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Summary of the Research on the Transfer of Rural Surplus Labor Force  [PDF]
Xiaomei Pu, Liujia Cheng, Huimin Liu
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105416
The transfer of rural surplus labor force is conducive to increasing farmers’ income, improving farmers’ quality, improving the comprehensive competitiveness of agriculture, and ultimately to the integration of urban and rural development. However, due to the low cultural quality and skill level of the transferred labor force, the stability of the transfer of rural surplus labor force in China is poor. To sort out the relevant theories of rural surplus labor at home and abroad can provide theoretical and methodological reference for the transfer of rural surplus labor in China, and provide ideas for solving the problem of rural surplus labor in China.
A novel algorithm of channel resource allocation in wide band WLAN
重庆邮电大学学报(自然科学版) , 2008,
Abstract: WiththedevelopmentofWidebandwirelesscommunications,MACprotocolinIEEE802.11can’tsatisfyuserindividualqualityofservice(QoS)guaranteeseffectivelyandcan’tsupporthighspeedmobility.AnovelalgorithmforchannelallocationinWidebandWLANandanimprovedresourcereservationmechanismappliedintoIEEE802.11MACprotocolareproposedinthisarticle.Thesimulatedresultsindicatethattheadvancedprotocolmakesthesystemthroughputimprovedanddelaydecrease.Moreover,theimprovedsystemshowsanexcellentperformanceintheenvironmentwithhighspeedmobility.
Effects of RRS on the amount and diversity of bacteria in rhizospheric soil


生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 为深入研究种植抗草甘膦转基因大豆的黑土生态区根际土壤中细菌数量及多样性的变化,试验采用DGGE-cloning测序技术与传统培养相结合的方法,研究了抗草甘膦转基因大豆(RRS)对根际土壤细菌数量以及细菌群落多样性的影响.传统培养试验结果为RRS显著降低了土壤细菌的数量;DGGE图谱分析表明,RRS根际土壤细菌16SrDNA条带数、多样性指数及均匀度指数均要低于其他处理,聚类分析显示RRS带谱与RRS-S和Y-S差异较大,相似性分别为64%和64.4%;DGGE-cloning测序结果表明,在RRS处理中缺失条带1和条带12分别属于Uncultured bacterium和Nitrospira门Nitrospira属,其中条带1与其他切取条带最小遗传距离达0.4,与其他处理相比表现出弱势差异的条带2、4、5和条带11均属于Uncultured bacterium.研究表明,RRS不同程度上降低了根际土壤细菌的数量和细菌群落的多样性,并对根际土壤中Nitrospira属细菌有一定的抑制作用.
Molecular Characterization and Analysis of a Novel Protein Disulfide Isomerase-Like Protein of Eimeria tenella
Hongyu Han, Hui Dong, Shunhai Zhu, Qiping Zhao, Lianlian Jiang, Yange Wang, Liujia Li, Youlin Wu, Bing Huang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099914
Abstract: Protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) and PDI-like proteins are members of the thioredoxin superfamily. They contain thioredoxin-like domains and catalyze the physiological oxidation, reduction and isomerization of protein disulfide bonds, which are involved in cell function and development in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. In this study, EtPDIL, a novel PDI-like gene of Eimeria tenella, was cloned using rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) according to the expressed sequence tag (EST). The EtPDIL cDNA contained 1129 nucleotides encoding 216 amino acids. The deduced EtPDIL protein belonged to thioredoxin-like superfamily and had a single predicted thioredoxin domain with a non-classical thioredoxin-like motif (SXXC). BLAST analysis showed that the EtPDIL protein was 55–59% identical to PDI-like proteins of other apicomplexan parasites. The transcript and protein levels of EtPDIL at different development stages were investigated by real-time quantitative PCR and western blot. The messenger RNA and protein levels of EtPDIL were higher in sporulated oocysts than in unsporulated oocysts, sporozoites or merozoites. Protein expression was barely detectable in unsporulated oocysts. Western blots showed that rabbit antiserum against recombinant EtPDIL recognized only a native 24 kDa protein from parasites. Immunolocalization with EtPDIL antibody showed that EtPDIL had a disperse distribution in the cytoplasm of whole sporozoites and merozoites. After sporozoites were incubated in complete medium, EtPDIL protein concentrated at the anterior of the sporozoites and appeared on the surface of parasites. Specific staining was more intense and mainly located on the parasite surface after merozoites released from mature schizonts invaded DF-1 cells. After development of parasites in DF-1 cells, staining intensified in trophozoites, immature schizonts and mature schizonts. Antibody inhibition of EtPDIL function reduced the ability of E. tenella to invade DF-1 cells. These results suggested that EtPDIL might be involved in sporulation in external environments and in host cell adhesion, invasion and development of E. tenella.
Factors associated with low cure rate of tuberculosis in remote poor areas of Shaanxi Province, China: a case control study
Xianqin Ai, Ke Men, Liujia Guo, Tianhua Zhang, Yan Zhao, Xiaolu Sun, Hongwei Zhang, Guangxue He, Marieke van der Werf, Susan van den Hof
BMC Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-10-112
Abstract: In this case-control study, new smear positive TB cases in 30 counties with a cure rate <85% were included. Cured patients were compared to non-cured patients using logistic regression analysis to assess determinants for non-cure.Of the 659 patients included, 153 (23.2%) did not have cure as treatment outcome. Interruption of treatment was most strongly associated with non-cure (OR = 8.7, 95% CI 3.9-18.4). Other independent risk factors were co-morbidity, low education level, lack of appetite as an initial symptom of TB disease, diagnosis of TB outside of the government TB control institutes, missing sputum re-examinations during treatment, and not having a treatment observer. Twenty-six percent of patients did not have a treatment observer. The non-cure rate was better for those with a doctor (odds ratio (OR) 0.38, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.17-0.88) as treatment observer than for those with a family member (OR 0.62, 95%CI 0.37-1.03). The main reason for interrupted treatment mentioned by patients was presence of adverse effects during treatment (46.5%).Interruption of treatment was most strongly associated with non-cure. Although treatment observation by medical staff is preferred, in order to diminish the proportion of patients who do not have a treatment observer and thereby reduce the proportion of patients who interrupt treatment, we suggest making it possible for family members, after sufficient training, to be treatment observers in remote areas where it is logistically difficult to have village doctors observe treatment for all patients.Shaanxi Province is located in the western part of China, covering 20.6 thousand square kilometers with a population of 36.7 million. It is one of the less developed areas in China. The notification rate for new sputum smear positive (SS+) tuberculosis (TB) cases was 29 per 100,000 in Shaanxi province in 2005. The Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) strategy, aiming at high-quality TB control, has been implem
Improving detection and notification of tuberculosis cases in students in Shaanxi province, China: an intervention study
Tianhua Zhang, Liujia Guo, Shaoru Zhang, Weiping Liu, Guanghua Chen, Ma Hui, Guangxue He, Marieke J van der Werf, Susan van den Hof
BMC Public Health , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-147
Abstract: Five matched pairs of universities were randomly assigned to the control and intervention group. After a baseline survey, a cooperation mechanism between local CDCs and university hospitals was set up in the intervention group. The effects on referral of TB suspects to the local CDC, tracing by the local CDC, and arrival at the local CDCs were assessed. Differences were tested by means of the chi-square test.During the baseline survey, the referral, tracing and arrival rates were between 37% and 46%. After implementation of the cooperation mechanism, these rates had not changed in the control group but increased significantly in the intervention group: the referral, tracing and arrival rates were 97%, 95%, and 93%, respectively.It is feasible and effective to set up cooperation between CDCs and university hospitals to increase the number of TB suspects examined by CDCs and increase the number of TB patients treated under DOTS conditions. These public-public mix (PPM) activities should be expanded to cover all other university hospitals in China.Shaanxi province is located in the western region of China, and has a population of 36.7 million. In 2005, 39,822 TB cases were reported in Shaanxi, a notification rate of 109/100,000 population. Among 875,800 students in 72 universities in Shaanxi [1], the reported incidence was 143/100,000. In the last 10 years, several TB outbreaks in Chinese universities have been observed [2-6]. Therefore, TB in this special population is of concern and efforts should be made to improve TB control in universities.In China, the National Tuberculosis Referring and Tracing System for the management of TB suspects and patients has been introduced in 2005. The National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) guidelines stipulate that all medical institutions report TB suspects and patients in the internet based reporting system, and that they refer the suspects and patients to the TB dispensary at the local CDC for diagnosis and treatment [7]. The CDCs
Increasing Superplasticity and Strong Dynamic Behaviour of Zr--Cu--Ni--Al Bulk Metallic Glass

WANG Dan,SUN Min-Hua,FENG Li-Feng,ZHANG Qiang,XIN Li-Juan,LIUJia,BU Wen-Bin,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: The plasticity and the dynamic fragility of bulk metallic glass of a Zr62Cu18Ni10Al10 alloy are studied by three-point beam bending methods. We find that the alloy behaves super plastic not only at room temperature, but also at high temperatures. More importantly, it is found that the superplasticity increases with increasing temperature. In addition, the dynamic fragility parameter m for the supercooled liquid of this alloy is measured to be 34.87 and the supercooled liquid of Zr62Cu18Ni10 Al10 alloy behaves as a strong liquid.
Introducing antisense waxy gene into rice seeds reduces grain amylose contents using a safe transgenic technique
Jianyue Li,Wanxia Mao,Lijun Yang,Genyu Zhou,Jia Liu,Qitao Yan,Dong Mi,

科学通报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: An agrobacterium tumefaciensmediated co-transformation method was established and successfully used to transfer an antisense waxy gene into rice. The binary vector pl3W4 contains an antisense waxy gene, a hygromycin resistance gene (hpt) and a report gene (gus). The other binary vector pl3W8 contains only an antisense waxy gene in the T-DNA region. Two separate strains of A. tumefaciens, containing pl3W4 and pl3W8 mixed at a ratio of 1: 9, were used to transform a high-yield rice strain Chao 2–10. A total of 34 transgenic plants were obtained. PCR analysis showed that 15 of them were co-transformed. After GUS staining, the T1 seeds with GUS positive were eliminated. The GUS negative T1 seeds were germinated, and the seedlings were analyzed for the existence of antisense waxy gene. The transgenic T1 plants with only antisense waxy gene further were confirmed through Southern blot analysis. The T2 seeds collected from marker-free T1 plants were used for amylose content analysis. The results showed that the amylose content in marker-free transgenic seeds reduced by up to 28.61% over the wild type rice. This marker-free transgenic rice with low amylose contents obtained in this project could be used to screen soft grain, and could also be used as a new rice resource for eating quality improvement.
Regulation of Electroacupuncture on Gastric Myoelectrial Activities: Monitered by Electrogastrograms  [PDF]
Peng Cheng
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B018

It is reported that acupuncture on some acupoints can enhance the regularity of gastric myoelectrical activities, which can be observed from the electrogastrograms (EEGs). In this paper, the electroacupuncture (EA) treatments were performed on subjects with slight gastric disorders and the EEGs were monitored in the meanwhile. The EEGs features of baseline, during and after EA treatments were analyzed. The results show that the EA treatments do enhance the regularity of EEGs. And a highly possible pattern for EA to attain the enhancement is to regulate the pacemaker quantity and propagation of slow waves rather than regulating the amplitude of slow waves.

Volatility Forecasting and Volatility Risk Premium  [PDF]
Jingfei Cheng
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2015.31014

Volatility is an important variable in the financial market. We propose a model-free implied volatility method to measure the volatility and test the volatility risk premium. The model-free implied volatility does not depend on the option pricing model, and extracts information from all the option contracts. We provide empirical evidence from the S & P 500 index option that model-free implied volatility is more accurate to forecast the future volatility and the volatility risk premium does not exist.

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