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Glaciares de escombros fósiles en el cordón Leleque, Noroeste del Chubut: significado paleoclimático y paleográfico
Lucas Ruiz,Darío Trombotto Liaudat
Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina , 2012,
Abstract: Este trabajo analiza la relación actual y pasada del ambiente periglacial y glaciario en los Andes de la Patagonia norte (41°- 43° L.S.). Es la primera vez que un estudio de estas características es llevado a cabo en esta región. A partir del análisis y caracterización de geoformas relacionadas con el permafrost de monta a y el ambiente glaciario, el análisis de las condiciones climáticas y el uso de análogos actuales, se presenta una reconstrucción paleogeográfica y paleoclimática del Cordón Leleque. El Cordón del Plata, en los Andes Centrales, con glaciares convencionales y glaciares de escombros, se utiliza como análogo actual de las condiciones pasadas en el Cordón Leleque. A partir de la ubicación espacial de las diferentes geoformas reconocidas en el Cordón Leleque se reconocieron cuatro grupos. Utilizando la relación entre la altura de la línea de equilibrio regional y la altura del límite de permafrost de monta a, se derivaron las variaciones climáticas necesarias que pudieron generar los diferentes grupos. Estos resultados son comparados con trabajos previos. Fossil rock glaciers in the Cordón Leleque, Northwestern Chubut: Palaeoclimatic and palaeogeographic significance. The aim of this work was to document the current and past relationships between periglacial and glacial environments in the Andes from northern Patagonia (41° - 43° S). From the analysis and characterization of landforms related to permafrost and mountain glacial environments in combination with the analysis of climatic conditions and the use of present analogs, we provide a paleogeographic and paleoclimatic reconstruction of the Cordon Leleque from the Last Glaciation until present. The Cordón del Plata, a mountain range in the Central Andes presently covered by glaciers and rock glaciers was used as the modern analogue for the environmental conditions in the Cordón Leleque. Paleoclimatic conditions for the Cordón Leleque were derived from the current climate conditions in the Cordón del Plata. We used the relationship between the altitude of the regional equilibrium line of glaciers and the altitude of mountain permafrost limit, derived from the total annual rainfall and mean annual air temperature, to analyze the paleoclimatic evolution in the study area. The landform chronology was used to derive the paleogeographic and paleoclimatic reconstruction of the Cordón Leleque.
Effect of the Gene doublesex of Anastrepha on the Somatic Sexual Development of Drosophila
Mercedes Alvarez, María Fernanda Ruiz, Lucas Sánchez
PLOS ONE , 2009, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0005141
Abstract: Background The gene doublesex (dsx) is at the bottom of the sex determination genetic cascade and is transcribed in both sexes, but gives rise to two different proteins, DsxF and DsxM, which impose female and male sexual development respectively via the sex-specific regulation of the so-called sexual cyto-differentiation genes. The present manuscript addressed the question about the functional conservation of the tephritid Anastrepha DsxF and DsxM proteins to direct the sexual development in Drosophila (Drosophilidae). Methodology To express these proteins in Drosophila, the GAL4-UAS system was used. The effect of these proteins was monitored in the sexually dimorphic regions of the fly: the foreleg basitarsus, the 5th, 6th and 7th tergites, and the external terminalia. In addition, we analysed the effect of Anastrepha DsxF and DsxM proteins on the regulation of Drosophila yolk protein genes, which are expressed in the fat body of adult females under the control of dsx. Conclusions The Anastrepha DsxF and DsxM proteins transformed doublesex intersexual Drosophila flies into females and males respectively, though this transformation was incomplete and the extent of their influence varied in the different sexually dimorphic regions of the adult fly. The Anastrepha DsxF and DsxM proteins also behaved as activators and repressors, respectively, of the Drosophila yolk protein genes, as do the DsxF and DsxM proteins of Drosophila itself. Finally, the Anastrepha DsxF and DsxM proteins were found to counteract the functions of Drosophila DsxM and DsxF respectively, reflecting the normal behaviour of the latter proteins towards one another. Collectively, these results indicate that the Anastrepha DsxF and DsxM proteins show conserved female and male sex-determination function respectively in Drosophila, though it appears that they cannot fully substitute the latter's own Dsx proteins. This incomplete function might be partly due to a reduced capacity of the Anastrepha Dsx proteins to completely control the Drosophila sexual cyto-differentiation genes, a consequence of the accumulation of divergence between these species resulting in the formation of different co-adapted complexes between the Dsx proteins and their target genes.
From Farm to Rural Hostel: New Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Tourism Expansion in Daxi, a Village in Anji County, Zhejiang, China
Lucas Gutierrez Rodriguez,Manuel Ruiz Perez,Xiaosheng Yang,Geriletu
Sustainability , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/su3010306
Abstract: China has become one of the leading international tourism destinations, ranking third at a world level. A fast expanding domestic tourism offers new development opportunities to rural areas. Our results from Daxi Village of Anji County, a popular tourist destination in East China, show that farmers are seizing this opportunity that currently represents 27% of total household income. The better educated young generation is benefitting most, being particularly relevant for women that can develop off-farm activities around the family hostels (nongjiale) and tourist shops. Visitor’s general satisfaction is high, although there is some concern for environmental quality and overcrowding due to the very high number of tourists that come to the village. Our model suggests that tourism will keep growing at least for another decade, which will strain the area, posing potentially severe environmental problems and challenging the long term sustainability of the tourism development model.
The gene transformer-2 of Sciara (Diptera, Nematocera) and its effect on Drosophila sexual development
Iker Martín, María F Ruiz, Lucas Sánchez
BMC Developmental Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-213x-11-19
Abstract: The transformer-2 genes of the studied Sciara species were found to be transcribed in both sexes during development and adult life, in both the soma and germ lines. They produced a single primary transcript, which follows the same alternative splicing in both sexes, giving rise to different mRNAs isoforms. In S. ocellaris the most abundant mRNA isoform encoded a full-length protein of 251 amino acids, while that of B. coprophila encoded a protein of 246 amino acids. Both showed the features of the SR protein family. The less significant mRNA isoforms of both species encoded truncated, presumably non-functional Transformer-2 proteins. The comparison of the functional Sciara Transformer-2 proteins among themselves and those of other insects revealed the greatest degree of conservation in the RRM domain and linker region. In contrast, the RS1 and RS2 domains showed extensive variation with respect to their number of amino acids and their arginine-serine (RS) dipeptide content. The expression of S. ocellaris Transformer-2 protein in Drosophila XX pseudomales lacking the endogenous transformer-2 function caused their partial feminisation.The transformer-2 genes of both Sciaridae species encode a single protein in both sexes that shares the characteristics of the Transformer-2 proteins of other insects. These proteins showed conserved sex-determination function in Drosophila; i.e., they were able to form a complex with the endogenous Drosophila Transformer protein that controls the female-specific splicing of the Drosophila doublesex pre-mRNA. However, it appears that the complex formed between the Drosophila Transformer protein and the Sciara Transformer-2 protein is less effective at inducing the female-specific splicing of the endogenous Drosophila doublesex pre-mRNA than the DrosophilaTransformer-Transformer2 complex. This suggests the existence of species-specific co-evolution of the Transformer and Transformer-2 proteins.Sex determination refers to the developmental
Causes and effects of the corrosion of a plumbing galvanised steel
Alejandre Sánchez, F. J.,Lucas Ruiz, R
Materiales de Construccion , 2002,
Abstract: Hot dip galvanising life as a corrosion protective coatings on steel depends basically on three factors: coatings quality (thickness), correct installation of the galvanised article, and weathering effects. The aim of this research it is to study the decaying causes and effects of a plumbing installation made with hot dip galvanised steel tubes. The mentioned installation was of use during 30 years in the water supply system of the Parque Alcosa market (Sevilla, Spain). The research was divided in three parts: in the first one, shape analysis and XDR of internal decayed products was carried out: in the second one, physical properties were determined according to UNE 37- 505-89, corrosion morphology was conducted by metalographic microscopy, and it was evaluated also water quality: and finally, in the third one, diameter, section, and internal volume decrease was calculated in order to evaluate friction increase and pressure decrease in the installation. The results obtained show the correct plumbing installation according to quality requirements (UNE 37-509-89), so corrosion causes are mainly attributed to an aggressive environment for the hot dip galvanising. La durabilidad de los galvanizados en caliente como recubrimientos protectores de la corrosión del acero dependen básicamente de tres factores: la calidad del recubrimiento (espesor), la correcta instalación del elemento galvanizado, y la agresividad del medio al que se encuentren expuestos. En este trabajo se estudian las causas y consecuencias del deterioro sufrido por una tubería de acero galvanizado, destinada durante unos 30 a os a la conducción de agua potable de la red en el mercado del Parque Al cosa (Sevilla). La investigación se ha dividido en tres etapas: en la primera, se ha realizado el análisis formal y la caracterización mediante DRX de los productos de alteración generados en el interior del tubo: en la segunda, se han determinado las características físicas del galvanizado según UNE 37-505-89, se ha estudiado la morfología del ataque corrosivo mediante microscopía metalográfica y se ha evaluado la calidad del agua circulante: y, por último, en la tercera, se han efectuado los cálculos relativos a la disminución real de diámetro, sección y volumen interno, así como consideraciones sobre la pérdida de carga generadas en la tubería. Los resultados obtenidos indican que la tubería estaba correctamente instalada y cumplía los requisitos de calidad exigidos, por lo que las causas de su corrosión son atribuibles a la existencia de un medio agresivo para el galvanizado.
Distribución de tensiones en fachadas de azulejos sujetas a dilataciones térmicas
Marrero, M.,Ramírez de Arellano, A.,Lucas Ruiz, R.
Boletín de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Cerámica y Vidrio , 2006,
Abstract: Tiles have been widely used in building facades due to important qualities such as little maintenance needed and high performance under aggressive environmental conditions, but tiles also present some limitations. One among them is that tile glaze brakes after collocation, usually due to the high temperature range facades undergo. The present work studies the stresses that take place in a tile facade when is submitted to high temperature variation. Special emphasis in the analysis is taken on the outer system elements. The problem is represented by means of a numerical solution using the Finite Element Analysis. Two different geometrical shapes commonly found have been modeled, a square tile with straight border and square tiles with a beveled edge. Los azulejos son ampliamente utilizados como revestimiento de fachadas en las edificaciones ya que poseen cualidades importantes como pueden ser su reducida necesidad de mantenimiento periódico y su alta resistencia a condiciones ambientales agresivas, pero también presentan diversas limitaciones. La patología más común y que más problemas genera en una fachada de azulejos es la rotura del vidriado. En muchos casos el problema tiene su origen en las fuertes variaciones de la temperatura exterior a las que se ven sometidas las fachadas. En el presente trabajo se estudian las tensiones en los elementos más exteriores de una fachada, revestida con piezas cerámicas vidriadas sometidas a una dilatación térmica, mediante un modelo de elementos finitos que permite calcular y representar la distribución de tensiones que se generan, a la vez que se identifican las zonas que alcanzan los niveles de esfuerzo más altos. Se han modelado dos geometrías encontradas en la cerámica moderna y tradicional para comprobar como estas últimas abordan el problema de concentración de tensiones mediante soluciones sencillas que pueden ser fácilmente reproducibles en la actualidad.
Placing Place: Speech in José María Arguedas’ The Foxes  [PDF]
Lucas Izquierdo
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/als.2013.14011

Critical approximations carried out from the global south entail spatial and epistemological challenges to the hegemony of western modernity. This article argues that José María Arguedas’ The Fox from Up Above and the Fox from Down Below(1971) produces a language that embodies and transforms an Aris-totelian conception of speech. Written in an avant-garde vernacular, the novelcongeals a multiplicity of worldviews, utopias, and mercantile discourses that converge in Chimbote-Peru. Guided by Jacques Ran-ciere’s Disagreement(1998) and Dissensus(2010), the analysis is divided in two stages. The first stage examines the notion of speech and a constitutive wrong that establishes a community. The second stage addresses the symbiotic relationship of speech, its place of enunciation, and the conception of an alternate social order. The analysis places Arguedas incritical dialogue with Aristotelian speech, Ranciere’s notion of wrong, and the emergence or failure of claiming speech in canonical history.

Parasitismo por Mermithidae (Nematoda) em larvas do gênero Chironomus gr. decorus (Diptera: Chironomidae) no Rio dos Peixes, Dois Córregos, SP, Brasil
Silva, Fabio Laurindo da;Ruiz, Sonia Silveira;Moreira, Diana Calcidoni;Bochini, Gabriel Lucas;
Biota Neotropica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032008000200020
Abstract: we report the incidence of mermithidae (nematoda) parasitism in chironomus gr. decorus larvae (diptera: chironomidae) at rio dos peixes, dois córregos, central west region of s?o paulo state, brazil. in this study, of a total of 791 larvae, 205 (25.9%) were infected by mermithid worms, indicating that chironomidae larvae are commonly parasitized by mermithidae worms.
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Historia Actual Online , 2004,
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Avalia o da importancia da unidade de conserva o na preserva o da diversidade de Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) no córrego Vargem Limpa, Bauru, Estado de S o Paulo = Assessment of importance of the conservation unit in the preservation of Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) diversity in the Vargem Limpa stream, Bauru, S o Paulo State
Fabio Laurindo da Silva,Diana Calcidoni Moreira,Sonia Silveira Ruiz,Gabriel Lucas Bochini
Acta Scientiarum : Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Este estudo avaliou a qualidade das águas do córrego Vargem Limpa e testou a hipótese de que trechos protegidos, do sistema aquático, localizados no interior de uma unidade de conserva o, favorecem a preserva o da diversidade de Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera). Foram realizadas amostragens em quatro pontos e algumas variáveis físicas equímicas da água foram aferidas. Os resultados, obtidos com o estudo, indicaram o predomínio de gêneros associados a substratos arenosos e que os trechos protegidos pela unidade de conserva o apresentaram melhor qualidade ambiental, com diversidade de Chironomidae mais preservada, demonstrando a importancia destas áreas na manuten o dadiversidade de Chironomidae. This study evaluated the water quality of the Vargem Limpa stream and tested the hypothesis that protected stretches of the aquatic system, located within a conservation unit, favor the preservation of the diversity of Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera). Samplings were conducted in four stations, where some physical and chemical variables were measured. The results obtained by the study indicated the predominance of genera associated with arenaceous substrata, and that the stretches protected by the conservation unit presented betterenvironmental conditions, with better-preserved Chironomidae diversity, demonstrating the importance of these areas in maintaining the diversity of Chironomidae.
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