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Comportamento aerodinamico e efeito de enrijecimento externo em silos cilíndricos sob a a??o do vento
Andrade Júnior, Luciano J. de;Calil Júnior, Carlito;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162004000300004
Abstract: steel cylindrical silos, when empty, are susceptible to the crumpling of the sheeting of the cylinder by the wind action. this paper compares the effects of internal and external stiffening with columns on the aerodynamic behavior of cylindrical silos with conical roof. the theoretical studies leaded to wind tunnel experiments, which have been carried out on two types of scaled silo models, one with smooth surface (internal stiffening), the other with ribbed surface (external stiffening), both with two geometric height/diameter ratio of cylinder (0.5 and 1.0) and a conical roof pitch equal to 27o. based on the information gained during these experiments, external coefficients of pressure and drag and lift coefficients are derived for the cylinders, as well as the drag and lift coefficients for the conical roofs. with this, it is identified the best stiffening arrangement for an optimum design of cylindrical silos to resist wind loads. the final result is an updated data set, originated from tests with geometric and aerodynamic characteristics well conditioned, which are applicable to a variety of cylindrical silos.
Treatment of patients with colorectal cancer at a public hospital in Porto Alegre
Volpato, Gabriel;Schmitt, Denize;Santos Júnior, Cleber Ant?nio Nogueira;Carvalho, Luciano Pinto de;koshimizu, Ruy Takashi;Mallmann, Afonso Calil Mury;
Journal of Coloproctology (Rio de Janeiro) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S2237-93632011000400006
Abstract: objective: the purpose of this study is to demonstrate the current picture of colorectal cancer in a public hospital of rio grande do sul, focusing on aspects related to diagnosis, staging and surgical therapy addressed in these patients. methods: a descriptive and retrospective study that includes patients with colorectal cancer admitted to the proctology service of the hospital nossa senhora da concei??o de porto alegre, from january 2009 to may 2011. results: this study investigated 61 patients, 65.6% were female. their age ranged from 40 to 84 years. colonoscopy was performed in 58 patients; 56.9% of them had over 50% impaired colon lumen. the carcinoembryonic antigen (cea) was collected from 59 patients, 47.5% had cea>5 ng/ml. distant metastases were found in 23.3% of total 60 patients. underwent surgical treatment 58 patients, of a curative intent was 84.5%. the presence of more than 12 lymph nodes per specimen was 73.1%. all 61 patients were classified as: stage i (9.8%), stage ii (29.5%), stage iii (29.5%) and stage iv (31.1%). conclusion: the profile of the patients treated at our institution indicates disease in advanced stage; however, the methods employed have provided a curative surgical treatment in our oncology patients.
Mathematical model to estimate of the deterioration of wooden poles in contact with soil used in rural areas
Molina, Julio C.;Calil Júnior, Carlito;Freitas, Roberto R. de;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162011000500019
Abstract: in s?o paulo state, mainly in rural areas, the utilization of wooden poles is observed for different purposes. in this context, wood in contact with the ground presents faster deterioration, which is generally associated to environmental factors and, especially to the presence of fungi and insects. with the use of mathematical models, the useful life of wooden structures can be predicted by obtaining "climatic indexes" to indicate, comparatively among the areas studied, which have more or less tendency to fungi and insects attacks. in this work, by using climatological data of several cities at s?o paulo state, a simplified mathematical model was obtained to measure the aggressiveness of the wood in contact with the soil.
Mathematical model for timber decay in contact with the ground adjusted for the state of S?o Paulo, Brazil
Freitas, Roberto Ramos de;Molina, Julio Cesar;Calil Júnior, Carlito;
Materials Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392010000200006
Abstract: at this moment, the environmental sustainability has been incorporated to all branches of activity more and more; timber seems to be the best alternative in civil construction. nevertheless, for a correct and better usage of timber as a structural material, it is necessary to have a higher degree of knowledge not only of the structural mechanical behavior, but also about its durability and service life. with help from mathematical models the service life of the timber structures can be foreseen, by obtaining the "climate indices", that show comparatively among the studied regions, which ones have a higher or lesser propensity of being attacked by fungi. in this paper, utilizing climatologic data from several cities of the state of s?o paulo - brazil was determined through numerical analysis and statistics, the simplification of one aggressive model to timber in contact with the ground, being this model adjusted to the state of s?o paulo. the simplified model of timber degradation can be used to quantity the effect of the environment in the process of decay for the regional climatic conditions.
Sistemas e arranjos produtivos locais: o caso do pólo de informática de Ilhéus (BA)
Ferreira Júnior, Hamilton de Moura;Santos, Luciano Damasceno;
Revista de Economia Contemporanea , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-98482006000200008
Abstract: this paper discusses the role of territorial proximity in the productive and innovative development process of firms inserted in local productive agglomeration. the main hypothesis tested considers the insertion of micro and small enterprises (mse) in local productive agglomeration increases the potential conditions for growth and better performance. with the purpose of identify and points out empirical evidences of questions discussed in the theoretical part, this work presents a case study of a concentration of firms in ilhéus, south of bahia - the productive concentration so called as technological park of ilhéus (t pi). based on this case study this paper discusses the characteristics and functionalities of this productive concentration taking as a start point the notion of arrangement and a local productive system. after identify the characteristics of an arrangement and a local productive system and to compare them with the main characteristics of the t pi, it is possible to say that the t pi only can be classified as a local productive arrangement, due to the incipient and fragile relationships among the gents involved. then, the t pi cannot be properly classified as a local productive system.
Isolamento e caracteriza o biológica da amostra JAP99 do vírus da doen a de Newcastle isolada de patos domésticos (Neta sp) no Rio de Janeiro
Oliveira Júnior Jorge Granja de,Schiavo Paula Amorin,Doretto Júnior Luciano,Orsi Maria ?ngela
Ciência Rural , 2005,
Abstract: O vírus da doen a de Newcastle (VDN) é o agente etiológico de uma das doen as mais importantes da avicultura e tem sido identificado na maioria das espécies aviárias, silvestres e domésticas. Neste trabalho, obteve-se o isolamento em ovos embrionados da amostra denominada JAP99 do VDN, a partir de fezes de patos coletadas no Município de Japeri, RJ. A amostra foi identificada pela técnica da inibi o da hemaglutina o (HI) e a caracteriza o biológica da patogenicidade do novo isolado foi realizada no Laboratório Regional Animal, MAPA, Campinas, SP (LARA-Campinas). Pela inocula o intracerebral em pintos de um dia (IPIC), o índice foi 1,4. Na inocula o intravenosa em aves de seis semanas (IPIV), o índice encontrado foi 0,0 (zero) e o tempo médio de morte embrionária (TMME) foi de 62 horas. Estes resultados indicaram que o isolado JAP99 é mesogênico para galinhas comerciais, oferecendo risco para a avicultura industrial.
Desempenho operacional de um trator agrícola equipado alternadamente com pneus radiais e diagonais
Barbosa, Jackson A.;Vieira, Luciano B.;Dias, Gutemberg P.;Dias Júnior, Moacir de S.;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162005000200021
Abstract: the use of radial tire in agricultural tractors in the decade of 1950 resulted in the reduction of the potency losses originated from the rolling resistance and slippage, with consequent improvement in the traction development. this work had as objective to compare the operational performance of an agricultural tractor, equipped alternately with radial and diagonal tires. the evaluation was accomplished, starting from analyses of indicative parameters of the performance of the referred tires under specific conditions of work. the use of radial tires provided increments in the values of traction capacity and drawbar pull, decrease in values of specific consumption of fuel, and didn't cause variations in the hourly consumption of fuel.
Desenvolvimento e produ??o de duas cultivares de cebola irrigadas por gotejamento
Boas, Renato C. Vilas;Pereira, Geraldo M.;Souza, Rovilson J. de;Geisenhoff, Luciano O.;Lima Júnior, Joaquim A. de;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662012000700002
Abstract: this work aimed to assess the effect of different water tensions in soil over the development and production of two onion cultivars irrigated by drip system. the experiment was carried in the experimental area of the dag/ufla, from june to october 2008. the experimental was conducted in randomized block design in 2 x 6 factorial scheme, with four repetitions. the treatments were two onion cultivars, the hybrid optima f1 and the non hybrid alfa tropical and six soil water tensions, i.e., 15, 25, 35, 45, 60 and 75 kpa. it was verified that the hybrid optima f1 presented the best responses regarding the following analyzed characteristics: total bulb yield, commercial bulb yield and average mass of commercial bulbs. the plant height and the hypocotyl diameter presented linear decreasing response as the soil water tensions were increased, for both cultivars. in both cultivars, in order to achieve taller plants, higher bulb yields (total and commercial) and higher average mass of commercial bulbs, the irrigation should be applied when the soil water tensions is around 15 kpa at 0.15 m depth.
Isolamento e caracteriza??o biológica da amostra JAP99 do vírus da doen?a de Newcastle isolada de patos domésticos (Neta sp) no Rio de Janeiro
Oliveira Júnior, Jorge Granja de;Schiavo, Paula Amorin;Doretto Júnior, Luciano;Orsi, Maria ?ngela;Mazur, Carlos;Andrade, Cláudio de Moraes;
Ciência Rural , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782005000400035
Abstract: newcastle disease virus (ndv) is the etiological agent of one of the most important diseases of the poultry industry and it has been identified in most of the avian species, wild and domestic birds. in this work, the isolation of the sample denominated jap99 was obtained from duck feces collected in japeri, rj, which was identified by hemagglutination-inhibition technique (hi). the biological characterization of the pathogenicity of the new isolate was investigated at the animal regional laboratory, ministry of agriculture, campinas, sp. by intracerebral inoculation in one day chicks, the index was 1.4. in the intravenous inoculation in birds of six weeks, the index found was 0.0 and the mean death time in chicken embryos was 62 hours. these results pointed out that the isolate jap99 is mesogenic for commercial chickens, offering risk for the poultry industry.
Fisioterapia no idoso da comunidade: rela o transformadora entre universidade e sociedade através da extens o, articulando ensino e pesquisa
Tássia Virginia de Carvalho Oliveira,Luciano dos Santos Júnior,Patrícia Almeida Fontes,Rosemeire Dantas de Almeida
Scire Salutis , 2011, DOI: 10.6008/ess2236-9600.2011.002.0001
Abstract: A extens o acadêmica pressup e uma a o junto à comunidade, disponibilizando ao público externo à institui o o conhecimento adquirido com o ensino e a pesquisa desenvolvidos pelas universidades. Essa a o produz um novo conhecimento a ser trabalhado e articulado. A Fisioterapia é, dentro da universidade, uma ciência aplicada tendo por objeto de estudo o movimento humano em todas as formas de express o e potencialidades, tanto nas altera es patológicas quanto nas repercuss es psíquicas e organicas. A fisioterapia na saúde primária tem por objetivo agir antes das manifesta es nocivas que causam danos à qualidade de vida do indivíduo, promover a saúde e prevenir doen as e incapacidades, diminuindo com isso, a mortalidade e o número de interna es. A preven o de doen as e os servi os de promo o da saúde destinados aos idosos devem ser desenvolvidos de forma que prolonguem a sua expectativa de vida, porém t o importante ou mais é a abordagem voltada para a melhoria e a manuten o da qualidade do tempo restante de vida. O objetivo desse trabalho é mostrar a importancia da extens o universitária, aliada ao ensino e a pesquisa, em idosos de uma comunidade através da fisioterapia preventiva. Participaram da pesquisa 15 idosos com idade variando de 60 a 90 anos, que residiam regularmente no bairro Luzia, na cidade de Aracaju, no mês de Agosto/2009. Somente foram incluídas no estudo as pessoas com mais de 60 anos de idade e que assinaram o Termo de Consentimento Livre e Esclarecido de acordo com o Conselho Nacional de Saúde lei 192/92. Foi aplicado o questionário funcional multidimensional do idoso adaptado que avalia: recursos sociais, recursos econ micos, saúde mental, saúde física e atividades de vida diária. Na avalia o dos recursos sociais obteve-se uma média de 2,67 + 0,62; nos recursos econ micos a média foi de 3,6 + 1,05, na saúde mental foi de 3,0 + 1,01, na saúde física 4,0 + 1,07 e nas atividades de vida diárias 3,67 + 1,40. Observou-se que a extens o mostrou ser de suma importancia devido ao fato de que une sociedade e universidade articulando ensino e pesquisa; a fisioterapia assume papel de importante relevancia no que diz respeito à preven o e ao tratamento motor do paciente idoso, através de suas técnicas e métodos específicos e o questionário funcional multidimensional do idoso adaptado mostrou-se um instrumento de importante relevancia, na medida em que avalia o idoso de forma global.
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