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A Di-D-Fructose Dianhydride-Enriched Caramel Modulates Pig Fecal Microbiota Composition  [PDF]
Luis A. Rubio, María Jesús Peinado, Ana Echávarri, Raquel Ruiz, Elena Suárez-Pereira, Carmen Ortiz Mellet, José M. García Fernández
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2014.45031

A correlation has been previously described between bifidobacteria counts before and after the use of a dietary additive in human studies. However, to our knowledge no information on this topic has yet been reported in animals, and no information exists either on similar possible correlations of bacterial groups other than bifidobacteria. The potential prebiotic effects of di-D-fructose dianhydride (DFA)-enriched caramels have been previously reported in laboratory animals, poultry and pigs. In the present work, twelve growing male castrated pigs (41.8 ± 1.9 kg mean BW) were fed in succession on a control (no additive) or DFA-enriched caramel (20 g/kg) containing diets. Another group of 10 pigs (38.0 ± 3.7 kg mean BW) fed on a control diet without any additive was used as negative control. Bacterial log10 number of copies of the 16S rRNA gene was determined in fecal samples by using qPCR. Increased (P< 0.05) lactobacilli,Clostridium coccoides/Eu-bacterium rectaleand bacteroides group log10 number of copies were determined in fecal samples of pigs fed on the caramel containing diet compared with non-caramel controls. In addition, for all bacterial groups studied microbiological values co-variated with initial counts and, except for enterobacteria, variations in the fecal bacterial numbers after caramel supplementation correlated (P< 0.05) with the fecal numbers before supplementation. In conclusion, the supplementation of pig diets with DFA-enriched caramels induced significant increases in the fecal number of copies of bacterial groups regarded as beneficial, and variations in the fecal number of copies correlated with the initial fecal number of copies.

Un acercamiento teórico a la modelación del transporte de solutos en el suelo. Primera Parte
Alonso González,María T; López Seijas,Teresa; Ruiz,María Elena;
Revista Ciencias T??cnicas Agropecuarias , 2010,
Abstract: at the present time exist great variety of models able to help in the interpretation of the processes of water and solute transport in the agriculture. presently work theoretical focuses are exposed that base the transport of pollutants in soils, which are indispensable for the understanding and implementation of tools that allow an efficient approach to the complex reality of the system water-plant-soil. in this first part leaves the interactions of the solutes within the profile of soil, specifically the transport with and without molecular diffusion. as well as, the mathematical pattern of the displacement in r epresentative elementary volume , making use of studies summarized by pfannkuch in 1962. in which it related the value of d a to the peclet number of molecular diffusion. this way gived the bases to open the angular stone of the solute transport in porous media, the commonly well-known equation of convection-dispersion.
La actividad de modelización en el ámbito de las relaciones espaciales en la Educación Infantil
Luisa Ruiz Higueras,Francisco Javier García García,Elena María Lendínez Mu?oz
Edma 0-6 : Educación Matemática en la Infancia , 2013,
Abstract: En este trabajo mostraremos, en primer lugar, cómo el sistema de ense anza no asume, en general, el desarrollo de las competencias necesarias para generar los conocimientos espaciales que todo ciudadano precisa para la vida diaria. En segundo lugar, esbozamos las diferencias existentes entre los conocimientos espaciales y los conocimientos geométricos, atendiendo a la génesis, el vocabulario, la organización de los conocimientos y la naturaleza de la validación. En tercer lugar, describimos la actividad modelización del espacio de forma analógica y geométrica, mostrando que, tanto una como otra, permiten establecer conexiones justificadas entre dos mundos: el mundo sensible y un modelo del mismo, cuyo régimen simbólico está dotado de reglas internas con muy distintos niveles de formalización. Por último, presentamos un conjunto de situaciones cuyo objetivo es que los alumnos de educación infantil realicen una actividad matemática de modelización espacio-analógica e incluso lleguen a aproximarse a la modelización geométrica.Modeling activity in the field of spatial relations in Early Childhood Education. In this paper we will show, first of all, how the educational system does not take charge of the teaching of the spatial competencies every citizen needs for its daily life. Secondly, we will outline differences between spatial knowledge and geometric knowledge, according to their genesis, vocabulary, structure and validation. Thirdly, we describe the analogic and geometrical modeling activity of space, showing that both allow connections between two worlds: the sensitive world and a model of this. Both worlds include different internal rules, with different formalization levels. Finally, we introduce a collection of didactic situations for preschool. The aim of these situations is to get pupils involved in an analogic modeling activity of space, and even a first approach to geometric modeling.
Brida intestinal congénita
Crespo Campos,Angelicia; Sarmiento Portal,Yanett; Portal Miranda,María Elena; Pilo?a Ruiz,Sergio;
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 2009,
Abstract: congenital obstruction of digestive tract is one of the more frequent neonatal surgical pathologies. authors present the case of a newborn that at 30 hrs of life, even without meconium evacuation, had bilious vomiting, abdominal distention, irritability, and decrease of hydro-aerial bruits. after a combined assessment with other specialties and the corresponding studies, we decided to perform an emergence surgical intervention. a congenital bridle was found at level of terminal ileum with an elbowed intestine allowing the incomplete passage of fecal content. the course was satisfactory without complications and discharged at 17 days. authors offer an updating review on matter including photographies of the case.
Impacto de la duración de la psicosis no tratada (DPNT) en el curso y pronóstico de la esquizofrenia
García, Isis;Fresán, Ana;Medina-Mora, María Elena;Ruiz, Gabriela Mariana;
Salud mental , 2008,
Abstract: the duration of untreated psychosis (dup), defined as the period of time between the onset of psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions, and the first effective treatment, has been associated to prognosis of schizophrenia. it has been demonstrated that although psychotic symptoms are initially detected by relatives of patients with schizophrenia, they take a long time to seek specialized attention, which in turn leads to a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder. schizophrenia has been considered by the world health organization as a public health problem and has been placed as the ninth cause of incapacity in the world. thus, dup represents part of this public health problem. in mexico, the average dup lasts 64 weeks, which is very similar to the average observed in other countries, where the mean dup in psychotic patients varies between one and two years. one of the main reasons of a prolonged dup is that patients and their families first assist with a general practitioner which, in many cases, does not perform an adequate diagnosis with the subsequent referral to a psychiatric facility, and the treatment given for the patient is based on sedative medication. this is also mexico's case, where seeking help primarily involves religious groups, with very few referrals to psychiatric facilities and with inadequate treatment support, which delays care in specialized services. it has been established that early treatment is related to a better prognosis and outcome, while treatment delay has been related to a longer time to achieve symptom remission. these results support the hypothesis that the presence of psychotic symptoms for a long period of time may predispose to biological damage, which may in turn lead to predominant negative symptoms and severe cognitive deficits after the first psychotic episode. also, some studies have found that a longer dup is related to a more insidious illness onset, frequent relapses and psychiatric hospitaliz
Impacto de la duración de la psicosis no tratada (DPNT) en el curso y pronóstico de la esquizofrenia
Isis García,Ana Fresán,María Elena Medina-Mora,Gabriela Mariana Ruiz
Salud mental , 2008,
Abstract: La duración de la psicosis no tratada (DPNT), definida como el período de tiempo entre la aparición de los síntomas psicóticos y el inicio de un tratamiento adecuado, está asociada al pronóstico de la esquizofrenia, enfermedad que ha sido considerada por la Organización Mundial de la Salud, como un problema de salud pública. El atraso en la búsqueda de tratamiento especializado conlleva a un retraso en el diagnóstico y tratamiento adecuados de la enfermedad. En México, el promedio de la DPNT es de 64 semanas, siendo éste similar al reportado en otros países, donde la media varía entre uno y dos a os. Se ha comprobado que el retraso en el tratamiento adecuado del padecimiento está relacionado con un pobre pronóstico, lo cual apoya la hipótesis de que la presencia de síntomas psicóticos durante un largo período de tiempo puede predisponer a un da o biológico, generando así un predominio de síntomas negativos y mayores déficit cognitivos después del primer episodio psicótico. Además, se ha encontrado que una DPNT larga se relaciona con un inicio insidioso de la enfermedad, mayor número de recaídas y rehospitalizaciones psiquiátricas durante el curso de la enfermedad, además de una pobre respuesta al tratamiento farmacológico con antipsicóticos...
Brida intestinal congénita Congenital bridle present in intestines
Angelicia Crespo Campos,Yanett Sarmiento Portal,María Elena Portal Miranda,Sergio Pilo?a Ruiz
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 2009,
Abstract: La obstrucción congénita del tubo digestivo es una de las patologías quirúrgicas neonatales más frecuentes. Se presenta el caso de un recién nacido que, a las 30 h de vida, aún sin evacuar meconio, comenzó con vómitos biliosos, distensión abdominal, irritabilidad y disminución de los ruidos hidroaéreos. Tras valoración conjunta con otras especialidades y los estudios correspondientes, se decidió la intervención quirúrgica de urgencia. Se encontró brida congénita a nivel del íleon terminal que acodaba el intestino y permitía el paso incompleto del contenido fecal. La evolución fue satisfactoria, sin complicaciones, y se dio el alta a los 17 días. Se ofrece una revisión actualizada sobre el tema y se incluyen fotografías del caso. Congenital obstruction of digestive tract is one of the more frequent neonatal surgical pathologies. Authors present the case of a newborn that at 30 hrs of life, even without meconium evacuation, had bilious vomiting, abdominal distention, irritability, and decrease of hydro-aerial bruits. After a combined assessment with other specialties and the corresponding studies, we decided to perform an emergence surgical intervention. A congenital bridle was found at level of terminal ileum with an elbowed intestine allowing the incomplete passage of fecal content. The course was satisfactory without complications and discharged at 17 days. Authors offer an updating review on matter including photographies of the case.
Relación de algunos correlatos biológicos y demográficos con la práctica físico-deportiva en estudiantes universitarios. El caso de la Universidad de Guadalajara, México. (Relationship between some biological and demographics factors with physical-sport practice in college students. A case study of Guadalajara University, Mexico.)
Gabriel Flores Allende,Francisco Ruiz Juan,María Elena García Montes
RICYDE : Revista Internacional de Ciencias del Deporte , 2009,
Abstract: Resumen La práctica físico-deportiva de tiempo libre de los jóvenes universitarios, no se ajustan suficientemente a las recomendaciones de un estilo de vida activo que sea favorable para su salud. Los estudios coinciden que algunos correlatos biológicos y demográficos, asocian en la adherencia y continuidad de participación de los jóvenes, en el ejercicio físico y el deporte. Sugieren su identificación para desarrollar y facilitar eficaces intervenciones, con adecuados programas que fomenten la participación de los sujetos. Los estudiantes de Educación Superior de la Universidad de Guadalajara, México (n = 1.207), fueron seleccionados para llevar a cabo el estudio. Haciendo uso del cuestionario, se valoró que sectores de la población realizan práctica, los que habiendo sido activos han dejado de serlo, y los que nunca han participado en su tiempo libre. Entre los principales resultados, destacar que poco más de la mitad de los jóvenes son practicantes, siendo más probables los hombres respecto a las mujeres, siendo estas más factibles al abandono y no haber participado nunca en la práctica. Descartando asociaciones entre la actividad físico-deportiva con la edad, el sobrepeso-obesidad (IMC) y lesiones o días de enfermedad, en esta población. Resultando provechoso para evitar el fracaso en el dise o de programas y promover, los beneficios saludables que permite la actividad física y el deporte. Palabras clave: factores biológicos y demográficos; práctica físico-deportiva; estudiantes universitarios. Abstract Leisure-time physical - sports practice of college students, does not adjust sufficiently to the recommendations of an active lifestyle that enhance their health. The studies coincide that some biological and demographic factors, associated in the adherence and continuity of participation of college students, in the physical exercise and the sport. They suggest their identification to develop and to facilitate effective interventions, with suitable programs that foment the participation of the subjects. College students of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico (n = 1.207), were selected to carry out the study. Using the questionnaire, there were valued the sectors of the population that realize practice, which having been active it have stopped being, and those who have never joined leisure time physical activity. Between the principal results, to emphasize that little more than the half of college students join leisure time physical activity, being more probable the men with regard to the women, being these more feasible to the retire and to never h
Sesgos de género en el lenguaje de los cuestionarios de la Encuesta Nacional de Salud 2003
Ruiz-Cantero,María Teresa; Simón-Rodríguez,Elena; Papí-Gálvez,Natalia;
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112006000200013
Abstract: to identify possible gender bias in the language of the adults' and children's questionnaires of the spanish national health survey, 2003, its style and language was analyzed for inaccurate generalizations, inequalities due to the use of terms that reflect social stereotypes and hide unequal social roles, and grammatical gender disagreement. both questionnaires show language bias, mainly lexical, as they use masculine singular nouns to refer to all individuals (for example, carer, employer, worker, doctor, interviewer, interviewee). gender stereotypes are reinforced by the use of the term ?carer?, referring to women, and by examples of jobs traditionally done by men. equally, specific sex denomination for relatives in the same category such as brother/sister is lacking, despite the distinct social roles played by women and men. in conclusion, women are less visible than men in the spanish national health survey, 2003. this study could contribute to the identification and elimination of gender bias in the language of other questionnaires.
Compresibility and sinterability of HCx PM steel diluted with stainless steels
Gordo, Elena;Khattab, Nermein Hamid;Ruiz-Navas, Elisa María;
Materials Research , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392003000400008
Abstract: hcx powder metallurgy steel contains in its composition high contents of cr and c, and significant quantities of alloy elements typical of tool steels (mo, v, w), to provide the corrosion resistance of stainless steel with wear resistance of tool steels. hcx appears to be a suitable material for applications in aggressive environments, as valve seat inserts in automotive engines. however, this steel presents a low compressibility leading to high production costs. in this work, some results carried out to improve the compressibility of hcx are presented. the way to attempt this improvement is the dilution of base material with two stainless steels, the ferritic 430lhc and the austenitic 316l. the powder mixes prepared were uniaxially pressed to study the compressibility. the sinterability was study by determining of density, hardness, transverse rupture strength (trs) and microstructural evolution after vacuum sintering at different temperatures. as a result, better compressibility is observed in the mixes although not all of them present the properties required.
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