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Biologia e ecologia do arum?, Ischnosiphon polyphyllus (Marantaceae), no arquipélago de Anavilhanas, Rio Negro, Amaz?nia Central
Nakazono, Erika M.;Piedade, Maria Teresa F.;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042004000300003
Abstract: in the islands of the anavilhanas, the herbaceous species ischnosiphon polyphyllus, known as "arum?", occupies the understory of flooded black water forest. this plant is utilized by local human populations to produce handcrafts. the aim of the present study is to describe the ecological and biological characteristics of the species, taking into account the criteria of selection of stems used by regional craftsmen. we sampled 153 plots on 27 islands to determine the distribution and abundance of plants along the inundation gradient. in addition, 120 plant tufts distributed on 8 islands were sampled to obtain data on population structure. higher densities of i. polyphyllus were found in the gradient subject to 2 and 4 m of inundation. this distribution indicates that the species maximize development in the higher positions in the plains where the abundance of mature stems utilized by the craftsmen is higher. the period of inundation may affect the plant's physiology, morphology, and the reproductive strategies. vegetative reproduction may play an important role in population survival under conditions of inundation stress. an adequate management of the species is necessary to maintain the species and the local craft activities in a sustainable equilibrium. this is particularly true for the stems removed in the critical position on plains, for example those between 2 and 4 m of flooding.
Estratégias de dispers o, produ o de frutos e extrativismo da palmeira Astrocaryum jauari Mart. Nos Igapós do Rio Negro: implica es para a ictiofauna
M. T. F. Piedade,P. Parolin,W. J. Junk
Ecología Aplicada , 2003,
Abstract: Astrocaryum jauari is the most frequent palmin the floodplains (igapó) of the Rio Negro, in Brazilian Amazonia. It grows to 20 m of height and is rarely found isolated. More commonly, 4-6 individuals of different sizes stand together which originate from the same rhizome. Fruit abscission occurs at highest water levels and dispersal occurs by fish. The palm has commercial value: until 1998, for 20 years palmito was the basis of the industrial production in Central Amazonia. In the present study, seasonal dynamics and biomass of fruit production in A. jauari are described in relation to water level and annual flood duration. Systematic studies were performed at the Ecological Station of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, with an inventory area covering 5.000 m2. Fruit production was monitored at weekly intervals and biomass was determined. Data on the dispersing fishes was obtained by collection in the field and by interviews of local people. A. jauari occurs from the higher levels to the lowest in the flooding gradient, being waterlogged up to 270-340 days/year. 125 individuals of A. jauari occorred in the sampled 5.000 m2, which is equivalent to a density of 250 ind/ha in the Anavilhanas. Only adult trees which were directly exposed to light produced fruits. 16 species of fish feed on the fruits of A. jauari. Ten of these act as possible dispersers, 3 as predators. The high contents of vitamine A may be attractive for the fishes. Since the fruits do not have structures enhancing floatation, hydrochoric dispersal does not occur and the seeds succumb to the hypoxic conditions under water. In habitats with short periods of flooding, the fruits may be accumulated near the adult plant (barochory).
Márcia Denise Moreira ROCHA,Maria Celina da Piedade RIBEIRO
Revista da Universidade Vale do Rio Verde , 2011,
Abstract: We know that every human being needs to live with other people, joining to society. But not always it happens with elderly that live in Long Stay Institution (LSI). Many times these elderly aresurrounded by their selves emotions and limitations, get stuck to their selves thoughts of isolation, miss, rejection, fear, fragility, feelings that prevent them from making the most of life and enjoying it like something precious. They feel inferior and less important because they don’t have sense and happiness that make them see the life with other eyes. One of the factors that induce to emptiness, depression and fear of the death it’s can not count on relatives and friends in all moments, principally during the physicand psychic disease. In face of the reality lived by 52 elderly (30 women and 22 men) resident in Três Cora es – MG, it’s arisen the need to promote the healthy aging, improving the quality of life and selfesteem through social contact and participation in activities directed to the work and leisure in the institution, by means of professional able to identify protecting, maintenance and recovery factors for health of elderly that live in LSI.
Effects of caffeine on the electrophysiological, cognitive and motor responses of the central nervous system
Deslandes A.C.,Veiga H.,Cagy M.,Piedade R.
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2005,
Abstract: Caffeine is the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world. The effects of caffeine have been studied using cognitive and motor measures, quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) and event-related potentials. However, these methods are not usually employed in combination, a fact that impairs the interpretation of the results. The objective of the present study was to analyze changes in electrophysiological, cognitive and motor variables with the ingestion of caffeine, and to relate central to peripheral responses. For this purpose we recorded event-related potentials and eyes-closed, resting EEG, applied the Stroop test, and measured reaction time. Fifteen volunteers took caffeine (400 mg) or placebo in a randomized, crossover, double-blind design. A significant reduction of alpha absolute power over the entire scalp and of P300 latency at the Fz electrode were observed after caffeine ingestion. These results are consistent with a stimulatory effect of caffeine, although there was no change in the attention (Stroop) test or in reaction time. The qEEG seems to be the most sensitive index of the changes produced by caffeine in the central nervous system since it proved to be capable of detecting changes that were not evident in the tests of cognitive or motor performance.
Casar pelo civil ou na igreja
Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas , 2002,
Abstract: this article offers some thoughts on getting married, and particularly the choice of how to go about it - a civil ceremony or a church wedding. the initial question we pose is derived from the need to understand the progressive decrease in the number of religious weddings in the azores - a region in which people are traditionally practising catholics. a search for information on the celebration of the sacrament of marriage in the angra do heroísmo diocese and on the social policies governing the provision of housing assistance to young people may have enabled us to comprehend the reasons why people are choosing a civil wedding. this approach and our reflection thereon are underlain by an analysis of the way people are beginning their conjugal lives and its correlation with religious practises.
Distribution of aflatoxins in contaminated corn fractions segregated by size
Piedade, Fabiana S.;Fonseca, Homero;Glória, Eduardo M.;Calori-Domingues, Antonia;Piedade, S?nia M.S.;Barbin, Décio;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822002000100002
Abstract: the efficiency of segregation, by particle size, in reducing the aflatoxin content of corn lots under the brazilian conditions was studied. the aflatoxin content, in the corn fractions obtained after sieving thirty contaminated samples, with approximately 3.0 kg each, was determined. the samples were passed through 4.5 mm round-hole sieves and the fractions with particles 34.5 mm (fraction a) and <4.5 mm (fraction b) and then analyzed for aflatoxins by tlc. the results showed that the distribution of the aflatoxins among the fractions a and b varied from sample to sample. however, the fraction b presented higher content (6 to 1,422 μg/kg) of aflatoxins (p<5%), than samples of fraction a (4 to 389 μg/kg). in spite of that the segregation of this fraction did not reduce significantly the contamination of the samples. this probably occurred because the contribution of the fraction b for the estimated total of the concentration of aflatoxin of the sample was smaller than that of the fraction a, due to the smallest amount of the fraction b in the sample weight total. in spite of being significant for the studied samples the correlation among the percentages of the groups of grains with defects a) burning grains, sprouted, burned and moldy and b) total injured, with the estimated level of contamination for the samples, more studies will be necessary so that better conclusions can be drawn for this correlation.
Printability of HDPE/Natural Fiber Composites with High Content of Cellulosic Industrial Waste  [PDF]
Luis Claudio Mendes, Sibele Piedade Cestari
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2011.29181
Abstract: In this paper, a continuous polymeric matrix highly filled with fiber of sugarcane bagasse has been obtained and its feasibility as an ink-absorbing material has been evaluated. In order to study the effect of the amount of cellulose fiber on the surface printability, contact angle measurement using different liquids—water-based inks, ethanol and ink for ink-jet printers—and printing tests were performed on composites of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and sugarcane bagasse (SCB). The composites were processed in a Haake internal mixer, using the SCB without any previous chemical treatment or compatibilizer. The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and derivative thermogravimetry (TG/ DTG) revealed an increase in the thermal stability and in the degree of crystallinity of the HDPE. The optical microscopy (OM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that the cellulosic material was homogeneously embedded within the HDPE matrix. In order to assess the resistance of the composite sample to the pull strength of the printer, tensile tests were applied to the composites and the results were compared to known paper samples. The best result was achieved in the composite with the highest content of SCB, as well as the shortest drying time.
Ensaio uniaxial de tra??o dos tend?es dos músculos grácil e semitendinoso humanos
Piedade, Sérgio Rocha;Del Fabbro, Inácio M.;Vidal, Benedicto de Campos;Gamba, Reinaldo;
Acta Ortopédica Brasileira , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-78522001000100001
Abstract: the use of isolated human tendons as well as in associated forms on knee reconstrution has become na usual practice. the literature reveals that the use of implants of patellar tendon as well as the double semitendinous tendon associated to the double gracilis tendon exhibits different post surgical evolution related to the minimal extension loss, anterior-posterior displacement (kt-1000 artrometer), as well as to the sport activities. this research work aim to analyze the mechanical behavior of human tendons (gracilis and semitendinous) subject to uniaxial traction to failure. the mechanical parameters considered includes: stress at failure (mpa), strain energy at failure (n.mm) and strain rate (mm/mm). results induced to the following conclusions: - tendon of semitendinous muscle is more resistent than the tendon gracilis muscle; exhibits lower strain, stores higher level of strain energy at failure. - as they present distinct mechanical behavior, it would be necessary to acomplish a more detaield analysis to face the time and history dependence wich are the basic characteristics of viscoelastic materials.
Uso da lógica fuzzy na caracteriza??o do ambiente produtivo para matrizes gestantes
Pandorfi, Héliton;Silva, Iran J. O.;Guiselini, Cristiane;Piedade, Sonia M. S.;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162007000100001
Abstract: the objective of this research was to estimate the environment of housing systems for pregnant sows, as well as variables that have effect on production system. the trial was conducted out from january 4th to march 11th 2005 in a specialized farm in industrial production of pork, located in elias fausto city, s?o paulo state. in gestation facility 24 gilts were allocated: 12 in individual stalls (t1) and 12 in group housing (t2). basically, this study was divided in two steps in function of the way chosen for data analysis: bioclimatic and air quality analysis; and prediction for environmental thermal comfort patterns. the environmental variables (t, oc; ur, %; tgn, oc) and physiological (respiratory rate, mov min-1; rectal temperature, oc) indicated that the group housing led to be the better natural thermal environment for pregnant gilts. the fuzzy set theory permitted to compare experimental data with those reported in the literature through rules that establish environment thermal comfort for sows during gestation.
Desempenho da cultura da rúcula cultivada em época de ver?o em túneis baixos de polietileno perfurado
Pereira, Edilaine R.;Silva, Iran J. O.;Moura, Daniella J.;Piedade, Sonia M. S.;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162004000200006
Abstract: low tunnels is a type of greenhouse that is used for cultivation of species of small load, as lettuce, strawberry, sweet pepper, rocket press and cucumber. this type of greenhouse has a smaller cost of installation than other because its lower high. the plastic covering allows the gain of temperature during the day improving plant growth, protecting the crop from the impact of the rain, cold wind and low temperature. the purpose of this research was to decide the atmosphere changes with the use of polyethylene film with density fall, in low tunnel with perforated area at 0; 5; 10; 15, and 20% in the plastic in the development of the rocket press culture (eruca vesicaria sativa (mill) thell). the results showed different productivity between the tunnel with different holes and significative differences in physics characteristics of plants between some different treatments. as for the inside atmosphere of the tunnel it could see by statistic analysis, that the air temperature in review schedule of the day had significative difference between 0% of perforation and soil without covering, and, the air absolute humidity is higher as much less is the perforated plastic covering.
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