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Hydrogen gas permeation through amorphous and partially crystallized Fe40Ni38Mo4B18
Ribeiro, Rafaella Martins;Lemus, Luis Fernando;Santos, Dilson Silva dos;
Materials Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392012005000104
Abstract: samples of amorphous and partially crystallized fe40ni38mo4b18 alloy were submitted to hydrogen gas permeation from 523 to 643 k. the hydrogen permeation curves exhibited a single sigmoidal shape, typical of tests where no hydride formation occurs. it was observed that the hydrogen diffusivity increases for the amorphous samples and partially crystallized alloy with the temperature increase. the hydrogen diffusion coefficient as a function of temperature was found to be d = 5.1 ± 0.5 × 10-12 exp (-11.0 ± 3.5/rt) (m2.s-1) for amorphous condition and d = 3.6 ± 0.5 × 10-11 exp (-19.8 ± 3.3/rt) (m2.s-1) for the partially crystallized condition. this suggests that the annihilation of defects in the amorphous structure and the crystalline phase precipitate contributes to the increase of the hydrogen diffusion.
Understanding Growth Hormone Secretion and Short Stature  [PDF]
Milton Rodrigo Lafuente Covarrubias, Luis Fernando de Azevedo Piovezani, Frederico Martins Cordeiro, William Cabrera Viana, Mirella Hansen de Almeida, Denise Rosso Tenório Wanderley Rocha, Alberto Krayyem Arbex
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2016.61011
Abstract: Short stature is a clinical challenge in the daily practice of pediatric endocrinology, regarding the several technical, cultural and economic factors associated with its approach. This article intends to review the physiology of growth hormone secretion, the endocrine regulation of human growth and the clinical aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of short stature. It specifically analyses the treatment of short stature with growth hormone, along with its side effects, cost/benefit analysis and possible risks. A clinical case from a medical school is also described, intending a better understanding of this frequent ambulatory situation in endocrinology and pediatrics.
Texture analysis of cold rolled and annealed aluminum alloy produced by twin-roll casting
Martins, Juliana de Paula;Carvalho, André Luis Moreira de;Padilha, Angelo Fernando;
Materials Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392011005000101
Abstract: a 7.4 mm thick strip of 3003 aluminum alloy produced by the industrial twin-roll casting (trc) process was homogenized at 500 °c for 12 hours, after which it was cold rolled in two conditions: 1) to reduce the strip's thickness by 67%, and 2) to reduce it by 91%. the alloy was annealed at 400 °c for 1 hour in both conditions. the results revealed that a rotated cube texture, the {001}<110> component, predominated in the as-cast condition and was transformed into brass, copper and s type textures during the cold rolling process. there was practically no difference between the deformation textures at the two thickness reductions.
Ecocardiografia de contraste miocárdico em pacientes com doen?a arterial coronariana suspeita ou conhecida: compara??o com a cintilografia miocárdica com radioisótopos
Carrinho, Marcia;Moraes, Alvaro;Morcerf, Fernando;Medeiros, Caio;Castier, Márcia;Romeo, Luis José Martins;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2004001700008
Abstract: objective: to compare myocardial contrast echocardiography (mce) using pesda and adenosine in bolus (adn) with myocardial nuclear scintigraphy (ns) in patients (pts) undergoing routine investigation with a high probability of having coronary artery disease. methods: this study comprised 125 pts (85 men) with 58.4 ± 10.6 years, who underwent mce and ns within 4 weeks. mce was performed with pesda in a continuous infusion at rest and after administration of an adenosine bolus. the lv walls was divided into 3 territories related to the coronary arteries, in a total of 375 territories. mce was normal when an increase in contrast intensity occurred after adn. the reduction in contrast intensity at rest or after adn was defined as an abnormal mce result. ns was performed according to classical protocols. when compared per patient, both examinations were considered concordant when they were normal or abnormal, independent of its location. the comparison by territory was considered concordant when perfusion defects existed or not in the same territory. the chi-square test was used to determine the significance of concordance. results: in 106/125 pts, mce and ns were concordant (84.8% - p < 0.001). concordance occurred in 342/375 territories (91.2% - p < 0.001). for the lad territory, concordance was 87.2%; for the rca, 93.6%; and for the cx, 92.8% (p < 0.001). conclusion: an excellent concordance exists between mce and ns in assessing pts for coronary artery disease; therefore, mce may represent a good alternative for assessing myocardial perfusion.
Lobectomia temporal no infarto cerebral com efeito de massa
Martins, Luis Fernando;Costa, Valter da;Costa, Joaquim da;Melo-Souza, Sebasti?o Eurico de;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1993000100019
Abstract: cerebral edema secondary to ischemia can threaten life, mainly due to frequent failure of medical management. imminent herniation of the temporal lobe can be timely detected by clinical signs and ct-scan. eight patients (4m, 4f; 48-74 years, mean 62) with ischemic stroke and imminent herniation, were surgically decompressed by a standard temporal lobectomy as described by olivier for temporal lobe epilepsy. six patients survived, two died and were considered failure of the procedure, probably due to late surgical indication. in conclusion, temporal lobectomy is life-saving for patients with large ischemic cerebral infarction with mass effect land deteriorating signs of brain stem compression.
Florística e estrutura de um trecho de Floresta Ombrófila Densa Atlantica Submontana no Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, em Ubatuba/SP, Brasil
Rochelle, André Luis Casarin;Cielo-Filho, Roque;Martins, Fernando Roberto;
Biota Neotropica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032011000200032
Abstract: this work describes the tree community structure and composition in a 1 ha plot of undisturbed atlantic forest located at the north coast (s 23° 21' 59.8" - w 45° 05' 02.8") of s?o paulo state and relates its floristic composition in a regional context. we sampled all stems with diameter at breast height (dbh) > 4.8 cm in 100 contiguous 10 × 10 m plots. we found 1881 individuals distributed in 206 species, 102 genera and 48 families. 1578 stems were trees (83.9%), 237 palms (12.6%), eight ferns (0.42%) and 58 standing dead trees (3.08%). myrtaceae (43), rubiaceae (18), lauraceae (16), and fabaceae (13) were the families with the greatest number of species, respectively. rubiaceae, myrtaceae, arecaceae, and sapotaceae had the greatest number of individuals, respectively, summing 946 stems (50.29%). euterpe edulis mart. had the highest importance value (iv) and stem density (9.5%). we found two new species and two other species had their first record in s?o paulo state. the species richness (206) and diversity (h' = 4.48 nats.indivíduo-1) are among the highest ever recorded in brazilian forests.
Fatores de risco associados à presen?a de anticorpos antileptospira em trabalhadores do servi?o de saneamento ambiental
Almeida, Laerte Pereira de;Martins, Luis Fernando da Silva;Brod, Claudiomar Soares;
Ciência Rural , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84781999000300022
Abstract: a seroepidemiological survey was realized with environmental sanitation workers of pelotas-rs city, brazil, to examine the frequency and to investigate risk factors for leptospira infection. two groups of workers were selected due to serological status, divided into groups of 34 subjects with positive serology, cases; and a group of 115 subjects with negative serology, the later one being the control group. demografics variables, occupational, behaviors and environmental in work places and home were investigated by a questionaire. the frequency of anti-leptospiral agglutinins was 10.36% (n=386). the risk factors detected were: geografic place of work, the presence of oppened drain, swine creation and the presence of 3-4 animals at home, and the protection factor in the presence of internal sanitation of residence. this information may be useful to prevent leptospirosis in environmental sanitation workers.
Comportamento geotécnico de rochas brandas na mina Córrego do Sítio, Santa Bárbara (MG)
Lopes, Manoel da Concei??o;Lana, Milene Sabino;Ribeiro, Luis Fernando Martins;Silva, Carolina Helena Caldeira;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672007000300006
Abstract: in this work the characterization of phyllites in the córrego do sítio mine, santa bárbara, mg, is discussed, as well as some factors that influence the shear strength along the foliation surface. results of mineralogic description, physical indices and direct shear tests of three areas in this mine are presented. weathering acts on the variability of some properties, such as the porosity, void ratio, dry specific gravity, and also on the shear strength, with considerable reduction of the cohesion after alterability tests. in addition, the roughness observed on the foliation surface in the rocks of crista pit influences the rock mass behaviour, increasing its shear strength.
Propriedades hidráulicas do solo para as diferentes classes texturais
Ramos,Tiago; Gon?alves,Ma Concei??o; Martins,José Casimiro; Pires,Fernando; Pereira,Luis Santos;
Revista de Ciências Agrárias , 2011,
Abstract: soil texture influences significantly soil hydraulic properties, which due to soil heterogeneity normally present large spatial variability. the variability of soil retention θ(h), and hydraulic conductivity k(h) curves, in 11 of the 12 texture classes of the diagram of gomes e silva (1962) was studied. for each textural class, average, maximum, minimum, and the standard deviation values for the mualem van genuchten parameters are presented based on 558 θ(h) and 245 k(h) curves determined in undisturbed soil samples which are included in the propsolo database of esta??o agronómica nacional. an average function describing θ(h) and k(h) in each textural class is also presented.
Metabolic interpretation of ventilatory parameters during maximal effort test and their applicability to sports
Thiago Fernando Louren?o,Lucas Samuel Tessutti,Luis Eduardo Barreto Martins,René Brenzikofer
Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano , 2007,
Abstract: One important tool for producing specifi c and individualized training intensities is to determine ventilatory threshold (VT), respiratory compensation point (RCP) and maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) by means of maximum effort testing. However, in order to be able to interpret these data in a wide-ranging manner, it is also important to understand the metabolic responses that occur during the test as the systems transporting and utilizing O2 and producing CO2 adjust. This review article presents an overview of the metabolic responses that take place during a hypothetical maximum effort test, and the applicability of the fi gures thus obtained to the training of athletes. ABSTRACT A determina o das velocidades atingidas no limiar ventilatório (LV), ponto de compensa o respiratório (PCR) e consumo máximo de O2 (VO2max) através de um teste de esfor o máximo, é uma ferramenta importante para a aplica o de intensidades de treinamento específicas e individualizadas. Mas para poder interpretar os dados de uma forma abrangente, também é importante o entendimento das respostas metabólicas presentes no ajuste dos sistemas de transporte e utiliza o de O2 e produ o de CO2 durante a realiza o do teste. Esta revis o apresenta um panorama das respostas metabólicas que acontecem durante a realiza o de um teste de esfor o máximo hipotético, e a aplicabilidade dos valores obtidos no treinamento de atletas.
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