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Anatomical, chemical and physical characterization of candeia wood (Eremanthus erythropappus (DC.) Macleish)
Cláudia Lopes Selvati de Oliveira Mori,Fábio Akira Mori,Lourival Marin Mendes
CERNE , 2010,
Abstract: This study determined the anatomical, chemical and physics characteristics of candeia wood (Eremanthus erythropappus (DC.) Macleish). Five trees were collected from Carrancas-MG, and disks were obtained at the breast high (DBH) to sample preparation. The description and mensuration were performed at the principal anatomical structures (fibers, vessel and radial parenchyma). For chemical analysis, the extractives content, hollocelulose, lignin and inorganic components were determined. The physical properties included the basic specific gravity, specific gravity at 12% moisture content as well as tangential, radial and volumetric shrinkage and coefficients of shrinkage and anisotropy. The main results found for macroscopic characteristics were: awkward odor due to presence of oil-resin; reversal grain and hardness to the cut; microscopical characteristics: scarce parenchyma axial and radial very thin, elements of vases with numerous and very small pits, short plates of simple perforation, libriforms fibers with thick cellular wall and presence of oil cells in the ray. Chemical composition: 20.89% total extractives; 50.52% holocelulose; 28.59% lignin and 0.39% of inorganic constituents. The specific gravity at 12% was of 0.98 g/cm3 and the basic specific gravity of 0.79 g/cm3. The anisotropy coefficient was 1.91 and the coefficient of volumetric retratibility was 0.28%.
Características produtivas do tomateiro submetido a diferentes níveis de sais, na água de irriga??o
Oliveira, Bernardete C.;Cardoso, Maria A. A.;Oliveira, Juliana C. de;Oliveira, Francisco A. de;Cavalcante, Lourival F.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662007000100002
Abstract: during the period of june to november of 1999, the study was carried out in a greenhouse of the dser/cca/ufpb, in the municipality of areia in the state of paraiba, brazil, with the objective of verifying the effects of salts in the irrigation water on some development characteristics of tomato crop (lycopersicum esculentum sp), cultivar santa rosa. the water used was from jacaré reservoir located in the remígio city, with electrical conductivity of 24.5 ds m-1. the treatments consisted of: rainfall water (t1 - 0.01 ds m-1) and dilutions of the reservoir water with rainfall water, in the proportions of 1:4 (t2 - 5.7 ds m-1), 1:3 (t3 - 6.8 ds m-1), 1:2 (t4 - 8.3 ds m-1), 1:1 (t5 - 12.7 ds m-1) and 1:0 (t6 - 24.5 ds m-1). the experimental design consisted of randomized blocks with 3 repetitions, the experimental unit being recipient with capacity for 20 l, containing 15 kg of air dried soil. the irrigation events varied from one to two days. the height of plants, leaf area, production of the dry matter, production of fruits and evapotranspiration of the crop were evaluated. the levels of salts in the irrigation water reduced significantly (p < 0.01) the values of the variables analyzed, with a linear effect on height and dry matter production and quadratic effect on leaf area, production of fruits and evapotranspiration. the latter was correlated positively to leaf area.
Rela es de trabalho no MERCOSUL
Lourival José de Oliveira
Scientia Iuris , 2002,
Abstract: People’s circulation in economic blocks, especially in MERCOSUR is very important because it is supposed to dinamize the social and economic relation. It contributes to the participation of the civil society in the discussion of economic plans in the concept and form of the states participation. A circula o de pessoas no ambito das comunidades, especialmente no que diz respeito ao MERCOSUL é de fundamental importancia, a fim de que se dinamize as rela es sociais e econ micas, contribuindo conseqüentemente para a participa o da sociedade civil na discuss o dos planos econ micos, do conceito e forma de participa o dos Estados nacionais.
Neoliberalismo, integra o econ mica e as organiza es de trabalhadores
Lourival José de Oliveira
Scientia Iuris , 1999,
Abstract: This paper aims to study the conflicts found in the syndicate movement due to the new and emerging labor relationships today. It can be claimed that the worker’s organizations, in several regions of the world and in Brazil, perhaps a result of the intern structure of the organization itself, are still depend of local situations, whereas there is already an international labor market. The establishment of the so called economic groups, the neo-liberal trends, the deregulation or flexibilization of labor rights and mainly the transformation of the social State have led to the formation of a new worker with new needs and have imposed the modernization of the worker’s organizations which is often not accomplished due to the strong interference of the State. O presente artigo está direcionado para o estudo dos conflitos que se estabeleceram no movimento sindical em virtude das novas rela es de trabalho que est o nascendo nos dias atuais, ao ponto de poder ser afirmado que as organiza es de trabalhadores, em várias regi es do mundo e no Brasil, produto talvez da própria estrutura interna de organiza o, ainda est o presas a situa es locais, quando em contrapartida já existe um mercado internacional de trabalho. A forma o dos chamados blocos econ micos, as tendências neoliberais, a desregulamenta o ou flexibiliza o do direito do trabalho e a transforma o do Estado social principalmente, levaram à cria o de um novo trabalhador, com novas necessidades, impondo a moderniza o das organiza es de trabalhadores, que muitas vezes n o é conseguida em virtude da forte interven o do Estado.
O movimento sindical brasileiro e a reestrutura o produtiva
Lourival José de Oliveira
Scientia Iuris , 2000,
Abstract: The syndical movements is facing several difficulties front to the process of productive restructuring that is happening. The confrontation practices are giving place to the call proposal posture, being introduced new modalities of the worker’s participation in the destinies of the company. O movimento sindical vem enfrentando várias dificuldades frente ao processo de reestrutura o produtiva que está ocorrendo. As práticas de confronto est o dando lugar à chamada postura propositiva, introduzindo-se novas modalidades de participa o do trabalhador nos destinos da empresa. Ao mesmo tempo deve participar no plano internacional, propondo a integra o do local ao regional.
Produ??o e nutri??o mineral do maracujazeiro-amarelo em solo com biofertilizante supermagro e potássio
Rodrigues, Artenisa C.;Cavalcante, Lourival F.;Oliveira, Ademar P. de;Sousa, José T. de;Mesquita, Francisco O.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662009000200002
Abstract: an experiment was carried out during the period from december, 2005 to july, 2006, in municipality of remígio, paraíba, brazil, in order to evaluate the effects of the biofertilizer "supermagro" applied to soil in liquid form diluted in water in a ratio of 1:4, 30 days before and at intervals of 90 days after planting in absence and presence of potassium applied 60 days after planting and every 60 days subsequently until harvest on the production and mineral nutrition of yellow passion fruit plants (passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa deg.) the treatments were distributed in randomized blocks using the factorial design 5 x 2 referring to biofertilizer levels: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 l plant-1 in absence and presence of potassium at a k2o level of 20 g plant-1. the soil of the experimental area is a neossoil. the fruits were harvested daily for evaluation of fruit number per plant, mass of fruit, individual production per plant and productivity. the plants in the initial fructification phase were adequately provided with n, k, s, b, and zn, but they were deficient in p, ca, mg, cu, fe and mn. the mean mass of fruits was superior in plants of the treatments with biofertilizer and potassium, but the interaction biofertilizer "supermagro" versus potassium did not influence plant productivity.
Celiana Kátia Pereira Lima,Fábio Akira Mori,Lourival Marin Mendes,Angélica de Cássia Oliveira Carneiro
CERNE , 2007,
Abstract: Wood is a heterogeneous and complex material made up from different elements distributed along the trunk in several proportions. Associated with hygroscopicity, they have an influence on wood processing, including bonding. Therefore the present study sought, not only through the anatomic characterization and measurement but also through the total extractive content in Eucalyptus clones wood, to find out the correlation between the quality and the bonding junctions. Pearson correlations were used, considering 39 and 26 clones in interaction with the urea- formaldehyde sticker. The anatomic characteristics, relative to frequency and size of conducting vessels, radial parenchyma and its total extractive content presented correlation with the evaluation of clone’s bonding quality as well as with the percentage of wood failure and glue-line shear.
Yield of sweet potato fertilized with cattle manure and biofertilizer
Oliveira, Ademar P;Santos, Jo?o F;Cavalcante, Lourival F;Pereira, Walter E;Santos, Maria do Carmo CA;Oliveira, Arnaldo Nonato P;Silva, Natália V;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362010000300006
Abstract: in northeastern brazil, the sweet potato is cultivated in small farms, in a family farming systems, constituting themselves an alternative way for the generation of food, employment and income. this study aimed to assess the effect of cattle manure levels and biofertilizer concentrations on the sweet potato cultivar white queen productivity. the experiment was carried out from march to september 2007 at the emepa experimental station in lagoa seca, brazil. the experimental design was randomized blocks, in split split plot 6 x 4 x 2 + 1 scheme, with four replications. the plots consisted of cattle manure levels (0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 t ha-1), the subplot of biofertilizer concentrations (0, 15, 30 and 45%) and the sub subplots consisted of methods of biofertilizer application, to the soil or leaves. also, there was an additional control treatment using n, p and k mineral fertilizer. commercial and total root productivity was evaluated. the levels of 30.8 and 31.2 t ha-1 of cattle manure were responsible for the highest commercial and total sweet potato root productivity (17.4 and 13.1 t ha-1, respectively). biofertilizer concentrations of 29 and 28%, applied to soil and to leaves provided, respectively, the greatest productivities of total roots (15.4 and 13.1 t ha-1), whereas concentrations of 30 and 27%, also applied to soil and leaves were responsible, respectively, for the highest commercial root productivity (11 and 9.7 t ha-1).
Rendimento do inhame adubado com esterco bovino e biofertilizante no solo e na folha
Silva, Jandiê A. da;Oliveira, Ademar P. de;Alves, Gibran da S.;Cavalcante, Lourival F.;Oliveira, Arnaldo N.P. de;Araújo, Maria A. M.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662012000300003
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the yam yield, cultivar da costa, fertilized with bovine manure doses and biofertilizer. the experimental design was randomized blocks, in subdivided plots 6 x 2 + 1 with three repetitions. in plots six doses of cattle manure (0; 6; 12; 18; 24 and 30 t ha-1) were tested, factorially combined with the presence and absence of biofertilizer and in subplots, two forms of application of biofertilizer in the soil and by spray on the leaf and an additional treatment with conventional fertilization (animal manure and npk). the doses of 30 t ha-1 of bovine manure and the biofertilizer which was applied in the soil and leaf produced tubers with ideal average weight for the commercialization. the bovine manure in doses of 19.2 t ha-1 and in the absence of biofertilizer provided maximum productivity of 20.3 t ha-1 of commercial tubers. subplots in which the biofertilizer was applied to the soil and leaf, the dose of 30 t ha-1 of cattle manure was responsible, respectively, for maximum yields of 22.8 and 24 t ha-1 of commercial tubers. the organic and conventional fertilizations did not cause any significant change in the mean tuber weight, but the conventional fertilization increased the productivity of commercial tuber.
Solo sódico tratado com gesso agrícola, composto de lixo urbano e vinha?a
Santos, Maria de F. G. dos;Oliveira, Francisco A. de;Cavalcante, Lourival F.;Medeiros, José F. de;Souza, Carlos C. de;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662005000300003
Abstract: the inadequate management of the irrigation water have caused salinity and sodicity problems in the irrigated perimeters with significant reduction of crop yields. this research was carried out in a greenhouse of cca/ufpb, with the objective of studying the effects of necessity of the gypsum (ng): 0 and 40%, urban waste compost (clu): 0 and 20 t ha-1 and periods of incubation with vinasse: 15, 30, 45 and 60 days, on the reclamation of a sodic soil, from the "s?o gon?alo irrigation project", in the state of paraiba, brazil. the experiment was conducted in randomized block design in a 2 x 2 x 4 factorial scheme, with three repetitions and herbaceous cotton variety cnpa-7h as test crop. the treatments of gypsum + clu increased the emergence percentage (%e), the dry matter (dm) and ca2+ and decreased the levels of na+ and ph of the leached solution, in relation to the soil incubated with vinasse, while ca2+, increased with gypsum and decreased with clu. for the incubation periods, there was linear reduction in na+ contents in the presence of ng and clu, isolated and when associated, there was also decrease of ca2+ and of the electrical conductivity (ce) presenting quadratic effects and increase of the ph. the incubation periods only with vinasse increased the %e and the ce showing quadratic effect and reduced linearly, form the dm and the ca2+.
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