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Validation of Educational Video to Promote Self-Efficacy in Preventing Childhood Diarrhea  [PDF]
Ludmila Alves do Nascimento, Andressa Peripolli Rodrigues, Emanuella Silva Joventino, Neiva Francenely Cunha Vieira, Patrícia Neyva da Costa Pinheiro, Lorena Barbosa Ximenes
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.72022
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate and to validate an educational video to promote maternal self-efficacy in preventing childhood diarrhea with women assisted in a health unit. Validation study, developed with 17 mothers whose children were under five years old, was analyzed on scenes of an educational video according to the validity of appearance (clarity/comprehension) and of content (relevance). The scenes were considered clear and comprehensive with a perceptual above 70% and with an average of 96.9% of agreement. Regarding the relevance, the agreement was maintained between 94% and 100%, however only scenes 03 and 13 presented 76.6% and 70.6% of agreement respectively. Global Content Validation Index of the educational video scenes was 0.97 meaning an excellent level of agreement among mothers. The video showed to be a valid and a trustworthy material to promote maternal self-efficacy in preventing childhood diarrhea. Therefore, it is important that the material is disseminated in other health services so that other mothers may have contact with the same, providing greater reliability of the material.
Individual and Combined Effects of the Extractant, Surfactant and Modifier Concentrations on the Droplet Coalescence Time of the Primary Emulsion in the Liquid Surfactant Membrane Extraction Process  [PDF]
Adriane Salum, Lorena da Costa Nascimento, Tania Lúcia Santos Miranda, Leandro Dornellas Sampaio Andrade, Cibele Konzen, Julio Cézar Balarini, Estêv?o Magno Rodrigues Araújo, Fabrício Eduardo Bortot Coelho
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2018.84014
Abstract: In this work, the individual and combined effects of the extractant, surfactant and modifier concentrations on the droplet coalescence time of the primary emulsion in the liquid surfactant membrane extraction process were evaluated, through emulsification experiments. Adogen 464 was used as extractant (carrier), and Escaid 110, as diluent. Two systems were studied. The first one composed by the extractant, the surfactant and the diluent, and the second one composed by the same reagents, but with the addition of 1-decanol as modifier. It was observed that, when the modifier is not present in the membrane phase, the surfactant not only stabilizes the primary emulsion, but, apparently, it also plays a role similar to that of the alcohol, promoting the solvation of the amine in a low polarity diluent. Furthermore, the extractant, a quaternary amine, helps to stabilize the primary emulsion in systems without a modifier. For membrane phases consisting of 1 or 5% w/w of Adogen 464 and 2% or 5% w/w of ECA 4360, a concentration of 3% w/w of 1-decanol was sufficient to promote the solvation of Adogen 464 in Escaid 110 and to obtain a low droplet coalescence time.
Assessment of Educational Videos on the Prevention and Management of Infant Diarrhea: Documental Study  [PDF]
Elizamar Regina da Rocha Mendes, Jardeliny Corrêa da Penha, Ludmila Alves do Nascimento, Leidiane Minervina Moraes de Sabino, Emanuella Silva Joventino, ádria Marcela Vieira Ferreira, Olinda Costa Mota Teixeira, Maria de Fátima Pereira de Sousa Galv?o, Lorena Barbosa Ximenes
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.79136
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the suitability of educational videos produced in Brazil that addressed aspects related to prevention and/or management of infant diarrhea according to content; language; graphic illustrations; stimulation for learning/motivation and cultural fit. Method: Documentary study, which evaluated six educational videos from an adapted and validated tool, the Suitability Assessment of Materials. Three nurses evaluated the videos. Data were processed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, version 17.0, and presented in tables and graphics. Results: It was found that 4 (66.6%) of the educational videos were classified as appropriate, ranging from 60% to 63.3% of full approval, and 2 (33.3%) were assessed as higher, reaching up to 83.3% to 90% approval. Considering the socioeconomic and cultural contexts of the videos to the audience, they assigned notes ranging from 6 to 9 in a rating ranging from 0, the minimum score, to 10, the highest score. Conclusion: The educational videos were considered adequate, with positive results about the content on the prevention and management of infant diarrhea, being appropriate for the target audience. As a result, greater credibility is ratified as the use thereof, since these resources can contribute to health promotion and prevention of diarrhea in children.
Pulp yield and mineral content of commercial hybrids of yellow passion fruits
Tupinambá, Daiva Domenech;Costa, Ana Maria;Cohen, Kelly de Oliveira;Paes, Norma Santos;Faleiro, Fábio Gelape;Campos, Angélica Vieira Sousa;Santos, André Lorena de Barros;Silva, Karina Nascimento da;Junqueira, Nilton Tadeu Vilela;
Brazilian Journal of Food Technology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-67232012000100002
Abstract: physical analyses and an analysis of the mineral content were carried out by peroxide-perchloric wet-digestion, taking readings using inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (icp-aes) and measurements using an analytical balance and digital paquimeter, of three commercial hybrids of passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa deg.: brs sol do cerrado, brs ouro vermelho and brs gigante amarelo, cultivated and harvested from the experimental area of embrapa cerrados, planaltina, df, brazil, in october/2007. eighteen fruits were evaluated for each hybrid, and presented weights and dimensions superior to those found in the scientific literature, without significant differences between the hybrids. sol do cerrado showed less weight loss post storage when compared to the other hybrids, but no significant differences were found with respect to the other physical parameters studied. the mineral contents found in the hybrids were higher than the values found in the scientific literature and in the brazilian food composition tables (taco) elaborated by nepa-unicamp. the sol do cerrado had a higher iron content than the other hybrids. the hybrids are excellent sources of minerals, especially in comparison with the frozen pulp sold in supermarkets.
Doppler tecidual do miocárdio de gatos submetidos à anestesia dissociativa
Borlini, Daniel Cometti;Oliveira, Daniel Capucho de;Santos, Warley Gomes dos;Monteiro, Jessica Nascimento Moraes;Vescovi, Lorena Ad?o;Barros, Séfora Vieira da Silva Gouvêa de;Roesler, Tessa;Araújo Sobrinho, Aloir Queiroz de;Costa, Fabiano Séllos;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009005000196
Abstract: the tissue doppler imaging (tdi) is a recent technique that allows the evaluation of the myocardium movement velocity during the cardiac cycle phases, providing important informations of the cardiac function. in veterinary medicine, studies have been realized for the characterization of cardiac contractility dysfunctions and to establish the normality patterns. the present work meant to evaluate the myocardium contractility velocity by the technique of tdi in healthy cats submitted to dissociative anesthesia. for that purpose, there were used nine cats, all adult, healthy and without sexual or breeding distinction. there were measured the values of ea (early diastolic peak velocity), aa (late diastolic peak velocity) and sa (systolic peak velocity) in the lateral and septum wall sides. the mean values observed to septum ea and septum sa were of 7.2±2.5cm s-1 and 6.3±1.7cm s-1, respectively. the mean value obtained for lateral ea was of 12.0±4.1cm s-1, while the mean value of lateral sa was of 8.3±1.6cm s-1. it was obtained a mean value of 7.0±3.1cm s-1 for the lateral aa, and 4.7±1.5cm s-1 for septum aa. the standard of the myocardium contraction velocities mean values in the feline specie is of great importance, and it may help in the early diagnosis of heart contraction alterations. due to the lack of studies with the tdi technique in cats, the values obtained in our work allow the realization of comparative studies, helping to apply this technique in experimental protocols and to the early diagnosis of cardiomyopathies in the feline specie.
Single-Phase Velocity Determination Based in Video and Sub-Images Processing: An Optical Flow Method Implemented with Support of a Programmed MatLab Structured Script  [PDF]
Andreas Nascimento, Edson Da Costa Bortoni, José Luiz Gon?alves, Pedro Antunes Duarte, Mauro Hugo Mathias
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2015.86029
Abstract: Important in many different sectors of the industry, the determination of stream velocity has become more and more important due to measurements precision necessity, in order to determine the right production rates, determine the volumetric production of undesired fluid, establish automated controls based on these measurements avoiding over-flooding or over-production, guaranteeing accurate predictive maintenance, etc. Difficulties being faced have been the determination of the velocity of specific fluids embedded in some others, for example, determining the gas bubbles stream velocity flowing throughout liquid fluid phase. Although different and already applicable methods have been researched and already implemented within the industry, a non-intrusive automated way of providing those stream velocities has its importance, and may have a huge impact in projects budget. Knowing the importance of its determination, this developed script uses a methodology of breaking-down real-time videos media into frame images, analyzing by pixel correlations possible superposition matches for further gas bubbles stream velocity estimation. In raw sense, the script bases itself in functions and procedures already available in MatLab, which can be used for image processing and treatments, allowing the methodology to be implemented. Its accuracy after the running test was of around 97% (ninety-seven percent); the raw source code with comments had almost 3000 (three thousand) characters; and the hardware placed for running the code was an Intel Core Duo 2.13 [Ghz] and 2 [Gb] RAM memory capable workstation. Even showing good results, it could be stated that just the end point correlations were actually getting to the final solution. So that, making use of self-learning functions or neural network, one could surely enhance the capability of the application to be run in real-time without getting exhaust by iterative loops.
Identifying Complex Networks by Random Walks
Filipi Nascimento Silva,Luciano da Fontoura Costa
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: The possibility to identify the nature (e.g. random or scale free) of complex networks while performing respective random walks is investigated with respect to autonomous agents based on Bayesian decision theory and humans navigating through a graphic-interactive interface. The results indicate that the type of the network (choice between random and scale free models) can be correctly estimated in most cases.
Hierarchical characterization of complex networks
Luciano da Fontoura Costa,Filipi Nascimento Silva
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1007/s10955-006-9130-y
Abstract: While the majority of approaches to the characterization of complex networks has relied on measurements considering only the immediate neighborhood of each network node, valuable information about the network topological properties can be obtained by considering further neighborhoods. The current work discusses on how the concepts of hierarchical node degree and hierarchical clustering coefficient (introduced in cond-mat/0408076), complemented by new hierarchical measurements, can be used in order to obtain a powerful set of topological features of complex networks. The interpretation of such measurements is discussed, including an analytical study of the hierarchical node degree for random networks, and the potential of the suggested measurements for the characterization of complex networks is illustrated with respect to simulations of random, scale-free and regular network models as well as real data (airports, proteins and word associations). The enhanced characterization of the connectivity provided by the set of hierarchical measurements also allows the use of agglomerative clustering methods in order to obtain taxonomies of relationships between nodes in a network, a possibility which is also illustrated in the current article.
Local Dimension of Complex Networks
Filipi Nascimento Silva,Luciano da Fontoura Costa
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Dimensionality is one of the most important properties of complex physical systems. However, only recently this concept has been considered in the context of complex networks. In this paper we further develop the previously introduced definitions of dimension in complex networks by presenting a new method to characterize the dimensionality of individual nodes. The methodology consists in obtaining patterns of dimensionality at different scales for each node, which can be used to detect regions with distinct dimensional structures as well as borders. We also apply this technique to power grid networks, showing, quantitatively, that the continental European power grid is substantially more planar than the network covering the western states of US, which present topological dimension higher than their intrinsic embedding space dimension. Local dimension also successfully revealed how distinct regions of network topologies spreads along the degrees of freedom when it is embedded in a metric space.
Intrauterine Exposure to Chronic 22 kHz Sound Affects Inhibitory Avoidance and Serotonergic Parameters in Forebrain Areas of Dams and Rat Offspring  [PDF]
Patrícia da Silva Oliveira, Ariomester Nascimento Daniel, Polliana Toledo Nunes, Karina Abdo Costa, Hani Camille Yehia, Angela Maria Ribeiro
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2015.52003
Abstract: In the present study we evaluated the effects of chronic exposure to sounds at 22 kHz during pregnancy on the central serotonergic and behavioral parameters in Wistar rat dams after the suckling period and on their male rat offspring. In addition, we also assessed the effects of an acute 22 kHz sound, associated with the chronic intrauterine exposure, on the emotional responses of adult offspring. The primary hypothesis was that experiencing 22 kHz stimuli during an early stage of development would interfere with brain serotonergic parameters and, later, with the adult rat’s defensive responses. The corollary question was whether a 22 kHz sound exposure would differentially affect inhibitory avoidance and escape responses and central serotonergic parameters. Female rats were divided into four groups: non-pregnant control; non-pregnant chronic exposure; pregnant control; and pregnant chronic exposure. Male offspring were divided into four groups: chronic intrauterine sound exposure; acute sound exposure in adulthood; chronic intrauterine exposure with acute exposure in adulthood; and no exposure. Chronic sound exposure affected inhibitory avoidance and serotonergic parameters in female rats. For offspring, there was an interaction between chronic and acute sound exposure effects on inhibitory avoidance response but not on escape response. There were significant effects of chronic intrauterine exposure on serotonin turnover in the hippocampus and PFC of females. For offspring, the turnover was increased by chronic exposure only in PFC, and in amygdala it was increased by acute exposure. These results illuminate the potential of an early acoustic sound exposure for causing central serotonergic and emotional behavioral changes that can persist into later periods of life.
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