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Rea??es cutaneas secundárias ao uso dos inibidores do receptor de fator de crescimento epidérmico: relato de dois casos
Rodarte, Camila Martins;Abdallah, Omar Ali;Barbosa, Nadyesda Fagundes;Koch, Ludmila de Oliveira;Resende, Uirá Maira;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962009000600015
Abstract: an increase in the expression of epidermal growth factor receptors (egfr) is involved in the stimulation of tumor development. egfr inhibitors have shown efficacy in the treatment of neoplasms of the head, neck, colon and lung. egfr when inhibited can cause cutaneous reactions in more than 50% of the patients. they are usually reversible, but when severe, limit the use of the drug. papulopustulars lesions in the face and upper torso are the most common, as well as xerosis, hair and nail changes. there is a direct relationship between the degree of cutaneous toxicity and the antitumoral response. an adequate dermatologic approach is necessary for an effective therapy against cancer.
Pré-eclampsia precoce e tardia: uma classifica??o mais adequada para o prognóstico materno e perinatal?
Reis, Zilma Silveira Nogueira;Lage, Eura Martins;Teixeira, Patrícia Gon?alves;Porto, Ludmila Barcelos;Guedes, Ludmila Resende;Oliveira, érica Carla Lage de;Cabral, Ant?nio Carlos Vieira;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032010001200004
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the differences between the maternal and perinatal outcomes of pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia, according to the classification as the severe/mild form, and the early/late onset form. methods: a retrospective study with 211 pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia, assessed at a university reference center from 2000 to 2010. the diagnosis and disease severity were based on the values of blood pressure, proteinuria, and clinical and laboratory findings. the pregnant's age, skin color, parity, blood pressure, urine protein semiquantitative values, presence of bilateral notch in the uterine artery dopplervelocimetry and birth conditions were compared between patients with mild and severe disease, as well as between those of early/late onset. the disease was considered to be of early onset when diagnosed at less than 34 weeks of gestational age. results: most patients had the severe form of preeclampsia (82.8%), and the onset of the condition was early in 50.7%. blood pressure values (133.6±14.8 versus 115.4 mmhg, p=0.0004 and 132.2±16.5 versus 125.7 mmhg, p=0.0004) and semiquantitative proteinuria (p=0.0003 and p=0.0005) were higher in the early and severe forms compared to mild and late forms. infant birth weight (1,435.4±521.6 versus 2,710±605.0 g, 1,923.7±807.9 versus 2,415.0±925.0 g, p<0.0001 for both) and apgar score (p=0.01 for both) were smaller for severe and early preeclampsia compared to mild and late preeclampsia. on the other hand, the presence of a bilateral notch in the uterine arteries was linked to the forms of early onset (69.2 versus 47.9%, p=0.02), whereas fetal growth restriction was more frequent in the severe forms of preeclampsia (30 versus 4.4%, p=0.008). conclusion: the preeclampsia classification based on maternal clinical parameters better reflected the conditions of fetal nutrition, while the early onset of the condition was associated with placental vasculopathy detected by dopplervelocimetry.
Das políticas ao cotidiano: entraves e possibilidades para a educa??o do campo alcan?ar as escolas no rural
Cavalcante, Ludmila Oliveira Holanda;
Ensaio: Avalia??o e Políticas Públicas em Educa??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40362010000300008
Abstract: this present article aims to discuss the viability of country education policies at the rural territories. between the rights policies and the cultural perception of rights, we believe that the "country education" when obtained the legal and verbal respect at brazilian education policies in the twenty century, was in fact a little bit a way to achieve these on the rural of brasil as a whole. this article defines the importance of this debate, when questioning how efficient can be policies which achieve most of the social roots movements instead of the rural population as a whole.
Significance of bile-duct changes in schistosomiasis
Oliveira, Ludmila;Andrade, Zilton A.;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822005000600003
Abstract: lesions involving the intra-hepatic biliary ducts in schistosomiasis have been reported in the literature, both in mice and man, but there are no data concerning their quantitative, evolutionary or post curative chemotherapeutic aspects on record. in order to obtain such data an investigation on this subject was attempted. mice infected with 50 schistosoma mansoni cercariae were submitted to a liver biopsy at the 9th week post-infection, and treated with 400mg/bw praziquantel immediately afterwards. infected and non-infected controls were submitted to the same procedures. by 19 weeks from cercarial exposure all surviving animals were sacrificed. the biliary ducts were counted on histological sections and the results were expressed as biliary ducts/portal spaces. this quantitative evaluation was compared with that from normal controls and revealed hyperplasia as the main biliary duct change (p<0.007) in schistosomiasis. hyperplastic changes underwent only mild partial and not statistically significant regression after specific chemotherapy (p>0.05). infected and untreated animals presented ductal changes that did not differ from those of the treated group. measurements of serum bilirrubin (total and direct), and gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (g-gt) did not reveal significant differences when animals from the several groups were compared. thus, bile ducts exhibit a proliferative response in relation to neighboring s. mansoni injury to portal areas, but although these lesions are histopathologically impressive, they lack a functional or prognostic significance.
Transforma es conformes de algumas regi es duplamente conexas em anel
Ludmila Bourchtein,Adriana Neumann de Oliveira
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática , 2006,
Abstract: Neste artigo s o construídas, de forma concreta, transforma es con-formes de algumas regi es duplamente conexas em anel. Para isso utilizamos as fun es elementares e suas propriedades, os princípios básicos das transforma es conformes, o princípio de simetria de Riemann-Schwarz e a integral de Schwarz-Christoffel.
Some Remarks to Numerical Solutions of the Equations of Mathematical Physics  [PDF]
Ludmila Petrova
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2013.33029

The equations of mathematical physics, which describe some actual processes, are defined on manifolds (tangent, a companying or others) that are not integrable. The derivatives on such manifolds turn out to be inconsistent, i.e. they don’t form a differential. Therefore, the solutions to equations obtained in numerical modelling the derivatives on such manifolds are not functions. They will depend on the commutator made up by noncommutative mixed derivatives, and this fact relates to inconsistence of derivatives. (As it will be shown, such solutions have a physical meaning). The exact solutions (functions) to the equations of mathematical physics are obtained only in the case when the integrable structures are realized. So called generalized solutions are solutions on integrable structures. They are functions (depend only on variables) but are defined only on integrable structure, and, hence, the derivatives of functions or the functions themselves have discontinuities in the direction normal to integrable structure. In numerical simulation of the derivatives of differential equations, one cannot obtain such generalized solutions by continuous way, since this is connected with going from initial nonintegrable manifold to integrable structures. In numerical solving the equations of mathematical physics, it is possible to obtain exact solutions to differential equations only with the help of additional methods. The analysis of the solutions to differential equations with the help of skew-symmetric forms [1,2] can give certain recommendations for numerical solving the differential equations.

The Peculiarity of Numerical Solving the Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations  [PDF]
Ludmila Petrova
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2014.44026
Abstract: The analysis of integrability of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations shows that these equations have the solutions of two types: 1) solutions that are defined on the tangent nonintegrable manifold and 2) solutions that are defined on integrable structures (that are realized discretely under the conditions related to some degrees of freedom). Since such solutions are defined on different spatial objects, they cannot be obtained by a continuous numerical simulation of derivatives. To obtain a complete solution of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations by numerical simulation, it is necessary to use two different frames of reference.
Management accounting research: uma análise metodológica = Management Accounting Research: a methodological analysis
Isabel Cristina Henriques Sales,Ludmila de Melo Souza,Luiz Felipe Figueiredo de Andrade,Alex Laquis Resende
Enfoque : Reflex?o Contábil , 2011,
Abstract: Frente à internacionaliza o das ciências contábeis, à importancia da contabilidade gerencial e à necessidade dos pesquisadores brasileiros publicarem trabalhos no exterior, esse artigo tem como objetivo analisar as características do periódico de contabilidade gerencial Management Accounting Research que, atualmente, é considerada a publica o internacional melhor conceituada nessa área. Assim, foram analisados 79 artigos entre 2006 e 2010. Sempre que pertinente foi realizado um exame da correla o entre os dados encontrados ao nível de significancia de 1%, além de um teste X2 de adequa o de ajustamentos. Os resultados mostraram que há uma média de 20,67 páginas por ano; 1,86 autores por artigo; 65,99% dos autores s o homens. O Reino Unido é o país com maior número de publica es (29,53%), seguido pela Austrália (12,75%) e pela Fran a (11,41). A metodologia mais utilizada foi a descritiva (50,63%), tendo o survey como procedimento, com 37,98% de participa o. A técnica de coleta de dados mais utilizada foi a baseada em documentos (40,51%). Dos trabalhos que empregaram métodos quantitativos (36,71%), a estatística descritiva, a correla o e o teste de hipóteses (utilizando métodos quantitativos) foram as técnicas que apareceram com maior frequência. Faced with the globalization of accounting, with the importance of management accounting and with the need for Brazilian researchers to publish work abroad, this article aims to analyze the characteristics of the journal Management Accounting Research, which is currently considered the best internationally renowned publication in the area. Therefore, we analyzed 79 articles between 2006 and 2010. When appropriate, we performed a correlation test with the level of significance of 1%, and a X2 test of adequacy of the adjustments. The results showed that there is an average of 20.67 pages per year; 1.86 authors per article, 65.99% of whom are men. The UK is the largest number of publications(29.53%), followed by Australia (12.75%) and France (11.41). The methodology used was descriptive (50.63%), and used survey as a procedure, with 37.98%. The data collection technique used was based on documents (40.51%). Of the papers that used quantitative methods (36.71%), descriptive statistics, correlation and hypothesis testing (using quantitative methods) were the techniques that occur most frequently.Keywords: Management Accounting. Management Accounting Research. Research Methodology
Planejamento participativo: uma estratégia política e educacional para o desenvolvimento local sustentável (relato de experiência do programa Comunidade Ativa)
Cavalcante, Ludmila Oliveira Holanda;Ferraro Júnior, Luiz Ant?nio;
Educa??o & Sociedade , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-73302002008100009
Abstract: this paper describes and analyses a governmental development program called "comunidade ativa" in its "programa faz cidad?o" version, designed for bahia's arid inlands. through the concepts of sustainability, it discusses its proposals for community leadership training courses and analyzes its methodological approach, its working procedures and the survival of its community fora. such governmental programs intend to stimulate the constitution and ability of negotiation in representatives of communities with a low human development index (hdi), taking local peculiarities into account while constructing an emancipating educational process, in order to attain an integrated, local sustainable development (ilsd). these clear proposals nevertheless, do not seem to entail effectiveness nor synergy between the government and local communities' actions. the political and educational strategy of participatory planning should therefore consider articulating the actions of different partners. the transformation potentialities of such intervention processes are as significant as the problems they are supposed to overcome. thus, if difficulties are not properly faced by all the parts involved, this program could paradoxically lead to maintaining the status quo through a transformation proposal.
Capillaria hepatica-induced hepatic fibrosis in rats: paradoxical effect of repeated infections
Oliveira, Ludmila;Souza, Márcia Maria de;Andrade, Zilton A.;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822004000200001
Abstract: multiple exposures to parasitic agents are considered an important factor in the genesis of the most severe forms of the diseases they cause. capillaria hepatica-induced septal fibrosis of the liver in rats usually runs without signs of portal hypertension or hepatic failure. after determining the hepatic profile of 15 animals during the course of a single infection, we submitted 20 rats to multiple capillaria hepatica infections to determine whether repeated exposures would augment fibrosis production, transforming septal hepatic fibrosis into a true cirrhosis. ten single-infection rats served as controls. a total of 5 exposures, with 45-day intervals, were made. histological changes were followed by means of surgical liver biopsies, collected prior to infection and to each re-infection. functional changes were minimal and transient. although a slight recrudescence of fibrosis was observed after the first two re-infections and when the single-infected control group was re-infected at the end of the experiment, subsequent re-infections failed to increase the amount of fibrosis. on the contrary, there occurred quantitative and qualitative evidence of collagen degradation and suppression of parasite development. these paradoxical results are in keeping with the hypothesis that a complex immunological modulation participates in the mechanism of hepatic fibrosis induced by capillaria hepatica infection in rats.
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