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A surveillance of needle-stick injuries amongst student nurses at the University of Namibia
L Small, L Pretorius, A Walters, MJ Ackerman
Health SA Gesondheid , 2011,
Abstract: Needle-stick injuries have the potential to change a student nurse’s life; yet they are dealt with covertly and many go unreported. This could create difficulties when evaluating a curriculum, because potential risk issues in nursing education might go undetected. In addition, needlestick injuries are inherently preventable occupational health hazards. The fact that there has been, until now, no information available on the incidence of, and context in which needlestick injuries occur amongst student nurses in Namibia, is of particular concern for nurse educators in that country. The purpose of this study was therefore to determine the incidence of needle-stick injuries and to describe the context of their occurrences. A framework known as Haddon’s matrix made it possible to approach this survey from both an occupational and a nursing education perspective. The questionnaire was completed by 198 students and it was found that, during 2008 alone, 17% of student nurses sustained needle-stick injuries, but only 55% of these reported it. In addition, in 55% of the occasions on which the student nurses were injured, they were not accompanied by a registered nurse. The recommendations made are based on the three phases of Haddon’s matrix, namely pre-injury, injury and post-injury phases. These recommendations focussed on student accompaniment by registered nurses, the completion of reflective exercises, sensitisation sessions before placement in clinical areas, as well as the utilisation of independent student counsellors. Enige naaldprik-insident kan ‘n groot omwenteling in ‘n student-verpleegkundige se lewe te weeg bring. Ten spyte hiervan word sodanige insidente nie openlik hanteer nie, en dikwels word dit nie eers gerapporteer nie. Dit mag egter kurrikulering-evaluerings kompliseer want potensi le risiko-aspekte in verpleegonderwys mag dalk nie geidentifisser word nie. Naaldprik-ongelukke is in wese beroepsgesondheidsaspekte, wat inherent voorkombaar is. Dit was dan ook ‘n bron van kommmer onder verpleegopvoeders in Namibi , aangesien geen inligting beskikbaar was oor die voorkoms en konteks van naaldprik-ongelukke onder student-verpleegkundiges in Namibi nie. Die doel van hierdie studie was dus on die voorkoms en konteks waarbinne naaldprik-ongelukke plaasvind te beskryf. Daar was reeds a raamwerk beskikbaar, naamlik die Haddon-matriks. Diè raamwerk het dit moontlik gemaak om die opname te benader vanuit sowel ‘n beroepsgesondheids-perspektief as ‘n verpleegopvoedkundige perspektief. Die vraelys is voltooi deur 198 studente en van die bevindings was dat gedurende 2008 alleen, 17% van die student-verpleegkundiges naaldprik-insidente gehad het, maar dat slegs 55% van die beseerdes dit aangemeld het. Daar is ook gevind dat in 55% van die gevalle, hulle nie deur ‘n geregistreerde verpleegkundige vergesel was nie. Aanbevelings wat gemaak is, is gebaseer op die drie fases van die Haddon-matriks, naamlik die voor-beserings-fase, die beseringsfase en die
Status of EXO-200
Nicole Ackerman
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: EXO-200 is the first phase of the Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO) experiment, which searches for neutrinoless double beta decay in 136Xe to measure the mass and probe the Majorana nature of the neutrino. EXO-200 consists of 200 kg of liquid Xe enriched to 80% in 136Xe in an ultra-low background TPC. Energy resolution is enhanced through the simultaneous collection of scintillation light using Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes (LAAPD's) and ionization charge. It is being installed at the WIPP site in New Mexico, which provides a 2000 meter water-equivalent overburden. EXO-200 will begin taking data in 2009, with the expected two-year sensitivity to the half-life for neutrinoless double beta decay of 6.4 10^25 years. According to the most recent nuclear matrix element calculations, this corresponds to an effective Majorana neutrino mass of 0.13 to 0.19 eV. It will also measure the two neutrino mode for the first time in 136Xe.
Representations of $\Aut(\M)$-Invariant Measures: Part 1
Nathanael Ackerman
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we generalize the Aldous-Hoover-Kallenberg theorem concerning representations of distributions of exchangeable arrays via collections of measurable maps. We give criteria when such a representation theorem exists for arrays which need only be preserved by a closed subgroup of $\Sym{\Nats}$. Specifically, for a countable structure $\M$ we introduce the notion of an \emph{$\Aut(\M)$-recipe}, which is an $\Aut(\M)$-invariant array obtained via a collection of measurable functions indexed by the $\Aut(\M)$-orbits in $\M$. We further introduce the notion of a \emph{free structure} and then show that if $\M$ is free then every $\Aut(\M)$-invariant measure on an $\Aut(\M)$-space is the distribution of an $\Aut(\M)$-recipe. We also show that if a measure is the distribution of an $\Aut(\M)$-recipe it must be the restriction of a measure on a free structure.
On topological graphs with at most four crossings per edge
Eyal Ackerman
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: We show that if a graph $G$ with $n \geq 3$ vertices can be drawn in the plane such that each of its edges is involved in at most four crossings, then $G$ has at most $6n-12$ edges. This settles a conjecture of Pach, Radoi\v{c}i\'{c}, Tardos, and T\'oth, and yields a better bound for the famous Crossing Lemma: The crossing number, $\mbox{cr}(G)$, of a (not too sparse) graph $G$ with $n$ vertices and $m$ edges is at least $c\frac{m^3}{n^2}$, where $c > 1/29$. This bound is known to be tight, apart from the constant $c$ for which the previous best lower bound was $1/31.1$. As another corollary we obtain some progress on the Albertson conjecture: Albertson conjectured that if the chromatic number of a graph $G$ is $r$, then $\mbox{cr}(G) \geq \mbox{cr}(K_r)$. This was verified by Albertson, Cranston, and Fox for $r \leq 12$, and for $r \leq 16$ by Bar\'at and T\'oth. Our results imply that Albertson conjecture holds for $r \leq 18$.
Insulin/IGF-1 and Hypoxia Signaling Act in Concert to Regulate Iron Homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Daniel Ackerman,David Gems
PLOS Genetics , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002498
Abstract: Iron plays an essential role in many biological processes, but also catalyzes the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can cause molecular damage. Iron homeostasis is therefore a critical determinant of fitness. In Caenorhabditis elegans, insulin/IGF-1 signaling (IIS) promotes growth and reproduction but limits stress resistance and lifespan through inactivation of the DAF-16/FoxO transcription factor (TF). We report that long-lived daf-2 insulin/IGF-1 receptor mutants show a daf-16–dependent increase in expression of ftn-1, which encodes the iron storage protein H-ferritin. To better understand the regulation of iron homeostasis, we performed a TF–limited genetic screen for factors influencing ftn-1 gene expression. The screen identified the heat-shock TF hsf-1, the MAD bHLH TF mdl-1, and the putative histone acetyl transferase ada-2 as activators of ftn-1 expression. It also revealed that the HIFα homolog hif-1 and its binding partner aha-1 (HIFβ) are potent repressors of ftn-1 expression. ftn-1 expression is induced by exposure to iron, and we found that hif-1 was required for this induction. In addition, we found that the prolyl hydroxylase EGL-9, which represses HIF-1 via the von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor VHL-1, can also act antagonistically to VHL-1 in regulating ftn-1. This suggests a novel mechanism for HIF target gene regulation by these evolutionarily conserved and clinically important hydroxylases. Our findings imply that the IIS and HIF pathways act together to regulate iron homeostasis in C. elegans. We suggest that IIS/DAF-16 regulation of ftn-1 modulates a trade-off between growth and stress resistance, as elevated iron availability supports growth but also increases ROS production.
Elecciones inauténticas en México: Notas para una discusión
Ackerman, John M.;
Revista IUS , 2012,
Abstract: we need to expand the concept of "authenticity" beyond the mere faithful representation of the "will of the voters" to include both the quality of the electoral competition and the nature of the post-election phase of qualifying for the validity of the elections. something "real" is something "genuine" and not "apocryphal" or "fraudulent." so a genuine election choice, then, would be a process of political competition where there is a real difference between the offers of the candidates, fairness and legality in the rivalry between these offers, as well as a bona fide uncertainty about who would win the elections on election day.
The Word and the Sound: The Sonic Color-line in Frederick Douglass's 1845 Narrative
Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman
SoundEffects , 2011,
Abstract: Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000246 EndHTML:0000003916 StartFragment:0000002694 EndFragment:0000003880 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/jenniferstoever-ackerman/Desktop/Dropbox/revised_Stoever%20Ackerman_%20The%20Word%20and%20the%20Sound.docx “The Word and the Sound” examines the violence in Frederick Douglass’s iconic Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1845) as an aural experience—not just a visual spectacle—arguing that the text is key to understanding the relationship between listening, race, and antebellum slavery. Douglass’s representations of divergent listening practices show how they shape (and are shaped by) race, revealing the aural edge of the ostensibly visual culture of white supremacy, or the “sonic color-line.” This essay draws from archival material such as speech manuals and travel writing to document the sonic color-line, particularly the dominant association of nonverbal sound with the presumed irrationality of racial others. The subsequent sections close read key aural passages in the Narrative to amplify how Douglass exposes, manipulates, and subverts the sonic color-line, challenging his white readership to listen differently, even as he remains skeptical of their their ability to do so.
Dakwah and Minah Karan; Class formation and ideological conflict in Malay society
Susan E. Ackerman
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde , 1991,
Elecciones inauténticas en México: Notas para una discusión Inauthentic elections in Mexico: Notes for discussion
John M. Ackerman
Revista IUS , 2012,
Abstract: Hace falta expandir el concepto de "autenticidad" más allá de la mera representación fiel de la "voluntad de los votantes" para incluir también tanto la calidad de la misma competencia electoral como la naturaleza de la etapa poselectoral de calificación de la validez de los comicios. Algo "auténtico" es algo "genuino", no "apócrifo" o "fraudulento". Así que una elección auténtica, entonces, sería un proceso de competencia política donde hubiera una verdadera diferenciación entre las ofertas de los candidatos, equidad y legalidad en la competencia entre estas ofertas, así como una verdadera incertidumbre con respecto a quién ganaría el día de los comicios. We need to expand the concept of "authenticity" beyond the mere faithful representation of the "will of the voters" to include both the quality of the electoral competition and the nature of the post-election phase of qualifying for the validity of the elections. Something "real" is something "genuine" and not "apocryphal" or "fraudulent." So a genuine election choice, then, would be a process of political competition where there is a real difference between the offers of the candidates, fairness and legality in the rivalry between these offers, as well as a bona fide uncertainty about who would win the elections on election day.
Coaching as Part of a Pilot Quality Rating Scale Initiative: Challenges to—and Supports for—the Change-Making Process
Debra J. Ackerman
Early Childhood Research & Practice , 2008,
Abstract: Several nonprofit agencies in a large Midwestern city provide assistance to early care and education programs participating in a pilot Quality Rating Scale (QRS) initiative by pairing them with itinerant consultants, who are known as coaches. Despite this assistance, not all programs improve their QRS score. Furthermore, while pilot stakeholders know how much time a coach has spent working with a particular program, little is known about the consulting process itself and the additional challenges that can impede coaches’ attempts to bring about change. As a result, QRS stakeholders lack a clear understanding of the assistance that coaches might need, as well as the additional programmatic interventions that could augment coaches’ work. This article reports on a study focusing on the QRS consulting process, as well as some of the factors that present challenges to that process. The article concludes with recommendations for addressing these issues and in turn enhancing the QRS coaching process.
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