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Logistic Architecture Based on Models  [PDF]
Tania Regina Brasileiro A. Teixeira, Márcio Lopes Pimenta
iBusiness (IB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2014.64020
Abstract: The article identifies the essential dimensions in relation to outsourced logistic management, through a study of the outsourcing process of a large Brazilian wholesaler distributor’s logistic activities. The author has developed a management tool able to guide and direct the outsourcing operators of integrated logistic services so as to allow them to organize their management system. The author proposes a logistic architecture based on models which will facilitate the managerial work and transform the logistic system into a strategic skill, thus leveraging its ability to compete in the market. This idea is focused on the client, and is capable of integrating and managing all the interface elements of the logistic system, connecting and joining all of them in order to perform more organized and structured logistic activities. Therefore, the logistic architecture based on models represents the nature and structure of a logistic system as well as determines the way for it to operate.
Germination and development of jatropha seedlings under water stress conditions Germina o e desenvolvimento de plantulas de pinh o manso sob condi es de estresse hídrico simulado
Márcio Dias Pereira,José Carlos Lopes
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2011,
Abstract: The first step sequence that involves the germination process is imbibition. The limitation of water to the seed at planting time can reduce germination and velocty as well as the development of the seedling. Hence, the objective of this study was to evaluate the germination and seedling development of jatropha under conditions of water stress by polyethylene glycol (PEG6000). The study was conducted at the Research Laboratory of the Department of Crop Seeds, Federal University of Vi osa. We used seeds of jatropha in temperature de 30 °C under osmotic potential levels of 0.0, -0.2, -0.4, -0.6, -0.8, -1.0 and -1.2. The performance of seed germination and seedling development were evaluated by germination (first and second count), index of germination velocity, time of germination, length and primary root and hypocotyl length. The experimental design was completely randomized design with six levels of osmotic potential to more witnesses and four replications. We conducted the analysis of variance and regression of the data and curves fitted by quadratic polynomial model for all variables. The reduction in osmotic potential of the substrate caused a significant reduction in germination of seeds of jatropha, as well as the speed of germination and seedling performance of this species. The fall of germination and seedling performance is enhanced and levels considered critical to -0.2 MPa and inhibits germination from -1.2 MPa. A primeira etapa da seqüência que envolve o processo germinativo é a embebi o. A limita o de água para a semente no momento da semeadura pode diminuir a germina o e sua velocidade, bem como o desenvolvimento da plantula. Diante disto, o objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o desempenho germinativo e o desenvolvimento de plantulas de pinh o manso sob condi es de estresse hídrico simulado por polietilenoglicol (PEG6000). O trabalho foi desenvolvido no Laboratório de Pesquisa em Sementes do Departamento de Fitotecnia da Universidade Federal de Vi osa. Utilizaram-se sementes de pinh o manso em temperatura de 30oC sob os níveis de potencial osmótico de 0,0; -0,2; -0,4; -0,6; -0,8; -1,0 e -1,2. O desempenho germinativo das sementes e o desenvolvimento das plantulas foram avaliados pelos testes de germina o (primeira e segunda contagem), índice de velocidade de germina o, tempo médio de germina o, comprimento de raiz primária e comprimento do hipocótilo. O delineamento estatístico utilizado foi o inteiramente casualizado com seis níveis de potencial osmótico mais a testemunha com quatro repeti es. A redu o do potencial osmótico do sub
Vacina inativada contra a hepatite A: revis?o da literatura e considera??es sobre seu uso
Santos, Márcio Vieira;Lopes, Marta Heloísa;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821997000200010
Abstract: a new, safe, highly immunogenic and probably long term effective inactivated hepatitis a virus vaccine has been licensed for clinical use. clinical trials in developed countries have demonstrated its efficacy in preventing hepatitis a in high risk groups, such as travelers to regions where hav infection is endemic and day care children and staff, its efficacy in postexposure conditions and in community outbreaks. the authors review the basic and changing features of the disease and its epidemiology in especific geographical regions trying to elucidate its use in the control of the disease in developing countries, especially in brazil. taking in consideration its efficacy, safety and immunogenicity, the inactivated hepatitis a vaccine may be of extreme value in terms of individual protection. because this vaccine is so new, there are no formal recomendations for its use in developing countries, and appropriate public health use of hepatitis a vaccine requires up-to-date epidemiological information.
Discuss?o sobre os critérios de avalia??o econ?mica: valor presente líquido (VPL), valor anual equivalente (VAE) e valor esperado da terra
Silva, Márcio Lopes da;Fontes, Alessandro Albino;
Revista árvore , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622005000600012
Abstract: frequently, it has occurred doubts and confusion in the interpretation of criteria of economic evaluation in the forestry sector. the objective of this was to clarify and argue the main issues related to the net present value, equivalent annual value and soil expected value, as well as to compare them and demonstrate that there is a relation among them. therefore, a study of case of a project of investment in eucalyptus reforestation was used in order to compare the criteria. the results indicated that all the criteria were adjusted and could be applied, being enough to know well the difference among them and the correct form of their interpretation.
Aplica??o da programa??o dinamica na substitui??o de povoamentos florestais
Silva, Márcio Lopes da;Silva, Rodrigo Firmino da;
Revista árvore , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622007000600011
Abstract: this work aims to develop and apply two models of dynamic programming to decide the best option of management of a forest stand along the planning horizon. the models aimed to maximize profit through a relation of recurrence concerning revenues and costs along the years and it was constructed based on a traditional model of replacement equipment. the results of both the models indicate that the best option for most situations is not to cut the young stands, followed by cutting and remodeling or cutting and lead to shooting for the older stands for all the training periods ( f1 through f7). the advantage of using dp, in this in case, is that this tool offers the planner a wider gamma of decision-making alternatives. it was concluded that for a company to maximize forest stand profits, without being concerned about planning horizon or regulated forest, it would have to opt for the traditionally known economic rotation. however, if the company wants to make decisions for a definite horizon planning and later sell the land and the forest, the alternatives are many. thus, the company can opt for cutting immediately or delaying the cut, perform the shootings or remodel. in this case, the dp model developed can present such alternatives and indicate the best options.
Estabelecimento de rota??o econ?mica para uma floresta regulada
Silva, Márcio Lopes da;Ribeiro, Carlos Antonio álvares Soares;
Revista árvore , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622006000100009
Abstract: the objective of this work was to determine the economic rotations for a forest stand taking into considereation only one harvest, infinite harvests and a regulated forest using mathematical models, as well as comparing them through the marginal analysis of optimality conditions. to validate the model and to verify the magnitude of the effect a study case of a forest project, with real values of production, costs, revenues and discounting rate, was used. the results indicated that the models were efficient to determine the economic rotation and that the rotation of the stand for one cut, infinite cuts and for the regulated forest were respectively 6.5, 5.5 and 5 years. the soil expectation value (sev) for the regulated forest was smaller than the sev of the stand due toimposed regulations on the forest management.
A prática pedagógica dos mestres de caratê da Grande Vitória - ES Pedagogical Practice Among Karate Instructors in the greater Vitória (ES) area La práctica pedagógica de los experts del karate de Grande Vitória (ES).
Yúri Márcio Lopes,Otávio Guimar?es Tavares
Pensar a Prática , 2008, DOI: 19806183/rpp.v11i1.1792
Abstract: Este estudo se prop e investigar o tipo de prática de ensino dos ‘mestres’ de caratê nas academias da Grande Vitória (ES). A metodologia adotada consistiu da coleta de dados por meio da observa o e da aplica o de entrevistas estruturadas. Os dados coletados evidenciaram que os conteúdos s o tratados de maneira dogmática; a metodologia é baseada na explica o oral e demonstra es do professor; a rela o professor-aluno favoreceu as decis es unilaterais do professor; na avalia o verifica-se a exatid o das técnicas ensinadas. Em síntese, pode-se concluir que a presen a dos valores da tradi o e do esporte nas aulas de caratê s o fatores impeditivos para ado o de práticas pedagógicas mais críticas e significativas. This research work aims at investigating teaching practices among karate instructors in the gyms of the greater Vitoria area (ES). The adopted methodology consists of data collection through observation, and structured interviewing. The collected data show that contents are treated in a dogmatic manner; methodology is based on oral explanations and teacher demonstrations; the teacher-student relationship favors one-sided decisions made by the teacher; examinations verify accuracy of techniques taught. In a summary, one can conclude that the presence of tradition and sports values in karate lessons is a blocking factor to the adoption of more critical and meaningful pedagogical practices. Keywords: karate – sport pedagogy – pedagogical practices. Este estudio propone investigar el tipo de práctica de ense anza de los “expert” en karate en las academias de Grande Vitória (ES). La metodología adoptada consistió en la recolección de datos por medio de la observación y de la aplicación de entrevistas estructuradas. Los datos reunidos evidencian que los contenidos son tratados de una manera dogmática; la metodología es basada en la explicación oral y las demostraciones del profesor; la relación profesor-alumno favorece las decisiones unilaterales del profesor, y, en la evaluación, se verifica la exactitud de las técnicas ense adas. En síntesis, se puede concluir que la presencia de los valores de la tradición y del deporte en las clases del karate es un factor que impide la adopción de prácticas pedagógicas más críticas y significativas. PALABRAS CLAVE: karate – pedagogía del deporte – práctica pedagógica.
Vacina inativada contra a hepatite A: revis o da literatura e considera es sobre seu uso
Santos Márcio Vieira,Lopes Marta Heloísa
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1997,
Abstract: O desenvolvimento, licenciamento e comercializa o recentes de uma vacina inativada contra a hepatite A (VIHA) têm possibilitado a obten o de imuniza o ativa, segura e provavelmente duradoura contra essa doen a. Estudos conduzidos em países desenvolvidos demonstram sua utilidade clínica na preven o da hepatite A (HA) em viajantes susceptíveis que se dirigem a áreas de alta endemicidade, em crian as pré-escolares e trabalhadores de creches, além de avaliar o uso pós-exposi o e em em surtos epidêmicos. Os autores enfocam aspectos epidemiológicos atuais da hepatite A em diferentes regi es visando, através do conhecimento da epidemiologia da doen a, esclarecer a utilidade que a VIHA teria no controle dessa doen a nos países em desenvolvimento, especialmente no Brasil. Com base na sua eficácia, seguran a e imunogenicidade, a VIHA se mostra de extremo valor a nível de prote o individual. Porém, devido ao pouco tempo de uso clínico desta vacina, n o encontramos disponíveis recomenda es formais para o seu uso nos países em desenvolvimento, especialmente a nível de Saúde Pública. Dados epidemiológicos atualizados sobre a HA nas diversas regi es brasileiras s o essenciais para o desenvolvimento de uma estratégia racional de imuniza o.
Estabelecimento de rota o econ mica para uma floresta regulada
Silva Márcio Lopes da,Ribeiro Carlos Antonio álvares Soares
Revista árvore , 2006,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi determinar as rota es econ micas para um povoamento florestal, considerando-se um único corte e infinitos cortes, e para uma floresta regulada, por meio de modelos matemáticos, bem como compará-las através da análise marginal das condi es de otimalidade. Para validar o modelo e verificar a magnitude dos efeitos, foi utilizado um estudo de caso de um projeto florestal com valores reais de produ o, custos, receitas e taxa de desconto. Os resultados indicaram que os modelos foram eficientes para determinar a rota o econ mica e que a rota o do povoamento para um único corte e infinitos cortes e para a floresta regulada foi, respectivamente, de 6,5; 5,5; e 5 anos. O Valor Esperado do Solo (VES) para a floresta regulada foi inferior ao VES do povoamento, em virtude de se impor ao manejo a condi o de regula o.
Rentabilidade e risco de investimento na produ o de palmito de pupunha (Bactris gasipaes Kunth.)
Sidney Araujo Cordeiro,Márcio Lopes da Silva
CERNE , 2010,
Abstract: This study carried out an economic study and a risk simulation analysis in a palm heart of pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes Kunth.) cultivation project. Economic analysis was made by using the project evaluation methods: NPV, VAE, TIR and B/C; and the risk analysis was carried out through the Monte Carlo simulation technique by @RISK software. It was concluded that the project of palm heart of pejibaye cultivation is viable, with NPV of R$ 3.549,08; TIR of 19%; B/C greater than 1; the VAE of R$ 1.049,12. The risk analysis showed that the project presents a probability of 5% of getting a negative value for VPL. The variables which affected Net Present Value (NPV) according to the ranking of importance were: selling price, productivity and discount rate.
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