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Green and Sustainable Heterogeneous Organo-Catalyst for Asymmetric Aldol Reactions  [PDF]
Mohammad Sadiq, Razia Aman, Khalid Saeed, M. Sohail Ahmad, M. Abid Zia
Modern Research in Catalysis (MRC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/mrc.2015.42006
Abstract: Linear amino acids covalently supported on graphene sheet were employed as catalysts for asymmetric aldol reactions between cyclohexanone and aldehydes (aliphatic and/or aromatic) in a batch type reactor in the presence of water. The reactions were found to exhibit high yield as well as excellent ee value. Additionally, the catalysts were found to be truly heterogeneous and eco-friendly.
A Comparative Study of Electronic Properties of Bulk MoS2 and Its Monolayer Using DFT Technique: Application of Mechanical Strain on MoS2 Monolayer  [PDF]
Sohail Ahmad, Sugata Mukherjee
Graphene (Graphene) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/graphene.2014.34008
Abstract: Electronic structure calculation of bulk and monolayer MoS2 has been performed using plane wave pseudopotential method based on density functional theory. The indirect band gap in the bulk MoS2 was found to be 0.9 eV, whereas in the monolayer-MoS2 the band gap of 1.57 eV was found to be direct one. The calculated physical parameters of monolayer MoS2 are found to be very close to the bulk MoS2 and compare well with available experimental and other theoretical results. The calculated density of states (DOS) may help explain this change in the nature of band gap in bulk and in monolayer MoS2. A further variation in band gap has been observed in MoS2 monolayer on applying biaxial strain.
Mucosal Immunization And The Use Of Plga As Carrier
Kalaivani. M,M. Zaffer Ahmad,Sanjar Alam,Sohail Akhter
Pharmaceutical Reviews , 2008,
Abstract: Immunization is one of the most important cost effective weapons for protecting individuals and the community from infectious diseases. It provides complete protection against infectious disease.The introduction of vaccines into medical practice at the beginning of the past century has had an extraordinary impact on human health and welfare and represents an unparalleled success story in modern medicine. Vaccines are considered to be the safest and most effective medical intervention currently available. In conjunction with the introduction of antibiotics and modern hygiene practices, vaccines have contributed enormously to a steady decline in the mortality and morbidity caused by infectious diseases.29Successful immunization means complete/maximum protection against infection with minimum number of doses. But currently available vaccines needs atleast 2-3 doses for maximum immunity. Immunisation with available vaccine is difficult for massive immunization in developing countries due to inadequate compliance, need of trained professional and cost of sterility for parentral administration. The number of doses can be reduced by developing controlled release antigen delivery systems and by improving immune responses of weak antigen.The current global scenario calls for a more-efficacious, acceptable, cost-effective and reliable method of immunization.5,7
Moderate Interpretation with Attribute Analysis and 3d Visualization for Deeper Prospects of Balkassar Field, Central Potwar, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan  [PDF]
Farhana Masood, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Muhammad Sohail Khan
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2017.85037
Abstract: Balkassar is an old field with considerable remaining potential. The 2d, 3d seismic and earlier vintages show that Balkassar is composed of two folds that impart heart shaped geometry. It appears likely the early Eocene age Bhadrar formation may provide commercial production with lower water cuts from the eastern lobe (yet untapped) of the structure that may have at least 30 million barrels of unrecovered oil. Horizontal drilling may have promise as an optimum technique for recovery of oil from Paleogene reservoirs. Encouraging oil indications have also been recorded from the early Permian age tobra formation from Balkassar oxy-1 that was not tested by Oxy. Tobra sandstone reservoir can have a matrix porosity approaching 8%. When fractured recoveries from it can be relatively better than the Paleogene reservoirs. The 2D and 3D seismic acquisition has confirmed that the eastern lobe (yet untapped) of the Balkassar field is structurally higher and steeper than the Western lobe which has thus far produced over 30 million barrels. The Eastern lobe thus offers good potential for recovery of oil from the Bhadrar reservoir. The entire field is likely to have potential for recovery of oil from the early Eocene aged Tobra formation. 2-d and 3-D Seismic data interpretation, attribute analysis and visualization for deeper prospect carried in Balksasar field. Tobra and Khewra formation studied for deeper potential drilling. Time contour and depth contour map shows potential for deeper prospects. Also attribute analysis and 3d visualization show good results for deeper potential of Tobra and Khewar formations. Seismic amplitude, Reflection strength, Apparent polarity attribute are visualized and interpreted to find the potential for Tobra and Khewra formation. 3-D visualization also showed positive results for Tobra and Khewra formations.
Shaaban K. Mohamed,Abdel-Aal M. Jaber,Sohail Saeed,Khuram Shahzad Ahmad
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812018806
Abstract: In the title molecule, C18H20F2N2O2S, the 2,6-difluoro-4-hydroxyphenyl ring and the carbonylthiourea group are each essentially planar, with maximum deviations of atoms from their mean planes of 0.0113 (14) and 0.1017 (15) , respectively; the dihedral angle between these two planes is 71.03 (6)°. An intramolecular N—H...O hydrogen bond occurs. In the crystal, N—H...O and O—H...S hydrogen bonds connect the molecules into chains running diagonally across the bc plane. C—H...S and C—H...F contacts are also observed.
Comparison of Obsolete and Modern Varieties in View to Stagnancy in Yield of Cotton (G. hirsutum L.)
Muhammad Iqbal,M. Zafar Iqbal,Rao Sohail Ahmad Khan,Khezir Hayat
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: A trial was conducted at Cotton Research Station, Multan for three years (2001 to 2003) to compare developmental characteristics, quality traits, yield and its components among thirty two obsolete and modern varieties of Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L). To verify the experimental results, historical data (1986 to 2003) of seed cotton yield, GOT and Staple length of top three high yielding lines was collected from National Coordinated Varietal Trials (NCVT) conducted in Multan region. Significant differences among varieties for node of first fruiting branch, monopodial branches per plant, days taken to first flower and ginning out turn percentage were exhibited. NCVT data showed that among varieties recommended for general cultivation since 1986, variety S-12 showed highest seed cotton yield and ginning outturn (40.5%). The cultivar CIM499 has highest staple length (29.8 mm). From the study, it was concluded that cotton breeders have improved earliness (node of first fruiting branch, monopodial branches per plant, days taken to first flower), lint percentage but improvement in seed cotton yield, yield components and staple length is still needed.
Agent based Model for providing optimized, synchronized and failure free execution of workflow process
Sohail Safdar,Jamil Ahmad,Shaftab Ahmed,M. Tayyab Asghar,Saqib Saeed
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to provide an optimized solution and algorithm for the execution of a workflow process by ensuring the data consistency, correctness, completeness among various tasks involved. The solution proposed provides a synchronized and failure free flow of execution among various tasks involved in a workflow process. A synchronizing agent is bound at a very low level, i.e. with the workflow activity or task to get the desired goals to be done and an algorithm is provided to show the execution of workflow process completely.
Effect of Firm Structure on Corporate Cash Holding (Evidence from Non-Financial Companies)  [PDF]
Sher Khan, Zhuangzhuang Peng, Sohail Ahmad, Shahid Mahmood, Ijaz Ahmad
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2019.81001
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of firm structure (whether diversified or focused firms) on corporate cash holding. Samples of 80 non-financial companies were selected including diversified and focused firms which were listed on Karachi stock exchange for a period 7 years from 2006 to 2013. These diversified and focused firms were selected on the basis of equal proportionate method. Random effect model and descriptive statistics were used for the analysis of these variables. The results of these models showed that there is negative and significant effect of firm structure on corporate cash holding. We also find negative and significant relationship of leverage and Networking capital with the corporate cash holdings and the relation between growth opportunities and corporate cash holding was examined to be positive and significant. We also find a negative and insignificant relationship between firm size and corporate cash holding. The descriptive statistics showed that there was significant difference between the cash holding of diversified and focused firms. The diversified firms keep a smaller amount of cash as compare to the single segment companies (focused firms), which is in support of the trade-off theory. This paper contributes to current literatures with regard to organization structure (whether diversified or focused firms) on cash holding in a developing economy like Pakistan.
Log Linear Models for Religious and Social Factors affecting the practice of Family Planning Methods in Lahore, Pakistan
Farooq Ahmad,Sohail Chand
Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research , 2006, DOI: 10.1234/pjsor.v2i1.84
Abstract: This is cross sectional study based on 304 households (couples) with wives age less than 48 years, chosen from urban locality (city Lahore). Fourteen religious, demographic and socio-economic factors of categorical nature like husband education, wife education, husband’s monthly income, occupation of husband, household size, husband-wife discussion, number of living children, desire for more children, duration of marriage, present age of wife, age of wife at marriage, offering of prayers, political view, and religiously decisions were taken to understand acceptance of family planning. Multivariate log-linear analysis was applied to identify association pattern and interrelationship among factors. The logit model was applied to explore the relationship between predictor factors and dependent factor, and to explore which are the factors upon which acceptance of family planning is highly depending. Log-linear analysis demonstrate that preference of contraceptive use was found to be consistently associated with factors Husband-Wife discussion, Desire for more children, No. of children, Political view and Duration of married life. While Husband’s monthly income, Occupation of husband, Age of wife at marriage and Offering of prayers resulted in no statistical explanation of adoption of family planning methods.
Effect of β-Glucuronidase on Extraction Efficiency of Silymarin from Human Plasma Samples Using Validated HPLC-UV Analysis
M Usman, M Ahmad, A Dayo, A Madn, L Ali, M Yousuf, MA Khan, A Munir, M Sohail, A Mahmood
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: To investigate the effect of β-glucuronidase on the extraction efficiency of silymarin (mainly as silybin) from spiked human plasma using a sensitive and reproducible high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method. Methods: The importance of β-glucuronidase was evaluated by comparing the extraction efficiency of silymarin in β-glucuronidase-treated and untreated plasma samples. Isocratic HPLC with simple UV detection (288 nm) was applied to analyze the major silymarin components using Thermo-Electron C18 column (200 mm, 4.6 mm I.D., 5μm particle size). The mobile phase, consisting of methanol and 20 mM potassium dihydrogen phosphate buffer (50:50 v/v pH 2.8), was pumped at 1 ml/min. Results: The mean extraction efficiency was 98.97 % (CV = 1.69 %) for treated and 40.88 % (CV = 2.77 %) for untreated plasma samples, compared with nominal concentrations. Conclusion: The studied method showed 60 % reduced extraction efficiency of untreated samples compared to treated samples.
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