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Research of an Efficient LED Lighting Driver Based on Boost-Buck Converter  [PDF]
Renbo Xu, Yongzhi Li, Lixin Zhong, Jiaming Liu
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2014.56017

Boost-Buck converter is widely used in LED lighting drivers. In this paper, Boost-Buck main circuit related characteristics are firstly discussed, and then a new Boost-Buck high power efficient double loop control strategy is built by adopting error amplifier and integrator control method. It is demonstrated that the new system has many advantages such as high efficiency, fast response, strong anti-interference, good stability after analyses and simulations of its working dynamic characteristics.

On metrics defined by length spectra on Teichmuller spaces of surfaces with boundary
Youliang Zhong,Lixin Liu,Weixu Su
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We prove that the length spectrum metric and the arc-length spectrum metric are almost-isometric on the $\epsilon_0$-relative part of Teichmuller spaces of surfaces with boundary.
The Theory of Vector-Valued Function in Locally Convex Space  [PDF]
Lixin Ma
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.38133
Abstract: In this paper, the vector-valued regular functions are extended to the locally convex space. The residues theory of the functions in the locally convex space is achieved. Thereby the Cauchy theory and Cauchy integral formula are extended to the locally convex space.
Improvement in Comprehensive Properties of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)-Based Gel Polymer Electrolyte by a Core-Shell Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)-Grafted Ordered Mesoporous Silica
Lixin Xu,Feng Xu,Feng Chen,Jintao Yang,Mingqiang Zhong
Journal of Nanomaterials , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/457967
Abstract: A novel strategy, herein, is demonstrated for improving comprehensive properties of poly (methyl methacrylate)(PMMA)-based gel polymer electrolyte (GPE) with a core-shell PMMA-grafted ordered mesoporous silica (OMS-g-PMMA). The OMS-g-PMMA was synthesized by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate from the exterior surface of OMS particle. A series of PMMA-based GPE membrances, filled with the OMS-g-PMMA of different contents, were further prepared by solution casting technique. The OMS-g-PMMA was confirmed to possess regular core-shell structure, in which a PMMA shell is chemically grafted to the exterior surface of silica core remaining intact mesoporous characteristics. Compared to the bare OMS, the OMS-g-PMMA is found to more effectively improve the comprehensive properties of PMMA-based GPE including ionic conductivity, thermal stability, and mechanical properties as well. For the PMMA-based GPE filled with 15 phr OMS-g-PMMA, the ionic conductivity at 25°C reaches 1.59 × 10−4 S·cm−1, which is higher by nearly two orders than that of the corresponding filler-free parent GPE. Meanwhile, the tensile strength and Young's modulus increase by 2.39 and 2.41 times, respectively, with an improvement in glass-transition temperature () about 10°C. The excellent comprehensive properties make the PMMA-based GPE filled with OMS-g-PMMA as potential candidate for electrochemical devices.
Nonwandering operators in Banach space
Lixin Tian,Jiangbo Zhou,Xun Liu,Guangsheng Zhong
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/ijmms.2005.3895
Abstract: We introduce nonwandering operators in infinite-dimensional separable Banach space. They are new linear chaotic operators and are relative to hypercylic operators, but different from them. Firstly, we show some examples for nonwandering operators in some typical infinite-dimensional Banach spaces, including Banach sequence space and physical background space. Then we present some properties of nonwandering operators and the spectra decomposition of invertible nonwandering operators. Finally, we obtain that invertible nonwandering operators are locally structurally stable.
Investigation of Distribution for Trace Lead and Cadmium in Chinese Herbal Medicines and Their Decoctions by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry  [PDF]
Hanwen Sun, Lixin Li
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2011.22026
Abstract: Lead and cadmium in herbal medicines are highly toxic to living organisms even in low concentrations. An effective method is developed for analysis of trace lead and cadmium in Chinese herbal medicines and their decoctions by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS). The effects of analytical conditions on absorbance were investigated and optimized. A water-dissolving capability for Pb and Cd was investigated, and the contents of different species in five Chinese herbal medicines and their decoctions were analyzed. The content ratios (kow) of n-octanol-soluble Pb or Cd to water-soluble Pb or Cd were evaluated, and the distribution of Pb and Cd in water decoction at stomach and intestine acidities was developed, in the first time. The contents of water-soluble Pb and Cd, n-octanol-soluble Pb and Cd, and their content ratios were related with the kind of medicine and the acidity of the decoction. The proposed method has the advantages of simple operation, high sensitivity and high speed, with 3 σ detection limits of 4.2 pg for Pb and 0.1 pg for Cd.
A Study on Chinese Regional Scientific Innovation Efficiency with a Perspective of Synergy Degree  [PDF]
Lixin Xu, Min Cheng
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2013.44027
Abstract: From the perspective of the process of regional scientific innovation, the regional scientific innovation system is divided into two sub-systems of technology output and economic output. We utilize the chain-DEA method to assess scientific innovation and each sub-system’s efficiencies of 30 Chinese provinces from 2001 to 2011. Results suggest that the scientific innovation and each sub-system’s efficiencies need to be improved, unequilibrium in different regions exists evidently, each sub-system efficiency of one district varies a lot and the synergy degree remains low. Next, we compute the synergy degree of the two sub-systems using the synergy degree model. By employing linear regression model, an obvious positive correlation is demonstrated between the synergy and the scientific innovation efficiency. At last, based on the results of this study and real situations of Chinese scientific innovation, some suggestions are put forward accordingly.
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Equity Incentive of the Listed Corporations in the SME Board of China
—An Empirical Analysis Based on the View of Earnings Management

Lixin Xu, Wenqin Cui
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2014.51004

Currently, most researches are focusing on Shanghai & Shenzhen exchange, and few researches have been done on the SME board. Besides, while studying the effect of equity incentive, most of the researchers have ignored the earnings management triggered by stock ownership incentive. This paper takes the SME board companies which have implemented stock ownership incentive as the research object. We have used earnings management to modify the company performance and carried out an empirical research to study the effect of stock ownership incentive. Our result shows that without earnings management to modify the company performance, stock ownership incentive is positively related to company performance. Taking the earnings management into account, the positive correlation relationship between stock ownership incentive and company performance will be weakened, and stock ownership incentive will stimulate earnings management.

Study on the influencing factors of river tunnel segment floating in karst-erosion geology

LIU Dunwen
, ZHOU Changxiao, ZHONG Aijun, WANG Lixin

- , 2018,
Abstract: 为了及时排除过江隧道盾构掘进时管片上浮的安全隐患,保证隧道施工安全和质量。基于衡阳合江套湘江隧道管片施工实例,考虑过江隧道施工区岩溶-侵蚀耦合作用下的特殊地形,并结合现有隧道施工时影响管片上浮的重要指标,提出一种基于云模型理论的盾构隧道安全评价方法;建立一套影响盾构隧道管片上浮的评价指标体系,并通过云模型算法得出综合评价数字特征并生成云滴图。计算结果表明:基于云模型的安全评价方法能量化管片施工的定性评价标准;采用云模型的评价方法能降低评价标准的主观性,在现有规范的基础上,能为隧道施工过程解决管片上浮提供一定的对策和参考。
This paper aimed at promptly eliminating the security risks of segment floating when the crossed river tunnel shield tunneling, thereby ensuring the safety and quality of tunnel construction. The special terrain under the coupled with karst-erosion in the crossed river tunnel construction area was considered, and the important influencing indicators of segment floating on the existing tunnel construction were combined. A method was proposed for the evaluation of shield tunnel safety based on cloud model theory. A set of evaluation index system was established which affects the floating segment of the shield tunnel. Based on the cloud model algorithm, a comprehensive evaluation of digital features was obtained and cloud drops were generated. Calculation results prove that: (1) Security evaluation method based on loud model can quantify the qualitative evaluation criteria of segment construction; (2) The evaluation method of cloud model can reduce the subjectivity of evaluation criteria. On the basis of existing norms, the proposed method can provide some countermeasures and reference for the construction of the tunnel
The Applications of ISM Model
Lixin MA
Studies in Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.sms.1923845220120501.2014
Abstract: The students' interest refers to the knowledge of a positive emotional state, is caused by the motivation to learn, an important factor to promote student learning. Students of weariness largely depend of students' interest. There are many factors that a ect students' interest in learning, both objective factors and subjective factors. The reasons that a ect students learning interest are analyzed by using the interpretative structural modeling (ISM).
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