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Pp65 antigenemia, plasma real-time PCR and DBS test in symptomatic and asymptomatic cytomegalovirus congenitally infected newborns
Sandro Binda, Antonella Mammoliti, Valeria Primache, Patrizia Didò, Carlo Corbetta, Fabio Mosca, Lorenza Pugni, Anna Bossi, Cristian Ricci, Maria Barbi
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-10-24
Abstract: In the present study, we elaborated the results obtained on blood samples collected in the first two weeks of life from 22 symptomatic and 48 asymptomatic newborns with cCMV diagnosed through urine testing. We evaluated the performances of two quantitative methods (pp65 antigenemia test and plasma Real-time PCR) and the semi-quantitative results of dried blood sample (DBS) test in the aim of identifying a valid method for measuring viral load.Plasma qPCR and DBS tests were positive in 100% of cases, antigenemia in 81%. Only the latter test gave quantitatively different results in symptomatic versus asymptomatic children. qPCR values of 103 copies/ml were found in 52% of newborn. "Strong" DBS test positivity cases had higher median values of both pp65 positive PBL and DNA copies/ml than cases with a "weak" positivity.As expected antigenemia test was less sensitive than molecular tests and DBS test performed better on samples with higher rates of pp65 positive PBL and higher numbers of DNA copies/ml. The prognostic significance of the results of these tests will be evaluated on completion of the ongoing collection of follow-up data of these children.Congenital cytomegalovirus infection (cCMV) is present in 0.7% of neonates [1] and represents one of the most feared events during pregnancy, causing not only immediate but also delayed sequelae to the infant. At birth, 10% of infected newborns present with symptoms involving the hematopoietic, hepatobiliary, or central nervous systems.During early childhood, one fifth of all congenitally infected babies either die or suffer permanent neurological impairments that can affect normal development, particularly psychomotor retardation, ocular damage, or sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). This last sequelae is the most frequent, occurring in about 20% of cases. It may be evident at birth (45-65%) [1] or develop later. Moreover, there may be different degrees of severity and it may be progressive.As corrective measures may only
Genetic Polymorphisms and Sepsis in Premature Neonates
Susanna Esposito, Alberto Zampiero, Lorenza Pugni, Silvia Tabano, Claudio Pelucchi, Beatrice Ghirardi, Leonardo Terranova, Monica Miozzo, Fabio Mosca, Nicola Principi
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0101248
Abstract: Identifying single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the genes involved in sepsis may help to clarify the pathophysiology of neonatal sepsis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationships between sepsis in pre-term neonates and genes potentially involved in the response to invasion by infectious agents. The study involved 101 pre-term neonates born between June 2008 and May 2012 with a diagnosis of microbiologically confirmed sepsis, 98 pre-term neonates with clinical sepsis and 100 randomly selected, otherwise healthy pre-term neonates born during the study period. During the study, 47 SNPs in 18 candidate genes were genotyped on Guthrie cards using an ABI PRISM 7900 HT Fast real-time and MAssARRAY for nucleic acids instruments. Genotypes CT and TT of rs1143643 (the IL1β gene) and genotype GG of rs2664349GG (the MMP-16 gene) were associated with a significantly increased overall risk of developing sepsis (p = 0.03, p = 0.05 and p = 0.03), whereas genotypes AG of rs4358188 (the BPI gene) and CT of rs1799946 (the DEFβ1 gene) were associated with a significantly reduced risk of developing sepsis (p = 0.05 for both). Among the patients with bacteriologically confirmed sepsis, only genotype GG of rs2664349 (the MMP-16 gene) showed a significant association with an increased risk (p = 0.02). Genotypes GG of rs2569190 (the CD14 gene) and AT of rs4073 (the IL8 gene) were associated with a significantly increased risk of developing severe sepsis (p = 0.05 and p = 0.01). Genotype AG of rs1800629 (the LTA gene) and genotypes CC and CT of rs1341023 (the BPI gene) were associated with a significantly increased risk of developing Gram-negative sepsis (p = 0.04, p = 0.04 and p = 0.03). These results show that genetic variability seems to play a role in sepsis in pre-term neonates by influencing susceptibility to and the severity of the disease, as well as the risk of having disease due to specific pathogens.
Le détournement de nature humoristique en tant que marqueur freinant ou accélérant la circulation du discours [Humorous defacement as marker slowing down or speeding up discourse circulation]
Frédéric Pugnière-Saavedra
?édille : Revista de Estudios Franceses , 2010,
Abstract: à travers deux types de détournement phrastiques: l’un patronymique et l’autre sémantico-interdiscursif extraits du programme télévisuel Les Deschiens (Canal+), nous montrerons qu’il s’agit d’une catégorie discursive qui ne se limite pas à produire un effet perlocutoire humoristique en superposant deux réalités (dont une va dans un sens, et la seconde dans un autre) avec une intention nette de privilégier la seconde dans la situation de communication donnée. En recouvranten creux, un large spectre d’interprétations possibles, le détournement créé un effet stylistique et contribue à accélérer lacirculation du discours en créant de la connivence avec le récepteur s’il est per u ou à freiner la circulation du discours en créant au mieux un sentiment d’indifférence, au pire de rejet, s’il n’est pas per u.Through two types of diversion of sentence patterns: one surname and the other semantic-interdiscursive excerpts from television programs (Les Deschiens, Canal+), it is shown that it is a discursive category not only limited to produce a humorous perlocutionaryeffect by superposing two realities (one goes in one direction and the second in another) with a clear intention to focus on the second one in the given situation of communication. By covering a gap a widespectrum of possible interpretations, diversion creates a stylistic effect and helps accelerate the flow of discourse in creating connivance with the receiver if it is perceived or to stop at best the flow of discourse by creating a sense of indifference and at worst, rejection, if not seen.
Severe Ectopic Cushing’s Syndrome Due to ACTH-Secreting Pheochromocytoma  [PDF]
Aurelio Negro, Enrica Manicardi, Chiara Grasselli, Massimiliano Babini, Rosaria Santi, Valeria Pugni, Lucia Spaggiari, Elena Tagliavini
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2013.44040

We report a new case of ectopic Cushing’s syndrome caused by an ACTH-producing pheochromocytoma. A 55-year-old woman presented with a history of severe proximal muscle weakness, polyuria, progressive virilization, anxiety, dyspnea on exercise, difficult to treat hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus since 4 months. The laboratory data demonstrated ACTH-dependent hypercortisolism. The abdominal computed tomography scan showed a 30 mm well-defined mass in the left adrenal gland suggestive for pheochromocytoma. The adrenal veins were sampled, with intraprocedural cortisol measurement, to dosing selective ACTH and cathecolamines. The results established clearly the left adrenal gland as the source of ACTH overproduction. A left sided adrenalectomy was performed with subsequent resolution of Cushing’s syndrome. The patient was discharged in good clinical condition.

Frammenti dell’attrice-giardiniera
Lorenza Zambon
Ricerche di S/Confine , 2013,
Abstract: Lorenza Zambon is actress, author, director. She has created over the years a few solo performances,autobiographical in tone, that deal with her relationship to the ‘otherness’ of the living. Here sheproposes an assembly of fragments from her plays. These texts have been composed to be told in a special intimate relationship with the audiences and the sites of performances, be they gardens,woods, landacapes; thus the voice performs a monologue and the style leads towards orality. The assembly is organized along some key-words, precious to the author, and precisally ‘tree’, ‘macro(forest)’, ‘micro (moss)’, ‘to name’ and ‘wild’.
"Haciendo video" para un análisis secuencial y multi-modal de interacción social: Videograbaciones de llamadas en centros de atención telefónica "Doing Video" als sequenzanalytische und multimodale Analyse sozialer Interaktion: Videoaufzeichnungen von Telefongespr chen in Callcentern Using Video for a Sequential and Multimodal Analysis of Social Interaction: Videotaping Institutional Telephone Calls
Lorenza Mondada
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2008,
Abstract: The paper aims at demonstrating some analytical potentialities of video data for the study of social interaction. It is based on video recordings of situated activities in their ordinary settings—producing "naturally occurring data" within a naturalistic perspective developed by Harvey SACKS and subsequent research within ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, interactional linguistics and workplace studies. Analysis focuses on a particular kind of video recording, produced during fieldwork in call centers: it shows the payoffs of videotaping telephone calls in professional and institutional contexts. In the previous literature, phone calls have been treated as a case in which audio recordings were adequate for the resources mutually available to the participants themselves. Video documentation of phone calls in work settings shows that they involve, on the part of professional operators, more than talk at work or than talk as work: they make it possible to observe the complex work activities running simultaneously with the call and in the service of the call, i.e. the multi-activity the call taker is engaged in. In this paper, I analyze temporal and structural features of professional multi-activity in three sequential positions: in pre-beginnings, during the call while Internet searches are initiated, and in post-closings. These positions show the finely tuned coordination between the call and the other activities of the operator, as well as the continuity between the call, subsequent calls in a series and the continuous flow of work in the call center. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0803390 Dieser Artikel zielt darauf, einige analytische M glichkeiten von Videodaten für die Interaktionsforschung aufzuzeigen. Grundlage sind Videoaufzeichnungen natürlicher situierter Aktivit ten in ihrem allt glichen Setting – wobei "natürliche Daten" im Sinne der naturalistischen Perspektive erzeugt werden, wie sie von Harvey SACKS und die an ihn anschlie ende Forschung in der Ethnomethodologie, der Konversationsanalyse, der interaktionalen Linguistik und den Workplace Studies entwickelt worden ist. Im Mittelpunkt der Analyse stehen Videoaufzeichnungen, die durch Feldarbeit in Callcentern gewonnen wurden. Sie zeigen den Nutzen von Telefongespr chen, die in beruflichen und institutionellen Kontexten aufgezeichnet werden. Audioaufzeichnungen wurden in der Literatur bislang als angemessenes Verfahren für Telefongespr che angesehen, um das zu erfassen, was den Teilnehmenden wechselseitig zug nglich ist. Videoaufzeichnungen von Telefongespr chen in deren Arbeitsumfeld zeigen ind
Perry Willson, Italiane. Biografia del Novecento
Perini, Lorenza
Storicamente , 2011,
Abstract: review of Perry Willson, Italiane. Biografia del Novecento
Space denied Militarization of space as a key to understanding the changes that are taking place now on the security front El espacio negado: La militarización del espacio como clave de lectura de los cambios que están teniendo lugar en el frente de la seguridad O espa o negado A militariza o do espa o como chave de leitura das mudan as que est o ocorrendo no domínio da seguran a
Lorenza Sebesta
Revista CS , 2010,
Abstract: This article presents an analysis of the militarization of outer space in the second post-world war period. Firstly, it provides a walkthrough of the origin of the treaty that established what was called “santuarization” (Outer Space Treaty, 1967), stressing the role of satellite recognition as a stabilizing element of the Cold War. Then, it goes on with a review of the evolution of doctrines and practices of the United States in outer space until the end of the Cold War, military interventions of the 1990s, and the events following the attack on the Twin Towers. It also emphasizes the centrality of space in the modern view of the conflict in which U.S. armed forces have been involved and discusses how this change has jeopardized one of the fundamental principles of the Outer Space Treaty: the nature of space as res communis omnium. Este artículo presenta un análisis de la militarización del espacio extra-atmosférico en la segunda post-guerra. Primero se ofrece un recorrido del origen del tratado que estableció su llamada “santuarización” (Outer Space Treaty, 1967), subrayando el rol del reconocimiento satelital como elemento estabilizador de la Guerra Fría. Sigue un análisis del desarrollo de las doctrinas y prácticas de los Estados Unidos en el campo espacial hasta llegar al fin de la Guerra Fría, a las intervenciones armadas de los noventa y a los acontecimientos posteriores al ataque a las Torres Gemelas. En él se hace hincapié en la centralidad del espacio en la visión moderna de los conflictos llevados a cabo por las fuerzas armadas estadounidenses y se subraya cómo este cambio ha puesto en peligro uno de los principios fundamental del Outer Space Treaty: la naturaleza de espacio en cuanto res communis omnium.
Formes de séquentialité dans les courriels et les forums de discussion. Une approche conversationnelle de l’interaction sur Internet. Forms of sequentiality in e-mails and newsgroup discussions : a conversational approach of Internet communication.
Lorenza Mondada
ALSIC : Apprentissage des Langues et Systèmes d'Information et de Communication , 1999, DOI: 10.4000/alsic.1571
Abstract: La communication médiatisée par ordinateur (CMO) (computer-mediated communication) fait l’objet, depuis quelques années, d’études empiriques détaillées de la part de linguistes: celles-ci se révèlent indispensables pour déconstruire les nombreux mythes qui s’accumulent sur la communication dans le cyberespace - concernant aussi bien le lien social, l’espace public, l’organisation du travail, les projets didactiques - et pour problématiser les outils conceptuels permettant d’en rendre compte. Dans ce cadre, nous nous penchons dans cet article sur un phénomène particulier: la pratique récurrente, dans les messages envoyés par courriel, dans les listes ou dans les forums de discussion, qui consiste à reprendre le message de l’autre pour y répondre, le commenter, l’évaluer, le compléter. Par cette fa on de traiter le discours de l’autre, l’énonciateur introduit une interactivité dans son message et il la met en scène: il rend ainsi manifestes ses activités de production et d’interprétation; il construit un espace d’intersubjectivité qui pourra être modifié par les locuteurs successifs. Les modalités de ces encha nements séquentiels entre messages seront ici analysées dans la perspective de l’Analyse Conversationnelle d’inspiration ethnométhodologique, qui permet d’approfondir la dimension séquentielle et interactionnelle des échanges sur Internet et contribuer ainsi, de fa on empirique, aux débats plus généraux sur la cybersociabilité, l’émergence de communautés virtuelles et les nouvelles formes de communication. Cybercommunication and related phenomena have raised considerable discussions in the literature, often related to optimistic and pessimist mythical projections in the domains of democracy, participation in public space, sociability, work, and education. A more empirical approach, based on the detailed analysis of linguistic and interactional patterns, is needed in order to give another perspective on these new media and in order to question the conceptual tools indispensable for understanding them. In this framework, this article proposes a conversational approach of Internet communication in e-mails and discussion lists. It focuses on a particular phenomena : the practice of quoting the previous message in an answering message, where the quote is evaluated, completed, commented on, answered to. This practice introduces a particular kind of interactivity in the message. The analysis deals with various aspects of this practice, as the ways in which the second message can segment the first, the types of adjacent pairs which can be found in this chai
Lorenza Corti
Italiano LinguaDue , 2012, DOI: 10.6092/2037-3597/2292
Abstract: Convinta dell’utilità didattica del racconto autobiografico nel processo di apprendimento/insegnamento dell’italiano da parte di studenti stranieri, presento un’unità didattica di approccio alle autobiografie linguistiche, progettata per giovani apprendenti sinofoni, con una competenza dell’italiano oscillante tra i livelli A2 e B1, giunti in Italia per compiere gli studi universitari.Il percorso didattico ha come punto d’arrivo la stesura da parte di degli studenti della propria autobiografia linguistica; è organizzato in fasi e prevede attività che coinvolgono la ricezione orale e scritta, la produzione orale e scritta e l’interazione.L’unità didattica si propone di far conoscere il genere dell’autobiografia e in particolare di quella in cui chi scrive racconta la propria esperienza con le lingue; di stimolare gli studenti a riflettere su se stessi, sulle loro abitudini linguistiche, sulle esperienze pregresse di studio delle lingue e di contatto con le culture di cui le lingue sono veicolo; di incoraggiare gli allievi a parlare di sé.Si prevede, inoltre, nel corso delle attività proposte, l’introduzione di alcune nozioni di linguistica, come, ad esempio, le nozioni di lingua madre, competenza e varietà linguistica. LINGUISTIC AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: AN EXPERIENCE WITH CHINESE-SPEAKING ITALIAN L2 LEARNERS I am convinced of the utility of autobiography in the Italian L2 teaching/learning process with foreign students, and I present a teaching unit centered on linguistic autobiography, designed for young Chinese-speaking learners with A2-B1 competence in Italian, who are studying at Italian universities.The process culminates in the students’ written linguistic autobiography, organized in phases and involving oral and written activities including reception, production and interaction.The unit aims at making the students familiar with the genre of autobiography, focusing on personal experience with languages, in order to stimulate the students to reflect on themselves, their linguistic habits, their former experiences studying languages and contact with cultures where language is the vehicle, as well as encouraging the students to talk about themselves.A few linguistic notions are also introduced, including the idea of mother tongue, competence and linguistic variety.
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