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La gestión del proceso de convocatoria de plazas de formación médica especializada
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112003000400006
Abstract: objective: currently there is a large imbalance between supply and demand for medical specialists in the spanish health system. the aim of this study was to demonstrate the possible effects of current policies of allocating vacancies for interns and residents as well as to describe several measures and alternative policies. methods: using the methodology of system dynamics, we designed a simulation model of the allocation process. based on the validated model, possible changes in the system through time in response to diverse allocation policies were simulated. specifically, changes in the accumulated number of graduates who over the years have remained without specialty, the number of unemployed specialists, and the imbalance between supply and demand in the period under consideration were observed. results: the results obtained from the simulation indicate that allocation policies such as the current one tends to reduce the accumulated number of graduates without specialty, due to the philosophy characterizing this policy, but that it considerably increases the number of unemployed specialists and aggravates the supply-demand imbalance. in the simulation, this tendency remained over time even though more restrictive measures in numerus clausus and retirement age were adopted. equally, a policy based on social needs and aware of delays in training would substantially contribute to eliminating unemployment among specialists and supply-demand imbalance over time. if such a policy were combined with the above-mentioned measures the results would be even better, more rapidly eliminating graduates without specialty, unemployed specialists, and supply-demand imbalances. conclusions: if the health administration continues with the current system of allocation of places, the present imbalance in supply and demand will become even worse. therefore, new and far-sighted measures and policies are required, as well as greater coordination between undergraduate and postgraduate
Somatic gene therapy for hypertension
Phillips, M.I.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2000000600013
Abstract: gene therapy for hypertension is needed for the next generation of antihypertensive drugs. current drugs, although effective, have poor compliance, are expensive and short-lasting (hours or one day). gene therapy offers a way to produce long-lasting antihypertensive effects (weeks, months or years). we are currently using two strategies: a) antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (as-odn) and b) antisense dna delivered in viral vectors to inhibit genes associated with vasoconstrictive properties. it is not necessary to know all the genes involved in hypertension, since many years of experience with drugs show which genes need to be controlled. as-odn are short, single-stranded dna that can be injected in naked form or in liposomes. as-odn, targeted to angiotensin type 1 receptors (at1-r), angiotensinogen (agt), angiotensin converting enzyme, and ?1-adrenergic receptors effectively reduce hypertension in rat models (shr, 2k-1c) and cold-induced hypertension. a single dose is effective up to one month when delivered with liposomes. no side effects or toxic effects have been detected, and repeated injections can be given. for the vector, adeno-associated virus (aav) is used with a construct to include a cmv promoter, antisense dna to agt or at1-r and a reporter gene. results in shr demonstrate reduction and slowing of development of hypertension, with a single dose administration. left ventricular hypertrophy is also reduced by aav-agt-as treatment. double transgenic mice (human renin plus human agt) with high angiotensin ii causing high blood pressure, treated with aav-at1-r-as, show a normalization of blood pressure for over six months with a single injection of vector. we conclude that odns will probably be developed first because they can be treated like drugs for the treatment of hypertension with long-term effects. viral vector delivery needs more engineering to be certain of its safety, but one day may be used for a very prolonged control of blood pressure.
Connections: can the 20th century coronary heart disease epidemic reveal something about the 1918 influenza lethality?
Azambuja, M.I;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2006005000192
Abstract: this essay proposes that the ecologic association shown between the 20th century coronary heart disease epidemic and the 1918 influenza pandemic could shed light on the mechanism associated with the high lethality of the latter. it suggests that an autoimmune interference at the apob-ldl interface could explain both hypercholesterolemia and inflammation (through interference with the cellular metabolism of arachidonic acid). autoimmune inflammation, then, would explain the 1950s-60s acute coronary events (coronary thrombosis upon influenza re-infection) and the respiratory failure seen among young adults in 1918. this hypothesis also argues that the lethality of the 1918 pandemic may have not depended so much on the 1918 virus as on an immune vulnerability to it, possibly resulting from an earlier priming of cohorts born around 1890 by the 1890 influenza pandemic virus.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Intervention: Strategies & Counselling Tips for Primary School Teachers.
M.I Abikwi
Edo Journal of Counselling , 2009,
Abstract: This paper addresses attention deficit hyperactivity disorder intervention strategies for primary school teachers. Wrong labelling of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has given rise to this paper. Hitherto not much attention has been given to the pupils who manifest symptoms of this chronic behavioural disorder even when they are going through difficulties in the learning process. The need for teachers’ intervention strategies has been extensively discussed in this paper with a view of developing an intervention programme in other to promote care and support for the pupils who manifest symptoms of ADHD. It is recommended among other things that teachers’ knowledge should be enhanced to equip them to enable them give care and support to ADHD pupils in the learning process and make referral when necessary. There is an urgent need to include in the curriculum of Guidance and Counselling in Nigeria institutions Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder its symptoms and management strategies. Also Counselling units should be established in primary schools in line with the provisions in the National policy on Education this will reduce most of the problems ADHD pupils face during learning process.
The Main Methods of Information Memorizing
M.I. Us
Economics of Development , 2011,
Abstract: The theoretical and practical recommendationsto improve the mechanism for storing information through the application of basic techniques and methods of capturing information in memory are reviewed and analyzed.
La gestión del proceso de convocatoria de plazas de formación médica especializada
Alonso M.I.
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2003,
Abstract: Objetivo: Dado el actual desajuste existente entre oferta y demanda de médicos especialistas en el sistema sanitario espa ol, el objetivo de este trabajo es mostrar el impacto que puede tener sobre el sistema las actuales políticas de convocatoria de plazas de formación médica especializada -plazas MIR-, así como diversas medidas y políticas alternativas de control. Métodos: Con esta finalidad se procedió a elaborar un modelo de simulación del proceso de convocatoria de plazas empleando como metodología la dinámica de sistemas. A partir del modelo elaborado y validado, se procede a simular la posible evolución del sistema a lo largo del tiempo ante diversas políticas de convocatoria. En concreto, se observa la evolución de la bolsa histórica de licenciados sin especialidad, la bolsa de médicos especialistas y el gap, o desajuste, entre oferta y demanda, existente en el período de simulación considerado. Resultados: De los resultados obtenidos de la simulación se observa que una política de convocatoria como la actual tiende a reducir la bolsa histórica de licenciados sin especialidad, debido a la propia filosofía que caracteriza a la actual convocatoria, pero incrementa considerablemente la bolsa de médicos especialistas y agudiza el desequilibrio existente. Esta tendencia se mantiene a pesar de que se adopten en la simulación medidas más restrictivas en numerus clausus y edad de jubilación forzosa. Se observa igualmente cómo una política consciente de las necesidades sociales y de los retrasos formativos existentes en el proceso mejora de modo sustancial la evolución, eliminando con el tiempo la bolsa de médicos especialistas y el desequilibrio. Si a su vez se combina dicha política con las medidas anteriormente citadas, los resultados obtenidos son aún superiores, eliminando ambas bolsas y el desajuste existente con mayor rapidez. Conclusiones: Si la Administración Sanitaria continúa convocando plazas de especialización como hasta el presente se agudizarán los problemas de desequilibrio existentes. Por lo tanto, es preciso adoptar medidas y políticas más previsoras con visión a largo plazo, así como una mayor coordinación entre la formación pre y posgraduada.
Applying Quaternion Fourier Transforms for Enhancing Color Images
M.I. Khalil
International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing , 2012,
Abstract: The Fourier transforms play a critical role in a broad range of image processing applications, including enhancement, analysis, restoration, and compression. Until recently, it was common to use the conventional methods to deal with colored images. These methods are based on RGB decomposition of the colored image by separating it into three separate scalar images and computing the Fourier transforms of these images separately. The computing of the Hypercomplex 2D Fourier transform of a color image as a whole unit has only recently been realized. This paper is concerned with frequency domain noise reduction of color images using quaternion Fourier transforms. The approach is based on obtaining quaternion Fourier transform of the color image and applying the Gaussian filter to it in the frequency domain. The filtered image is then obtained by calculating the inverse quaternion Fourier transforms.
New Fluorescent Nanomaterial Based on Silver Atoms and Organic Dye for Biosensing and Bioimaging Applications
Kanyuk M.I.
Proceedings of the International Conference Nanomaterials : Applications and Properties , 2012,
Abstract: We report on synthesis and studies of strongly fluorescent nanostructures formed of several Ag atoms with the aid of organic dye Thioflavin T that serves as sensitizer and molecular support. The 1:1 stoichiometry between silver atoms and dye molecules is observed in this complex formation. These novel structures are formed in a simple one-step way by photoreduction on illumination by UV light and are characterized by excitation and emission maxima at 340 nm and 450 nm correspondingly. These materials offer good prospects for different applications in biosensing and bioimaging technologies
Change of cardiovascular risk factors and quality of life in young hypertensive patients as a result of preventive consultation in primary health care
M.I. Shupina
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2009,
Abstract: Aim. To evaluate changes of quality of life (QL) in young hypertensive patients having Health School educational course in comparison with patients having standard non-drug therapy.Material and methods. 114 young patients with arterial hypertension, stage 1, and low and moderate cardiovascular risk were involved in the study. Patients were randomized in 2 groups. Patients of the 1st group (n=59) were trained at Health School . Patients of the 2nd group had the routine doctor consultation. Changes of systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP) and QL were evaluated in 6, 12 and 36 months.Results. Decrease of systolic and diastolic BP as well as improvement of QL was observed in both groups. However Health School demonstrated significantly higher efficacy in comparison with routine consultation.Conclusion. Non-drug correction of the risk factors is effective method of BP control in young hypertensive patients. High efficacy of Health School educational course allows recommending it for implementation in practical medicine.
Yield performances and cup quality of some BTRI test clones of tea
M.I. Hossain
International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology : IJARIT , 2011,
Abstract: A long term experiment was conducted to investigate the yield and quality performances of four vegetative propagated test clones of tea coded as A/8/01, A/17/22, A/22/27 and A/22/40 at Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI) farm during 1996-2010. A standard clone BT1 was considered as control. Cuttings of the test clones were collected from the selected bushes of Amo tea estates and were raised at BTRI nursery. Then saplings were put to long term yield and quality trial following Latin Square Design (LSD) with 3 replications. The green leaf was harvested at weekly interval during the plucking season starting from mid March to mid December throughout the experimental period. Yield data were recorded and analyzed statistically using MSTAT programme. Results of the experiment revealed that among the test clones A/22/40 gave the highest significant yield of 3509.1 kg ha-1 of made tea followed by BT1 (3203.69 kg ha-1 ), A/8/01 (2912.24 kg ha-1), A/17/22 (2817.76 kg ha-1) and A/22/27 (2278.78 kg ha-1) from the average of 9 years (2002-2010) at mature stage. At immature stage i.e. 1st year to 5th year after plantation yield difference was insignificant. The overall cup quality of the test clones was assessed by conventional organoleptic test. The cup quality of A/8/01, A/17/22, A/22/40 as well as the standard clone BT1 was found to be above average (AA) while the cup quality of A/22/27 was average (A). Considering the yield and quality potentials, the test clone A/22/40 has appeared quite promising to be released as a standard clone.
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