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Experience of Using the Recombinant Human Superoxide Dismutase Drug in Neurological and Ophthalmological Practice  [PDF]
Elena E. Dubinina, Irina V. Churilova, Liudmila V. Lipatova, Liudmila V. Zhuravleva
Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (OJMC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojmc.2014.42005
Recsod? has been used for treating epilepsy and ophthalmological disease. Oxidative stress has been demonstrated to be a pathogenic chain of these diseases. Parameters of pro- and antioxidant systems were studied in all the patients treated. Recsod? drug was shown to produce positive effect in all the patients. Improvement of patients’ clinical condition correlated with an increase in antioxidant activities. Antioxidants, in particular, the recombinant human SOD drug, proved to be effective in treatment of some neurological and ophthalmological diseases.
Clinical and morphological features of peptic ulcer at men and women
Islamova Е.А.,Lipatova Т.Е.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of research was to study clinical and morphological features of peptic ulcer at men and women of various age. 166 patients with duodenal peptic ulcer (80 men and 86 women) and 138 with stomach peptic ulcer (80 men and 58 women) were inspected. Clinical displays, morphometrical analysis of components of diffuse neuroendocrine system and stomach receptors of sexual hormones were studied. It is defined, that peptic ulcer at women under 40 years has more favorable clinical current, than at men. This is based on local neuroendocrine status with positive shifts of melatonin-, VEGF-, glucagon-like cells. In patients aged upwards 40 clinical features of disease course, local neuroendocrine status are erased both at men and women. In patho-genesis of peptic ulcer infringement of receptors expression of steroid hormones in stomach with hyper expression of androgen receptors at men or decrease in receptors expression of estrogen and progesterone along with increase of expression of androgen receptors at women matters. Forecasting of peptic ulcer can be based not only on traditional criteria, but also on results of dynamic research of androgen receptors expression (at men), androgen-, estrogen and progesterone receptors (at women)
Molecular Markers of Kidney Cancer Progression, Association with Efficiency of Pazopanib Therapy  [PDF]
Liudmila V. Spirina, Evgeny A. Usynin, Irina V. Kondakova, Zahar A. Yurmazov, Elena M. Slonimskaya
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2015.811072
Abstract: Purpose: The aim of the study is to reveal associations between NF-κB, HIF-1alpha, VEGF expres-sions, proteasome and calpain activities with tumor progression in patients with kidney cancers and to find molecular parameters, associated with the effective pazopanib therapy. 93 patients with clear cell kidney cancers are included in investigation. 26 patients with disseminated kidney cancer have the pazopanib therapy. Methods: Transcription factors, VEGF, VEGFR2 and p-m-TOR expression are measured by ELISA kits. Proteasome and calpain activity are determined using specific fluorogenic substrate. Results: It is found the increase of NF-κB, HIF-1 expression in cancer tissues followed the hematogenic metastasis development. Coefficient NF-κB р65/р50 and VEGF expression are increased in cancer tissues with single metastasis and are decreased in cancer tissues with multiple ones. It is observed in the low proteasome activity in metastatic cancer tissues. The partial cancer regression is revealed in 29.6% of patients treated with pazopanib, cancer stabilization—in 61.5% of patients and cancer progression—in 11.5% of patients. The increased level of transcription factors NF-κB, HIF-1, growth factor VEGF and high proteasome activity in cancer tissues before targeted therapy are associated with the effective treatment. It is obtained the significant decrease of investigated markers after pazopanib application in metastatic kidney cancer patients. Conclusion: Coefficient NF-κB р65/р50, VEGF expression and proteases activities are the potential prognostic molecular markers of hematogenic metastasis development in kidney cancers. NF-κB, HIF-1 and VEGF levels can be considered as additional molecular markers predicting the effective pazopanib therapy.
Kinetics and mechanisms of glucose absorption in the rat small intestine under physiological conditions  [PDF]
Andrei A. Gruzdkov, Liudmila V. Gromova, Nadezhda M. Grefner, Yan Yu. Komissarchik
Journal of Biophysical Chemistry (JBPC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2012.32021
Abstract: Previous studies have shown two components of glucose absorption in the small intestine: a secondary active transport through SGLT1, and unsaturated component, recently attributed mainly to the facilitated diffusion through GLUT2, but the relationship between these two components under physiological conditions remains controversial. In chronic experiments on nonanesthetized rats we investigated for the first time the kinetics of maltose hydrolysis and glucose absorption in the isolated loop of the small intestine in a wide range of maltose and glucose concentrations (25 ÷ 200 mmol/l glucose). The processes were simulated on mathematical models which took into account the current views about mechanisms of hydrolysis and transport of nutrients and geometric characteristics of the intestinal surface. The results of chronic experiments and mathematical simulation have shown that under the close to physiological conditions the glucose transport mediated by SGLT1 is the main mechanism of its absorption in comparison with the unsaturated component. This was demonstrated not only at low, but also at high substrate concentrations. We conclude that correct evaluation of the relative contribution of different mechanisms in glucose transport through the intestinal epithelium requires taking into account the geometric specificities of its surface.
Settlement System of Belarus. Spatial and Temporal Trends at the End of 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Centuries
Ekaterina A. ANTIPOVA,Liudmila V. FAKEYEVA
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2012,
Abstract: Formation factors of Belarus settlement system are analyzed in the article. Spatial and temporal trends in urban and rural settlement system of Belarus for the period of 1979-2009 years are characterized. Spatial and temporal shifts in the distribution of urban and rural population and the structure of urban and rural settlements are detected. The types of rural settlement of Belarus are presented. The features of distribution and demographic development of new Belarusian rural settlements form– agrotowns - are developed.
Evaluation of Biological Effects of Nanosystems of Directed Transport in Experiments in Vivo and Their Application Possibilities in Anti-Tumor Therapy  [PDF]
Vasyl F. Chekhun, Lesia A. Naleskina, Liudmila Z. Polishchuk, Igor M. Todor, Dmytro V. Demash, Natalia Yu. Lukianova
Advances in Nanoparticles (ANP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/anp.2013.22023

The aim of the investigations was to evaluate benefits of the directed transport system - a nanocomposite, based on cisplatin and magnetite combined with local action of constant magnetic field on the tumor, in experiments in vivo in animals with transplantable Guerin

Interrelation of Chemical Elements Content in Plants underConditions of Primary Soil Formation  [PDF]
Vladimir Mukhomorov, Liudmila Anikina
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2011.11001
Abstract: It is presented the results of a long-term and intensive experiment, which models the processes of primary soil formation under controlled agro-ecosystems. The influence of mineral substrate transformation is analyzed on the content of chemical elements in plants tomato, and wheat. For the first time have been established dynamic synergistic and antagonistic interrelations between the chemical elements in a various bodies of the plant (roots, reproductive bodies, stems, and leaves). Using methods of the theory of information was revealed dynamics of collective state of chemical elements in the plants. It is shown that the collective states of the chemical elements which defined by the information function is strictly differentiated for different plant bodies, and have hierarchic order. We analyzed the following chemical elements Si, Al, Fe, Mg, Ca, K, P, S, Cl, Na, Mn, Zn.
An Analogy between the Properties of “Dark Energy” and Physical Vacuum Consisting of Quantum Harmonic Oscillators Characterized by Zero-Point Energy  [PDF]
Liudmila B. Boldyreva
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.101003
Abstract: In quantum field theory, the physical vacuum, free from magnetic and electric fields (without regard to gravitational energy), is defined not as an empty space but as the ground state of the field consisting of quantum harmonic oscillators (QHOs) characterized by zero-point energy. The aim of this work is to show that such physical vacuum may possess the properties similar to the properties of dark energy: the positive density, the negative pressure, and the possibility of so-called accelerated expansion. In the model discussed, the mass of QHOs determines the positive density of dark energy. The observed electric polarization of physical vacuum in an electric field means the existence of electric dipole moment of QHO, which, in turn, suggests the existence inside the QHO of a repulsive force between unlike charges compensating the attractive Coulomb force between the charges. The existence of such repulsive force may be treated as the existence of omniradial tensions inside every QHO. In terms of hydrodynamics, it means that the vacuum with this property may be regarded as a medium with negative pressure. The electric dipole-dipole interaction of QHOs under some condition may result in the expansion of physical vacuum consisting of QHOs. It is shown also that the physical vacuum consisting of QHOs is a luminiferous medium, and based on this concept the conditions are discussed for the emergence of invisiblity of any objects (in particular, dark matter). The existence of luminiferous medium does not contradict the second postulate of special relativity (the principle of constancy of the velocity of light in inertial systems), if to take into account the interaction of photons with QHOs and with virtual photons (the virtual particles pairs) created by quantum entities that constitute the inertial systems.
Spin Supercurrent in Phenomena of Quantum Non-Locality (Quantum Correlations, Magnetic Vector Potential) and in Near-Field Antenna Effect  [PDF]
Liudmila B. Boldyreva
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.102010
Abstract: It is shown that such phenomena as quantum correlations (interaction of space-separated quantum entities), the action of magnetic vector potential on quantum entities in the absence of magnetic field, and near-field antenna effect (the existence of superluminally propagating electromagnetic fields) may be explained by action of spin supercurrents. In case of quantum correlations between quantum entities, spin supercurrent emerges between virtual particles pairs (virtual photons) created by those quantum entities. The explanation of magnetic vector potential and near-field antenna effect is based on contemporary principle of quantum mechanics: the physical vacuum is not an empty space but the ground state of the field consisting of quantum harmonic oscillators (QHOs) characterized by zero-point energy. Using the properties of the oscillators and spin supercurrent, it is proved that magnetic vector potential is proportional to the moment causing the orientation of spin of QHO along the direction of magnetic field. The near-field antenna effect is supposed to take place as a result of action of spin supercurrent causing secondary electromagnetic oscillations. In this way, the electromagnetic field may spread at the speed of spin supercurrent. As spin supercurrent is an inertia free process, its speed may be greater than that of light, which does not contradict postulates of special relativity that sets limits to the speed of inertial systems only.
Occupational diseases in Murmansk Oblast: 1980–2010
Alexey A. Dudarev,Liudmila V. Talykova,Jon ?yvind Odland
International Journal of Circumpolar Health , 2013, DOI: 10.3402/ijch.v72i0.20468
Abstract: Background. Official statistics tend to underestimate the incidence of occupational disease (OD) nationally and regionally in Russia. Objectives. The general aim was to obtain an accurate estimate of ODs in Murmansk Oblast in 1980–2010 and to determine the rate of specific types of ODs among cohorts of workers who had been exposed to the hazardous factors causing the disease. Materials and methods. Data were retrieved from the Murmansk Oblast ODs database for the oblast and 2 enterprises – Apatite JSC and Kolskaya MSC – which contributed to more than half of the ODs in the oblast in 1980–2010. The total number of ODs and 5 specific categories (musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous diseases, hearing loss and vibration disease) were analysed. Results. The total rate of ODs among workers of main shops in both enterprises who were actually exposed to harmful factors were extremely high: the rate for Apatite JSC was 25 times higher than in Russia and 15 times higher than in Murmansk Oblast, while the rate for Kolskaya MSC was about 30 and 20 times greater than in Russia and in Murmansk Oblast, respectively; in the 2000s the difference reached 100–150 times. The rise in reported ODs in both enterprises corresponded to the time when intensive medical examinations were conducted by the Kola Research Laboratory for Occupational Health (KRLOH) in Kirovsk. A similar pattern was also observed for the sub-categories of musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous diseases, hearing loss and vibration disease. It is likely that the true burden of OD is even higher due to misdiagnosis, reluctance of workers concerned about job security to present for care and the lack of reliable information on working conditions needed to establish a causal link between disease and occupational exposure. Conclusions. As with many other regions across Russia, ODs in Murmansk Oblast are grossly underestimated. Serious problems exist in the Russian occupational health care system and the collection of occupational health statistics that require urgent, fundamental reform.
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