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Estimation of biomass and carbon stocks: the case of the Atlantic Forest
Vieira, Simone Aparecida;Alves, Luciana Ferreira;Aidar, Marcos;Araújo, Luciana Spinelli;Baker, Tim;Batista, Jo?o Luís Ferreira;Campos, Mariana Cruz;Camargo, Plinio Barbosa;Chave, Jerome;Delitti, Welington Braz Carvalho;Higuchi, Niro;Honorio, Euridice;Joly, Carlos Alfredo;Keller, Michael;Martinelli, Luiz Antonio;Mattos, Eduardo Arcoverde de;Metzker, Thiago;Phillips, Oliver;Santos, Flavio Antonio Maes dos;Shimabukuro, M?nica Takako;Silveira, Marcos;Trumbore, Susan Elizabeth;
Biota Neotropica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032008000200001
Abstract: the main objective of this paper is to present and discuss the best methods to estimate live above ground biomass in the atlantic forest. the methods presented and conclusions are the products of a workshop entitled "estimation of biomass and carbon stocks: the case of atlantic rain forest". aboveground biomass (agb) in tropical forests is mainly contained in trees. tree biomass is a function of wood volume, obtained from the diameter and height, architecture and wood density (dry weight per unit volume of fresh wood). it can be quantified by the direct (destructive) or indirect method where the biomass quantification is estimated using mathematical models. the allometric model can be site specific when elaborated to a particular ecosystem or general that can be used in different sites. for the atlantic forest, despite the importance of it, there are only two direct measurements of tree biomass, resulting in allometric models specific for this ecosystem. to select one or other of the available models in the literature to estimate agb it is necessary take into account what is the main question to be answered and the ease with which it is possible to measure the independent variables in the model. models that present more accurate estimates should be preferred. however, more simple models (those with one independent variable, usually dbh) can be used when the focus is monitoring the variation in carbon storage through the time. our observations in the atlantic forest suggest that pan-tropical relations proposed by chave et al. (2005) can be confidently used to estimated tree biomass across biomes as long as tree diameter (dbh), height, and wood density are accounted for in the model. in atlantic forest, we recommend the quantification of biomass of lianas, bamboo, palms, tree ferns and epiphytes, which are an important component in this ecosystem. this paper is an outcome of the workshop entitled "estimation of biomass and carbon stocks: the case of atlantic rain fore
Nanoemuls?es óleo de laranja/água preparadas em homogeneizador de alta press?o
Kourniatis, Loretta R.;Spinelli, Luciana S.;Mansur, Claudia R. E.;González, Gaspar;
Química Nova , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422010000200013
Abstract: the objective of this work was to use the high-pressure homogenizer (hph) to prepare stable oil/water nanoemulsions presenting narrow particle size distribution. the dispersions were prepared using nonionic surfactants based on ethoxylated ether. the size and distribution of the droplets formed, along with their stability, were determined in a zetasizer nano zs particle size analyzer. the stability and the droplet size distribution in these systems do not present the significant differences with the increase of the processing pressure in the hph). the processing time can promote the biggest dispersion in the size of particles, thus reducing its stability.
Sparse Representation by Frames with Signal Analysis  [PDF]
Christopher Baker
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2016.71006
Abstract: The use of frames is analyzed in Compressed Sensing (CS) through proofs and experiments. First, a new generalized Dictionary-Restricted Isometry Property (D-RIP) sparsity bound constant for CS is established. Second, experiments with a tight frame to analyze sparsity and reconstruction quality using several signal and image types are shown. The constant \"\"?is used in fulfilling the definition of D-RIP. It is proved that k-sparse signals can be reconstructed if \"\"?by using a concise and transparent argument1. The approach could be extended to obtain other D-RIP bounds (i.e. \"\"). Experiments contrast results of a Gabor tight frame with Total Variation minimization. In cases of practical interest, the use of a Gabor dictionary performs well when achieving a highly sparse representation and poorly when this sparsity is not achieved.
HIF- and Non-HIF-Regulated Hypoxic Responses Require the Estrogen-Related Receptor in Drosophila melanogaster
Yan Li,Divya Padmanabha,Luciana B. Gentile,Catherine I. Dumur,Robert B. Beckstead,Keith D. Baker
PLOS Genetics , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003230
Abstract: Low-oxygen tolerance is supported by an adaptive response that includes a coordinate shift in metabolism and the activation of a transcriptional program that is driven by the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathway. The precise contribution of HIF-1a in the adaptive response, however, has not been determined. Here, we investigate how HIF influences hypoxic adaptation throughout Drosophila melanogaster development. We find that hypoxic-induced transcriptional changes are comprised of HIF-dependent and HIF-independent pathways that are distinct and separable. We show that normoxic set-points of carbohydrate metabolites are significantly altered in sima mutants and that these animals are unable to mobilize glycogen in hypoxia. Furthermore, we find that the estrogen-related receptor (dERR), which is a global regulator of aerobic glycolysis in larvae, is required for a competent hypoxic response. dERR binds to dHIFa and participates in the HIF-dependent transcriptional program in hypoxia. In addition, dERR acts in the absence of dHIFa in hypoxia and a significant portion of HIF-independent transcriptional responses can be attributed to dERR actions, including upregulation of glycolytic transcripts. These results indicate that competent hypoxic responses arise from complex interactions between HIF-dependent and -independent mechanisms, and that dERR plays a central role in both of these programs.
Aísthêsis e nóêsis: de como filosofia grega rompeu com as aparências
Spinelli, Miguel;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2009000100007
Abstract: this article aims to highlight the epistemic place of two groups of philosophical concepts mutually related: aísthêsis, empeiría and nóêsis versus to be , alêtheia and noêma. the fundamental issue, besides the supposed conflict between the human sensitive way (external) to be in relation to the world and the intelligible manner (internal) of conceiving it, are the limits and possibilities of the cognoscente individual to build such relations and make their knowledge communicable.
O conceito epicurista de kritêrion vinculado ao de enargeías e de kan?n
Spinelli, Miguel;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2012000100004
Abstract: this article analyses the concept of epicurean kritêrion within the limits of the remaining writings of epicurus. it tries to investigate what epicurus actually said or aimed to say by this term. since this concept does not appear alone, but linked to the notion of enargeías, kan?n and krísis, this study also deals with their interrelations.
Existential psychotherapy: An introductory overview
Análise Psicológica , 2006,
Abstract: this paper provides an introductory overview of the key ideas that underpin existential psychotherapy from the primary focus of inter-relation. further, it introduces various applications regarding the investigation of the inter-relational variables that accentuate the client?s experience of being-in-the world and considers these in relation to the analysis of the client?s presenting problems and issues. finally, the paper argues that in the existential psychotherapeutic relationship the therapist can be likened to a particular and unique "other" in the client?s world relations.
Sobre as diferen?as entre éthos com epsílon e êthos com eta
Spinelli, Miguel;
Trans/Form/A??o , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31732009000200001
Abstract: the objective of this article is to describe the terms éthos (writed with epsilon) and êthos (with eta), that are in the same time different and complementary. this two terms are closely associates to the concepts of physis (of nature) and mo?ra (of necessity or destination) and this study wants to show how this interrelation is done.
Considera??es acerca da prólêpsis de Epicuro
Spinelli, Miguel;
Trans/Form/A??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31732012000100002
Abstract: this article discusses the terms in which cicero, lucretius and diogenes laertius sought to make sense of the prólêpsis of epicurus. to give voice to and to divulge among latin speakers the doctrine of epicureanism, cicero furnished the terms antecipatio, praenotio, and informationem, and lucretius provided notitia, exemplare, and vestiga. diogenes laertius presented the terms katalêpsis, dóxa, énnoia, and hypólêpsin, with which, he says, the epicureans tried to explain the prólêpsis of epicurus. the article also discusses the views of some contemporary commentators.
Plat?o e alguns mitos que lhe atribuímos
Spinelli, Miguel;
Trans/Form/A??o , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31732007000100013
Abstract: it is not the aim of this paper to investigate the myths which plato invented, but to inquire into those which (in the attempt to interpret his works) were invented about him: claims which were attributed to him without being his own, and other beliefs which were held to be justified and supported by his claims. two of these myths are analized with maior emphasis: first, that "plato made the body an enemy of the soul"; second, that "plato rejected sensible perception".
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