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Estudo da libera??o renal de glicose em coelhos submetidos a hepatectomia total funcional e infus?o de noradrenalina
FRANCHI-TEIXEIRA, Antonio Roberto;JORGE, Gracinda L.;LEONARDI, Luís Sérgio;SAAD, Mário José Abdalla;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032001000300008
Abstract: aim ? to study the possible endogenous sources of glucose in the absence of the liver (equivalent to the anhepatic period of liver transplantation). material and methods - a experimental model of total functional hepatectomy in anesthetised rabbits was developed. the aorta and the right renal vein were catheterised in order to collect blood samples to measure glucose contents. the animals were divided into two groups: group 1, 5 animals underwent only norepinephrine infusion; group 2, 15 animals underwent norepinephrine infusion and submitted to total functional hepatectomy. results - in group 2, before the hepatectomy, arterial glucose levels were higher than venous ones and after the liver removal, the venous levels became higher than the arterial ones. this pattern showed an inversion in the glicemic curves. in group 1 this pattern was not observed. conclusion - the glicemic curves behavior observed in group 2 is not due to norepinephrine infusion, but represents renal glucose release after total functional hepatectomy.
Determination of glucose levels using dried filter paper blood spots: new perspective in home monitoring
Ward, Laura Sterian;Novis, Renata Britto;Nascimento, Veridiana Toledo;Nóbrega, Miriam Siesler;Saad, Mário José Abdalla;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31801996000100008
Abstract: we present a method for the determination of blood glucose using dried filter paper blood spots.to validate this method, we compared our results using filter paper and simultaneously collected venous blood. we demonstrated that there is a linear relationship between the filter paper glucose levels and those determined in whole blood (r=0.98). there was no significant difference between the results of the two methods (p>0.05).this method is a cheap alternative which may improve the control of diabetes mellitus, and may also be very useful in the diagnosis of postprandial hypoglycemia and other special situations.
Estudo da libera o renal de glicose em coelhos submetidos a hepatectomia total funcional e infus o de noradrenalina
FRANCHI-TEIXEIRA Antonio Roberto,JORGE Gracinda L.,LEONARDI Luís Sérgio,SAAD Mário José Abdalla
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2001,
Abstract: Objetivo - Estudar as prováveis fontes endógenas de glicose na ausência do fígado (equivalente à fase anepática do transplante de fígado). Material e Métodos - Criou-se um modelo experimental de hepatectomia total funcional em coelhos anestesiados. A aorta e a veia renal direita foram cateterizadas para colheita de glicemias seriadas. Os animais foram divididos em dois grupos: grupo 1, com 5 animais submetidos apenas a infus o de noradrenalina e grupo 2, constando de 15 animais também submetidos a infus o de noradrenalina e tiveram seus fígados retirados. Resultados - Demonstram que, no grupo 2, antes da hepatectomia, as dosagens de glicemias arteriais foram maiores que as venosas, e após a retirada do órg o, estes valores se tornaram menores. Isto configurou invers o das curvas das glicemias. No grupo 1 n o foi observada essa invers o. Conclus o - Conclui-se que esse comportamento das curvas de glicemia observadas nos animais do grupo 2 n o se deve à a o da noradrenalina e significa libera o renal de glicose após a hepatectomia.
Autoimmune features caused by dengue fever: a case report
Jardim, Denis Leonardo Fontes;Tsukumo, Daniela Miti Lemos;Angerami, Rodrigo N.;Carvalho Filho, Marco Antonio de;Saad, Mário José Abdalla;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702012000100018
Abstract: dengue virus is the most important mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. co-circulation of the four types of dengue viruses and expansion of dengue epidemic gave rise to infection enhancement and a big expansion of clinical aspects of the disease. herein we report a case of a 25-year-old white woman with dengue fever and numerous associated autoimmune features. our patient had proteinuria, an extensive right pleural effusion, a thin pericardial effusion and ascites. she had a low c3 level and positive antinuclear antibody; cryoglobulins were also positive. the numerous autoimmune features of this patient were a diagnostic challenge, since she was a young woman and could be easily mistaken for a rheumatologic patient in a newly open disease. dengue infection probably was a triggering event causing an abnormal immune response. therefore, dengue should be suspected in patients with hematological disorders and autoimmune features in endemic regions or those who have travelled to those regions.
Gramsci, hegemonia e cultura: rela es entre sociedade civil e política
José Mário Angeli
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2011,
Abstract: Falar em Gramsci é sempre muito inspirador e provocativo, pois ele nos leva a refletir, a analisar a sociedade em que vivemos e nos for a a pensar em alternativas, em possibilidades de mudan as. Falar em Gramsci e refletir sobre as suas elabora es, sobre a forma como pensou a sociedade de seu tempo, certamente nos convoca e nos reanima a pensar numa sociedade socialista diferente desta em que estamos vivendo. Este certamente é o grande desafio que a humanidade tem em sua frente. E para aqueles que est o preocupados com a transforma o desta sociedade capitalista e com a constru o de outra forma de rela o entre os seres humanos, o tema que aqui vamos debater é bastante oportuno. Ele irá tratar do conceito de hegemonia e cultura no pensamento de Gramsci na perspectiva da elabora o e da constru o da cultura das classes subalternas, pois entendemos aqui hegemonia e cultura dentro de um sistema de for a por um lado, e, por outro com formas de busca de consentimento desenvolvida por políticas como express o de uma concep o de mundo, estratégia para influenciar a esfera da cultura e o endere o dos processos que nesta acontece.
Fracionamento dos carboidratos pelas equa??es do Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System de três cultivares de girassol na presen?a ou n?o de irriga??o
Queiroz, Mário Adriano ávila;Fukushima, Romualdo Shigueo;Gomide, Catarina Abdalla;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982008001200025
Abstract: this work aimed to estimate the carbohydrate fractions in three sunflower (helianthus annuus l.) cultivars in the presence or absence of irrigation, using the cornell net carbohydrate and protein system (cncps) equations. the utilization of a fibrous preparation called cell wall (cw) in the cncps equations instead of neutral detergent fiber (ndf) showed no differences in the b1 and c fractions; however, there were differences in the a and b2 fractions. because estimates of b1 fraction were lower than wet chemistry determinations of starch and pectin, it was assumed that pectin and other oligosaccharides, that are dissolved by the neutral detergent (soluble fiber), were part of fraction a, but not part of fraction b1. in spite the soluble fiber carbohydrates have high degradation rates, characterization of soluble fiber within fraction a seems inadequate. it seems coherent that soluble fiber (which includes pectin) be allocated exclusively to a fraction which could be fraction b2. in addition, a new fraction (b3) should be created for the digestible cell wall carbohydrates. thus, the fraction b1 would be constituted only by starch. it was verified that the equation for the fraction c, which estimates the indigestible cell wall carbohydrates, could be simplified, expressing lignin on a dry matter basis, instead of ash + protein-free ndf as it is used currently. this finding has a practical implication, because it has been recommended that the indigestible cell wall be related to ndf, and not to dm, on the basis that the inhibitory effects of lignin occur on the plant cell wall fibrous carbohydrates and not on the cell content.
Sawing Optimisation for Block Panel's Production of Portuguese West Littoral Maritime Pine Radial Boards
Campos,José; Tavares,Mário;
Silva Lusitana , 2001,
Abstract: increasing wood demand as raw material and the necessity to adjust each end use to the characteristics and properties of each wood has been improving the employ of round wood of small dimensions as well as low quality sawn wood. in this case we may include radial boards and the two adjacent tangential boards, even if obtained from large round wood. the available technological processes, mostly based on the identification and location of one of the most important wood defects - the knots - tend to maximize the utilisation level of small wood so as to improve quality and productivity. maritime pine radial boards are the worst sawn pieces concerning presence of knots on more or less distant whorls along the stem. however, although being an unfavourable characteristic of the species, knot concentration on bands, separated by long annual height growth, allows the utilization of board wood in between. this paper aims to estimate mean values of number, size, location, condition and shape of knots on a sample of 161 radial boards from 38 maritime pine trees, collected in three pine forests located along the portuguese littoral west coast. based upon data collected in the stand and in the sawmill, it's also simulated the optimization of clean wood for sawing, in order to produce block board panels. to simulate lath profit, was taken account of tree provenance, statute in the stand, dbh, board mean diameter, number of knot bands and log ranking in the tree. the lath dimensions usually utilized by block boards panels industry were considered.
Uma idéia sobre a municipaliza??o do ensino
Azanha, José Mário Pires;
Estudos Avan?ados , 1991, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-40141991000200005
Abstract: the article shows that the control of education by the municipality, in anísio teixeira's point of view, aimed at the improvement of education. today, however, this control is much more an opportunistic attitude of those in the charge of the municipality than a project to legally reorganize the public duties concerning education.
Capture of Caliptrate flies with different breeding substrates on beaches in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
D'Almeida, José Mário;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761993000200007
Abstract: muscidae flies belonging to four familia and 13 species in a total number of 3.652 specimens were collected from beaches at ilha do governador, rio de janeiro, brazil using different breeding substrates, and subsequently bred in the laboratory. captures were done from april to november 1989, using in a first phase different substrates: fruits (banana and papaya), vegtable (tomato), animal viscera (bovine liver), marine animals (fish, crab, shrimp, squid), mouse carcass and feaces (human and canine). the species collected more often were: fannia sp. (subgroup pusio), chrysomya megacephala, phaenicia eximia, synthesiomyia nudiseta, peckya chrysostoma, musca domestica and atherigona orientalis. in a later phase, only fish was used, as bait and placed directly on the beach sand. from a total of 189 pupae, the following adult specimen were obtained: peckia chrysostoma (58.06%), chrysomya megacephala (30.64%) and in lesser numbers synthesiomyia nudiseta and phaenicia eximia.
Tree Profile of Littoral Portuguese Maritime Pine
Tavares,Mário; Campos,José;
Silva Lusitana , 2004,
Abstract: pinus pinaster aiton is ecologically well adjusted to the portuguese west littoral sands. the silviculture of this species in even aged, high forest stands produce tall, large trees, showing very peculiar technological characteristics. within maritime pine stands, selective low thinning promotes the segregation of three main representative tree hierarchic statutes - dominated, medium and dominant. these statutes, tree age and spacing, original sample site and some artificial pruning applied during youth, have some influence in the dimensional partition of tree profiles into three parts, namely crown occurrence and vitality - alive and dead crown and clear trunks. a sample of 96 trees chosen from three portuguese west littoral forests was divided equally into those three statutes and was used to evaluate their mean sizes and to model their relationship with those factors. main results are (a) the size of live crown increases with tree statute inside the stand, (b) for a given age, tree statute does not determine significant differences in dead crown depth, and (c) the main trunk depth tends towards the highest values in the medium trees. furthermore, (d) live crown depth is independent of provenance and hierarchic factors, (e) the northern littoral region trees exhibit the biggest crown depths, (f) dominant trees tend to exhibit smaller main trunk depth and (g) artificial pruning must be applied as high as possible up the main trunk.
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