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Self-Care Practice of Patients with Mechanical Heart Valve Prosthesis Accompanied in Nursing Consultation  [PDF]
Lidia Stella Teixeira de Meneses, Francisca Elisangela Teixeira Lima, Sherida Karanini Paz de Oliveira, Francisca Jane Gomes Oliveira, Maira di Ciero Miranda Vieira, Paulo Cesar Almeida, Viviane Martins da Silva
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.710153
Abstract: The objective was to evaluate the practice of self-care of patients with mechanical heart valve prosthesis. A descriptive, cross-sectional study developed in two outpatient valvopathies of teaching hospitals of Fortaleza/CE, from October 2013 to January 2014. The sample consisted of 127 patients with mechanical heart valve prosthesis. It was held an interview using instrument based on the Theory of Orem’s Self-Care and Brazilian Guidelines for Valvular Heart Diseases. The data were presented in tables and charts. Results: Universal self-care practices of larger adhesion: body hygiene (97.6% washed-haired, daily-bath 92.1%); oral hygiene (brushing teeth before sleeping, 87.4%); fluid intake (drinking-water 95.2%); food intake (salt intake ≤ 2 g/day, 92.1%, fruit and vegetable consumption 79.5%); intestinal eliminations (without blood or mucus—96%, non-parasitic 94.4%); urinary elimination (no blood nor pus-96.8%, urination 4 to 6 times a day, 96%). As self-care developmental requirements predominated: never used illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or stopped at the discovery of the disease (70%). As self-care health deviation requirements we have: making use of certain medication at the right dose (95.2%); attending medical appointments (cardiologist—92.1%; nursing—84.2%); INR control (identifies signs of bleeding— 85.8%). We conclude that patients did not perform all recommended self-care practices, being necessary to establish strategies to reduce the self-care deficit.
Mothers′ adaptation of children with cerebral paralysis – application of Roy′s model
Kamilla de Mendon?a Gondim,Zuila Maria de Figueiredo Carvalho,Maira Di Ciero Miranda
NURE Investigación , 2009,
Abstract: The cerebral paralysis is a chronic condition, irreversible and incapacitating that limits the performance of the children in the conduct of activities that range from simple movement to interpersonal relationship. Profound changes occur within family like the deferment of dreams and future projects of the family. The objective was to evaluate the adjustment to the situation facing the mother of children with cerebral paralysis, based on the Model of Roy. For this study was designed a prospective, descriptive and qualitative held in the Nucleus and Treatment Early Stimulation of the Complex Hospital, Federal University of Ceará. This study involved thirteen mothers of children with cerebral paralysis. The data were collected by open questions based on the Roy Adaptation Model. The mothers′ speeches showed up themes: Auto concept mode and Performance mode. The most of mothers succeeded the experience the adaptation process, or had positive responses. The negative feelings do not always mean ineffective adapting, as part of the process of adapting to the new situation. We conclude that both children with cerebral paralysis and their mothers need support, since they absorb most of feelings related to the child.
Identifica??o de contamina??o bacteriana no sab?o líquido de uso hospitalar
Caetano, Joselany Afio;Lima, Maria Alzete;Miranda, Maira Di Ciero;Serufo, José Carlos;Ponte, Paulo Roberto Lins;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342011000100021
Abstract: this study performed a bacteriological analysis of the liquid soap in dispensers that health professionals use for hand washing. this exploratory, cross-sectional study was developed at the hospitalization units of a medium-sized hospital in fortaleza, ceará, brazil. data were collected between may and july 2007. fifty-nine liquid soap dispensers were analyzed, of which 33 contained the following microorganisms: burkholderia cepacia (14), pseudomonas putidas (9), pseudomonas aeruginosa (3), klebsiella pneumoniae (3), enterobacter clocae (2), and pseudomonas luteola (2). the units with the largest number of contaminated samples were the surgical (n=7) and the dermatological clinics (n=4). contamination was also found in an original flask of the same lot of liquid soap used to fill up the dispensers. in conclusion, there is a need to regulate and control the quality of these products in the production lines as well as during use in hospital services, mainly because they are used to prevent hospital infection.
úlceras por presión en personas con lesión medular: conocimiento de familiares y cuidadores
Avances en Enfermería , 2010,
Abstract: purpose: to assess knowledge of risk factors and prevention of pressure ulcers from the perspective of relatives and caregivers of patients with spinal cord injury at home. method: cross-sectional, descriptive, quantitative study. the sample was made up by 50 people. data were collected through a questionnaire in august and december 2008. the statistical analysis was performed using spss windows, version 13.0. results: we found that family caregivers have correct knowledge about its role in the prevention, 80% of cases and higher risk patients are bedridden, paraplegic and elderly (74%); patients and relatives should be counseled about the risk factors of pressure ulcers (100%); keeping the skin dry and clean prevents the onset of up (64%). with regard to cognitive errors, these are related to the periodicity in assessing the integrity of the skin (84%) and the use of sheets in the transfer and mobilization of the patient (80%). discussion: the high success rate on risk factors shows that families and caregivers have good knowledge: they are prepared to care, meanwhile, the high incidence of errors on pressure ulcers prevention measures shows that relatives and caregivers lack of adequate knowledge of such measures. conclusions: research shows that assessing the knowledge of relatives and caregivers is of the essence to implement corrective actions to suit them to take care of people with spinal cord injury
Uso de ingredientes provenientes de OGM em ra??es e seu impacto na produ??o de alimentos de origem animal para humanos
Vercesi, Anibal E.;Ravagnani, Felipe G.;Di Ciero, Luciana;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009001300044
Abstract: from the origins the man has looked and selected vegetables with nutritive value for larger productivity. the knowledge of dna structure allowed genetic engineering to develop and supplying tools for the accomplishment of specific alterations in the genome considerably. the products of these alterations are denominated transgenic or organisms genetically modified (ogm) and they present high application potential in several areas of the human activity as: agriculture, medicine, health, production and processing of foods, biochemical production and control of diseases. nowadays, transgenic plants, originating from technology of the dna recombinant, brought new varieties cultivated already in more than 100 million hectares in 23 countries, including brazil, where 8 varieties were already approved for the national technical commission of biosafety (ctnbio). that method of genetic improvement facilitated the introduction of desirable characteristics in plants, such as, resistance to biotic and non-biotic stress and optimization of the composition of some essential nutrients to the animal and human health. while these progresses of the biotechnology open new perspectives for the solution of problems in areas as the agriculture, the transgenic liberation for use in the nature brings concerns as for possible problems of ecological nature and for the human and animal health. these concerns brought the creation of government agencies to control the use of this technology and to regulate the safety of transgenic foods and yours derived. until the moment, the scientific studies show that the transgenic liberated commercially are so safe or more to the environment and the animal and human health that the conventional ones.
Identificando competências informacionais
Miranda, Silvania Vieira;
Ciência da Informa??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652004000200012
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to reach a concept of a specific kind of competency known as informational competency. this competency does not have to be exclusively linked to those professionals that are traditionally called information workers. it might be necessary in any professional activity and it is specially needed in those activities that are intensively based on information work. one of the purposes is to identify this kind of competency in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the informational activity of the workers that are not professionally prepared to deal with information tasks, allowing improvements on the performance of these workers based on the competencies of the informational workers. the conclusion is that the development of the informational competencies can make any kind of professional more effective with reference to informational tasks, mainly when these tasks are intensively based on information.
Levantamento epidemiológico dos pacientes portadores de fissura de lábio e/ou palato de um centro especializado de Belo Horizonte
Di Ninno, Camila Queiroz de Moraes Silveira;Fonseca, Luciane Ferreira Nadu;Pimenta, Maria Vanilda Evangelista;Vieira, Zélia das Gra?as;Fonseca, José Aguinaldo;Miranda, Izabel Cristina Campolina;Azevedo, Luciana Lemos de;
Revista CEFAC , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462011005000046
Abstract: purpose: to trace the epidemiological profile of patients with cleft lip and/or palate at a specialized center in belo horizonte. method: data referring to the year of entry to the center, type of cleft, gender, city of origin and age at the time of first attendance were obtained from an excel spreadsheet containing the records of all patients. statistical analysis was performed by the chi-square test at 5% significance level. results: the sample was composed of 1,219 subjects, 593 patients being registered in 2005, 273 in 2006, 222 in 2007 and 131 in 2008. of the total sample, 49% showed complete cleft lip and palate, 26% cleft palate, 19% cleft lip, 2% incomplete cleft lip and cleft palate and 3% other types of craniofacial malformation. as for the gender, 54% were of the male gender and 46% were of the female gender. with regard to the origin, 33% were from belo horizonte residents, 28% were from other cities in the metropolitan region of belo horizonte, 38.5% from the inland of the state of minas gerais and 0.5% from other states. as for the age, 40% of the cases arrived to the center before completing 3 years of age, 45.5% between the ages of 3 and 18 years and 14.5% over the age of 18 years. conclusion: at this reference center, the largest number of cases showed the complete cleft lip and palate type, those were patients of the male gender, coming from the inland of the state of minas gerais, and consisting of babies and children.
Assessment of four different detergents used to extract membrane proteins from Xylella fastidiosa by two-dimensional electrophoresis
Di Ciero, Luciana;Bellato, Cláudia de M.;Meinhardt, Lyndel W.;Ferrari, Fernanda;Castellari, Rafael R.;Marangoni, Sérgio;Novello, José C.;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822004000200018
Abstract: four different detergents, asb 14, sb 3-10, chaps and triton x100, were utilized to determine the optimal detergent for the solubilization of membrane proteins from the phytopathogenic bacterium xylella fastidiosa. these proteins were differentially solubilized in distinct buffers containing the detergent and subjected to bidimensional electrophoresis within the non-linear ph range of 3-10. the detergents asb 14 and sb 3-10 were the most effective revealing 221 and 157 spots, respectively. chaps and triton x100 were less effective and revealed only 72 and 43 spots, respectively. maldi-tof tryptic peptide mass fingerprinting of 18 excised proteins from the asb 14 treatment revealed that 83% were membrane proteins and that the theoretical efficiency of solubilization for asb 14 was estimated to be 87%. this study demonstrates the effectiveness of the detergent asb 14 for the solubilization of membrane proteins from the bacterium x. fastidiosa.
Healthy maternal bonding as a resilience factor for depressive disorder
Agnes M. Miranda,Claudio N. Soares,Maira L. Moraes,Victor Fossaluza
Psychology & Neuroscience , 2012,
Abstract: Depressive disorders (DDs) are very prevalent disorders particularly in women, a high-risk gender group. Determining the risk and protective factors associated with the development of DDs is fundamental to planning preventive and therapeutic strategies. In this study, we evaluated the correlations between healthy maternal attachment and the development of DDs in adulthood. Methods: We evaluated 52 women at 6 months to 1 year after premature childbirth at Maternidade Vila Nova Cachoeirinha. They were evaluated using the following instruments: Brazilian Criteria of Economic Classification,Parental Bonding Inventory (PBI),Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). Cut-off scores on the CES-D and EPDS were used to classifythe subjects as currently having a DD or having probable postpartum disorder (PPD) after childbirth. Multiple logistic regression was used to evaluate the risk factors associated with DDs. Results: We found that 49.1% of the sample had a current depressive episode, and 73.6% had probable PPD. Based on logistic regression, current depression (odds ratio = 1.092 [confidence interval: 1.005; 1.186]), and a PPD (odds ratio = 1.108 [confidence interval: 1.011; 1.21]) were negatively correlated with affective maternal relationships. Conclusions: Women who reported healthy attachment with their mothers did not develop DDs when faced with stressful situations such as premature childbirth.
A profiss o de bibliotecário: competências demandadas por um mercado em transforma o
Julia Miranda Bressane,Miriam Vieira da Cunha
Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología , 2011,
Abstract: The Information Society and the changes occurred in the job market within the development of the information technologies demand new skills and qualifications. This article discusses the information professions, the professional jurisdictions and the professional skills. It also seeks to know the transformations in the professional profiles due to the recent changes of paradigm and the qualifications demanded by the labour market.
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