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Inter Seasonality of the Energy Fluxes in Brazilian Savana—Mato Grosso—Brazil  [PDF]
Leone Francisco Amorim Curado, José de Souza Nogueira, Luciana Sanches, Thiago Rangel Rodrigues, Francisco de Almeida Lobo, Marcelo Sacardi Bíudes
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2014.42025

Dynamics of flows of matter and energy these biomes are relevant to understanding of environmental processes that govern the biosphere-atmosphere interactions and between ecosystems. This study analyzed inter season and season of energy fluxes in Brazilian Savana through Bowen Ration Method. Results show differences in patterns LE in all season, LE predominant in wet while H in dry. This inversion in patterns of predominant components of the energy balance in wet and dry season because in wet season increase water content in soil and atmosphere due precipitation in this season providing more lost energy for atmosphere in shape LE through soil evaporation and plant transpiration, this results in LE and H in all season of the Brazilian Savana show higher variation in dynamics energy fluxes between surface and atmosphere, as well as energy partition in this biome. Statistics analyses presents than many climate variables influences LE and H in each season indicating complexity in this fluxes. More study is necessary to higher understand patterns energies fluxes in Brazilian Savana.

Envolvimento renal na púrpura de Henoch-Sch?nlein: uma análise multivariada de fatores prognósticos iniciais
Almeida, José Luiz J. de;Campos, Lúcia Maria A.;Paim, Luciana B.;Leone, Claudio;Koch, Vera Hermínia K.;Silva, Clovis Artur A.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572007000400012
Abstract: objectives: to identify initial predictive factors of renal involvement in children and adolescents with henoch-sch?nlein purpura. methods: we reviewed the medical records of 142 patients admitted to our university hospital over a 21-year period with a diagnosis of henoch-sch?nlein purpura. the initial predictive factors assessed, observed during the first 3 months, included: demographic data, clinical manifestations (persistent palpable purpura, arthritis, abdominal pain, severe abdominal pain, gastrointestinal bleeding, orchitis, central nervous system involvement and pulmonary hemorrhage), laboratory tests (serum iga levels) and treatment given (corticosteroids, intravenous immunoglobulin and immunosuppressive drugs). patients were divided into two groups (presence or absence of nephritis) and assessed by univariate and multivariate analysis. results: evidence of nephritis was detected in 70 patients (49.3%). the univariate analysis revealed that severe abdominal pain (p = 0.0049; or = 1.6; 95%ci 1.18-2.21), gastrointestinal bleeding (p = 0.004; or = 1.6; 95%ci 1.10-2.26) and corticosteroid use (p = 0.0012; or = 1.7; 95%ci 1.28-2.40) were all associated with increased incidence of renal involvement. in the multivariate analysis, logistic regression demonstrated that the only independent variable that predicted nephritis was intense abdominal pain (p < 0.012; or = 2.593; 95%ci 1.234-5.452). conclusions: severe abdominal pain was a significant predictor of nephritis in henoch-sch?nlein purpura. consequently, pediatric patients exhibiting this clinical manifestation should be rigorously monitored, due to the increased risk of renal involvement.
Interannual Variability of Energy Flux in Atmospheric Instability Conditions at Pantanal of Mato Grosso-Brazil  [PDF]
Leone Francisco Amorim Curado, José de Souza Nogueira, Luciana Sanches, Marcelo Sacardis Biudes, Thiago Rangel Rodrigues
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2012.24046
Abstract: The energy balance partitions in wetlands have gained notoriety due to the dynamics and importance of these areas for regional and local climate. Thus, the study was conducted about seasonal and interannual behavior energy fluxes, as well as the influences of the conditions of atmospheric stability and instability. The results showed highest fluxes happened in instability atmospheric conditions. The fluxes of latent and sensible heat showed seasonal variation, indicating that the water availability in the atmosphere has influence on the site energy partition, but the interannual patterns remained similar during the two years of study.
cuInspiral: prototype gravitational waves detection pipeline fully coded on GPU using CUDA
Leone B. Bosi
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper we report the prototype of the first coalescing binary detection pipeline fully implemented on NVIDIA GPU hardware accelerators. The code has been embedded in a GPU library, called cuInspiral and has been developed under CUDA framework. The library contains for example a PN gravitational wave signal generator, matched filtering/FFT and detection algorithms that have been profiled and compared with the corresponding CPU code with dedicated benchmark in order to provide gain factor respect to the standard CPU implementation. In the paper we present performances and accuracy results about some of the main important elements of the pipeline, demonstrating the feasibility and the chance of obtain an impressive computing gain from these new many-core architectures in the perspective of the second and third generations of gravitational wave detectors.
Passive Smoking and Infectious Disease: A Serious Hazard for Cardiovascular System  [PDF]
Aurelio Leone
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2011.25090
Abstract: Exposure to passive smoking is usually associated with heavy changes in both function and structure of the cardiovascular system at different levels: coronary circulation, heart metabolism, myocardial muscle. These changes may be transient but may have characteristics of irreversibility. Major determinant of cardiovascular alterations is hypoxia due to tobacco products of the environment although a large number of alterations affect immune t-cells and antibody response. All infectious diseases which involve cardiovascular system, including some tropical patterns, particularly Chagas disease, are adversely influenced as a consequence of a continuous although irregular exposure to passive smoking, which worsens the degree of cardiac muscle alterations at different levels like myocardium, coronary arteries and both these structures. Therefore, exposure to passive smoking must be avoided for those individuals suffering from infectious diseases of the heart whatever factor can be responsible.
The health system in Argentina: an unequal struggle between equity and the market.
Victor B. Penchaszadeh,Francisco Leone,Mario Rovere
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.2427/5692
Abstract: The modern health system of Argentina was developed in 1945-1955, a period of economic bonanza characterized by industrialization, rapid urbanization and activist labor organizations. During the ensuing years it evolved in three sectors: public, social security and private, with separate services, population coverage and funding. While the national Ministry of Health is nominally responsible for general health policies and regulations, overseeing the general operation of health services, designing preventive medicine programs and negotiating the coverage and fees of health insurance plans, it has in fact very low leverage to enforce decisions in the provinces, which are autonomous, as well as in the social security and private sectors, which are weakly regulated if at all. While the health workforce, medical facilities and level of spending are acceptable, the fragmentation and segmentation of the system render it highly inequitable and inefficient. During the 1980s and 1990s, the health system has experienced further transformations, as neoliberal policies took hold in the country and dictated a reduction of state involvement in social services in favor of privatization and decentralization of health care. The result has been increased fragmentation, inequity and inefficacy, as health care is increasingly prey to the economic interests of private corporations (insurance and pharmaceutical industries), trade union bureaucracies and the medical professional and technology establishments. The expectation of popular sectors of society are that progressive polices recently enacted by Congress, and being implemented in the fields of education, retirement pensions and the media, will be followed with much needed public health policies based on equity and efficiency.
Aerodynamic Brake for Formula Cars  [PDF]
Roberto Capata, Leone Martellucci
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2015.510018
Abstract: In the last years, in formula racing cars championships, the aerodynamic had reached an ever more important stance as a performance parameter. In the last four seasons, Red Bull Racing Technical Officer had designed their Formula 1 car with the specific aim to generate the optimal downforce, in relation to the car instantaneous setup. However, this extreme research of higher downforce brings some negative effects when a car is within the wake of another car; indeed, it is well known that under these condition the aerodynamic is disturbed, and it makes difficult to overtake the leading car. To partially remedy this problem, Formula 1 regulations introduced the Drag Reduction System (DRS) in 2011, which was an adjustable flap located on the rear wing; if it is flattened, allowing to reduce the downforce, increasing significantly the velocity and, therefore, the chances to overtake the leading car. Vice versa, when the flap is closed, it ensures a higher grip, which is very useful especially in medium-slow speed turns. Keeping the focus on the rear wing, but by shifting attention from the increased top speed to increase the grip in the middle and slow speed curves, we decided to study a similar device to the DRS, but with the opposite effect. The aim is to design an aerodynamic brake integrated with the rear wing. In particular, the project idea was to sculpt, on the upper surface of the wing (pressure side), a series of \"C\" shaped cavity, normally covered by adequate sliding panels. These cavities, when they are discovered, at the beginning of the braking phase, produce a turbulence and additional increase downforce, lightening the load on the braking system and allowing the pilot to substantially reduce slippage and to delay the braking. Since it seems that the regulations adopted by the FIA Formula 1 Championship do not allow such a device, it has been decided to apply the concept on a Formula 4 vehicle. This paper describes the design and analyzes the effects of these details on a standard wing cavity, using a commercial CFD software.
Efeitos da estimula??o da suc??o n?o-nutritiva na idade de início da alimenta??o via oral em recém-nascidos pré-termo
Neiva, Flávia Cristina B.;Leone, Cléa Rodrigues;
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-05822007000200006
Abstract: objective: to analyze the effects of nonnutritive sucking stimulation (nns) on the age of introduction of oral feedings in preterm newborns (ptnb). methods: 95 ptnb with gestational age (ga) at birth < 33 weeks, born at the nursery annex to the maternity of the clinical hospital of the university of s?o paulo school of medicine, s?o paulo, brazil, were studied. they were distributed into the following groups: group 1 (g1), control group, without a specific incentive for oral feedings; group 2 (g2), stimulation of nns with an orthodontic pacifier (nuk?) for premature infants; and group 3 (g3), stimulation of nns with a gloved finger. results: the ga varied from 26 to 32.7 weeks (30.5±1.6), the corrected ga at the moment of enrollment in the study varied from 27.4 to 33 weeks (31.6 ±1.3), and the average birthweight was 1,390g, without statistic differences among groups. g2 and g3 nb with ga at enrollment <32 weeks started oral feeding earlier than the control group. g1 started oral feeding was 34 weeks of corrected ga. the lower the ga at enrollment, the lower the corrected ga for beginning of oral feeding among nb that received nns stimulation. conclusions: early nns stimulation lowered the corrected ga at the introduction of oral feeding, contributing to the oral motor development and maturation of ptnb.
Lormetazepam addiction: data analysis from an Italian medical unit for addiction
Faccini M,Leone R,Pajusco B,Quaglio GL
Risk Management and Healthcare Policy , 2012,
Abstract: Marco Faccini,1 Roberto Leone,2 Benedetta Pajusco,1 Gianluca Quaglio,1 Rebecca Casari,1 Anna Albiero,1 Monia Donati,2 Fabio Lugoboni11Department of Internal Medicine, Addiction Unit, 2Pharmacology Unit, Reference Center for Education and Communication within the World Health Organization Program for International Drug Monitoring, University Hospital of Verona, Verona, ItalyBackground: The purpose of this study was to determine, in the context of a hospital addiction unit, which benzodiazepines were abused and to look for correlations with the characteristics of detoxified patients.Methods: A retrospective study was carried out using the database of hospital admissions to the addiction unit for detoxification from 2003 to 2010.Results: Of 879 admissions to the addiction unit during the seven-year period, 281 were for benzodiazepines. The percentage of patients addicted only to benzodiazepines was higher among females than males. Benzodiazepine consumption had started as a drug addiction behavior in only 10% of cases. The main sources of prescription identified were general practitioners (52% of cases) or compliant pharmacists (25%). Overall, 15 different benzodiazepines were abused, with lormetazepam being the most commonly used (by 123 patients, 43.8% of the total).Conclusion: Our data show that, outside the population of multidrug addicts, there is an underestimated group of chronic benzodiazepine consumers who are often not referred to medical institutions for treatment. Even in the group of patients addicted to one substance only, we observed an abnormal number of requests for detoxification from lormetazepam, which appears to be more "popular" than other benzodiazepines. This drug should be prescribed according to stricter criteria and submitted to closer control.Keywords: lormetazepam, benzodiazepines, addiction, inpatient detoxification
Does Smoking Act as a Friend or Enemy of Blood Pressure? Let Release Pandora's Box
Aurelio Leone
Cardiology Research and Practice , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/264894
Abstract: In spite of the great number of observations which show the certainty of cardiovascular damage from smoking, the opinions on that are not yet unanimous. There is a discrepancy that could be attributed to the lack of reproducible data particularly in some epidemiological studies. On the contrary, experimental findings conducted on both animals and humans give evidence of exactly reproducible results of cardiovascular alterations and among these the course of Blood Pressure (BP). Findings identify an increase in BP of active smokers or non-smokers exposed to passive smoking, while a lot of others refer a lowering of BP due to smoking. This discrepancy could be explained as follows. Initially, a vasoconstriction mediated by nicotine causes acute but transient increase in systolic BP. This phase is followed by a decrease in BP as a consequence of depressant effects played chronically by nicotine itself. Simultaneously, carbon monoxide is acting directly on the arterial wall causing, in the long run, structurally irreversible alterations. At this time, there is a change in BP that increases again, and often constantly, its levels following chronic exposure. Changes in response to antihypertensive drugs have been observed in hypertensive smokers since smoking influences metabolic steps of the drugs.
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