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Marcha de absor??o de macronutrientes na cultura do girassol
Zobiole, Luiz Henrique Saes;Castro, César de;Oliveira, Fabio Alvares de;Oliveira Junior, Adilson de;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832010000200016
Abstract: this study aimed to establish curves of macronutrient accumulation in sunflower. the experiment was conducted in the field on a typic hapludox, at the experimental station of embrapa soja in londrina, state of paraná. the plots consisted of 14 25 m long rows spaced 0.70 m apart, resulting in a total area of 245 m2, with four replications. prior to sowing a fertilization seeding of 300 kg ha-1 of 05-20-20 npk fertilizer was applied. fertilization was split in two applications of 25 + 1 kg ha-1 n and b, which were applied 21 and 35 days after sowing, respectively. the hybrid brs 191 and a final plant density of 40,000 plants ha-1 were used. plant samples were collected every two weeks after emergence and separated in the different parts (petioles, leaves, stems and, when applicable, capitula and achenes). after drying, each plant part was weighed and ground to determine the n, p, k, ca, mg, and s content. from the contents of these nutrients and dry mass of each plant, the accumulation curve was obtained. it was found that for yields > 3,000 kg ha-1, brs 191 extracted about 150, 24, 286, 116, 42, and 24 kg ha-1 of n, p, k, ca, mg, and s, respectively, in the following order of extraction: k> n> ca> p = s. in addition to the relation to exportation, the nutrient order was: n> p = k> s = mg> ca. therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of an adequate supply of n, k and ca, due to the high demand of sunflower.
Preven o de injúrias causadas pelo glyphosate na cultura da soja RR com aplica o exógena de aminoácidos Prevención de da os causados por glifosato en la cultura de soja RR con aplicación exógena de aminoácidos Prevention of injuries caused by glyphosate in RR soybean using exogenous amino acid
Luiz Henrique Saes Zobiole
Planta Daninha , 2010,
Sunflower micronutrient uptake curves
Zobiole, Luiz Henrique Saes;Castro, César de;Oliveira, Fábio Alvares de;Oliveira Júnior, Adilson de;Moreira, Ad?nis;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542011000200016
Abstract: most studies in the literature regarding the uptake of micronutrients [zinc (zn), manganese (mn), iron (fe), copper (cu) and boron (b) accumulation] by sunflower are old. for this reason, this work is aimed to establish curves of sunflower micronutrient accumulation in tropical edaphoclimatic conditions. the experiment was conducted in field on rhodic eutrudox, located at the experimental farm of embrapa soja in londrina-pr, using the commercial hybrid brs 191. the experimental design was completely randomized, with four replicates. the experimental units consisted of 14 lines with a spacing of 0.70 meter between lines and 25.0 meters in length, with final density of 42,858 plants per hectare. plants samples were collected every 14 days after emergence. after each collection, plants were divided into petiole, leaf, stem, capitulum and achenes. they were dried until reaching constant weight. then, dry matter was weighed and the concentrations of zn, mn, fe, cu, and b were determined in the vegetal tissue. micronutrient uptake occurred faster in the phase initiated 42 days after emergence (dae). iron was the most absorbed micronutrient, accumulating higher amounts in the achenes as well as in relation to the total absorbed. fe, mn, zn, b and cu concentrations were 38.06, 19.68, 9.20, 8,62 and 4.27 mg plant-1, respectively.
Soybean Seed Phenolics, Sugars, and Minerals Are Altered by Charcoal Rot Infection in MG III Soybean Cultivars  [PDF]
Nacer Bellaloui, Alemu Mengistu, Luiz Henrique Saes Zobiole, Hamed K. Abbas, My Abdelmajid Kassem
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.519198
Abstract: Soybean seed is a major source of phytochemical compounds that impact human health nutrition and livestock meal. Charcoal rot is a disease caused by the fungus Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid, and thought to infect the plants through roots by a toxin-mediated mechanism, resulting in yield loss and poor seed quality, especially under drought conditions. Limited information is available on the effect of charcoal rot on seed phytochemical compounds and mineral nutrition in soybean. Therefore, the objective of this research was to investigate the effect of charcoal rot infection on seed phenol, seed coat lignin, isoflavones, and minerals using susceptible (S) (DK 3964) and moderately resistant (MR) (AG 3905) maturity group (MG)III soybean cultivars to charcoal rot. A two-year field experiment was conducted, and infested soil with charcoal rot (infested soil conditions, INF) or control (non-infested soil conditions, NINF) was used. The results showed that the moderately resistant genotype had higher concentrations of seed phenolics, total isoflavones, and seed coat lignin under infested and non-infested conditions and under irrigated or non-irrigated conditions compared with the susceptible genotype. The same general trend was found for seed K, Ca, P, Mn, Zn, B, and Cu concentrations in the moderately resistant genotype compared with the susceptible genotype. Our research demonstrated that these seed phytochemical constituents may explain the differences between susceptible and moderately resistant cultivars and may play an important role in the resistance to charcoal rot.
Epilepsy surgery in patients with coexisting psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: diagnosis and treatment
Castro, Luiz Henrique Martins;
Journal of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-26492007000500008
Abstract: the prevalence of epileptic seizures among patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures may range from five to fifty percent. diagnosis of both conditions occurring in association may be difficult and requires both clinical skills and prolonged video-eeg monitoring. occurrence of seemingly psychogenic events during video-eeg monitoring should be interpreted with caution, and the relative role of both psychogenic and epileptic seizures in day-to-day living should be carefully evaluated for each individual patient. surgery is not contraindicated in this setting, however patients and family members should be educated about both conditions before surgical decision. psychogenic seizures and other psychiatric co-morbidities should be properly assessed and treated before surgery. diagnosis and management of postoperative events (epileptic or psychogenic) is challenging. this difficulty can be minimized by appropriate presurgical management, that includes diagnostic testing, neurologic and psychiatric treatment and patient and family counseling.
Fus?es e aquisi??es das unidades produtivas e da agroindústria de cana-de-a?úcar no Brasil e nas distribuidoras de álcool hidratado etílico
Siqueira, Paulo Henrique de Lima;Castro Junior, Luiz Gonzaga de;
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20032010000400009
Abstract: mergers and acquisitions in brazil had improved in the 90's, and the productive section of the sugarcane agroindustry was one of the highlights. effects caused by these transactions in the market can be positive or negative for both companies directly involved and the society. the objective of this research is to analyze the market concentration of producing units, the agroindustry of sugarcane and the ethyl hydrous ethanol distributors in brazil. we have used as methods the concentration rates c4, c8, c20, the hirschman-herfindahl index (hhi), and researches in another studies, journals and newspapers. the productive units have been decreasing their concentration, caused mainly by the increased production scale of the small and medium companies, resulting, therefore, in still very distributive productive units. the agroindustry was also very distributive, in spite of the intense merger and acquisition process that happened among those companies over the last years. on the other hand, distributors of ethyl hydrous ethanol have improved their concentrations in the market. with all this, it can be said that the merger and acquisition process might step up among producing units and the agroindustry which process sugarcane in the domestic market.
Experimentos com mistura para otimiza??o de processos: uma aplica??o com respostas n?o normais
Vieira, Antonio Fernando de Castro;Dal Bello, Luiz Henrique Abreu;
Pesquisa Operacional , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-74382006000300009
Abstract: in this article a methodology for the design of mixture experiments is presented, illustrated with a real case study of a chemical compound, that constitutes a subsystem of a delay mechanism of a rocket motor. the aim of the study is to find the proportion of each mixture component in order to attend the specified burn time. for this, a linear regression model with normal responses was adjusted, and next considered inadequate, because there was an indication that the response variance is not constant. therefore, the models were adjusted using the quasi-likelihood method. with the developed model, it was possible to find the proportion of each component that optimizes the process. for the process optimization, beside a specified burn time, it was possible to considerer the minimization of the prediction variance of this time.
Tutorial for mixture-process experiments with an industrial application
Bello, Luiz Henrique Abreu Dal;Vieira, Antonio Fernando de Castro;
Pesquisa Operacional , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-74382011000300008
Abstract: this article presents a tutorial on mixture-process experiments and a case study of a chemical compound used in the delay mechanism for starting a rocket engine. the compound consists in a three-component mixture. besides the mixture components, two process variables are considered. for the model selection, the use of an information criterion showed to be efficient in the case under study. a linear regression model was fitted. through the developed model, the optimal proportions of the mixture components and the levels of the process variables were determined.
Potencial de linhagens de popula??es locais de milho pipoca para síntese de híbridos
Bragantia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052000000200004
Abstract: eighty-two and twenty-seven maize inbred lines (derived from popcorn cultivars guarani and iac-64, respectvely) have been evaluated as to their potentials for hybrid synthesis , using as a tester a single hybrid, arisen from cultivar south american mushroom (sam). top crosses were alocated to field trials i, ii and iii, carried out during 1996/97 growing season, in seven different sites. the following agronomic traits have been scored: plant height (ph), ear height (eh), number of ears per plant (ne), frequency of rotten ears (re), grain yield (gy) and seed popping ability (pa). top crosses with iac-64 inbred lines have shown significant ph and eh reductions and pa increase, while those involving guarani inbred lines presented trends of increasing gy and ne, and decreasing re. most of the top crosses have outperformed control checks zélia and usa composite as to gy, ne, ph and eh regarding ce, some of them have presented averages significantly higher than zélia?s but similar to those of usa composite. so, new popcorn hybrids of high yielding performance and good seed quality can be selected, in the near future, by using some of the inbred lines evaluated in this research work.
Fabry's disease in a female carrier with bilateral thalamic infarcts: a case report and a family study
Castro, Luiz Henrique Martins;Monteiro, Mario Luiz Ribeiro;Barbosa, Egberto Reis;Scaff, Milberto;Canelas, Horacio Martins;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31801994000400007
Abstract: an unusual case of a young woman, heterozygote for fabry gene is reported, who presented bilateral thalamic infarcts due to occlusions of central nervous system vessels. three other members of her family were studied. fabry's disease (angiokeratoma corporis diffusum) is included among the rare causes of ischemic stroke in young adults.
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