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Avalia??o de cultivares de mandioca, para consumo in natura, quanto à resistência à mancha parda da folha
Santos, Ronaldo P.;Carmo, Margarida Goréte F. do;Parraga, Mário S.;Macagnan, Dirceu;Lopes, Clarindo Aldo;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362004000200014
Abstract: two field experiments were conducted to confirm the etiological agent of the cassava 'brown leaf spot', to study the progress of the disease and to evaluate resistance, agronomic and nutritional traits of different cassava cultivars. the experiments were performed in rio de janeiro state, brazil. in the first experiment, six cassava cultivars (amarelinha, marcos op, iac-264, baiana, mantiqueira and sonora), were evaluated from february/1997 to june/1998. in the second experiment, performed from january to august/1999, the same cultivars, plus 'saracura', and 'rosada de sc' were evaluated, in a randomized complete block design, with three replicates. the intensity of the disease, initiated from natural infection, was quantified at seven and 15 days, when the severity and the incidence of injured leaves were considered. at harvest, the severity and incidence of injured leaves, defoliation rates and number of injured leaves were estimated. disease progress curves were built for the incidence and for severity data; the area under the curves was used to calculate the disease severity and infected leaf severity. there were differences among the cultivars in relation to brown leaf spot resistance, caused by cercosporidium henningsii. cultivar 'amarelinha' was the most susceptible, and 'baiana' and 'sonora' the most resistant. there were no differences between the cultivars in yield and root characteristics, except 'amarelinha' with higher root weight. there was a negative and significant correlation between the severity of the disease (expressed by the values of the area under the disease progress curve) and the number and weight of roots.
Wrap arond and IPO: alternatives to the Brazilian air transportation system development [paper in Portuguese]
André Luís Macagnan Freire
Journal of Transport Literature , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents important elements to contribute to the current debate about Brazil’s infrastructure reforms, which come as a preparation for the international sporting events of 2014 (FIFA World Cup) and 2016 (Olympic Games). In this phase, the agenda points to the possibility of transferring the domain and/or management of the airports from de government to private enterprises, and to the way should this process be conducted. Seeing the insufficiencies of the current infrastructure, it presents two legal instruments that can help achieving necessary changes, based on the international experience and the legal and administrative aspects of the country. It suggests two rapid and beneficial ways to develop existing structures and to attract investment: concession contracts with wrap around addition clauses, as observed in Chicago international airport’s expansion, and initial public offer (IPO) of the airports’ management authority’s stocks, as seen in the case of Birmingham.
Tratamento cirúrgico de aneurismas intracranianos
Cademartori, Mário S.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1988, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1988000300008
Abstract: the author reviews his personal experience in the surgical treatment of 325 patients presenting intracranial aneurysms. the patients were operated at cristo redentor hospital between january 1979 and december 1986. pre and post surgical management of sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and its complications is described. internal carotid aneurysms were 122; anterior carotid artery, 100; middle cerebral artery, 69; vertebro-basilar system, 4; and multiple aneurysms, 30. 321 of those aneurysms were approached directly. 177 patients grade i were surgically treated, with a mortality rate of 5.08%; 78 in grade ii with mortality rate of 16.66%; 55 in grade iii with mortality rate of 36.36%; and 15 in grade iv with mortality rate of 66.6%. the general mortality rate was 16%. the results of surgeries in the former group (1961-1978) of 277 patients were compared to the group of 325 cases. the final mortality rate in 552 operated patients in the two groups is 18.11%.
Formal approaches to information hiding: An analysis of interactive systems, statistical disclosure control, and refinement of specifications
Mário S. Alvim
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: In this thesis we consider the problem of information hiding in the scenarios of interactive systems, statistical disclosure control, and refinement of specifications. We apply quantitative approaches to information flow in the first two cases, and we propose improvements for the usual solutions based on process equivalences for the third case. In the first scenario we consider the problem of defining the information leakage in interactive systems where secrets and observables can alternate during the computation and influence each other. We show that the information-theoretic approach which interprets such systems as (simple) noisy channels is not valid. The principle can be recovered if we consider channels with memory and feedback. We also propose the use of directed information from input to output as the real measure of leakage in interactive systems. In the second scenario we consider the problem of statistical disclosure control, which concerns how to reveal accurate statistics about a set of respondents while preserving the privacy of individuals. We focus on the concept of differential privacy, a notion that has become very popular in the database community. We show how to model the query system in terms of an information-theoretic channel, and we compare the notion of differential privacy with that of min-entropy leakage.In the third scenario we address the problem of using process equivalences to characterize information-hiding properties. We show that, in the presence of nondeterminism, this approach may rely on the assumption that the scheduler "works for the benefit of the protocol", and this is often not a safe assumption. We present a formalism in which we can specify admissible schedulers and, correspondingly, safe versions of complete-trace equivalence and bisimulation, and we show that safe equivalences can be used to establish information-hiding properties.
Computational Aspects of the Calculus of Structure
Mário S. Alvim
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Logic is the science of correct inferences and a logical system is a tool to prove assertions in a certain logic in a correct way. There are many logical systems, and many ways of formalizing them, e.g., using natural deduction or sequent calculus. Calculus of structures (CoS) is a new formalism proposed by Alessio Guglielmi in 2004 that generalizes sequent calculus in the sense that inference rules can be applied at any depth inside a formula, rather than only to the main connective. With this feature, proofs in CoS are shorter than in any other formalism supporting analytical proofs. Although it is great to have the freedom and expressiveness of CoS, under the point of view of proof search more freedom means a larger search space. And that should be restricted when looking for complete automation of deductive systems. Some efforts were made to reduce this non-determinism, but they are all basically operational approaches, and no solid theoretical result regarding the computational behaviour of CoS has been achieved so far. The main focus of this thesis is to discuss ways to propose a proof search strategy for CoS suitable to implementation. This strategy should be theoretical instead of purely operational. We introduce the concept of incoherence number of substructures inside structures and we use this concept to achieve our main result: there is an algorithm that, according to our conjecture, corresponds to a proof search strategy to every provable structure in the subsystem of FBV (the multiplicative linear logic MLL plus the rule mix) containing only pairwise distinct atoms. Our algorithm is implemented and we believe our strategy is a good starting point to exploit the computational aspects of CoS in more general systems, like BV itself.
Spy out to Protect: Sensing Devices for Wildlife Virtual Fencing  [PDF]
Rita Anastácio, Sérgio Cardoso, Mário Jorge Pereira
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2018.83013
Abstract: To avoid wildlife-human conflict several solutions are used, like electrical fences, the most expensive solution. Nowadays, technology enables alternative and cheaper approaches for conservation projects. A technological device was developed to detect elephants, moving on their habitat, and predict and react by avoiding confrontation with man. The devices were tested in field experiments, and proved to be efficient in capturing floor vibration, and air-sound signals. Collected data also enabled the estimation of the vibration-source by calculus (using triangulation), revealing the importance of the methodology for real-time location and tracking of high mass animals (e.g. elephants). Building up a mesh of devices, separated 25 m from each other, is estimated as possible to monitor and identify different animals (by discriminating patterns) in an area, like a virtual fencing system. Though the devices may be effective for animal behaviour research, or even animal communication analysis, or other Biology field, other applications outside Biology are possible for them, like monitoring of: rock-falling, micro seismic railway, infrastructures, and people movements.
Dispers?o de Lernaea cyprinacea (Linnaeus) (Crustácea, Copepoda) na regi?o norte do estado do Paraná, Brasil
Gabrielli, Mário Artur;Orsi, Mário Luís;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752000000200010
Abstract: inside of the parasitoses context in fish, the study was successful to us verified the lerniose was present in the north area of the state. it had reached the native fish in the basin of the river tibagi. for the study, visits were made to the aquaculture and samples collected in the area of sertanopolis on the river tibagi. we verified that the lerniose was growing in the area and had already reached several species of native fish of the river tibagi. this concein for ali the researchers of the area, as well as the producers of fish.
Properties of Stable Model Semantics Extensions
Mário Abrantes,Luís Moniz Pereira
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: The stable model (SM) semantics lacks the properties of existence, relevance and cumulativity. If we prospectively consider the class of conservative extensions of SM semantics (i.e., semantics that for each normal logic program P retrieve a superset of the set of stable models of P), one may wander how do the semantics of this class behave in what concerns the aforementioned properties. That is the type of issue dealt with in this paper. We define a large class of conservative extensions of the SM semantics, dubbed affix stable model semantics, ASM, and study the above referred properties into two non-disjoint subfamilies of the class ASM, here dubbed ASMh and ASMm. From this study a number of results stem which facilitate the assessment of semantics in the class ASMh U ASMm with respect to the properties of existence, relevance and cumulativity, whilst unveiling relations among these properties. As a result of the approach taken in our work, light is shed on the characterization of the SM semantics, as we show that the properties of (lack of) existence and (lack of) cautious monotony are equivalent, which opposes statements on this issue that may be found in the literature; we also characterize the relevance failure of SM semantics in a more clear way than usually stated in the literature.
High School Students’ Attitudes Associated with Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics Concepts in Brazil  [PDF]
Alexandre de Sá Freire, Márcia Cristina Fernandes Xavier, Milton Ozório Moraes
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.42021

There is an enormous gap between scientific production and scientific education in Genetics and Bio-technology concerning stem cells, transgenics, genetically engineered medicines and so on. In order to investigate the knowledge and the perception of these concepts among teenagers, a total of 334 surveys were distributed to high school students in one private and two state schools in theRio de Janeirostate,Brazil. Interviews were also used as a qualitative tool to assess the validity of the data obtained in the surveys. Students reported clear ideas about transgenics, but not about genetic engineering of recombinant medication or genomics. The results suggest that when issues are discussed,instead of being explained, they are better assimilated by students, and that association of information in the press with school classes may help to spread scientific concepts.

Determination of the Acidity of Oils Using Paraformaldehyde as a Thermometric End-Point Indicator
Carneiro, Mário J. D.;Feres Júnior, Mário A.;Godinho, Oswaldo E. S.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532002000500026
Abstract: the determination of the acidity of oils by catalytic thermometric titrimetry using paraformaldehyde as the thermometric end-point indicator was investigated. the sample solvent was a 1:1 (v/v) mixture of toluene and 2-propanol and the titrant was 0.1 mol l-1 aqueous sodium hydroxide. paraformaldehyde, being insoluble in the sample solvent, does not present the inconvenience of other indicators that change the properties of the solvent due to composition changes. the titration can therefore be done effectively in the same medium as the standard potentiometric and visual titration methods. the results of the application of the method to both non-refined and refined oils are presented herein. the proposed method has advantages in relation to the potentiometric method in terms of speed and simplicity.
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