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A Tentative Study of the English Tense from a Metaphorical Perspective
Linying Cao
International Journal of English Linguistics , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ijel.v2n5p25
Abstract: The English tense system has always been one of the main subjects for linguists and grammarians. This paper adopts the metaphorical approach to study the English tense. By analyzing the prototypical uses of the present tense and the past tense, the author gives a convincing and reasonable explanation of these various uses of the English tense. The metaphorical approach used in this paper provides a new perspective for the study of the English tense. The metaphorical mapping processes of the past tense and the present tense reflect the universal cognitive mechanism of human beings, that is, learners acquire knowledge from known to unknown. The last but not least, the new interpretations of the different uses of the English tense offers a practical help for the teaching and learning of tense.
A Feasibility Study of Task-based Teaching of College English Writing in Chinese EFL Context
Linying Cao
English Language Teaching , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/elt.v5n10p80
Abstract: In this study the author draws on Jane Willis’ TBL framework and examines its effects on the improvement of EFL learners’ writing competence when such a framework is applied to college writing classrooms in Chinese EFL settings, and thus tentatively explores the feasibility of the task-based approach to the teaching of EFL writing. Results of this study are derived from discussion concerned with qualitative data and quantitative data yielded from a quasi-experiment designed for this research, and reveal that the application of Willis’ framework for TBL to Chinese writing classrooms will have some positive influences upon college EFL learners’ understanding of a good piece of English writing, greatly help them to solve some problems related to composing, and thereby significantly improve their writing competence. This study attempts to provide the teaching of EFL writing or even the discipline of teaching writing a feasible and effective approach.
Estrogen Receptor and PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway Involvement in S-(-)Equol-Induced Activation of Nrf2/ARE in Endothelial Cells
Ting Zhang, Xinyu Liang, Linying Shi, Li Wang, Junli Chen, Chao Kang, Jundong Zhu, Mantian Mi
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0079075
Abstract: S-(-)equol, a natural product of the isoflavone daidzein, has been reported to offer cytoprotective effects with respect to the cardiovascular system, but how this occurs is unclear. Interestingly, S-(-)equol is produced by the human gut, suggesting a role in physiological processes. We report that treatment of human umbilical vein endothelial cells and EA.hy926 cells with S-(-)equol induces ARE-luciferase reporter gene activity that is dose and time dependent. S-(-)equol (10–250 nM) increases nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) as well as gene products of Nrf2 target genes heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) and NAD(P)H (nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide-phosp?hate)quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1). Endothelial cells transfected with an HA-Nrf2 expression plasmid had elevated HA-Nrf2, HO-1, and NQO1 in response to S-(-)equol exposure. S-(-)equol treatment affected Nrf2 mRNA only slightly but significantly increased HO-1 and NQO1 mRNA. The pretreatment of cells with specific ER inhibitors or PI3K/Akt (ICI182,780 and LY294002) increased Nrf2, HO-1, and NQO1 protein, impaired nuclear translocation of HA-Nrf2, and decreased ARE-luciferase activity. Identical experiments were conducted with daidzein, which had effects similar to S-(-)equol. In addition, DPN treatment (an ERβ agonist) induced the ARE-luciferase reporter gene, promoting Nrf2 nuclear translocation. Cell pretreatment with an ERβ antagonist (PHTPP) impaired S-(-)equol-induced Nrf2 activation. Pre-incubation of cells followed by co-treatment with S-(-)equol significantly improved cell survival in response to H2O2 or tBHP and reduced apoptotic and TUNEL-positively-stained cells. Notably, the ability of S-(-)equol to protect against H2O2-induced cell apoptosis was attenuated in cells transfected with an siRNA against Nrf2. Thus, beneficial effects of S-(-)equol with respect to cytoprotective antioxidant gene activation may represent a novel strategy to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.
Ampelopsin Induces Cell Growth Inhibition and Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells through ROS Generation and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Pathway
Yong Zhou, Furong Shu, Xinyu Liang, Hui Chang, Linying Shi, Xiaoli Peng, Jundong Zhu, Mantian Mi
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089021
Abstract: Ampelopsin (AMP), a major bioactive constituent of Ampelopsis grossedentata, exerts a number of biological effects. In this study, we investigated its anti-cancer activity in human breast cancer cell lines, and explored the underlying mechanism of this action. Our results showed that treatment with AMP dose-dependently inhibited cell viability and induced apoptosis in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells without cytotoxicity in human normal breast epithelial cells MCF-10A. Meanwhile, AMP dose- dependently triggered reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation in both breast cancer cells. The ROS scavenger N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) strongly attenuated AMP-induced ROS production, along with cell growth inhibition and apoptosis. Furthermore, AMP was observed to activate endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, as evidenced by the up-regulation of ER stress-related proteins, including GRP78, p-PERK, p-elF2α, cleaved ATF6α and CHOP, while knockdown of ATF6α or PERK markedly down-regulated AMP-induced CHOP expression. Blocking ER stress using 4-phenylbutyric acid not only down-regulated AMP-induced GRP78 and CHOP expression, but also significantly decreased AMP-induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis, whereas ER stress inducer thapsigargin played opposing effects. Additionally, NAC inhibited AMP-induced ER stress by down-regulating GRP78 and CHOP expression. Conversely, blocking ER stress using CHOP siRNA decreased AMP-induced ROS production and cell apoptosis. Taken together, these results demonstrate that AMP has anti-tumor effects against breast cancer cells through ROS generation and ER stress pathway, which therefore provide experimental evidences for developing AMP as a new therapeutic drug for breast cancer.
Train scheduling on high-speed rail network based on fixed order optimization

ZHOU Wenliang
, QU Linying, SHI Feng, DENG Lianbo

- , 2018,
Abstract: 考虑车站各衔接方向的列车作业时间间隔约束关系,以列车旅行时间最少为目标,建立高速铁路网络列车运行图的优化模型。通过扩展网络松弛运行图的有向图表示形式,建立网络松弛运行图的定序优化线性规划模型。在构建冲突及其化解方案选择策略的基础上,通过组合平移列车作业、交换列车作业顺序、变更列车停站以等冲突化解策略,设计基于定序优化的高速铁路网络列车运行图铺划方法。算例分析验证相关模型与算法的有效性。
An optimization model of train timetabling for high-speed rail network is built with the aim of minimizing the total travel time of trains considering time interval constraints of trains operating on both same and various rail lines. And then a linear programming model was constructed to optimize train arrival and departure times with a fixed order based on the extension of digraph of train timetable from rail line to rail network. The solving algorithm was designed combining moving operation times, exchanging operation order and changing stop plan based on the choice strategies of the first defused conflict and its handling technique. Finally, a numerical example was applied to analyze the efficiency of the proposed method and algorithm
A Teaching Attitude Adjusting Model for College Teachers Based on Attitude Theories
Linying Zhang,Zhijun Han
International Education Studies , 2008, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v1n1p64
Abstract: Teaching attitude of teachers influences the accomplishment of teaching objectives, the quality of teaching and students’ learning outcomes and is the main variable in the process of higher education teaching. By referring to attitude theories and group characteristics of college teachers, this paper analyzes the elements that influence teaching attitude of teachers, establishes a teaching attitude adjusting model for college teachers, aiming at providing new administrative framework and critical control point for the management of teaching attitude of college teachers.
Analysis on the Management of College Teachers’ Tacit Knowledge
Linying Zhang,Zhijun Han
International Education Studies , 2008, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v1n3p21
Abstract: Knowledge management, especially, tacit knowledge management, is a significant guarantee for the sustainable development of universities. The transfer of college teachers’ tacit knowledge is the key and difficult point in tacit knowledge management of universities. This paper starts from the existence and application condition of college teachers’ tacit knowledge in China and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for college teachers’ tacit knowledge management.
Empirical Study on the Student Satisfaction Index in Higher Education
Linying Zhang,Zhijun Han,Qun Gao
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v3n9p46
Abstract: Students are direct receivers and participators for the higher education service, and their study activities would influence their perceptions and satisfactions to the educational quality. Through studying on the effects of students’ activities to their satisfactions, in this article, we will establish the college student satisfaction model according to the theoretical frames of ASCI and ECSI, and the empirical research shows that the model possesses strong applicability.
Role of Peripheral Inflammatory Markers in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD): A Meta-Analysis
Linying Peng, Liwei Xu, Wen Ouyang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0079624
Abstract: Background Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is common following cardiac and non-cardiac surgery, but the pathogenic mechanisms remain unknown. Many studies suggest that an inflammatory response is a key contributor to POCD. The current meta-analysis shows that the levels of peripheral inflammatory markers are associated with POCD. Methods An online search was performed to identify peer-reviewed studies without language restriction that measured peripheral inflammatory markers of patients with and without POCD, using PubMed, ScienceDirect, SinoMed and the National Knowledge Infrastructure database. Extracted data were analyzed with STATA (version 12).The standardized mean difference (SMD) and the 95% confidence interval (95%CI) were calculated for each outcome using a random effect model. Tests of heterogeneity assessment of bias, and meta-regression were performed in the meta-analysis. Results A total of 13 studies that measured the concentrations of peripheral inflammatory markers were included. The current meta-analysis found significantly higher concentrations of S-100β(SMD[95%CI]) (1.377 [0.423, 2.331], p-value < 0.001, N [POCD/non-POCD] =178/391, 7 studies), and interleukin(IL)-6 (SMD[95%CI]) (1.614 [0.603,2.624], p-value < 0.001, N[POCD/non-POCD] = 91/99, 5 studies), but not of neuron specific enolase, interleukin-1β, or tumor necrosis factor-α , in POCD compared with patients without POCD. In meta-regression analyses, a significant positive association was found between the SMD and the preoperative interleukin-6 peripheral blood concentration in patients with POCD (Coef.= 0.0587, p-value=0.038, 5 studies). Conclusions This study shows that POCD is indeed correlated with the concentrations of peripheral inflammatory markers, particularly interleukin-6 and S-100β.
Quantitative Analysis on Literatures of Self-disclosure in SSCI

Liu Zengya,Li Linying,

心理科学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on bibliometric approach,the authors make a statistical analysis of the literatures on self-disclosure from 1975 to 2005 in SSCI,and reveal the main subject areas,sources,researchers and development trends in this specific research area,especially those of the 38 domestic academic papers by experts from Hongkong,Taiwan and China mainland,which focus on the influence of Chinese culture and on some similar hot issues,research subjects,and methods compared with the foreign studies. From the perspective of research history,it deserves to point out that the domestic scholars should strengthen the studies on the theories of self-disclosure.
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