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Effect of player substitutions on the intensity of second-half soccer match play
Coelho, Daniel Barbosa;Coelho, Leonardo Gomes Martins;Morandi, Rodrigo Figueiredo;Ferreira Junior, Jo?o Batista;Marins, Jo?o Carlos Bouzas;Prado, Luciano Sales;Soares, Danusa Dias;Silami-Garcia, Emerson;
Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria & Desempenho Humano , 2012, DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2012v14n2p183
Abstract: most soccer matches are conducted by coaches who usually make all player substitutions allowed. therefore, it is extremely important to study these substitutions and their effects on the intensity of effort required from players. to date, no published studies have reported on this topic using heart rate (hr) as an intensity parameter. the objective of this study was to compare effort intensity (ei) of soccer players in the following situations: 1) first half (fh-ei); 2) second half (sh-ei); 3) second half with substitutions (shs-ei). forty-five male soccer players (18.5±1.2 years old, 74.25±5.79 kg, 182.6±8.55 cm, 9.56±2.47% body fat, 56.3±4.3 mlo2/kg/min) were evaluated during 29 official games. ei was considered as the mean hr, expressed as the percentage of each player's maximal hr (%hrmax) and as the time spent in each intensity zone (z) according to %hrmax (z1<70%; z2 70-85%; z3 85-90%; z4 90-95%; z5 95-100%). fh-ei (86.3±3.3%hrmax) was higher than sh-ei (80.6±4.4%hrmax) and shs-ei (83.6±2.8%hrmax). shs-ei was higher than sh-ei (p<0.05). time spent in high-intensity zones was lower in sh-ei than in fh-ei, but higher in shs-ei when compared to sh-ei (p<0.05). it was concluded that the decrease in ei in the second half of soccer matches was attenuated by substitutions made at halftime, as evidenced by a longer time spent in high-intensity zones when compared to sh-ei.
Structure of the tree component in an area of riparian forest in the Piratini River Basin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Luciano Rodrigues Soares,Rogério Soares Ferrer
Biotemas , 2009,
Abstract: The vegetation studied belongs to the Pampa biome. The vegetation of this region is described as Open Arboreal Savanna because it presents a herb stratum and an arboreal stratum with a gallery forest. This study aims to describe the structure of the forest trees of the Basin (31o35’33”S and 53o02’39”W) contributing to knowledge of forest formation in the southern half of Rio Grande do Sul. All living or standing dead individuals in an area of 0.5ha with DBH ≥ 5cm were sampled. Each individual was recorded for its species, diameter at breast height – DBH, and estimated height. Of the 702 living individuals inventoried, 41 species belonging to 25 families were recorded the Myrtaceae family presented the greatest richness with seven species, followed by Salicaceae with four and Lauraceae with tree species. Anarcadiaceae, Asteraceae, Euphorbiaceae and Sapindaceae each showed two species. The other families sampled consisted of a single species only. About 53 individuals were counted dead, corresponding to 7.5% in relation to the quantity of living individuals. The highest importance value was attributed to Lithraea Brasliensis March. The Shannon diversity was estimated to be 2.99 nats (J’=0.81), one of the highest values registered below the 30o south parallel.
Mariomar de Sales Lima,Adson Soares Garcia
Revista Universo Contábil , 2007,
Abstract: The subject linked to the environment has been object of discussion due to the occurrence of environmental catastrophes provoked by man's imprudence and also of companies that pollute the environment. In consequence, the pressure exercised by the society and environmental organs on enterprises with pollutant economical activities is increasing gradually, once these they are attempted to the problem when the pollution levels become alarming. In that way, the companies are being forced to adopt control politics, preservation and environmental recovery, as well as, to rethink the postures in relation to the environment, with the purpose of assuring the continuity in the market. In that sense, this work has the objective to analyze the mensuration form and popularization of the environmental impacts in the industry, as well as to identify in what way is being counted the economical events related to the environment. For that, a case study was accomplished centered at the Industries R & B Plastic from Amazonas. Keywords: Accountancy. Popularization. Environmental impacts. A quest o vinculada ao meio ambiente tem sido objeto de discuss o devido à ocorrência de catástrofes ambientais provocadas pela imprudência do homem e de empresas que poluem o meio ambiente. Em conseqüência, a press o exercida pela sociedade e órg os ambientais sobre empreendimentos com atividades econ micas poluentes vem aumentando gradativamente, uma vez que estes se atentam ao problema quando os níveis de polui o se tornam alarmantes. Dessa forma, as empresas est o sendo obrigadas a adotar políticas de controle, preserva o e recupera o ambiental, bem como, repensar as posturas em rela o ao meio ambiente, com o propósito de assegurar a continuidade no mercado. Nesse sentido, este trabalho tem por objetivo analisar a forma de mensura o e divulga o dos impactos ambientais na indústria, bem como identificar de que modo est o sendo contabilizados os eventos econ micos relacionados ao meio ambiente. Para isso, foi realizado um estudo de caso centrado na Indústria R & B Plásticos da Amaz nia. Palavras-chave: Contabiliza o. Divulga o. Impactos ambientais.
O Papel da Educa o e do Lyceu Dirigido pelo Prof. Salathiel de Almeida na Configura o do Contexto Geopolítico, Social e Econ mico de Muzambinho (MG)
Otávio Luciano Camargo Sales de Magalh?es
Bolema: Boletim de Educa??o Matemática , 2009,
Mecanismos fisiopatogênicos e diagnóstico laboratorial da infec??o causada pela Entamoeba histolytica
Santos, Fred Luciano Neves;Soares, Neci Matos;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442008000400004
Abstract: amebiasis is the second cause of death among parasitary diseases in the world. its etiologic agent is the protozoan entamoeba histolytica, which destroys the host tissue by means of the secretion of proteinases, kills the target-cells by contact and phagocytizes erythrocytes. accordingly, the trophozoites invade the intestinal mucosa, what causes amoebaean colitis. in some cases, they pass through the mucosa and reach the liver through the portal system, where they cause necrosis, which is composed of a few trophozoites surrounded by dead hepatocytes and liquefied cellular debris. this invasion is directly related to the synthesis capacity and secretion of molecules responsible for the virulence of trophozoites such as amoebapores, lectins and cysteine proteinases. the diagnosis of infection caused by this pathogen is routinely performed through optical microscopy of fresh samples or fixed specimens. however this methodology presents limitations insofar as it is unable to distinguish the specimens belonging to the complex e. histolytica /e. dispar. the research on coproantigens and the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) method have been used to differentiate these protozoa in fecal samples. however further studies are required for a better understanding of the host-parasite relationship, the proteomics and genomics of the protozoa, the development of vaccines and the real prevalence of this infection in brazil and worldwide.
Computers and Language Learning  [PDF]
Junia Rocha, Alexsandro Soares, Mauro Honorato, Luciano Lima, Nayara Costa, Elvio Moreira, Eduardo Costa
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.613146
Abstract: This paper investigates how computers together with Internet technologies help people in the learning of languages. To achieve this goal, it analyses open source libraries that a teacher can use to build educational applications. The text contains a short discussion on how to build such tools, using methods of programming proposed by Richard Stallman and Paul Graham. It also shows that computers help to improve language skills in those children with low reading abilities. Finally, it provides an overview of linguistic and computational tools that a teacher can use to check a student’s grammar. Of course, in order to build a practical grammar checker, the reader must have a working knowledge of Lisp and Prolog. In few words, the reader will not only see the magic of programs that understand English grammar, but learn how one can reproduce it.
Morphological relationship between axon and dendritic arborizations as revealed by Minkowski functionals
Luciano da Fontoura Costa,Marconi Soares Barbosa
Quantitative Biology , 2007,
Abstract: The spatial structure of the axonal and dendritic arborizations is closely related to the functionality of specific neurons or neuronal subsystems. The present work describes how multiscale Minkowski functionals can be used in order to characterize and compare the spatial organization of these two types of arborizations. The discrimination potential of the method is illustrated with respect to three classes of cortical neurons.
An Analytical Approach to Connectivity in Regular Neuronal Networks
Luciano da Fontoura Costa,Marconi Soares Barbosa
Quantitative Biology , 2003, DOI: 10.1114/epjb/e2005-00017-7
Abstract: This paper describes how realistic neuromorphic networks can have their connectivity fully characterized in analytical fashion. By assuming that all neurons have the same shape and are regularly distributed along the two-dimensional orthogonal lattice with parameter $\Delta$, it is possible to obtain the exact number of connections and cycles of any length from the autoconvolution function as well as from the respective spectral density derived from the adjacency matrix. It is shown that neuronal shape plays an important role in defining the spatial distribution of synapses in neuronal networks. In addition, we observe that neuromorphic networks typically exhibit an interesting phenomenon where the pattern of connections is progressively shifted along the spatial domain for increasing connection lengths. This is a consequence of the fact that in neurons the axon reference point usually does not coincide with the cell centre of mass. Morphological measurements for characterization of the spatial distribution of connections, including the adjacency matrix spectral density and the lacunarity of the connections, are suggested and illustrated. We also show that Hopfield networks with connectivity defined by different neuronal morphologies, quantified by the proposed analytical approach, lead to distinct performace for associative recall, as measured by the overlap index. The potential of the proposed approach is illustrated with respect to digital images of real neuronal cells.
Estratégias de valor e de crescimento em a??es na Bovespa: uma análise de sete indicadores relacionados ao risco
Rostagno, Luciano;Soares, Rodrigo Oliveira;Soares, Karina Talamini Costa;
Revista Contabilidade & Finan?as , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-70772006000300002
Abstract: this paper aims to investigate risk-related aspects of investment strategies involving value and growth stocks at bovespa. to assemble the portfolios, we used six market indicators capable of identifying value stocks traded in the period from december 1994 to april 2003. the risk analysis was conducted using seven parameters. we also included lakonishok, shleifer, and vishny's (1994) risk approach, which consists of verifying short-term relative returns involving both strategies. the main results show that value strategies involving the fundamental variable earnings/ price present consistent higher returns than growth strategies. concerning risk analysis, the liquidity index was capable of rationalizing, with statistical significance, the higher returns attained by value strategies. on the other hand, the sharp index analysis, applied in all parameters used to assemble the portfolios, shows a greater premium per unit of risk for value strategies in comparison with growth strategies.
Evaluation of functional capacity, body composicion and pulmonary function after bariatric surgery  [PDF]
Flávia Sales Leite, Marcela Cangussu Barbalho-Moulim, Kadma Karenina Damaceno Soares, Fernanda Dultra Dias, Fabiana Sobral Peixoto-Souza, Dirceu Costa
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.58A3007

Introduction: Obesity has been considered a global epidemic and a serious public health problem closely related to other diseases. Moreover, obese individuals have limitations in physical capacity and pulmonary function. Weight loss induced by bariatric surgery appears to help reverse this situation. However, questions about physical capacity and lung function, and its relationship with body composition remain to be clarified. Objective: To evaluate the physical capacity, body composition and lung function in women undergoing bariatric surgery. Methods: Twenty five women who underwent bariatric surgery between 6 and 24 months ago, and 10 non-obese women were evaluated for exercise capacity by the six minutes walk test (6 MWT), body composition by bio-electrical impedance analysis and lung function by spirometry and measurement of maximal static respiratory pressures. Results: Subjects with BMI <30 kg/m2 were found to have better physical performance, demonstrated by increased 6 MWT distance, not differing from non-obese women. When compared with non-obese women, there were no significant differences in body composition and lung function. Higher BMI was correlated with shorter distances in 6 MWT. Conclusion: 6 to 24 months after surgery, when the weight loss of patients who underwent bariatric surgery reaches levels considered non-obese, it provides improvement in physical performance to a level similar to that of non-obese patients.

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