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Evaluation of the Biotechnological Potential of Isolated Bacteria of the Soil in the Degradation of Residues of Skin Swine  [PDF]
Andréia Dalla Rosa, Nelson G. Golynski, Mário L. Teixeira
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2014.49054

The degradation of industrial residues is of great importance for the maintenance of the environment. Therefore, the objective of this study is to verify the proteases production for bacteria of the gender isolated Bacillus of soil. The samples of skin residue were collected in industries of the area west of Santa Catarina, using residue of skin rude swine and residue of skin processed swine. The verification of the biotechnological potential consisted of the use of these residues in middle of culture and inoculation of the respective species of bacteria. The results were more expressive in the samples of skin processed swine, where it showed a degradation average around 43.55% (p/p). While, in the samples of residue of skin rude swine, an average of degradation of 20.60% (p/p) happened. In this way, the residue of skin processed swine is more sensitive than the catalytic activity of the bacterial enzymes.

“Datamining” dos genes da celulose sintase relacionados com ESTs de Eucalyptus spp. (Nota Científica). Cellulose synthase genes dataming related with Eucalyptus spp. expressed sequence tags. (SCIENTIFIC NOTE)
Léo ZIMBACK,Edson Seizo MORI,Mário Luiz Teixeira de MORAES,Edson Luiz FURTADO
Revista do Instituto Florestal , 2008,
Abstract: Trata-se de um estudo sobre “datamining”envolvendo genes ligados ao crescimento decontrole n o hormonal, utilizando o banco dedados de ESTs de eucalipto, efetuado atravésdo Projeto Genoma do Eucalipto (FORESTs)comparados ao nível de aminoácidos. Foramidentificados os clusters de ESTsEGBGFB1211D01.g, EGEZRT6201E10.g,EGCCFB1220G07.g, EGRFCL1206E01.g,EGEQST2006A06.g, EGRFCL1206E01.g,EGEQRT3001H05.b e EGBFRT3106G11.g,similares às proteínas de celulose sintase e suassubunidades controlando o crescimento emArabidopsis thaliana, Gossipium hirsutum,Populus tremuloides, Zea mays e Nicotiana alata,registradas no National Center of BiotechnologiesInformation - NCBI, informa o valiosa parafuturos programas de melhoramento genético dogênero Eucalyptus.This is a study about data mining ofexpressed sequence tags (ESTs) involved withcellulose synthase growth effect genes resultedfrom the Eucalyptus ESTs Genome Project(FORESTs) compared at aminoacids level. Using asequencing of derived from cDNAs librariesinduced and not induced by bacteria, wereidentified EST clusters EGBGFB1211D01.g,EGEZRT6201E10.g, EGCCFB1220G07.g,EGRFCL1206E01.g, EGEQST2006A06.g,EGRFCL1206E01.g, EGEQRT3001H05.b, andEGBFRT3106G11.g, similar to cellulose synthaseproteins controlling growth effect in Arabidopsisthaliana, Gossipium hirsutum, Populustremuloides, Zea mays, and Nicotiana alata,registered on National Center of BiotechnologiesInformation - NCBI. These mining results areimportant to improve Eucalyptus breeding programs.
Estudo da libera??o renal de glicose em coelhos submetidos a hepatectomia total funcional e infus?o de noradrenalina
FRANCHI-TEIXEIRA, Antonio Roberto;JORGE, Gracinda L.;LEONARDI, Luís Sérgio;SAAD, Mário José Abdalla;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032001000300008
Abstract: aim ? to study the possible endogenous sources of glucose in the absence of the liver (equivalent to the anhepatic period of liver transplantation). material and methods - a experimental model of total functional hepatectomy in anesthetised rabbits was developed. the aorta and the right renal vein were catheterised in order to collect blood samples to measure glucose contents. the animals were divided into two groups: group 1, 5 animals underwent only norepinephrine infusion; group 2, 15 animals underwent norepinephrine infusion and submitted to total functional hepatectomy. results - in group 2, before the hepatectomy, arterial glucose levels were higher than venous ones and after the liver removal, the venous levels became higher than the arterial ones. this pattern showed an inversion in the glicemic curves. in group 1 this pattern was not observed. conclusion - the glicemic curves behavior observed in group 2 is not due to norepinephrine infusion, but represents renal glucose release after total functional hepatectomy.
Estudo da libera o renal de glicose em coelhos submetidos a hepatectomia total funcional e infus o de noradrenalina
FRANCHI-TEIXEIRA Antonio Roberto,JORGE Gracinda L.,LEONARDI Luís Sérgio,SAAD Mário José Abdalla
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2001,
Abstract: Objetivo - Estudar as prováveis fontes endógenas de glicose na ausência do fígado (equivalente à fase anepática do transplante de fígado). Material e Métodos - Criou-se um modelo experimental de hepatectomia total funcional em coelhos anestesiados. A aorta e a veia renal direita foram cateterizadas para colheita de glicemias seriadas. Os animais foram divididos em dois grupos: grupo 1, com 5 animais submetidos apenas a infus o de noradrenalina e grupo 2, constando de 15 animais também submetidos a infus o de noradrenalina e tiveram seus fígados retirados. Resultados - Demonstram que, no grupo 2, antes da hepatectomia, as dosagens de glicemias arteriais foram maiores que as venosas, e após a retirada do órg o, estes valores se tornaram menores. Isto configurou invers o das curvas das glicemias. No grupo 1 n o foi observada essa invers o. Conclus o - Conclui-se que esse comportamento das curvas de glicemia observadas nos animais do grupo 2 n o se deve à a o da noradrenalina e significa libera o renal de glicose após a hepatectomia.
Tireotoxicose por triiodotironina e sua variante: relato de três casos
Machado, Marise;Teixeira, Rosimere J.;Le?o, Lenora Maria C.S.M.;Tabet, Ana Lúcia O.;Bosignoli, Rogério;Henriques, Jodélia L.M.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302003000100016
Abstract: thyrotoxicosis is confirmed by high serum total or free triiodothyronine (t3/ft3) and thyroxine (t4/ft4) and low serum thyrotropin (tsh) concentrations. in endemic areas, a predominant increase of t3 with normal or low t4 and ft4 can be found, referred to as "t3-thyrotoxicosis". one variant, known as "free t3-toxicosis" has recently been described presenting subnormal serum tsh, normal ft4 and total t3 concentrations, but high serum ft3. thyrotoxicosis increases bone turnover, especially resorption, with bone loss and increases fracture rates; involves the cardiovascular system both in systemic hemodynamics and t3-mediated effects on cardiac myocite-specific gene expression. detecting t3- thyrotoxicosis is important because of the high morbidity, increased risk of osteoporosis and arrythmias. thus, the early diagnosis and treatment of the hyperthyroidism can prevent complications. we studied three patients with criteria for t3-toxicosis - one of them with ft3 toxicosis. they live in areas with adequate iodine intake and all three present with diffuse goiter. because the screening for thyroid diseases only measures ft4 and tsh, we suggest that patients with subnormal tsh levels and normal ft4 should be worked up with measurement of total t3. if normal, a ft3 can be obtained to identify ft3 toxicosis. the study of such cases must continue to provide valuable insights into the thyrotoxicosis.
Efeito do nível de caro?o de algod?o sobre a digestibilidade da fibra dietética do feno de Tifton 85 (Cynodon spp.) em ovinos
Rogério, M.C.P.;Borges, I.;Teixeira, D.A.B.;Rodriguez, N.M.;Gon?alves, L.C.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352004000500015
Abstract: the study aimed to evaluate the influence of increasing levels of whole cottonseed (gossypium hirsutum) on intake of dry matter (dm), organic matter (om), crude protein (cp) and ether extract (ee) and apparent digestibility (%) of neutral detergent fiber (ndf) and acid detergent fiber (adf), hemicellulose and cellulose of experimental diets based on tifton 85's hay (cynodon spp.). twenty five sheep were randomly allotted to five treatments in a completely randomized design with five replicates. the treatments were formulated to contain zero; 12; 24; 35 and 45% of whole cottonseed. higher crude protein and ether extract intakes were observed for 45% whole cottonseed diets, but no significant differences were observed for dry matter and organic matter intakes. digestibility coefficients of ndf, adf and cellulose decreased with inclusion of whole cottonseed, but this was not observed for hemicellulose. diets containing 12 and 24% of whole cottonseed presented the best results related to ether extract and crude protein intakes and fibrous fractions digestibility coefficients.
Determina??o espectrofotométrica simultanea de cobre e ferro em álcool etílico combustível com reagentes derivados da ferroína
Teixeira, Leonardo S. G.;Brasileiro, Jo?o F.;Borges Jr., Mário M.;Cordeiro, Paulo W. L.;Rocha, Sarah A. N.;Costa, Antonio C. Spínola;
Química Nova , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422006000400020
Abstract: in the present work three ferroin reagents were studied for the simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of iron and copper: 1,10-phenanthroline, 2,2'-bipyridine and 2,4,6-tri(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine. effect of ph, conditions, order reagent addition, interferences, amount of reagents, lineal range, sensitivity and stability of each system were compared. the 2,4,6-tri(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine can be used for determination of iron in the presence of copper with a detection limit of 5 μg l-1 and coefficient of variation of 2.0%; however it was not possible to determine directly copper in the presence of iron with this reagent. 1,10-phenanthroline can be used for simultaneous determination of the metallic ions with detection limits of 7 and 8 mg l-1 and coefficients of variation of 1.8 and 2.3% in the determination of iron and copper, respectively. the results showed also that 2,2'-bipyridine can be used for simultaneous determination of the metallic ions with detection limits of 11 and 32 μg l-1 and coefficients of variation of 1.9 and 2.5% in the determination of iron and copper, respectively. the reagents were used for spectrophotometric determination of iron and copper in ethanol fuel.
Age-age correlation for early selection of rubber tree genotypes in S?o Paulo State, Brazil
Gon?alves, Paulo de Souza;Bortoletto, Nelson;Cardinal, átila Bento Beleti;Gouvêa, Lígia Regina Lima;Costa, Reginaldo Brito da;Moraes, Mário Luiz Teixeira de;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572005000500018
Abstract: in a field trial involving 68 rubber tree (hevea spp.) clones calculation of genotypic correlation coefficients revealed significant age-age correlation from age 1 to 6 (immature period) for girth a and for age 7 to 12 (mature period) for girth b and for age 7 to 12 (production of latex) for yield. rank correlation coefficients between all immature ages of girth (girth a), all ages of mature girth (girth b) and all annual rubber production (yield) were significant for the three traits, with the coefficients decreasing with increasing age. selection of the sets of best 30, 15, 10 and 5 clones from the available 68 clones at a given age was generally accompanied by a descending order of percentage success. it was suggested: (a) to have the best 30 clones of age 6, select the set of best 36 clones at age 2, (b) to have the best 15 clones of age 6, select the set of best 20 clones at age 3, (c) to have the best 5 clones of age 6, select the set of best 8 clones at age 4, and (d) to have the best 3 clones of age 6, select the set of best 3 clones at age 5. more than 80% of the targeted clones on girth a or girth b basis and more than 76.7% clones on yield basis were found to get selected at steps (a) through (d). for achieving early multiplication of the most productive clone for deployment, multiplication should be started with the best 36 (i.e. 60%) clones selected at age 2.
Estimative of genetic parameters in progeny test of Pinus caribaea Morelet var. hondurensis Barret & Golfari by quantitative traits and microsatellite markers
Tambarussi, Evandro Vagner;Sebbenn, Alexandre Magno;Moraes, Mário Luiz Teixeira de;Zimback, Léo;Palomino, Edwin Camacho;mori, Edson seizo;
Bragantia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052010000100006
Abstract: the aims of this work were to estimate the coefficient of relatedness within families and the genetic parameters for growth related traits in a progeny test from an open-pollinated variety of pinus caribaea morelet hondurensis barret & golfari, established in mato grosso do sul state, brazil. the experimental design was the triple 10 x 10 lattice, with 96 families, three replicates, and ten plants per plot. fourteen years after planting, the trial was measured for the following traits: total height, diameter at breast height (dbh), and true volume. the estimation of coefficients of relatedness within family from microsatellite loci indicated that families are true half-sibs (^rxy = 0.253). thus, the additive genetic variance (σ2a) can be estimated assuming that the genetic variance among progenies (σ2p) accounts for ? of additive genetic variance (^σ2a = 4^σ2p). the estimative of heritability coefficients at individual level (hi2) was relatively high (0.28 for dbh and 0.44 for height). the heritability coefficient considering the average families (hm2) was also high, ranging among the traits from 0.50 to 0.58. these results suggest that the population can be improved by both massal and among families selection. additionally, the estimated genetic gains with sequential selection among and within families were high (ranging from 8.92% for height to 37.56% for volume), demonstrating that this method of selection can generate high genetic improvement.
Temporal stability for unpredictable annual climatic variability for Hevea genotype selection
Gon?alves, Paulo de Souza;Moraes, Mário Luiz Teixeira de;Gouvêa, Lígia Regina Lima;Aguiar, Adriano Tosoni da Eira;Scallopi Júnior, Erivaldo José;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132008000100002
Abstract: the objective of this study was to assess genotype-year interaction and determine temporal stable genotypes across six years of rubber yield evaluation. stability analyses were performed by eberhart and russell method for rubber yield. twenty-five genotypes were analyzed in a randomized complete block design with three replications. the best genotype in one year was not same always in the other year. the genotype components were partitioned into linear (genotypes within year) and nonlinear (pooled deviations) components. significant mean square for linear components was predictable. this indicated that the performance of genotypes across the years for rubber yield could be predicted. among the analyzed genotypes the iac 40 also was considered highly productive and vigorous, with suitable adaptation.
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