like Environments: Insights into the Structure-Bioactivity Relationship of Obestatin
Bego?a O. Alén, Lidia Nieto, Uxía Gurriarán-Rodríguez, Carlos S. Mosteiro, Juan C. álvarez-Pérez, María Otero-Alén, Jesús P. Cami?a, Rosalía Gallego, Tomás García-Caballero, Manuel Martín-Pastor, Felipe F. Casanueva, Jesús Jiménez-Barbero, Yolanda Pazos
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045434
Abstract: The quest for therapeutic applications of obestatin involves, as a first step, the determination of its 3D solution structure and the relationship between this structure and the biological activity of obestatin. On this basis, we have employed a combination of circular dichroism (CD), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, and modeling techniques to determine the solution structure of human obestatin (1). Other analogues, including human non-amidated obestatin (2) and the fragment peptides (6–23)-obestatin (3), (11–23)-obestatin (4), and (16–23)-obestatin (5) have also been scrutinized. These studies have been performed in a micellar environment to mimic the cell membrane (sodium dodecyl sulfate, SDS). Furthermore, structural-activity relationship studies have been performed by assessing the in vitro proliferative capabilities of these peptides in the human retinal pigmented epithelial cell line ARPE-19 (ERK1/2 and Akt phosphorylation, Ki67 expression, and cellular proliferation). Our findings emphasize the importance of both the primary structure (composition and size) and particular segments of the obestatin molecule that posses significant α-helical characteristics. Additionally, details of a species-specific role for obestatin have also been hypothesized by comparing human and mouse obestatins (1 and 6, respectively) at both the structural and bioactivity levels.
Screening antibiotics: industrial research by CEPA and Merck in the 1950s
Santesmases,María Jesús;
Dynamis , 2011, DOI: 10.4321/S0211-95362011000200008
Abstract: this article is an account of a screening programme in search of new antibiotics established by cepa (compa?ia espa?ola de penicilinas y antibióticos) and merck in madrid in 1954. an exploration of the genealogy for such a programme, its narratives and practices, shows that the main inspiration for this programme was the factory system of production, on the one hand, and selman waksman's research agenda on microorganisms of the soil, on the other. in this article, the relationship between industrial production of antibiotics and the research program aimed at identifying new candidate drugs is examined. i suggest that this screening program in search of new antibiotics was organised like industrial manufacturing. the research objects and tools came, both materially and conceptually, from industrial production: a line of artisanship put together in order to obtain a product with the collaboration of every member of the production line. following the style developed by selman waksman in rutgers, the screening program evaluated samples manually, and the microbiological skills were enhanced with every test. the madrid team's practice of applying instructions for use led to circulation of knowledge and practices, including research material and microbiological methods.
From prophylaxis to atomic cocktail: Circulation of radioiodine
Santesmases,María Jesús;
Dynamis , 2009, DOI: 10.4321/S0211-95362009000100015
Abstract: this paper is a history of iodine. to trace the trajectory of this element, goiter is used as a guideline for the articulation of a historical account, as a representation of thyroid disorders and of the spaces of knowledge and practices related to iodine. iodine's journey from goiter treatment and prophylaxis in the late interwar period took on a new course after wwii by including the element's radioactive isotopes. i intend to show how the introduction of radioiodine contributed to stabilize the epistemic role of iodine, in both its non-radioactive and radioactive form, in thyroid gland studies and in the treatment of its disorders.
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