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A Series Solution for Three-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations of Flow near an Infinite Rotating Disk  [PDF]
Hamed Shahmohamadi, Mahdi Mohammadpour
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2014.45014

In this paper, homotopy analysis method (HAM) and Padé approximant will be considered for finding analytical solution of three-dimensional viscous flow near an infinite rotating disk which is a well-known classical problem in fluid mechanics. The solution is compared to the numerical (fourth-order Runge-Kutta) solution and the convergence of the obtained series solution is carefully analyzed. The results illustrate that HAM-Padé is an appropriate method in solving the systems of nonlinear equations.

Calculation of the Approximate Energy of Ground and Excited Stationary States in Quantum Mechanics Using Delta Method  [PDF]
Farrin Payandeh, Touraj Mohammadpour
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.41016
Abstract: In this paper, pursuing a new advised method called Delta method which is basically similar to variational method, we find the ground and excited states, according to a typical quantum Hamiltonian. Moreover, applying this method, the upper bound values for the eigenenergies of the so-called ground and excited states are estimated. We will show that this new method, is as beneficial as the traditional variational method which is common in deriving eigenenergies of some of the quantum Hamiltonians. This method helps physics students to broaden their knowledge about the possible mathematical ways; they can use to obtain eigenenergies of some quantum Hamiltonians. The advantage of Delta method to variational method is in its simplicity and reduction of the calculation procedures.
Morphometrical Study of the Temporal Bone and Auditory Ossicles in Guinea Pig
Ahmadali Mohammadpour
Veterinary Research Forum , 2011,
Abstract: In this research, anatomical descriptions of the structure of the temporal bone and auditory ossicles have been performed based on dissection of ten guinea pigs. The results showed that, in guinea pig temporal bone was similar to other animals and had three parts; squamous, tympanic and petrous .The tympanic part was much better developed and consisted of oval shaped tympanic bulla with many recesses in tympanic cavity. The auditory ossicles of guinea pig concluded of three small bones; malleus, incus and stapes but the head of the malleus and the body of incus were fused and forming a malleoincudal complex. The average of morphometric parameters showed that the malleus was 3.53 ± 0.22 mm in total length. In addition to head and handle, the malleus had two distinct process; lateral and muscular. The incus had a total length 1.23 ± 0.02mm. It had long and short crus although the long crus was developed better than short crus. The lenticular bone was a round bone that articulated with the long crus of incus. The stapes had a total length 1.38 ± 0.04mm. The anterior crus(0.86 ± 0.08mm) was larger than posterior crus (0.76 ± 0.08mm). It is concluded that, in the guinea pig, the malleus and the incus are fused, forming a junction called incus-malleus, while in the other animals these are separate bones. The stapes is larger and has a triangular shape and the anterior and posterior crus are thicker than other rodents. Therefore, for otological studies, the guinea pig is a good lab animal.
Study of the Effects of Acetazolamide on Decreasing Viability of Breast Cancer Cells in T-47D Cell Line
R Mohammadpour
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background and Objectives: This study aimed at investigating the inhibitory effect of acetazolamide on the growth and proliferation of breast cancer cells (T47-D). Methods: The appearance of morphological symptoms of apoptosis was checked after staining with Annexin-PI using fluorescent microscope. Flow cytometric studies were used for determination of the amount and type of cellular death and also for analyzing the cell division cycle. The amounts of caspase-3 activity and DNA laddering were determined in the treated cells and compared with samples of the control group. Unilateral variance test was used to analyze data (p<0.05). Results: Analysis of the apoptotic morphological symptoms using fluorescent microscope beside the obtained flow cytometric plots did not show any induction of apoptosis in the treated cells. On the contrary, increasing caspase-3 activity was registered when the cells were treated with the drug. While, in studies carried out on the genomic DNA, distinct laddering pattern was not observed indicating the occurrence of small amount of apoptosis in the treated cells. On the other hand, flow cytometric results, drawn with DAPI staining, confirmed that acetazolamide has a low potential to reduce velocity of the cell division cycle and stop only small percentage of the cells in G2/M phase. Conclusion: Based on the results of the study, the inhibitory effect of acetazolamide on T-47D cells should be explained through other cellular processes apart from apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. Those processes such as mitotic catastrophe can affect the cellular viability and hence prevent increase in the number of cancerous cells over time.
Quality of Life, an Overlooked Issue
Mehrdad Mohammadpour
Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research , 2008,
A Mid Version of Hamkins' Maximality Principle
Rahman Mohammadpour
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We present new, streamlined proofs of certain maximality principles studied by Hamkins and Woodin. Moreover, we formulate an intermediate maximality principle, which is shown here to be equiconsistent with the existence of a weakly compact cardinal $\kappa$ such that $V_{\kappa}\prec V$.
Towards Economic Single-Phase Motor  [PDF]
Mahdi Alshamasin
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.59058

Studying of operation balance in single-phase induction motors is an issue of interest due to the need for reducing the power consumption and increasing the motors’ life. The paper focuses on improving the motor performance by balancing the stator phase operation for the most common-used connection diagrams of single-phase capacitor-run induction motors (SPCRIMs) and three-phase induction motors (TPIMs) operating from single-phase supply (SPS). Therefore, a mathematical model is used to balance the motor operation by varying the frequency supply voltage. Characteristics of balancing parameters are investigated, various methods of motor balancing are presented and comparisons were done among these balancing methods.

Concomitant optic nerve transection and chorioretinitis sclopetaria
Mehrdad Mohammadpour, Masoud Soheilian
BMC Ophthalmology , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2415-5-29
Abstract: A 12- year- old boy with history of BB gun injury to his right eye was referred for loss of vision. His visual acuity was counting fingers at one meter in the right eye and with 3+ relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD).On slit lamp examination, the right eye appeared normal except for 1+ vitreous reaction. Fundus examination of the right eye revealed a pale disc with superior retinal scar and diffuse submacular fibrosis compatible with chorioretinitis sclopetaria. Orbital CT- scans showed transection of the optic nerve by the BB gun pellet, which was lodged at the orbital apex.BB gun injury may cause concomitant optic nerve transection and chorioretinitissclopetaria.Blunt nonpenetrating post-traumatic maculopathies have diverse manifestations including choroidal rupture, posttraumatic macular hole, commotio retinae (Berlin's edema), Purtscher retinopathy and chorioretinitis sclopetaria [1]. Chorioretinitis sclopetaria is the result of traumatic chorioretinal rupture followed by marked fibrovascular proliferation with variable replacement of the choroid and retina with no retinal detachment [1].Contusion force may lead to choroidal ruptures with hyperplasia and migration of the retinal pigment epithelium into the retina and choroid, epiretinal membrane formation, loss of photoreceptors and marked hemiatrophy of the optic nerve [2].Optic nerve injury may cause traumatic optic neuropathy and optic nerve transection [3]. There is no definite treatment for optic nerve transection or sclopetaria but recent investigations show successful intravitreal transplants of Schwann cells and fibroblasts in axotomized retinal ganglion cells in animal models [4]. Metallic orbital foreign bodies such as BB gun pellets may cause all the above-mentioned injuries, however concomitant optic nerve transection and chorioretinitis sclopetaria in an intact globe has not yet been reported.A 12- year- old boy with history of BB gun entrance to his right orbital space in May 2004 referred to
Quantum transport in graphene normal-metal superconductor- normal-metal structures
H. Mohammadpour,M. Zareyan
Iranian Journal of Physics Research , 2008,
Abstract: We study the transport of electrons in a graphene NSN structure in which two normal regions are connected by a superconducting strip of thickness d. Within Dirac-Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations we describe the transmission through the contact in terms of different scattering processes consisting of quasiparticle cotunneling, local and crossed Andreev reflections. Compared to a fully normal structure we show that the angular dependence of the transmission probability is significantly modified by the presence of superconducting correlations. This modifation can be explained in terms of the interplay between Andreev reflection and Klein tunneling of chiral quasiparticles. We further analyze the energy dependence of the resulting differential conductance of the structure. The subgap differential conductance shows features of Andreev reflection and cotunelling processes, which tends to the values of an NS structure for large ds. Above the gap, the differential conductance shows an oscillatory behavior with energy even at very large ds.
Comparative Histomorphological Study of Uterus Between Laying Hen and Duck
A.A. Mohammadpour
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: The present investigation was carried out on oviductal duck and laying hen to comparing of histomorphological structures of them. For this purpose, a total of forty adult healthy ducks and hens (each of them twenty), aged 1-1.5 years, were used. After dissecting them, some morphological parameters such as: total weight and length of oviduct were measured and then in each of specimen some morphological parameters such as; length, width and thickness of uterus were measured. For histological studies, after tissue preparation and staining with H and E, histological layers of uterus were recognized and the size of them with micrometry method were determined. By using t-test and analyzing factors between duck and hen we concluded that total weight and length of oviduct in hen was greater than duck and the difference was significant (p< 0.05). By comparing of dimensions and weight of uterus between duck and hen revealed that, in hen the mean of uteral weight (14.98±2.58 g) and uteral width (5.00±0.91 cm) were greater than duck. It was observed in duck (9.27±2.04 g) and (3.19±0.58 cm), respectively. In histometrical studies, the length of tunica mucosa, primary fold and muscularis mucosa width in duck were greater than hen. There was a significant difference in length of secondary fold and in hen (164.47±34.16 μm) was greater than duck (119.80±27.89 μm).
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