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Estimativa de parametros de aquíferos através do coeficiente de recess?o em áreas de embasamento cristalino de Minas Gerais
Silva, Rebeca Ferreira Gonzaga;Bacellar, Luis de Almeida Prado;Fernandes, Kênia Nassau;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672010000300007
Abstract: the recession coefficient (α) indicates the production rate of the baseflow, that represents the part of the river flow which is predominately maintained by groundwater restitution. it can be obtained through hydrographic analysis. this coefficient allows the calculation of important parameters, such as aquifer transmissivity, renewable groundwater reserves, and low flow in drainage channels that usually are obtained through other hydrological indexes, such as the q7,10, frequently used in the management of surfi cial hydrological resources. the studied basins are located in the central-southern region of the minas gerais state, in areas of granite-gneissic rocks, with similar vegetation, climate and landuse. the results were satisfactory, showing that the determination methods for the recession coefficients may be used to characterize groundwater production in the hydrographic basins of the crystalline basement. the groundwater discharged into the drainage systems is greater in areas with smoother relief, indicating that they constitute the best recharge areas.
Mango Tree Response to Lime Applied during the Production Phase  [PDF]
Eliozeas Vicente de Almeida, Francisco Maximino Fernandes, Renato de Mello Prado, Aparecida Conceicao Boliani, Luiz de Souza Correa
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2012.22021
Abstract: Tropical soils are usually highly acidic and this may hamper mango trees nutrition and production. The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of lime doses applied to the soil surface on the plant nutritional status, the production, and the technological quality of mango fruits. The study was carried out at Selviria, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, in a Typic Haplustox. Thirteen year old producing mango plants of the “Heden” variety, grafted on rootstock of the “Coquinho” variety, were used in this experiment. Lime doses of 0, 1.55, 3.10, 4.655, and 6.20 t ha–1 were applied to the soil. Each treatment was replicated 4 times and the experimental units distributed according to a randomized complete block design. Lime (CaO: 390 g kg–1; MgO: 130 g kg–1) was superficially applied to the soil and then incorporated at depths between 0 and 5 cm in the total area of the orchard. The soil chemical characteristics pH, Ca, Mg, K, sum of bases, and bases saturation, in the 0 - 20 cm layer, were evaluated 16 and 28 months after soil liming. Plant nutritional status was evaluated 12 months after soil liming. Fruit production and technological quality were evaluated during the cropping years of 2006 and 2007. Soil liming had a positive effect on the evaluated soil chemical characteristics and this improved plant nutritional status and fruit technological quality as well as increased fruit production. These beneficial effects though were observed only in the second year after soil liming. The highest fruit production was verified when soil bases saturation was of 72% and the contents of Ca and Mg were of 32 and 8 g kg–1, respectively.
Geofísica aplicada ao estudo de fluxos da água no solo
Morais, Fernando;Bacellar, Luis de Almeida Prado;
Sociedade & Natureza , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1982-45132010000100015
Abstract: the electrical resistivity is common used in studies that intents to understand as occur the flow of water in soil and consequently as occur the groundwater recharge. the main goal of this paper is to evaluate the interference of some physical properties of the ground in the determination of the front of saturation predicted with the use of the electrical resistivity and to compare as if of the a percolating in the vadose zone, observing the variation of gotten profiles of resistivity in an interval of definitive time. experiments were conducted in soils of southeastern complex crystalline rocks of reliance (ba??o complex), within the quadrilátero ferrífero, centro-southern state of minas gerais, brazil. for this experiment it was chosen two different areas by geomorphologic features. the first one is hollow on the slippery slope, with the predominance of lixisols; the second one is nose on the slippery slope, with well-developed topsoil prevalence (ferralsols). the results showed that the electrical resistivity method proved efficient for the delimitation of saturation and evaluation reloading even when it comes to subtle differences in the properties of soil water. it was also possible to establish that in the nose slope percolation is faster than in the hollow.
Geofísica Aplicada ao Estudo de Fluxos da água no Solo / Geophysics Applied to Study of Water Flow in the Soil
Fernando Morai,Luis de Almeida Prado Bacellar
Revista Sociedade & Natureza , 2010,
Abstract: A eletrorresistividade vem sendo bastante aplicada em estudos que buscam compreender como se dá o fl uxo de água no solo e consequentemente a recarga de aquíferos. O presente trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar a interferência de algumas propriedades físicas do solo na determina o da frente de satura o predita com o uso da eletrorresistividade e comparar como se dá a percola o na zona n o-saturada, observando a varia o de perfi s de resistividade obtidos em um intervalo de tempo determinado. Os experimentos foram conduzidos em solos da regi o sudeste do complexo de rochas do embasamentocristalino (Complexo Ba o), no interior do Quadrilátero Ferrífero, centro-sul do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil. Foram selecionadas duas áreas que se distinguem pelas características geomorfológicas.A primeira, em encosta com formas c ncavas em planta e em perfi l, com predomínio de argissolos; a segunda, em encosta com forma convexa em planta e perfi l, com predomínio de solos bem desenvolvidos (latossolos). Os resultados mostraram que o método da eletrorresistividade se mostrou efi ciente para a delimita o da frente de satura o e avalia o da recarga mesmo em se tratando de diferen as sutis nas propriedades hídricas do solo. Foi possível ainda estabelecer que na fei o geomorfológica em forma convexa (nose) a percola o se dá de maneira mais rápida que na de forma c ncava (hollow)
Evaluation of two morphometric methods of bone loss percentages caused by periodontitis in rats in different locations
Souza, Daniela Martins de;Prado, Fernanda de Almeida;Prado, Marcela de Almeida;Rocha, Rosilene Fernandes da;Carvalho, Yasmin Rodarte de;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572010000500011
Abstract: abstract objective: the present study evaluated morphometrically bone loss percentages in experimental periodontitis in rats, comparing different locations (lingual mandible, palatal maxilla and buccal maxilla) and two evaluation methods (distance and area methods). material and methods: ligatures were placed around the maxillary right second molar and around the mandibular right first molar in 14 female wistar rats. the contralateral molars served as intragroup controls. after 4 weeks, the rats were sacrificed and their mandible and maxilla were removed. the specimens were dissected and stained with methylene blue dye. bone loss was evaluated by two different methods on the surfaces of the defleshed jaw. in the first method, the distance from the cementoenamel junction (cej) to the alveolar bone crest was measured in the roots of teeth associated with ligature. in the second method, the area of bone loss was determined using the alveolar tissue bone, cej and the proximal region of roots associated with the ligature as reference. the data were converted to bone loss percentages caused by ligature: (ligated - unligated) x 100/ligated. results: when comparing the distance and area methods, no statistically significant difference was observed (p>0.05). both methodologies indicated that the maxilla presented greater bone loss than the mandible and it was more accentuated on the buccal side than on the palatal side (p<0.05). conclusions: the findings of this study show that both the area and the distance methods can be used to evaluate bone loss caused by ligature placement in rats, and suggest applying the morphometric methodology to the maxilla on the buccal side.
The effect of alcohol consumption on periodontal bone support in experimental periodontitis in rats
Souza, Daniela Martins de;Ricardo, Lucilene Hernandes;Prado, Marcela de Almeida;Prado, Fernanda de Almeida;Rocha, Rosilene Fernandes da;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572006000600010
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the alcohol consumption on the periodontal bone support (pbs) in experimental periodontitis in rats. materials and methods: sixty-three male rats were divided into seven groups: g1 (control); g2 (10% ethanol); g3 (nutritional control of g2); g4 (20% ethanol); g5 (nutritional control of g4); g6 (30% ethanol) and g7 (nutritional control of g6). the groups g3, g5 and g7 received controlled diets with equivalent caloric amounts to those consumed in g2, g4 and g6 respectively, with the ethanol replaced by sucrose. after anesthesia, ligatures were installed around the mandibular first molar, leaving the contralateral teeth unligated. after 8 weeks, the rats were killed and their mandibles were radiographed to measure the percentage of pbs on the distal aspect. results: the intragroup analyses showed that presence of ligatures induced periodontitis (p<0.05). unligated groups did not show significant differences among the percentages of pbs (p=0.1969). however, in ligated groups the rats that received alcohol (g2:48.71%±3.88; g4:47.66%±2.54; g6:47.32%±3.24) and the nutritional control group associated with a high concentration of ethanol (g7:47.40%±3.24) presented a significantly lower percentage of pbs than the other groups (g1:52.40%±2.75; g3:52.83%±2.41; g5:50.85%±4.14). conclusions: these results demonstrated that alcohol consumption in rats may result in a direct effect on alveolar bone loss and increased development of periodontitis. in addition, they suggest that heavy caloric consumption of ethanol may also present an indirect effect on periodontal tissue as a consequence of malnutrition.
The influence of ovariectomy, simvastatin and sodium alendronate on alveolar bone in rats
Anbinder, Ana Lia;Prado, Fernanda de Almeida;Prado, Marcela de Almeida;Balducci, Ivan;Rocha, Rosilene Fernandes da;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242007000300010
Abstract: bisphosphonates are currently used in the treatment of many diseases involving increased bone resorption such as osteoporosis. statins have been widely used for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and recent studies have shown that these drugs are also capable of stimulating bone formation. the purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of an estrogen deficient state and the effects of simvastatin and sodium alendronate therapies on alveolar bone in female rats. fifty-four rats were either ovariectomized (ovx) or sham operated. a month later, the animals began to receive a daily dose of simvastatin (sin - 25 mg/kg), sodium alendronate (aln - 2 mg/kg) or water (control) orally. thirty-five days after the beginning of the treatment, the rats were sacrificed and their left hemimandibles were removed and radiographed using digital x-ray equipment. the alveolar radiographic density under the first molar was determined with gray-level scaling and the values were submitted to analysis of variance (a = 5%). ovariectomized rats gained more weight (mean ± standard deviation: 20.06 ± 6.68%) than did the sham operated animals (12.13 ± 5.63%). alveolar radiographic density values, expressed as gray levels, were lowest in the ovx-water group (183.49 ± 6.47), and differed significantly from those observed for the groups receiving alendronate (sham-aln: 193.85 ± 3.81; ovx-aln: 196.06 ± 5.11) and from those of the sham-water group (193.66 ± 4.36). other comparisons between groups did not show significant differences. it was concluded that the ovariectomy reduced alveolar bone density and that alendronate was efficient for the treatment of this condition.
Cognitive dysfunction in children with sleep disorders
Carvalho Luciane Bizari Coin de,Prado Lucila Bizari Fernandes do,Silva Luciana,Almeida Marilaine Medeiros de
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2004,
Abstract: Sleep is basic for physical and cognitive development and some studies have suggested that there may be an association between sleep disorders (SD) and cognitive dysfunction (CD) in children. Little is known, however, about SD and cognition in 7-10-year-old children, a fact that motivated the present study. METHOD: We applied an SD questionnaire in 1180 children, 547 with SD and 633 without SD (CG), to assess cognition with a screening test (Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test - BT). RESULTS: We observed a similar frequency of CD in the children with SD (39%) and that ot the CG (40%). The 8-year-old children with SD presented a lower prevalence of CD than the CG (SD=6%, n=6; CG=13%, n=16; p=0.04). CONCLUSION: The frequency of children with CD was equal in the study and control groups when considering the total sample (7- to 10-year-old children). In contrast to our expectations, the SD group of 8-year-old children presented a lower frequency of CD than the control group.
Eduardo Rasi Almeida Prado,Flavio Luis Lemos,Alessandro Trombeta,Bruno Raphael Ferraz de Almeida
Engevista , 2012,
Abstract: In an industry of extraction of soybean oil, there are several steps since the grain leaves the fieldto obtain the refined oil, ready for human consumption. Among these steps, the preparing of the grains hasgreat importance in the process because it represents potential to achieve significant increase in the yield ofextraction. Still, the preparation of grain has two sub-steps of great importance. They are the conditioningand the expansion of the grain mass. These sub-steps take place inside the conditioner and the interior ofthe expander, respectively. In the conditioner occurs the pre-cooking of the beans through indirect injectionof steam. In the expander occurs the expansion of the grains through direct contact with steam at pressureshigher than atmospheric pressure, which causes several changes in the mass that will suffer the extractionprocess. In this work we present a study on reducing the consumption of steam used in the expander, usingpartially the condensate from the vertical conditioner. This condensate passed through a flash tank and thesteam formed was directed to expand, thereby decreasing the amount used steam from the boiler.
Study of flow in vadose zone from electrical resistivity surveys
Morais, Fernando de;Bacellar, Luis de Almeida Prado;Aranha, Paulo Roberto Antunes;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2008000200001
Abstract: among the indirect methods applied to environmental monitoring, electrical resistivity has played an important role in accessing water flow in the non-saturated zone of the soil and, consequently, aquifer recharge. this work evaluates the influence of some pedo-geomorphologic properties in the infiltration and percolation of water through the superficial soil horizons by means of multitemporal electrical resistivity sections. the experiments were carried out in two areas of distinct pedo-geomorphological characteristics developed on the crystalline basement of southeastern brazil. the first is situated in a hollow -shaped slope where lixisols predominate; the second, in a nose -shaped slope where well-developed soils (ferralsols ) predominate. the results proved the efficiency of the electrical resistivity method to delimit percolation of tropical soils, even when subtle differences are found in the hydraulic properties of the soil. it was also possible to establish that in the nose slope percolation is faster than in the hollow.
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