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The Efficacy of Ferumoxytol in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: A Short Scientific Report  [PDF]
Sayed Husain, Hani Judeh, Manaf Alroumoh, Farhana Yousaf, Prince Mohan, Ahla Husain, Chaim Charytan, Bruce Spinowitz
Open Journal of Nephrology (OJNeph) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojneph.2014.42014

One of the major elements contributing to anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients is iron deficiency. Iron supplementation in oral form is often not tolerated and ineffectively absorbed. Intravenous (IV) infusion is time consuming and is inconvenient in Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients self-treating at home. A new preparation of iron, ferumoxytol, is a carbohydrate-coated, paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle, which can be administered as a bolus intravenous injection, allowing the PD patient to more easily comply with current IV iron dosing regimens. Few studies have been done to evaluate the efficacy of ferumoxytol in PD population. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of peritoneal dialysis patients who received at least one dose of ferumoxytol between January 2010 and August 2010 and observed that 17 patients showed an improvement in hemoglobin (Hb) to 1 gm/dl within a month of treatment along with a decrease in epoetin dosage in subsequent weeks.

Studi Transformasi Fasa Sistem Besi Karbon dengan Pengamatan Thermal Diferensial
Pontas Sialagan,Azwar Manaf
Makara Seri Sains , 2002,
Abstract: Phase Transformation Studies of Fe-C System with Differential Thermal Analyzer: Phase transformation studies for ironcarbon (Fe-C) system have been done by means of Differential Thermal Analyzer, DTA. Fe-C samples of nominal compositions for respectively low carbon containing alloy (0.1 wt.%), hypo eutectoid (0.4 wt.%), and eutectoid (0.8 wt.%) were prepared by powder metallurgy process using pure Fe and C powder materials (>99 %) as the feed stock. Measurement by DTA in the temperature range 25 oC–1100 oC for the samples indicated that there are two endothermic temperatures transition in pure Fe sample respectively at 773.8 oC associated with phase transformation of ferromagnetic (α) to paramagnetic (β) and at 930oC due to a phase transformation of β-ferrite to austenite (γ). The two transition temperature was also consistently observed in all Fe-C samples but with one additional temperature transition at about 753 oC associated with a phase transformation of pearlite to austenite. Data of heat change measurement in the temperature range 25 oC-1100 oC were subsequently used for determination of heat capacity, Cp for the Fe-C samples as the function of T. Cp (T) curves when fi tted by polynomial regression have resulted in regression coeffi cients between 0.8 and 1.0.
Keupayaan Pendekatan Institusi Dalam Menghurai Puncapunca Tanah Pertanian Terbiar Di Daerah Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
Azima Binti Abdul Manaf
e-BANGI : Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities , 2007,
Abstract: This research examined the explanatory power of institutional perspectives with regard to the causes of and solutions for idle agriculture land in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. There are several causes of agriculture idle land that can be classified into formal written and informal unwritten sources. According to the institutional perspective, formal institutions affect actors’ behaviour. Therefore, a study on formal institutions enables us to identify the way in which actors are willing to supply land for agriculture development. Similarly, informal rules or the attitudes of the actors also affect supply of land in the case study area. Data was collected through interviews with landowners and government officers to identify the written and unwritten rules that caused idle lands using non-stratified sampling procedure and involving 52 lots of idle lands within 19 villages in Kuala Pilah District. This study adopted the qualitative method of analysis with emphasis on landowners’ behaviour. The findings showed that one of the major causes of land becoming idle was due to the social relations of the agents. The findings therefore indicated the importance of formal dan informal rules in the supply of land for agriculture development in the case study areas.
Mechanical Strength of Trass as Supplementary Cementing Material
V. Indrawati,A. Manaf
Journal of Physical Science , 2008,
Abstract: The suitability of trass in Indonesia as a supplementary cementing material was investigated and studied. Mechanical properties of pozzolanic–lime obtained from trass reacting with lime were evaluated according to procedure ASTM C-593. Compressive strength of mortar was measured at ages of 2, 3, 7, 14 and 28 days. In addition to the compressive strength, pozzolanic reaction of trass and lime was also evaluated by Thermal Activity Measurement (TAM) Air Calorimeter. Results showed that increasing of fineness until 9000 Blaine resulted strength of 60 kg cm–2 at age of 2 days. Further increase in compressive strength of 90 kg cm–2 at the age of 2 days was obtained by the addition of 2.71 wt. % Na2SO4. Results of TAM Air Calorimeter of pozzolanic reaction showed that heat released followed a linear and exponential correlations for increasing fineness and addition of Na2SO4, respectively.
Lipschitz $\left(\mathfrak{m}^L\left(s;q\right),p\right)$ and $\left(p,\mathfrak{m}^L\left(s;q\right)\right)-$summing maps
Manaf Adnan Salah
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Building upon the linear version of mixed summable sequences in arbitrary Banach spaces of A. Pietsch, we introduce a nonlinear version of his concept and study its properties. Extending previous work of J. D. Farmer, W. B. Johnson and J. A. Ch\'avez-Dom\'inguez, we define Lipschitz $\left(\mathfrak{m}^L\left(s;q\right),p\right)$ and Lipschitz $\left(p,\mathfrak{m}^L\left(s;q\right)\right)-$summing maps and establish inclusion theorems, composition theorems and several characterizations. Furthermore, we prove that the classes of Lipschitz $\left(r,\mathfrak{m}^L\left(r;r\right)\right)-$summing maps with $0
Nonlinear Operator Ideals Between Metric Spaces and Banach Spaces (PART I)
Manaf Adnan Saleh Saleh
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we present part I of nonlinear operator ideals theory between metric spaces and Banach spaces. Building upon the definition of operator ideal between arbitrary Banach spaces of A. Pietsch we pose three types of nonlinear versions of operator ideals. We introduce several examples of nonlinear ideals and the relationships between them. For every space ideal $\mathsf{A}$ can be generated by a special nonlinear ideal which consists of those Lipschitz operators admitting a factorization through a Banach space $\mathbf{M}\in\mathsf{A}$. We investigate products and quotients of nonlinear ideals. We devote to constructions three types of new nonlinear ideals from given ones. A "new" is a rule defining nonlinear ideals $\mathfrak{A}^{L}_{new}$, $\textswab{A}^{L}_{new}$, and $\textfrak{A}^{L}_{new}$ for every $\mathfrak{A}$, $\textswab{A}^{L}$, and $\textfrak{A}^{L}$ respectively, are called a Lipschitz procedure. Considering the class of all stable objects for a given Lipschitz procedure we obtain nonlinear ideals having special properties. We present the concept of a (strongly) $p-$Banach nonlinear ideal ($0
Vapor Phase Ammoxidation of 4-Phenyl-o-Xylene into 4-Phenylphthalonitrile on V–Sb–Bi–Zr/γ-Al2O3 Oxide Catalyst  [PDF]
Gulu A. Bagirzade, Dilgam B. Taghiyev, Manaf R. Manafov
Modern Research in Catalysis (MRC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/mrc.2015.43008
Abstract: Literature data dedicated to formation of 4-phenylphthalonitrile were analyzed and generalized. As a result of the own studies, it has been established that on V–Sb–Bi–Zr/γ-Al2O3-oxide catalyst ammoxidation gives 83.10 mol.% 4-phenylphthalonitrile at high conversion of the initial 4-phenyl-o-xylene in a single process. In connection with increased demand to purity of 4-phe-nylphthalonitrile at using and division problem of hard-separable impurity of crystal 4-phe-nylphthalimide, a variant of the technological process design with average conversion and recirculation of the unreacted 4-phenyl-o-xylene and intermediate 4-phenyl-o-tolunitrile was proposed. In contrast to the single process, it has been determined that recirculation reduces quantity of form by-products, fractions of deep oxidation and increases selectivity on 4-phenylphthalonitrile up to 96.14% - 97.72%. For the data analysis and visualization of results it is developed and offered the software package of OptimMe written in C#.
Mechanism of the Products Formation in the Vapor Phase Ammoxidation Reaction of 4-Phenyl-o-Xylene  [PDF]
Gulu A. Bagirzade, Dilgam B. Tagiyev, Manaf R. Manafov
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2015.54044
Abstract: On the basis of kinetic data of 4-phenyl-o-xylene and 4-phenyl-o-tolunitrile ammoxidation, formation mechanism of the products was analyzed and generalized. It has been shown that dissociative adsorption of a substrate and mononitrile occurs on the centers with high heats of adsorption of oxygen and as a consequence, completely covered with it, competitive adsorption of NH3 and O2 occurs on the centers with low heats of adsorption of the latter; mononitrile and dinitrile are formed correspondingly from adsorbed fragments of both substrate and NH3, and tolunitrile and NH3; surface interaction of adsorbed fragments of substrate and O2 with low heat of adsorption gives imide and CO2; hydrolysis of dinitrile into imide occurs on centers completely covered with ammonia; imide decarboxylation occurs on the centers covered with it; oxidative destruction of tolunitrile occurs on centers covered with substrate and mononitrile.
Spectrum of a Differential Operator with Periodic Generalized Potential
Mehmet Sahin,Manaf Dzh. Manafov
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/74595
Abstract: We study some spectral problems for a second-order differential operator with periodic potential. Notice that the given potential is a sum of zero- and first-order generalized functions. It is shown that the spectrum of the investigated operator consists of infinite number of gaps whose length limit unlike the classic case tends to nonzero constant in some place and to infinity in other place.
Generalized 3D Transverse Magnetic Mode Method for Analysis of Interaction Between Drifting Plasma Waves in 2deg-Structured Semiconductors and Electromagnetic Space Harmonic Waves
Farahiyah Mustafa;Abdul Manaf Hashim
PIER , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIER10012612
Abstract: Up to now, the terahertz (THz) band is still an unexplored region in the sense that no practical application exists. New operating principles by traveling wave concept should be, therefore, appreciated for the real applications. In this paper, the generalized three-dimensional (3D) transverse magnetic (TM) mode analysis to analyze the characteristics of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) drifting plasma at the III-V high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) hetero-interface such as AlGaAs/GaAs hetero-interface and its interaction with propagating electromagnetic space harmonic wave is presented. It includes, (1) the determination of electromagnetic fields in semiconductor drifting plasma using the combination of well-known Maxwell's equations and carrier kinetic equation based on semiconductor fluid model and the derivation of the effective permittivity of drifting plasma in 2DEG on semi-insulating substrate, and (2) the analysis to describe the presence of interactions using a so-called interdigital-gated HEMT plasma wave devices. To describe the interaction, the admittance of the interdigital gate is evaluated. The numerical procedures to solve the integral equations which are used in determining the admittance is explained. A negative conductance is obtained when drifting carrier velocity is slightly exceed the fundamental wave velocity indicates the significant condition of the interaction. A brief analysis and discussion on the Dyakonov-Shur THz surface wave in 2DEG is also presented.
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