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Prevalence, Awareness and Factors Associated with Glaucoma in a Rural Community of Ekiti State, South West Nigeria  [PDF]
Rasaq Kayode Adewoye, Tayo Ibrahim, Shuaib Kayode Aremu, Taiye Adeyanju Alao, Makinde Adebayo Adeniyi, Adewumi Bakare
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2019.91003
Abstract: Background: Glaucoma, a group of diseases that have optic neuropathy as a common end point, is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, accounting for 4.5 million blindness, which is about 12% of global blindness. This study aimed to assess the prevalence, awareness and risk factors associated with glaucoma in a rural community of Ekiti State. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study conducted during a health outreach. All adults present during the outreach were enrolled into the study and screened for glaucoma and a semi-structured self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. The validity of the questionnaire was tested at Ijero-Ekiti community before being used for this research. Data obtained was analysed using SPSS version 20 and p-value was predetermined at ≤ 0.05. Results: Majority of respondents were aged 60 years and above with a mean age of 55 ± 11.7. Majority (73%) were females and 41% had secondary education. Prevalence of glaucoma was 10.7%; 36% of respondents had heard about glaucoma; and 43.2% of those that had heard were not aware that it can lead to blindness. Increasing age, level of education, procurement of glasses from friends/relatives/roadside, using eyes drop not prescribed, history of previous eyes injury and family history of glaucoma were factors identified as having significant relationship with glaucoma. Conclusion: Glaucoma is prevalent in the community (10.7%). However, level of awareness about the disease (36%) was low. Factors, such as age, level of education, procurement of glasses from quacks, use of eye drops not prescribed, previous injury to the eyes and family history of glaucoma, were shown to have significant relationship with glaucoma. There is need to increase community awareness on glaucoma as a major cause of blindness and the risk factors associated with it. Community screening for people above 40 years for glaucoma is also recommended.
Comparing the Suitability of Autodock, Gold and Glide for the Docking and Predicting the Possible Targets of Ru(II)-Based Complexes as Anticancer Agents
Adebayo A. Adeniyi,Peter A. Ajibade
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18043760
Abstract: In cancer chemotherapy, metal-based complexes have been recognized as the most promising means of inhibiting cancer growth due to the successful application of cis-platin and its derivatives above many of the existing organic anticancer agents. The limitations in their rational design can be traced to the complexity of the mechanism of their operations, lack of proper knowledge of their targets and lack of force fields in docking packages to appropriately define the metal centre of the organometallic complexes. In this paper, some of the promising anticancer complexes of Ru(II) such as the rapta-based complexes formulated as [Ru(η 6- p-cymene)L 2(pta)] and those with unusual ligands are considered. CatB and kinases which have been experimentally confirmed as possible targets of the complexes are also predicted by the three methods as one of the most targeted receptors while TopII and HDAC7 are predicted by two and one of the methods as best targets. The interesting features of the binding of the complexes show that some of the complexes preferentially target specific macromolecules than the others, which is an indication of their specificity and possibility of their therapeutic combination without severe side effects that may come from competition for the same target. Also, introduction of unusual ligands is found to significantly improve the activities of most of the complexes studied. Strong correlations are observed for the predicted binding sites and the orientation of the complexes within the binding site by the three methods of docking. However there are disparities in the ranking of the complexes by the three method of docking, especially that of Glide.
Comparative Effects of Multisensory and Metacognitive Instructional Approaches on English Vocabulary Achievement of Underachieving Nigerian Secondary School Students
Folakemi.O. Adeniyi,R. Adebayo Lawal
International Education Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v5n1p18
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find out the relative effects of three instructional Approaches i.e. Multisensory, Metacognitive, and a combination of Multisensory and Metacognitive Instructional Approaches on the Vocabulary achievement of underachieving Secondary School Students. The study adopted the quasi-experimental design in which a pre-test, post-test, non - randomized, non-equivalent control group design was employed. One hundred and twenty [120 students-60 males and 60 females] were selected from four secondary schools within the Ilorin metropolis through stratified random sampling technique. The four schools were categorized into three experimental groups and one control group according to the design of the study. The instructional programmes for the teachers and the achievement test for the students were prepared by the researcher from the students’ English text books according to the curriculum specifications and the past questions from the JSS NECO past questions .Six major hypotheses were generated for the study. All of them were based on the general effects of the three instructional approaches on the underachieving students’ vocabulary achievement. The results were analyzed using Analysis of Covariance [ANCOVA]. The Duncan Multiple Range Test was used to confirm which pairs of the variables were significantly different. The results revealed that there was a significant difference in the overall achievement of the students taught using the three approaches. In other words, each of the experimental group performed significantly better than the control group. However, the findings indicated that the Multisensory Instructional Approach [MSIA] was the most potent of the three modes. It was recommended that English Language teachers should consider the interest of the underachievers by employing the Multisensory approach to teach them.
Insights into the Intramolecular Properties of η6-Arene-Ru-Based Anticancer Complexes Using Quantum Calculations
Adebayo A. Adeniyi,Peter A. Ajibade
Journal of Chemistry , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/892052
Abstract: The factors that determine the stability and the effects of noncovalent interaction on the 6-arene ruthenium anticancer complexes are determined using DFT method. The intramolecular and intra-atomic properties were computed for two models of these half-sandwich ruthenium anticancer complexes and their respective hydrated forms. The results showed that the stability of these complexes depends largely on the network of hydrogen bonds (HB), strong nature of charge transfer, polarizability, and electrostatic energies that exist within the complexes. The hydrogen bonds strength was found to be related to the reported anticancer activities and the activation of the complexes by hydration. The metal–ligand bonds were found to be closed shell systems that are characterised by high positive Laplacian values of electron density. Two of the complexes are found to be predominantly characterised by LMCT while the other two are predominately characterised by MLCT. 1. Introduction There have been several research efforts to synthesize Ru-based anticancer complexes as alternative to cis-platin in cancer therapy [1–3]. Among the most studied compounds are the half-sandwich complexes of ruthenium due to their unique properties [4–6]. Among the most studied complexes are the half-sandwich complexes of ruthenium. Several of these half-sandwich ruthenium complexes have found numerous applications as catalysts for organic transformations, in the supramolecular field and in medicinal chemistry [7]. The applications of these complexes as anticancer agent have been reported [3, 8–12]. Some of the properties of interest are the existing noncovalent interactions and the effect of hydration on the interatomic interactions in the complexes. The noncovalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding, anion-π, cation-π, and π-π interactions and other weak forces are important in chemical reactions, molecular recognition, and regulation of biochemical processes [13, 14]. Deep understanding of these interactions has been pointed out to be of great importance in rationalizing their effects [14]. Using Bader’s quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM) [15], the atomic properties such as electronic population, energies, and (de)localization are evaluated over the atomic basins. Computer simulation is known to be helpful in giving detailed atomic structural properties and in interpreting experimental data at atomic level of interaction to show the mechanisms of biomolecular function [16]. Also, the quantum calculation plays significant roles in determination of force fields [17, 18]
An Insight into the Anticancer Activities of Ru(II)-Based Metallocompounds Using Docking Methods
Adebayo A. Adeniyi,Peter A. Ajibade
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules180910829
Abstract: Unlike organic molecules, reports on docking of metal complexes are very few; mainly due to the inadequacy of force fields in docking packages to appropriately characterize the metal atoms that consequentially hinder the rational design of metal-based drug complexes. In this study we have made used Molegro and Autodock to predict the anticancer activities of selected Ru(II) complexes against twelve anticancer targets. We observed that introducing the quantum calculated atomic charges of the optimized geometries significantly improved the docking predictions of these anticancer metallocompounds. Despite several limitations in the docking of metal-based complexes, we obtained results that are highly correlated with the available experimental results. Most of our newly proposed metallocompounds are found theoretically to be better anticancer metallocompounds than all the experimentally proposed RAPTA complexes. An interesting features of a strong interactions of new modeled of metallocompounds against the two base edges of DNA strands suggest similar mechanisms of anticancer activities similar to that of cisplatin. There is possibility of covalent bonding between the metal center of the metallocompounds and the residues of the receptors DNA-1, DNA-2, HDAC7, HIS and RNR. However, the general results suggest the possibility of metals positioning the coordinated ligands in the right position for optimal receptor interactions and synergistic effects, rather than forming covalent bonds.
Fixation of Antero-dorsal Coxofemoral Luxation Using Intra-articular Kirschner Wire Pinning in a Cruciate Fashion and Joint Capsulorhaphy: Review of Three Cases
RA Ajadi, FE Ojeblenu, AFM Makinde, OO Adebayo, OG Akintunde
Nigerian Veterinary Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Nigerian Veterinary Journal, VOL:33 (2) 455-461
Nitrogen inputs by precipitation in the Nigerian Savanna
IF Adeniyi
West African Journal of Applied Ecology , 2006,
Abstract: Inorganic nitrogen input via direct bulk precipitation was measured, and the relation between the different nitrogen species and rainfall characteristics determined over three rainy seasons at Shagunu, a remote, sparsely populated, non-industrialized site in the northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria. Nitrogen concentration per event rain varied very widely (NH4+– N = 0 – 3738 ìg dm-3, NO3-–N = 0 – 5389 ìg dm-3) with amount-weighted mean values of 269 ìg dm-3 NH4+–N and 76 ìg dm-3 NO3-–N, and a positively skewed frequency distribution for each species. The mean annual total nitrogen deposition of 3.3 kg ha-1 (range = 2.85–3.47 kg ha-1) comprised of 79% NH4+–N and 21% NO3-–N. This is about 12% of the estimated total nitrogen input into the Nigerian grazing savanna and 25% of the estimated nitrogen loss from it through annual bush burning. Compared with the available records for West Africa the mean average input is rather low; it is similar with figures for the remote parts of the world with little or no anthropogenic contribution. All probable accounts pointed to a low nitrogen background, relatively low annual precipitation (due to a peculiar topographic effect on the study site) and the fact that rain water nitrogen was predominantly of terrestrial origin. Monographs for the estimation of NO3-–N concentrations from the amount of event rainfall through the rainy season were provided. Multiple regression equations for the estimation of nitrogen inputs in West Africa from rainfall amount, latitudinal position, and distance away from the sea were also provided.
Assessment of Growth and Cellulase Production of Wild-Type Microfungi Isolated from Ota, Nigeria
S. Nwodo Chinedu,Angela O. Eni,Adebayo I. Adeniyi,Janet A. Ayangbemi
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of the study was to isolate and identify filamentous microfungi involved in wood-waste decomposition in Canaanland, Ota, South-West Nigeria and to evaluate their potentials for cellulose saccharification. Microbiological techniques were used to isolate and identify the fungi. Four filamentous microfungi, identified as Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Penicillium chrysogenum and Trichoderma sp., were isolated. All the isolates, particularly Trichoderma sp., grew rapidly on Sabouraud’s agar and Czapek-Dox agar. Two of the isolates, Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma sp., was cultivated for 168 h by submerged fermentation in modified Czapek-Dox liquid medium containing cellulose as sole carbon source and harvested at 24 h intervals. The mycelia weight of the harvested cultures, and the protein content and cellulase activity of the filtrates were determined. The peak mycelia weight of 4.6 and 3.0 mg mL-1 was, respectively obtained for Trichoderma sp. and A. niger at 48 h. The protein and cellulase activity of Trichoderma sp. peaked at 72 h whereas for A. niger, the peak protein content and peak cellulase activity was obtained at 96 and 72 h, respectively. The peak protein and cellulase activity values of A. niger were 0.175 and 0.077 unit mL-1, respectively. Trichoderma sp. yielded a protein peak of 0.180 mg mL-1 and peak cellulase activity of 0.108 unit mL-1. There is a correlation between the protein content and cellulase activity of the culture filtrates. The strains of A. niger and Trichoderma sp. obtained from this study are potential tools for the saccharification and bioconversion of cellulosic materials.
Seasonality and Crop Combination Effects on Growth and Yield of Two Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Cultivars in Sorghum/Maize/Okra Intercropin a Forest-Savanna Transition Zone of Nigeria
A.A. Makinde,N.J. Bello,F.O. Olasantan,M.A. Adebisi,H.A. Adeniyi
Agricultural Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/aj.2011.92.99
Abstract: Seasonality and crop combination effects performance of two sorghum cultivars in sorghum/maize/okra intercrop in a forest-savanna transition zone of Nigeria was investigated. Total 5 phenological stages of sorghum formed the basic unit of time for the investigation. During these phenological stages, agroclimatological indices were measured daily and processed into 10 days averages likewise selected agronomic parameters of the components crops were taken. The plants were intercropped in simple Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) fitted into split plot arrangements with three replicates in two field trials. The results showed that the season 2010 crops had relatively longer growth duration, received more rainfall than season 2009 (692 vs. 487.2 mm) while 2009 experienced warmer temperature during establishment cum early vegetative stage than 2010 season (33.2 vs. 32°C) and (28.5 vs. 27°C) during the reproductive phase for season 2009 and 2010, respectively. The mean grain yields of sorghum cultivars were significantly higher in the season 2009 especially in okra combination than in the season 2010. Perhaps, this was due to higher mean soil temperature of 28 and 26°C at 5 and 20 cm in 2009 season compared with season 2010 when mean soil temperature was 27 and 25°C at 5 and 20 cm, respectively.
Maduabuchi Dukor and the Legacies of Ontological Practices in African Thought System  [PDF]
Adebayo Aina
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2013.31A028

A challenge human existence is confronted in contemporary society is the justification of a coherent social order. Most of these justifications have been grounded, over time, on natural approach to the neglect of the African ontological practice. This natural reference fails to account for the ontological practice premised on African belief system which reconciles the natural and spiritual aspects of human existence. The study adopts the analytic approach in philosophy which evolves a clarification of the ontological concept within the African context.The African ontological practice hinges on Dukor’s perspective which provides for a coherent interconnection among social structure, law and belief system towards the certitude and trust making for harmonious human well-being.Social order is enhanced by this African ontological practice and should, therefore, be incorporated into the public sphere.

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