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A no o de ser no mundo em Heidegger e sua aplica o na psicopatologia
Márcio F. Barbosa
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/s1414-98931998000300002
Comunica o a sós: a poesia segundo Mario Quintana = Alone communication, the poetry according to Mario Quintana
Barbosa, Márcia Helena Saldanha
Letras de Hoje , 2011,
Abstract: Este estudo examina a obra poética de Mario Quintana, evidenciando, nos textos do autor, a presen a de uma espécie de teoria da poesia, tra o que distingue a poesia moderna. A análise demonstra que, em seus poemas, o escritor teoriza, de modo especial, sobre a comunica o com o leitor, reagindo ao – também moderno – fen meno da incomunica o. This study examines Mario Quintana’s work, highliting, in his poems, the presence of a kind of theory of poetics, a distinctive element of modern poetry. The analysis has shown that in his work the poet theorizes, particularly, about the communication with the readers, reacting against the – also modern – phenomenon of lack of communication.
The importance of modelling the spread of insecticide resistance in a heterogeneous environment: the example of adding synergists to bed nets
Barbosa Susana,Hastings Ian M
Malaria Journal , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2875-11-258
Abstract: Background Insecticides are an effective and practical tool for reducing malaria transmission but the development of resistance to the insecticides can potentially compromise controls efforts. In this study a mathematical model was developed to explore the effects on mosquito populations of spatial heterogeneous deployment of insecticides. This model was used to identify important parameters in the evolution of insecticide resistance and to examine the contribution of new generation long-lasting insecticidal bed nets, that incorporate a chemical synergist on the roof panel, in delaying insecticide resistance. Methods A genetic model was developed to predict changes in mosquito fitness and resistance allele frequency. Parameters describing insecticide selection, fitness cost and the additional use of synergist were incorporated. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis were performed followed by investigation of the evolution of resistance under scenarios of fully effective or ineffective synergists. Results The spread of resistance was most sensitive to selection coefficients, fitness cost and dominance coefficients while mean fitness was most affected by baseline fitness levels. Using a synergist delayed the spread of resistance but could, in specific circumstances that were thoroughly investigated, actually increase the rate of spread. Different spread dynamics were observed, with simulations leading to fixation, loss and most interestingly, equilibrium (without explicit overdominance) of the resistance allele. Conclusions This strategy has the potential to delay the spread of resistance but note that in an heterogeneous environment it can also lead to the opposite effect, i.e., increasing the rate of spread. This clearly emphasizes that selection pressure acting inside the house cannot be treated in isolation but must be placed in context of overall insecticide use in an heterogeneous environment.
Mass Transfer in Infrared Drying of Gel-Coated Seeds  [PDF]
Ant?nio M. Barbosa Neto, Luanda G. Marques, Manoel M. Prado, Dermeval J. M. Sartori
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2014.41006

In order to contribute for a better understanding of mass transfer in drying of shrinking particles, in this study shrinkage and drying characteristics of sorghum seeds encapsulated into gel-based polymeric matrix were experimentally determined by using infrared (IR) radiation. IR drying of gel coated seeds was carried out at three different temperatures (65, 80 and 93). The shrinkage of the individual particles during drying was quantified by means of the volume and surface area changes evaluated from geometric measurements. The product quality was evaluated in terms of the changes of particle density and percent of cracks in gel coating incurred during drying. Surface area and volume of the gel-seed system decreased about 65% and 80% until the end of the process, respectively, stressing the need to take into account the surface area changes to calculate water flux density as function of moisture content and obtain an accurate interpretation of the drying mechanisms well as to include the volume shrinkage in mass transfer models to determine reliable values of moisture diffusivity. The IR drying behavior of gel-coated seeds was then characterized by the presence of three drying periods: heating up, constant moisture flux and falling moisture flux. Accelerated drying of gel coated seeds was obtained by applying higher IR radiation intensities. The effect of IR source temperature on the particle shrinkage was more pronounced at the constant moisture flux period and practically negligible at the decreasing moisture flux period. Neglecting shrinkage of individual coated-seeds during IR drying led to an erroneous absence of constant flux period and overestimation of the mass transfer by diffusion. Apparent density of the particles was greater at low-temperature IR drying than at high-temperature IR drying. Coated particles keep their original geometry, but a significant cracking of gel coating was observed at rapid drying rate conditions.

Cardiovascular dysfunction in obesity and new diagnostic imaging techniques: the role of noninvasive image methods
Barbosa J,Rodrigues A,Mota C,Barbosa M
Vascular Health and Risk Management , 2011,
Abstract: José Augusto A Barbosa1, Alexandre B Rodrigues1, Cleonice Carvalho C Mota1, Márcia M Barbosa2, Ana C Sim es e Silva11Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil; 2Ecocenter, Socor Hospital, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrazilAbstract: Obesity is a major public health problem affecting adults and children in both developed and developing countries. This condition often leads to metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. A large number of studies have been carried out to understand the pathogenesis of cardiovascular dysfunction in obese patients. Endothelial dysfunction plays a key role in the progression of atherosclerosis and the development of coronary artery disease, hypertension and congestive heart failure. Noninvasive methods in the field of cardiovascular imaging, such as measuring intima-media thickness, flow-mediated dilatation, tissue Doppler, and strain, and strain rate, constitute new tools for the early detection of cardiac and vascular dysfunction. These techniques will certainly enable a better evaluation of initial cardiovascular injury and allow the correct, timely management of obese patients. The present review summarizes the main aspects of cardiovascular dysfunction in obesity and discusses the application of recent noninvasive imaging methods for the early detection of cardiovascular alterations.Keywords: cardiovascular risk, endothelium dysfunction, obesity, strain and strain rate, tissue Doppler
Análise Econ mica da Apicultura no Estado de Roraima. = Economic analysis of the Beekeeping in the Roraima State – Brazil.
Ariosmar M. Barbosa,Guido Nunes Lopes,José Beethoven Figueiredo Barbosa
Agro@mbiente On-line , 2007,
Abstract: Apresenta-se uma análise preliminar da economia da apicultura no estado de Roraima, com descritivos históricos desde o início da atividade apícola roraimense até 2006. Fez-se uma breve contextualiza o dos mercados apícolas internacional, nacional e regional. Apresenta-se um descritivo da marca Roraimel e das a es das cooperativas dos municípios de Boa Vista, Cantá e Mucajaí. = This article introduces a preliminary economy analysis of beekeeping in the State of Roraima, altogether with its historical description since the beginning of the Roraima′s beekeeping activity up to 2006. It presents a brief introduction of the international, national and regional beekeeping markets. The article also includes a brief description of the trade mark Roraimel, as well as the actions of the beekeeping cooperatives of Boa Vista, Cantá and Mucajaí districts.
A quantitative evaluation of the role of the Argentinean Col and the Low Pressure Tongue East of the Andes for frontogenesis in the South American subtropics
H. M. J. Barbosa,J. M. Arraut
Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO) , 2009,
Abstract: Previous studies have found the South American subtropics to exhibit high climatological frontogenesis in equivalent potential temperature during the austral summer. An important contribution to this pattern is given by frontogenesis over the Argentinean Col (AC), which separates the Northwestern Argentinean Low (NAL) from transient troughs to the south of it. The NAL and the Low Pressure Tongue east of the Andes (LPT) promote efficient transport of Amazonian humidity to the subtropics during the incursion of transient disturbances over the continent. The convergence of this strong warm and humid flow with mid-latitude air brought into the subtropics by the disturbance occurs preferentially in the neighborhood of the AC. The main difficulty in quantifying the contribution of the NAL, AC and LPT structure to frontogenesis in the South American subtropics is the automatic detection of the AC and LPT. In this paper an algorithm developed to this end is briefly presented and applied to obtain statistics on the role of these structures in frontogenesis. Six-hourly data from ECMWF ERA-40 Reanalysis over 21 austral summer periods (December–March) is used. Occurrences of the AC are highly concentrated between 34–39° S and 66–69° W, being present in this region in 42% of the time instants analyzed. The spatial average of the positive values of the frontogenesis over this region was calculated for each time step as a measure of intensity and histograms were built for the cases when the AC was and was not found inside this region. Mean, median and mode are larger for the distribution of cases with the presence of the AC. In addition, we present the frequency of occurrence of the AC as a function of the frontogenesis, showing that it grows with the intensity of the frontogenesis, rising above the 0.955 quantile. We have not found any correlation between the AC frequency and the frontolysis intensity.
Large scale features associated with strong frontogenesis in equivalent potential temperature in the South American subtropics east of the Andes
J. M. Arraut,H. M. J. Barbosa
Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO) , 2009,
Abstract: South American subtropics east of the Andes exhibit a region of intense climatological frontogenesis in equivalent potential temperature (EPT) in the December to March season, mostly produced by deformation of the wind field. The goal of this paper is to investigate the large scale features associated with intense and weak frontogenesis by deformation (FGD) in EPT in the region where it attains its climatological maximum. This can be approximately delimited by 32–42° S and 66–69° W, which is small enough as to contain only one synoptic perturbation at a time. The spatial average of the positive values of frontogenesis at 850 hPa over the whole region (DFG+) is used to represent the strength of the perturbation. ECMWF ERA-40 reanalysis data set is used to calculate DFG+ at six hour intervals for 21 seasons (1981–2002). Compositing analysis is carried out for strong (above the 0.75 quantile) and weak (below the 0.25 quantile) events. For strong events the geopotential field at 850 hPa exhibits the North Argentinean Low (NAL), a transient trough and the Low Pressure Tongue East of the Andes (LPT). Upon comparison with the composite field of FGD it can be observed that FGD exhibits a strong maximum over the Argentinean Col (AC) which separates the NAL and the trough. These features are absent in the weak frontogenesis composite, which exhibits a stronger South Pacific Subtropical High close to the continent. At 250 hPa the strong FGD composite exhibits a trough over the Andes with a wind speed maximum to its east. Both of these features are associated with the deepening of the NAL in the literature. These are not present in the weak FGD composites. Strong events show an intense quasi meridional corridor of water vapor transport from the Amazon to the subtropics that encounters westerly flow in the neighborhood of the AC. This is absent in weak events. A preliminary analysis of precipitation is carried out using the GPCP daily data set. An intense precipitation nucleus appears slightly northeast of the AC, with maximum intensity in the day that follows the strong events. Weak events exhibit a drying of the subtropics instead, between one and three days after the events. Higher precipitation over the oceanic South Atlantic Convergence Zone can be also observed. Analogous composites were constructed for the presence and absence of both the AC and the LPT, showing similar characteristics to the strong and weak FGD event composites respectively, but with lower intensities. This shows that by selecting strong FGD events, intense NAL and LPT events are also singled out.
Influence of Clad Metal Chemistry on Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour of Stainless Steels Claddings in Chloride Solution  [PDF]
Edmilson O. Correa, Reginaldo P. Barbosa, Augusto J. A. Buschinelli, Eduardo M. Silva
Engineering (ENG) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2010.25051
Abstract: The effect of clad metal composition on stress corrosion cracking (SCC) behavior of three types of SMAW filler metals (E308L-16, E309-16 and E316L-16), used for cladding components subjected to highly corrosive conditions, was investigated in boiling 43% MgCl2 solution. In order to evaluate the stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of the top layer, constant load tests and metallographic examinations in tested SCC specimens were conducted. The susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking was evaluated in terms of the time-to-fracture. Results showed that the E309-16 clad metal presented the best SCC resistance. This may be attributed to the presence of a discontinuous delta-ferrite network in the austenitic matrix, which acted as a barrier to cracks propagation. Concerning to E308-16 and E316L-16 clad metals, results showed that these presented a similar SCC test performance. Their higher SCC susceptibility may be attributed to the presence of continuous vermicular delta-ferrite in their microstructure.
A??o de reguladores vegetais na germina??o do algodoeiro (Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. 'IAC - 17')
Castro, Paulo R. C.;Barbosa, Luiz M.;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1978, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761978000100019
Abstract: this research deals with the effects of exogenous growth substances on germination of cotton 'iac - 17'. to study the influence of the chemicals, cotton seeds were immersed during 22 hours in water solutions of (2-chloroethyl) trimethylammonium chloride (ccc) at concentration of 2000 ppm, succinic acid-2,2-dimethylhydrazide (sadh) 4000 ppm, gibberellic acid (ga) 100 ppm, indoleacetic acid (iaa) 100 ppm, and water as check treatment. ccc 2000 ppm delayed germination of cotton, reducing plant development. soaking cotton seeds in ga at a concentration of 100 ppm before planting were found to result in a more rapid growth and that the germination is hastened. sadh 4000 ppm reduced the growth of the seedlings and iaa 100 ppm did not alter the germination or the development of cotton seedlings in relation to control.
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